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  1. Looking for 2 Ruger 44 caliber 4 5/8 stainless barrels.
  2. Anyone here a administrator for casscity? I've been trying to get on the site all week with no luck.
  3. I've read the rules several times. I think I know the answer but want to be sure, Can some one shooting Senior or elder statesman or cattle baron shoot one handed in a stage or 2? I know he can't shoot gun fighter. but if he wanted to shoot a stage duelist?
  4. Hay my friend, I have made the stick in fact I made 3 of them. But I don't have any leather and I've tried making a knife sheath or 2 and ended up throwing them in the trash. I'm more of a welder than a leather smith.
  5. Who makes the leather barrel mag tube leather wrap for the Henry for black powder shooters? Thanks Reuben
  6. PM me your address, I'll send you 50 of Mark Whytes 36 caliber
  7. http://www.biglube.com/BulletMolds.aspx?ItemID=db4de6d2-f7f1-4cc9-be13-60a8c627d736 or here http://www.whyteleatherworks.com/BigLube.html
  8. Hold on there missy!!! No one needs to talk to you like that!!! Tell us who is was and we'll get a rope!!!
  9. Well the reason I worded it that way, I was severely reprimanded one time for asking about price for changing spark plugs n my F150.
  10. Anyone want to recommend a dash cam that won't break the bank?
  11. If they do sedede And how much foreign aid would we have to pay??
  12. Well, wonder f anyone has contacted Starline?
  13. Good on you. I've been loading 44-40 for 15 years. Don't remember crushing a case, till last week, bought 100 new starline cases. In the process of loading managed to crush 20 of them. Stopped several times and checked dies and cleaned dies still can't figure out what happened. Only the new ones were damaged.
  14. I'm waiting to order one. My son jumped through all the hoops about 5 months ago and he is still waiting
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