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  1. Need to get our Pharmaceutical co, back in our country. Largo
  2. Go on the internet & check LED replacement for halogen. Largo
  3. Got Tennitis Sat while shooting a ASI match.Forgot to put ear plugs in. You mite try Eargo's.The commertial sounds good. Largo
  4. First saw it on Fox News Channel. Haven't seen it since. Largo.
  5. Saw a commercial on Eargo hearing aids.Go online to see it TOOOOOO funny. Largo
  6. Put in a cup of HOT green chili's or Jalapino's' Largo
  7. I found that Magnesium oil spray works the best on my hands & knees Largo
  8. My Cardioligist just bought his first gun.He also joined our local range.I told him if he needs help I would be glad to meet him at the range. Largo
  9. I guess I was a glutten for punnishment.I believe I shot it for 3 years.I started shooting with Evil Roy & them'I even beat Holy Terror her first match.
  10. I remember The Siege at San Juan.18 stages in 2 days.The Widow Maker-Running across rope bridges standing on old bed springs & shooting-On & On PS No way I could do that today. Largo
  11. I remember a few years ago a show where it was more of a grudge match.A person that was being bullied by another.The bullied person was to have a fighter go in the ring against the bully.Mostly the Bully lost. Largo
  12. Looking for a second magazine for a Colt Woodsman 2nd series.If you have one to sell let me know.Thanks Largo
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