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  1. I heard them say sheis HINDU. She shouldn't even be able to have a drivers license.Thats just as dangerous. Largo
  2. I bought a 2nd hand one a few years ago.Took it to our sportfest for kids.Was watching it being shot.Some thing didnt look rite so pulled it off line. El Mulo Vaquero & I took it to the side to check it.It seemed to get blowby.Checked the fired brass & it had a hole blowed in the side of the case. Turned out where the extractor went in the chamber was broke out.Called Henry about getting the barrel replaced.Sent it to them.They sent me a complete new rifle.Great customer service. Lar
  3. I like Skinwalker Ranch. Largo
  4. Oh.Green Chili's also goes good with Okra Largo
  5. Back when I was at Ft Bragg in the early 70s.I would have my mother send me a case of green chili's just so I could have it with my breakfast.The Mess Sgtalways wanted what was left. Largo
  6. I like chopped Green Chili in mine. Largo
  7. There is a Pawn Shop up the road that has a Colt 44/40.Ican send U the contact info if U want. Largo
  8. New Mexico sucks.Haven't drawn anything for years. Largo
  9. Had a smith that taught at local college that hated WD 40 just for that reason.That was over 20 years ago. Largo
  10. Anybody have an idea on mixing for shot.I have pure lead-tin-& linotype. Largo
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