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  1. Saw a GAMA GOAT after being dropped.Impact point was about 6". Largo
  2. Was listening to Mark Levin Caller who had worked for the state of Cali.Said with all the studies & permits it cost a landowner over 40.000$ to e able to cut on his own property. Largo
  3. I picked up a couple of 44 spc cyls for my 44/40 Cimarron Thunderers & shooting Russians in them.Works good with BP. Largo
  4. The Hugnkiss gals could sure put on a show Pickn & Singing Largo
  5. I think when Trump was elected a wrench was throwed in on the Deep State. Largo
  6. SayHOSS there is a pawn shop here that has a 41. 1-505-327-7575. Largo
  7. Wonder if he's using an IV or a Enema for his meds'. Largo
  8. Green Chili's go good with tomato's. Largo
  9. What if instructions say make pistols safe? Largo
  10. I am checking with "winchesterbarrels.com." for a barrel for my 76.It was somewhat less expensive than relining. Largo
  11. I wholehearted agree Cliff .If there is no doubt it should be final Largo
  12. Did their victims get PAROLED? Largo
  13. I just ordered 1k fed large pistol & 1 k win SG primers from Sportsman Warehouse for pickup.No SP. Largo
  14. If U have a Sportsmans Warehouse near you U can order online for pickup. Largo
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