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  1. SlimWould like to get a little more info on the 44/40 short.How you trim down your cases. I have a Cannelur tool to move the crimp groove.


    1. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      I use a Harbor Freight chop saw to get them close and finish cut with a Forster case trim tool. I cut them to 44 Russian length. Then load them with my Dillon 550 using the 44-40 shell holder and cut down  shorter 44 mag sizing dies. When first cut the shells won't go all the way into the chamber, but with a good roll crimp they do, at least with my guns. Over-all length needs to be the same as a C45S, so they will need a relative short nosed bullet.  Slim

    2. largo casey #19191

      largo casey #19191

      Thanks Slim.I ordered a little saw from Home Depot.What kind of Jig do you use to hold your cases?You dont use 44/40 dies.


  2. Griner Gunworks does excellent work.Just ask me. Largo.
  3. Fixin to head to Kansas for the shoot at Clarks Station.Watchin the weather close. Largo
  4. Whats the weather lookin like there.Getting things loaded & ready.Want to leave outa here Sunday. Largo
  5. Has anyone on here had experience with GAE type of surgery on the knee.I am checking into it for my knee. Largo
  6. OK.Don't have any idea what they are worth.You still down South? Largo
  7. I have 2 or 3 of them setting on bottom shelf.One is a RCBS. Largo
  8. I have 2 Coyoty Caps 1 has the drop 2 & 1 doesn't. I also need the one done.I will e in Kansas & then to Oklahoma the end of the month if anybody gonna see one of them. Largo
  9. Been looking for a RV park or campground close to the shoot so I can drive my SxS to & frombut no luck.Any Ideas would be helpfull. Largo
  10. Need to put a Coyote on there. Largo
  11. Same with me.Been doing it for 26-27 years.Never got one either. Largo
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