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  1. Years ago Durango Kid set up a match in Durango Colo.We had the match & then got a free ride on the Silverton train.We were allowed to go full dressed Guns & all. The TOURIST sure did have a time with.Our pictures are probably all over the World.When we got to Silverton the Mounted shooters got to rob the train. Sure do miss the KID. Largo
  2. There is a pawn shop here that has at least 1 in 41. if you want the contact info let me know. Largo
  3. Been shooting classic since before it became a class.I believe I was the first in our area to get a 73.& a Rossi hammered.Been having a great time since I started in 97. If they came out with a BP classic I would shoot it. Largo
  4. If you go thru Cuba NM stop at the Cuban Cafe.Theyre Great..
  5. Just called S&W.Have had my 15/22 for a few years.Gave them the SN #,. They said it wasn't on the Recall list ???? Largo
  6. Just looked at our monthly newsletter for our range.We are finaly with CMP.The range has been here since the early Sixty's. Largo
  7. I have a Mohawk in 243 very good shooter . A few years ago I picked up another 660 in 308.I put the metal trigger guard on both of them. I also sent them both off on the Remington Recall for the Trigger malfunction.Need to check into that A freind of mine had the problem with his 700.It would fire when the bolt was closed. Largo
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