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  1. I'm gonna do my roof this spring in Pro-Panel.The shingles are about 25 yrs old now. Largo
  2. Therte is 2 houses in my neiborhood that were moved in in the 1960's My Grandfather use to move houses in the early days.Have some pictures somewhere. Largo
  3. We hope to be back shooting next month as El Mulo was saying. I hope to be up to it.I gonna get a hip replacement next week so I will see how I'm gettin around by then. Largo
  4. Working on boatsif you put a automotive part on a boat you become the manufacturer & liable. Largo
  5. You can get Mustard & katsup with Jalipinos here. Largo
  6. Ahhhhhhh I do remember those bricks of Chili. Largo
  7. You also have to watch out for Barking Spiders here.Especially the Indoor Breed. Largo
  8. Theres a person locally who has a huge collection of things.Look under Tommy Bolack. Largo
  9. At times Snow Snakes really blend in ..Watch your step. Largo
  10. I usta drink Old Milwaukie & make that Coors. Largo
  11. We got SNOW SNAKES here No trap yet. Largo
  12. I was there.They had blades moving MUD most of the night. Largo
  13. Took me 2 1/2 years to find my Delta Elite But I found it rite where I left it.I still don't remember putting it there. Largo
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