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  1. Was watching a gun show on TV one Sunday when up popped cowboy action. Found there was a sass club in Durango Colo 50 miles north.Went to they're shoot & was hooked.I had already read about all of Louis LaMours books.I had the fever & jumped in with all fours.Started buying Cowboy guns & gear & still buying.It all started back aboout 97. Started out with Evil Roy & learned a lot from him.I even beat Holy Terror once(her first match) Largo
  2. I am not needing parts rite now but would like to know what other pistol parts will interchange with this. Largo
  3. I got the new HENRY carbine.I had to have it smoothed up to use it in Cowboy shooting. I believe any Henry you get needs some smoothing up to use them in competition. Largo
  4. I had this call on me at the Kansas state match.I got to the line with cocked rifle.When I saw it I told the TO.Thats when my hand came off the rifle. They didn't give me a SDQ as I was talking to the TO at the time.I would have taken the DQ if thats the way they called it. Largo
  5. Scout.I will see what I can do.I have never posted pictures.I will see what I can do.I am starting to get the Henry Hop down .Its a lot of fun. Largo
  6. I may not have made it home from Kansas if GARMIN hadn't told me where to go. Largo
  7. Well I made it home.Thanks all for a great match. I am really sore from the windy drive home.That was a battle. Thanks Again Largo
  8. Took my Grandson out last weekend. Shot the AR22s & then went & shot the AR & Mini.Had a blast.Had him chase the Brass. Largo
  9. Sounds good.Headed your way Tuesday. Largo
  10. Hows the weather lookin there.I se where Tornado's have hit in Kansas. Largo
  11. I can remember being able to buy a gun at 12. Largo
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