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  1. I found one on Ebay some time back.Mine is nickle plated. Largo
  2. I have a suppressor for some of my 22s. Largo PS Its legal
  3. Ive thought of powder coating rifle bullets & then lubing them with BP lube.Anyone done this? Largo
  4. A person should replace the Anode every so often.I dont really know if it helps the life of it. Largo
  5. I Wont sell it to ya but I'll give it to ya. Largo
  6. Thanks Sage .I will check & order some. Largo
  7. Always has water.Use a full face mask.Can only get 4-5 Hrs before I have to take it off.
  8. Anybody have a problem with Dry Mouth.I do Largo
  9. Hows about the one that launches a Bowling Ball.? Largo
  10. I also waited for years to find one Mine is a Carbine. Largo
  11. There is also a tool to align the shell plate.I believe that Dillon will just ship U one at no charge. Largo
  12. When my hulls start going south I trim them down & Roll Crimp them.I get Short Shell wads from Ballistic Products & use bassicly the same loads. Largo
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