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  1. You can get SPAM burrito's around here.The Navajo's really love them. Largo
  2. We have the Ospre quite a bit here.Also the C-130's do touch & Go at the airport Largo
  3. Say Joker Can U see your front site? Largo
  4. I started covering the eye on my laptop so they can't watch me.
  5. Anybody know if all the STEEL went with the saleor do the clubs have to furnish their own?? Largo
  6. Jello with Fruit coctail in it. Vanilla pudding with bannana & vanilla waffers. Largo
  7. Remember the Quad 8? Still have a bunch of 8 tracks.Even have a * track player still in the box.A insert adapter fo FM radio. Largo
  8. Sorry.Didn't realize U took THAT road. Largo
  9. The road from the hwy is pretty much a straight line.Just put it on cruise control.
  10. Met the new owners.They seem to be upfrnt with everybody.They seem to want to work with the local clubs to keep things going.Time will tell. It won't happen overnite.. Largo
  11. Shot 18 stages in 2 days at Siege of San Juan.I thought that was grueling. Largo
  12. You might check on GB for a 544.I wanted to put a 44 spec cyl on my 544 but never figured out which cyl. Largo
  13. Years ago he did a pair of my rugers.They are nice but I haven't shot them in a long time. Largo
  14. I was wondering about that.I never saw a picture of the front doors. Why has it not been mentioned in ANY of the Media. Largo
  15. The Drs should have said he had infection in his leg & amputated well above the knee. Largo
  16. Need some 7.5x55 brass to get started with. Largo
  17. I am working on a 76 in 40/60 .I have a new barrel ordered & gonna try to brown it to match the reciever. I have some plum brown to use.Im hoping I can match up to the reciever.I like the antique finnish on my Cowboy Guns. Largo
  18. Know where thereis a mod.19 snubby. Largo
  19. Hard to figure how this system works.I would just as soon get a cow.Can't eat the horns. Friends have a ranch out Largo way.Makes it a little easier. Largo
  20. Been working on filling out our hunt.Its been a few years since we drew out.Heard of people who draw out year after year & others like me who havn't drawn out in years.Hope to draw out & see how this new hip holds out.Usually go with Unit #2. Largo
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