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  1. The hardest barrel I got was the 44/40. Largo
  2. Forgot.It has Pietta Bisley hammers. Largo
  3. I have a Uberti that did it once on the first stage of a 10 stage match.Hasn't done it since. Largo
  4. Been raining here Low to mid 80's. Low 60's tonite.Still driving SxS on the streets. Largo
  5. I hope the RED Wave gets out this year. Largo
  6. His victims didn't get any appeals.He should feel the pain. Largo
  7. Tell A VULCAN isn't very mini at 20mm.I was with aVULCAN unit back in the early 70s. Largo
  8. Had a great time at the Kansas shoot.Plan on having the same at the Adobe Walls shoot.Don't matter what they have I will shoot the Henry with BP. Largo
  9. I had some caulking tubes of Silicone set so I cut open the tubes & cut 2 to 3" lengths & shove them down in my holsters when not in use. Works for me. Largo
  10. One WEEK to go. Getting everything ready to go. Largo
  11. Years ago on a indoor training.a police officer was killed by a unloaded pistol. Largo
  12. I resemble that.Thanks Bob I didn'nt know it was today Largo
  13. We have a shooter here with the Tres Rios Bandido's who has had 11 straight matches CLEAN. Congradulation to El Mulo Vaquero... Largo
  14. Back in the 60's & 70's some of the things we would see come in off the Rez was amazing..Baling wire Barb wire & inner tubes holding them together. Largo
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