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  1. Like the ones down on the Membres out of Silver City.They are HUGE. Largo
  2. I get RootBeer Extract & make Root Beer Pancakes. Largo
  3. Miss the Durango Kid here.He would put on some great shoots in Durango.We would get free rides on the Durango Silverton train. We would go all dressed up & wearing our Hardware for the ride.Our pictures are probably all over the world. The Mounted shooters would rob the train when it got to Silverton.GREAT TIMES. Largo
  4. Got my entry printed out.(If I dont lose it.) Classic Cowboy... Largo
  5. If you cut all 3 at once with 1 cutter they will short accross. Largo
  6. Oh & the 900 mile drive each way was worth it Largo
  7. It was a great match.target range was rite.lot of movement & a whole bunch of knockdown targets.No MF loads. I also want to thank T Bone for all he did for me.He carried me over for 3 years.When I got there my Fridge had quit working on me. He had a cancelation for a spot with Juictricity & put me in it. Many thanks to T Bone. Largo
  8. Mines a 10.Haven't got any BP loads for it yet. Largo
  9. I hope to pull outta here Sunday.See how I feel.My joints are telling on me.The range at Geronimo Trail is a rough one.Been recouping all week. Largo
  10. I worked with a fella a few years ago who's daughter won it.He sure was proud of her. Largo
  11. They ought to have a list for the anti police. Largo
  12. Put a Dead Mule in the butt stock Largo I was late. Largo
  13. At least you won't have a bunch of Compressor engines running nearby. Largo
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