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  1. Let’s say justice takes it course and the police officer is acquitted, I wonder what the rioting and devastation will be like when that’s over. I’ve got an idea that it may be on a much grander scale.
  2. The only problem I have with getting bullets from Scarlett Darlin is the lipstick and lip prints she left on the wooden box in lieu of a hug. A friend of mine picked them up at WR and brought them back to me. My wife was out in the shop the other day and saw the box and asked me what was going on with the lipstick on the box, I’m not sure she bought my explanation.
  3. I’ve got one of these in 16 gauge and you can load a bunch of shells in a hurry with it. Like it.
  4. They could be stabilized spalted buckeye burl also. Without seeing the entire grip it’s hard to tell. This picture is the buckeye burl.
  5. Depends on who the father is.
  6. The slides are the same or so I’ve been told by TL and Jim Bowie. The mag tube and bolt are different. I could send one up to Cajon on Saturday and you could try it out.
  7. Spalted Box Elder that has been stabilized using plastic resin in a vacuum chamber.
  8. The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck is a very good read about undertaking the journey in modern time with period correct wagon and trailer and mule teams. A lot of history and I learned quite a bit of what I was taught in grade school might not have been how it was.
  9. Double Diamond builds these also. PM him for information. He also builds a very nice empty brass/hull bag like this one.
  10. Didn’t they build a .43 Egyptian also? I believe Captain Cooper had one of those.
  11. Great news, UB!!!! Hope that four weeks flies by and you’re home by July 1.
  12. To a certain degree you are correct. If you’ll notice the two arms in the interior of the blue one that I posted are quite flexible, they are 3D printed after all. When you press down on the top, with your finger or thumb in pretty much the exact center you can see the arms flex. The table in the original OP would have very little flex in that square tubing. If it were built with just two arms in the center there would be much more flex or movement. The chain links are pulling against each other in the four corners and the two opposing chain sections. They call this an impossible table. Most people will look at it and think that the links are welded together right off the bat but they aren’t. There are some Pinterest posters that feature some very interesting impossible tables.
  13. Actually they are very stable, especially the four cornered ones. Here is a three corner one that I 3D printed that is held together with thread. I’m working on one now that will be held together with 1/16” steel cable and will feature fractal wood burning, it will be a four cornered unit. The three cornered one in the picture will hold about 5Lbs. if it’s balanced correctly. The one that I’m building will hold substantially more.
  14. You haven’t looked at all of the costs involved with a buffalo hunt if you think it’s cheaper than $8.00 per pound.
  15. We lived through Woodstock and the Hong Kong flu, I’ll bet we get through the Kung Flu just fine. Giving up our civil liberties so easily may not be survivable.
  16. Here is the finished mount hanging on the man cave wall. Should he get tired of the gray side of the fish all he has to do is rock the mount a little and lift up and turn it around and sit it down.
  17. Thank you. Nothing new that they haven’t been doing up at Cajon. The match yesterday went very well and smaller posses made it move a bit faster. Pretty sure that as things open up again procedures will change with some being more onerous some less onerous. One spotter has been about the only difference that I’ve noticed and I probably got a clean match because of it yesterday, there’s a good reason for 3 spotters. Looks like The Cowboys up at Norco may have a match in June and I’m pretty sure some lessons learned up at Cajon will come into play at Norco. Hopefully some other clubs around SoCal will be opening up soon and CAS competitors will be back in the saddle.
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