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  1. My step son used to race against Ivan Stewart who drove for the Toyota race team and helped them develope the Toyota racing trucks and eventually the TRD. Ivan got quite offended when you would call one of the TRD’s a turd but not many people let that stop them. You’d think they’d come up with something a little more creative.
  2. I haven’t watched since Thursday but based on tonight’s show he hasn’t slowed down any.
  3. Thought that was required nowadays?
  4. Here are some pictures of the way the cart is mounted to the scooter. If you buy the Tzora there are optional accessories that you can buy for it that will help with any mounting issues. You’ll notice a U shaped bar coming off of the wheelie bar. That is where my bracket that I had built sits when the gun cabinet is attached to the scooter. The oak bar across the back of the cabinet fits over those two pieces of pipe on the basket frame and is held in place with two pins, you can see the type I use in one of the chest trays. The batteries are two units and they install and remove one handed, no work at all. PM m if you would like more pictures or have any questions.
  5. That was getting to be the big issue with me. There were a lot of ranges where pushing a cart around or even walking around a lot with no cart to lean on was getting pretty tough for me. I hadn’t been to the Crap Shoot in four years because of that and now it’ll be an annual event as will others. I had the scooter at EOT last year without the gun cart and it did very well, now I’m thinking about shooting the match next year as well as being a Waddie.
  6. No handling issues. The cabinet doesn't weigh that much and neither does the chest, even loaded. As I mentioned above there is a wheelie bar with two small wheels that the cabinet sits on. At the range where the Crap Shoot is there is uphill and downhill travel involved and it is also pretty sandy in some areas and the scooter/cart handled well.
  7. The Israelis make a nice scooter. The batteries are really easy to remove and reinstall. When Mrs. Lose drags me to the mall or some other place on a domestic tranquility mission the two of us break the cart down in less than a minute and load it up and then unload it and put it together quickly also. They’re allowed almost everywhere. We had it out at the Wild Animal/Safari Park not long ago and it worked out very well. Last summer we went on a cruise and we rented one that we kept right there on the cruise ship and our cabin boy would put it away and deliver it each morning and if you left the ship you didn’t have to wait in any lines embarking or disembarking they got me right on and off.
  8. Yes, we had both of those up at the Crap Shoot and there were two of using the same type of scooter on the same posse and there was plenty of room, 18 shooters on our posse.
  9. Yep, it’s battery powered. They are rated at 15.5 miles with a 300 lb load. I drove it around up at RR-Bar a bunch with the gun cabinet, guns and loaded chest and cooler and then a lot without all of that stuff and I still had 60% battery charge when I got home so I’m not to concerned about batteries going dead. I put stop leak in the tires when I first got it because I learned about that early on.
  10. None the less I find them quite enjoyable especially when they break out in a very low scoring game.
  11. With my back issues it became imperative that I use a different form of gun cart at some of the harder to maneuver ranges and thanks to my pard, Bitter Root Larry who told me about the Tzora mobility scooter, I built this one and used it for the first time up at The Crap Shoot at RR -Bar a couple of weeks ago and it helped a bunch. I had to modify the basket carrier that comes with the scooter and build a bracket that mounts to the gun cabinet and slips onto the wheelie bar on the back of the scooter, everything else was just woodwork. I can install and remove the chest and gun cabinet in 15 seconds or less. There are two pins on each side of the basket carrier that hold the gun cabinet to the scooter and by removing those two pins and moving the gun cabinet forward and lifting up it comes right off. The chest just sits on the framework for the basket and it lifts off also. The Tzora scooter disassembles very easily and the heaviest piece is 58lbs but trying to load the two bulkier pieces by myself was problematic so I built two ramps and installed an ATV winch on the front of the pickup bed and I winch the scooter into the truck and lay the cabinet and chest on the back seat or on the gun vault beside the scooter. I also carry my 9 pack soft sided cooler under the chest and in front of the gun cabinet, you can see it in a couple of the pictures.
  12. Grew up in an area where there were lots of folks with the last name of Fuchs. One of them was named Richard and you can guess what it turned into for a nickname. Poor guy, I would have changed my name.
  13. A bench clearing brawl is hard to beat sometimes.
  14. She did her best but you could tell she’s pretty ill. Thank you.
  15. I’ll bet they don’t taste like chicken.
  16. We’re over in Sedona and our daughter and son in law are taking us to the Enchantment Resort for brunch. I looked over the menus on their website and it looks amazing, oysters on the half shell, horseradish crusted prime rib, etc., etc.!! Can’t wait. Probably be a waste of money for the daughter, she’s undergoing chemo and doesn’t feel well, but they insisted.
  17. When I moved to Casa Grande, Az. back in the 70’s it wasn’t uncommon to see John Wayne and his partner Louis Johnson at a little diner on Main Street having breakfast. They owned Red River Land and Cattle Company out at Stanfield, Az. and would frequent that little cafe quite often when they were in town and not up at the 26 Bar. Red River used to be a customer of mine in the two-way radio business and over the years I installed quite a few mobile phones in Louis’s vehicles and his son Butch Johnson’s vehicles. I got a tour of the 26Bar from one of the granddaughters one time, quite a place.
  18. Yul Lose


    I’ll bet if you changed your heading to 1897 shotgun problem you’d get more responses, instead of DavidM.
  19. It took Ken Jennings 75 games to win $2.5million and the current champ has won $771,000.00 in 11 games!!! He is fun to watch.
  20. Yep, sometimes having fun means stepping out of the box and doing things different but within the rules. Stoking the 97 is a whole bunch of fun, not the fastest but fun none the less.
  21. He missed one yesterday but it didn’t hurt him.
  22. Yul Lose


    And if he gets cold and hungry he can shoot it and skin it and have food and a coat.
  23. Well I guess Jeopardy is a sport now. They just did a piece on ESPN on how this guys strategy and how he plays the game works for him.
  24. Nah, if it’s hollyweird it will be Rosie O’Donnell.
  25. Bein skinny prolly helped yer weekends get better too, just sayin. You did meet a new lady.
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