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  1. Thanks, PR. They already sent me my new appointment date and time, exactly 30 days away. You’re right about the belligerence and hatred. When I told my wife about what happened she said it may have been because I was wearing a mask and they didn’t understand what I said, who knows. The lady behind me didn’t have a problem hearing me and she was further away and behind me.
  2. Yeah, but a divorce at my age is going to be costly. Mrs Lose ain’t leaving, to much family.
  3. I’ve bought a few guns from JB over the years and every single one of them was as good as or better than advertised. You don’t owe anyone an apology or explanation.
  4. Last night in bed as I was reading my wife showed me a notification that she received from Rite Aid about covid 19 vaccines being available at our local, newly built store. My wife made her appointment, through her HMO and it’s not until March 23rd. I went online last night and made my appointment for 2:45 today. I got to the store and walked back to the pharmacy and was second in the check in line. In front of me was an older African American lady using a cane to help her stand and walk and I offered to watch her place in line if she wanted to sit down in a chair about 8 feet away.
  5. I rebuilt, refurbished and refinished 27 or so trophies and related items from the museum about 8-10 years ago.
  6. Those were settled. As the WB is getting up there in age and with the covid shutdowns as harsh as they are in New Mexico Founders Ranch was probably becoming more and more costly to operate and maintain and profit potential has diminished greatly over the last year or so. I know if I were an owner of the ranch I would have wanted out of it long ago.
  7. In New Mexico SASS had them delivered and they paid for them, I’m pretty sure as they get all of the details hammered out for the new location, Misty, Ruby or whoever is the Waddy Ramrod will let us know. Misty doesn’t usually put out the call for Waddies until March and this year they probably have a lot on their plate with the move to Indiana. Looking forward to working with you.
  8. My apologies South Pacific, your post is very understandable and everybody here on the Wire can answer your questions about the golf cart. In years past SASS has handled the golf cart rentals and has picked up the tab but that was then this is now. Hope to see you there, I enjoy working with you.
  9. Why not contact the SASS office? Your post makes no sense.
  10. Not necessarily. You don’t want it to be tight especially if you’re going to wear it over your gun rig. I wore it but could not get it buttoned around me and the rig. A little looser is better with something like this.
  11. No one will ever replace him. I met him at Dans Bake Sale in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1993. Great man.
  12. There was a lady woodworker that lived over in Oceanside and she had a small industrial building where she built vacuum tubes for some type of radar system used by a lot of middle eastern countries. I guess it is very specialized and when we went into Iraq in 2003 she was very happy because after we destroyed their radar they’d replace it with the same equipment with her tubes in it. Don’t know if she still builds them or not.
  13. I remember them from a couple of EOT’s. Very nice couple.
  14. Look at Grashorn gun grips. He makes his out of elk antler.
  15. I had Mike at Rivers Crossing make this for me a few years ago and just never warmed up to it (pun intended). I put it on once and realized it wasn’t for me. 2XL, 48 chest would be my sizing guess. $550.00 shipped.
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