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  1. I shoot and reload 16 gauge. 16 gauge shells were pretty pricey before the shortage and very limited in selection and now they’re almost impossible to find and when you do find them they are very expensive. I buy my shot from Shootin Fox and have plenty of primers and quite a bit of 700x and Red Dot powder.
  2. What little wood turning I do I use a Smithy mill/lathe combo metal working machine. Works okay for what I use it for, don’t know if I could get the dimensions and precision he needs for his projects.
  3. Thank you everyone. Misty Rose picked up her gun cart today and she was pretty jazzed. She’ll be using it up at the Western Regional next week. Another reason I built the cart for her is that she makes potato salad just like my wife does and whenever the club has a bbq or potluck she saves me some potato salad because being the cook by the time I get inside to eat, her potato salad is usually gone. She’s been doing that for the last 10 years or so so I figured it was time to pay her back.
  4. I’ve shot with this lady shooter and her family since I’ve been in CAS and her back is not in good shape. She uses a scooter to get around at matches and at the Cal State match she saw a gun cart that I built that mounts on a Tzora Titan disability scooter and asked me about it and said she was thinking about getting one of the scooters. Well I told her that if she got one of those scooters that I’d build her a gun cart for it and this is what I came up with. The lumber is figured maple with a early American stain and lacquer finish. Instead of dovetail joinery to hold the cabinet and chest together I used finger or box joints and sliding dovetail joints for tray dividers. Mortise and tenon joinery was used where needed. The cart is very easy to remove and reinstall from the scooter. I modify the basket bracket to attach the cabinet to and I also have a bracket fabricated that fits on the so called wheelie bar that keeps the cart from tipping backwards on steep hills. She uses a little folding stool to sit on while she’s doing scoring, counting , etc.. and I built mounts to easily attach the stool to the cart. Her husband and her will share the cart and I installed holsters to hold their revolvers. The cart will hold four long guns. The bungie cord is used to hold the guns in the cart and is easily removed and reinstalled when guns are needed or put away. There is a shotgun shell well that holds 2 boxes of shells and the lift out tray will hold 4 boxes of pistol/rifle ammo and underneath the trays there is more room for ammo, shells and other match essentials. Mounting the cart on the scooter probably takes about 20 seconds total and it’s very secure. You’ll notice that under the chest and behind the cabinet is a soft sided ice chest. The rifle brass on the chest handle mounts is to hang empty brass bags and such.
  5. You and me might be related, same dad, different mother.
  6. We’ve got 2 distribution centers within 20 miles.
  7. I use these soldering flux brushes for spreading glue in joinery on woodworking projects. Last night in bed I remembered that I was out of them so I went on Amazon and ordered 144 of them for $17.00 with free shipping. I ordered them at 8:45 and they were just delivered.
  8. This should be pinned here and on the Classifieds also.
  9. Any signs of beetle damage? A few years ago I tried to restore an old hardware screw, bolt, nut, etc piece kind of like that and when I got into it I discovered a lot of beetle damage and the customer decided against it. The beetles were still active in it.
  10. Can’t remember how long ago but I was talking to someone on the phone and gave them my phone number using “zero” and she said “you mean O” and I said “no I mean zero, that’s what it is” and she said “oh”.
  11. Since having Covid in July 2020 my tastebuds like hotter and hotter foods it seems.
  12. My wife brought this cheese home from the store the other day and I really like it. It’s fairly hot but not overpowering. Had it on a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and a hamburger tonight, I’m hooked.
  13. When there are 6-8-10 people living in a house or apartment and all drawing $600.00 per week or so from state and federal funds they don’t have to work. Until those types of handouts are ended the labor pool will suffer.
  14. Chinas been looking for a reason and this may be it.
  15. 4.0 grains Red Dot is what I use for 200 grain .45
  16. Yes he survived. No shame needed, I was hoping the same thing.
  17. Thank you. Granddaughter sees a doctor today about the fractured vertebrae, she has a job as an accountant and has to sit all day and she can’t do that now because of the pain so I’m thinking surgery is coming up. Grandson still can’t find a car and is using my wife’s car, she doesn’t like driving my truck, telling her to ride a bike wasn’t the right thing to do, I guess. .
  18. I find my tolerance for the new “woke” bullshit is very low. ???
  19. Yesterday I had to go down to our little hardware store and as I was opening the door to enter I saw a woman walking towards the door and I held it open for her. She got closer and proceeded to tell me that she could open her own door and didn’t need my help. So I walked in and made sure that I closed the door so that she’d have to open it herself. Anyway I’m looking for a couple of not so common bolts in the bolt and screw section and guess who comes over and starts looking for a special bolt herself? Yep it’s her and she was looking for a cap screw and showed me the one that she had to match it up with. I knew immediately where those screws were but since she didn’t need me to hold the door for her I was sure that she could find the cap screw for herself also and I told her so and walked away. One of the store clerks walked over and started helping her. Over the last few years I’ve had the door incident happen a couple of times at different places. Seems like it’s always been with younger wimmen, the older ones seem to appreciate good manners.
  20. If you can find a screw to fit it may look better cosmetically bringing it in from underneath and then cutting it to length, polishing it and then cold bluing it. If mounted on top of the tang there, it’s going to look really out of place, personally I’d just leave it alone.
  21. I’ve got 6 Pedersoli Lightnings and none of them have that screw hole. I believe one of the previous owners had it drilled and tapped for a tang sight of some sort. If you can find the screw size and thread type I or some one else with a screw assortment may be able to help you out. I don’t believe it’s a Pedersoli factory done screw hole.
  22. Anyone seen these yet? I like the color case hardening better than the brass. Henry’s New Big Boy Color Case Hardened Side Gate Rifle A Made in the USA Lever Gun for All Other By: Stan Trzoniec | July, 22 The lever-action rifle has always been a favorite of American hunters and shooters and this Henry Case Hardened Side Gate rifle fills the bill with aplomb. Chambered for the .38 Special/.357 Magnum, this model is also available in a shorter, Carbine version. When talking about the variety of American guns that are available today, nothing seems to surpass the popularity and mystique of the true lever-action rifle. Like everyone else in the shooting sports, I grew up on the .22 rimfire, first on a Model 62A Winchester, and then I moved up to the Marlin 39 lever gun that was all tricked out with a Weaver scope. Partnered up with a Ruger Single Six Convertible with interchangeable cylinders in both .22 Long Rifle and the .22 WMR, I had reign of over 300 acres on my uncles’ farm in central New Jersey for varmints and small game. The forearm matches the color and grain pattern of the buttstock, something the Henry Company is proud of when assembling its rifles. Checkering goes around this part of the gun and is finished with a border for that custom look. From there, and fortunate to find a niche in the outdoor writing field, I believe I have tested, photographed and hunted with most of the lever guns available today. Looking back, I never had a real favorite, but I guess if my feet were held to the fire, the Marlin 336 in .35 Remington with its side ejection feature could win out, especially since I always loved a scope-mounted weapon. With handloads, that rifle delivered three-quarter-inch groups with a 180-grain Speer over 39 grains of IMR-4320. At one time, I had the hots for the Winchester Model 88, but that wore off simply because it looked more like a common rifle and with collector prices sharply increasing within that period and chambered for that oddball .358 Winchester, I stuck with the Marlin. Topside is a precision rear sight assembly adjustable for windage and elevation. All this is easily accomplished with a small screwdriver and a drift. Never popular with the military, simply because of its design limitations (can’t fire from the prone position or its inability to use high-pressure cartridges), the lever gun, since its likely inception around 1860 by Spencer and Henry; later by Marlin, Winchester, Savage and Browning, still thrives today. For the most part, the Winchester gun has been the eastern deer hunter’s partner in the field, as with its short barrel and fast follow-up shots; it eases through the heavy brush and timber so often encountered in the upper reaches of Maine and Vermont. While all these manufacturers offer guns in various models and chamberings, one should look to Henry for what I think is the greatest variety in lever guns. Looking through its most recent catalog, I came up more than 90 models in various stock and receiver configurations to include the famous “Mare’s Leg” that is stainless, blued, color case hardened, engraved and those equipped with a large loop. The figure does not include the sub categories of each model relating to the cartridge or special items, which then include more than 130 different models going from the .22 Long Rifle up to the traditional .30-30 Winchester and .45-70 Government. The more modern hunter is not forgotten at Henry as the Long Ranger Rifles include up-to-date models chambered for the .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester and the 6.5 Creedmoor. Finally, to sweeten the pot even more, the original Henry rifle is preserved by the company in the form of five models chambered in the .44-40 Winchester and .45 Colt. The forend cap is neatly attached and is secured with twin screws on both sides of the cap. Additionally, a sling swivel stud is mounted underneath for field carry. For this report, my pick of the litter was the newly-introduced Big Boy Color Case Hardened Side Gate rifle positioned in the series that includes 10 models all chambered for the .38 Special/.357 Magnum, .44 Special/.44 Magnum and the .45 Colt. Like the cowboys of the past, having a lever-action rifle that not only slides into a saddle scabbard easily, but is chambered for the same cartridge as your handgun, proved valuable in the “Wild West,” and still in modern times, could be a benefit depending on where you live or what you hunt.
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