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  1. I’ve bought a couple of them from John Barleycorn over in the Merchants classifieds in the past, you might PM him and see what he can come up with.
  2. Our power was off from 9:45am until 6:20pm yesterday because the power company was installing new steel poles by helicopter. They are replacing all wooden poles with steel poles in their service area. I don’t know how many they placed yesterday but I saw them flying in with 6 or 7 of them as their staging area was just up the road rom my house. I used my little Honda eu2200i generator to run the routers, drill press, small bandsaw, etc.. but I sure needed my table saw, joiner, dual drum sander and planer throughout the day. I went over to the table saw more than once yesterday to use it and it didn’t come on when I wanted it to. So everything is right with the world again. Lighting wasn’t a problem as I installed Solatube lighting when I built the shop.
  3. Don’t do it, HD!!! I want to posse up with you some day.
  4. I’m thinking since it was a fairly small one the bite wasn’t that bad maybe it wasn’t developed enough yet, it’s stopped developing now.
  5. I was working out in the shop on Sunday afternoon and stuck my hand into an old box of wood scraps and a black widow spider bit my little finger. It looked pretty gross Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday but today it’s looking much better. Didn’t want to post pictures earlier because of the way it looked. Watch where you stick your fingers, pards.
  6. I’m kinda fond of this type of halftime show, kinda takes your mind off of the game.
  7. Niners/Chiefs Super Bowl might be pretty entertaining the game on now sure isn’t.
  8. Pioneer Gunworks sells a nice set of hardened replacement screws for $18.00 for the set.
  9. I’m partial to Aberlour single malt scotch in a pinch The Balvenie will do.
  10. Splash back would be a real safety factor.
  11. Nice job, Colt. Well thought out and what a great way to display buckles and trophies.
  12. Kalifornia, Azirona, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. There’s a lot of places I want to shoot at but life gets in the way, maybe some day.
  13. I used to have a 1948 Ford Sportsman, you know the wooden body convertible. They only made about 35 of the 48’s, they were actually 47’s titled as 48’s, but anyway it had a flathead V8 which I overhauled and I added a Columbia 2 speed rear end, correct for that year because it was a Ford factory installed option. I hauled my four kids around down here a few times when they were down from Wyoming and it was a lot of fun. One September weekend I drove it over to Wavecrest a wooden body car gathering over in Encinitas. The wood was pretty much rotted off and driving it down the road people got visions of the Beverly Hillbillies. I pulled into Wavecrest and every eye in the place was on that car as I drove to my parking space. To say I caused a riot might be a little strong but man did people want to check out that car. That was a Saturday and there was so much interest I brought it back the next day, Sunday. Well there were about 6 or 7 guys wanting to buy it, one of them was a big car dealer out of L.A. and another was the guy that founded Knapp (I think that’s how it’s spelled) shoes. The offers were good, far more than I’d dreamed and I drove the car home that night. The L.A. car dealer was really putting on the pressure over the next few weeks, he had an extensive collection of Marmon Harrington wagons and wanted to add a Sportsman to the stable. One day a guy called that had seen the car at Wavecrest and told me he’d like to bring his brother down to check out the car so we set it up and they came down and we drove it around and ended up at a BBQ joint out here for dinner. We talked a lot about the car and how much it was going to cost to redo all of the Birdseye maple with the special joinery that Henry or his kid insisted on when the wooden bodies were built. The best estimate I had gotten was $78,000.00 and that was in 1996!!! Well I had about $23,000.00 in the car and the one brother told me to name a crazy price and I did and it was a lot more than what I had in it and he agreed! About four years later I visited Wavecrest and there they were with the Sportsman, fully restored to factory correct condition, just absolutely beautiful. I saw one just about like it a few years ago on Hemings and they were asking $750,000.00 for it.
  14. Shining the light of day on it and exposing it is the right thing to do, IMHO of course, we can disagree.
  15. So cheating is BS in your opinion?
  16. True, but not like this and if the allegations that just came to light recently prove to be true, this thing is far from over.
  17. Once you jump into the costuming it can be about as much fun as shooting, about mind you. From day 1 that I started CAS I’ve dressed the classic cowboy part but I’m partial to 1897 shotguns, Pedersoli Lightning rifles and prefer shooting gunfighter style so I’ll dress the part and use the guns that I like and pull my two Old Armies. Still have lots of fun just can’t shoot in that class. I don’t wear the spurs though, tried it once and it wasn’t pretty, try them before you wear them to your first match, you’ll be glad you did.
  18. The Astros had it figured out and maybe the Red Sox too.
  19. I’m hearing from a local source that used to play pro baseball that MLB is talking about vacating the Astros 2017 World Series win. He frequents a coffee shop out here and while I was waiting for my order I heard him telling a couple of other guys about it. I know college championships have been vacated in the past but I don’t know if a pro sports championship has been vacated.
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