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  1. You sound just like my son in law that’s 2years, 247days older than me, hasn’t cut his hair or trimmed his beard in over 7 years and says taking more than one shower a week makes too big of a carbon footprint. A real PITA.
  2. You’ll never have that problem with a Lightning rifle.
  3. You’re welcome, thanks for looking out for me at EOT.
  4. I’ve worked on a couple of AWA’s and they are much harder to reassemble than a Pedersoli Lightning. I can almost reassemble the Pedersoli with my eyes closed.
  5. I don’t know, owning a Lightning is kinda like a love affair with a stripper, nice to look at but making her happy can be a challenge.
  6. You might give Lassiter a call, he gave me an education at EOT about .45 in a pump action rifle. Elrod gave me nearly the same education about 10-12 years ago and Lassiter reenforced it. Both of the .45 lightnings that I had gave you shots of burned and unburned powder right in the face during a string AND it got down in the action too. Keeping the action clean especially down around the cartridge stop lever is a must to keep the rifle running. If the cartridge stop lever fails to rise because it’s dirty and all gunked up a cartridge will more than likely feed under the lifter or elevator and freeze up the rifle. It then has to be disassembled to clear the jam and that’s a real hard thing to accomplish when you’re at a match and it’s distracting to other shooters, been there done that. When a jam like that occurs you also have the possibility of a live round in the chamber to deal with while you’re disassembling the rifle. Don’t get me wrong on this being only a .45 caliber rifle problem. It has happened on rare occasions on my 44-40 match guns when I don’t clean them for long periods of time, I’m kinda lazy that way and it bites me on the ass on occasion. Really all you have to do to keep the action running smooth is remove the butt stock and spray gun cleaner, I use Gun Scrubber into the action and really get it down into the area where the cartridge stop lever is and spray it good and work the action and then used compressed air to blow out the grit and excess solvent/cleaner. Stand it up and let it drain for an hour or so and then spray the action with lubricant and let is stand over night to let the excess run out and reattach the stock in the morning and you’re all set. About once a year I’ll tear my match lightnings down and do a deep cleaning and lubrication.
  7. I like the 10 on 3 and Lawrence Welk sweep with my Lightnings. Someone once told me he saw all 10 empties in the air at the same time after a 10 on 3.
  8. And it ain’t over yet, we got soaked again today. The padres/Rockies opening day game has been changed from 1:10 to 6:40.
  9. The only part that I’ve had to change on any of my numerous Pedersoli Lightnings was the firing pin on a .357 model. I bored out the firing pin channel and installed the larger more robust firing pin for a 44-40/.45 model and have never had another one break. I’ve got a stock pile of parts, just in case, but I’ve never had to use them. Lassiter gave me back one of my Pedersoli at EOT that he did the slam fire mod on and he came across a broken receiver side screw that he replaced.
  10. I’ve tried them in .45 but didn’t like the blowback and the action got much dirtier than with 44-40.
  11. I like Pedersoli Lightnings in 44-40 with Lassiter Slam Fire mods. If you get a Lightning PM Roger Rapid and ask him for his Lightning manual, you’ll be glad you did.
  12. On the bullet feeder that they show with their magazine setup, does it drop the bullet and then it moves to another position for seating and crimp?
  13. I was visiting with the manager of a restaurant in Arizona during EOT and he told me that the take out/pick up business is better than the walk in sit down business sometimes especially during the week. On Fridays and weekends he sees a lot more people dining in at his restaurant. The pick up spaces at our local Home Depot’s have increased and they have at our local Tractor Supply too. It’s probably here to stay.
  14. Putting your phone number on a public forum like this is not a good idea. Better to give that info out on a private message.
  15. I’d be all over this if I didn’t have 2 roof repair jobs coming up, one small and the other pretty major when the rains stop. I’ve dealt with Peacemaker Reb before and he’s a great pard to deal with.
  16. The bird population at the feeders has dropped a lot over the last week or so. Usually I’ll sit and watch the feeders and there will be 30-40 birds vying for a spot on the feeders and this morning I saw 2 or 3 and they were on and off the feeders and back into the tree cover in a hurry. The ground feeders like the spotted Towhees and doves don’t seem to be scared and neither do the scrub jays.
  17. From what I’ve been told and read the Cooper’s Hawk is larger with a whiter breast and larger head.
  18. That was my first thought too when it happened. It was just a blur and it was gone. The word must have got out because the number of birds at the feeders is significantly less.
  19. My wife usually fills her 2 bird feeders every morning but she commented the other day that she’s only had to fill them every other day and that there’s not as many bids and she’s finding feathers around the base of the feeders and on the patio. Well this morning I was on the phone with a pard and watching the bird feeders and a Cooper’s Hawk dove down and in a puff of feathers took off with a house finch. I watched a Cooper’s Hawk sitting on a sycamore branch this afternoon watching the feeders and thought he might try again but he never did. Pretty cool.
  20. I’m working on a local pard that’s interested, I’ll let you know.
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