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  1. The outfit my wife works for requires her to check an email address each day and open whatever emails are in it. Here’s one that was waiting this morning.
  2. Yul Lose


    15-16 years ago I’d pick up my grandson and a couple of friends of his from school. They’d do their homework and have a snack and then play video games or go outside and play basketball or goof around. One day one of them wanted to show us a mentos trick that he learned from his brother. He had me get my pellet rifle ready and he took one of those brand new, full bottles of Coke and set it on one of the boulders across the creek. He took 6 or 8 mentos and wrapped them in a bubble gum wrapper or something and hurriedly stuffed them in the Coke bottle and screwed the cap back on tight
  3. Saw a Macdonald’s today with a help wanted sign in the window with a starting wage of $17.00 hr. The more stimulus checks that go out the fewer workers there are.
  4. I know for a fact that catching covid-19 will be good for 15-20 lb. weight loss, maybe more. Had absolutely no appetite or desire for food for about 3-4 weeks.
  5. He gets a royalty on each one sold.
  6. Posting your email address on a public forum like this ain’t a good idea.
  7. Any of you non vaxxers need proof of vaccination I can help you out for 20% cut if you win, just sayin.
  8. Water, tablespoon Dawn, teaspoon Strato Sheen, 1/4 teaspoon Lemishine no pins or other media needed. I don’t deprime unless I’m really bored and don’t have anything else to do, I utilize the depriming feature on the sizing die.
  9. I like the Rebel. Broke a belt once, other than that it’s been trouble free.
  10. Built by Battery Gun Company in Michigan. They build them better than the originals.
  11. SASS Home page, mercantile, badges there it is.
  12. Being a relative of a couple of them I’ve given up on trying to please them when I do the cooking. What they may find to their liking the next visit will be totally different from the last visit, I found this out again on Sunday. From now on they can go hungry or bring their own food. Who knew fettuccini could change from “it was fabulous” to “I don’t know how anyone could eat that stuff” in one weeks time.
  13. Good for you!! They allow Pike out here and there are no problems. Brass pickers complain a bit. Pike only compete against themselves or other Pike shooters.
  14. Tea Java iced tea, dried apricots, almonds, Kind bars.
  15. Know a couple that both own Tesla’s and they charged them at work for free until..............the covid 19 pandemic hit and they started working from home but they didn’t have charging stations at their house. She says it took 6 weeks to get the charging stations installed, he says it took a couple of months to get them installed because the demand hit all at once from all of these people with Tesla’s now working at home.
  16. That’s the outfit but it was heading north.
  17. It walked right past the truck and I asked if they were okay and it said nothing and kept on walking and then did a pirouette in the road and disappeared around the bend. My step daughter lives right up the street from there and I called her and she went out to the street to watch and it wouldn’t talk to her either.
  18. Driving into Escondido to pick up Moms Day cupcakes and this was walking down the road.
  19. Not any more. It lasted about 5 minutes.
  20. Sheridan Tent and Awning in Sheridan, Wyoming makes tents like you’re wanting, at least they did about 45 years ago when I lived there. My ex father in law had one and he’d set it up all by himself. Had a small stove in it and one person fit quite nicely, 2 people were a crowd.
  21. About 7 months ago Mrs. Lose had to have a molar pulled and elected to go with the implant as a replacement. She had the stud installed and waited the required time, actually they made her wait quite a bit longer to get the tooth put in. The dentist that did the implant installation retired and referred her to another dentist who eventually built the tooth and installed it. It was installed on a Thursday and Saturday morning the tooth was very loose, she could move it around with her tongue and Sunday night it came out while she was sleeping, she found it on her pillow. She got into
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