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  1. That bolt is much better looking than the one that’s on it. Did you do the work, trigger and bolt yourself?
  2. Thanks for the info. I like my Winchester model 70 Compact in 7mm-08 a lot but some day when I catch up on lots of other stuff I may replace the trigger on the old rifle.
  3. I have a slicker for myself and I carry a couple of 55 gallon weed and leaf bags to put over the cart.
  4. It’s either a Sears or Montgomery Wards Rifle In .270 that my son in law had and it’s very unsafe to use. It had a bad habit of firing all on its own. It’s in the back of the gunsafe for a good reason. I might dig it out tomorrow to find out which one it is.
  5. Welcome to a great game and way of life. Being on a limited budget and all I’d suggest the .38/.357 it’s a bit cheaper on the reloading side but if you get hooked, and there’s a good chance you will 44-40 holds all of the charm, IMNSHO, of course. There’s just something about the 44WCF and Cowboy Action Shooting. Later on when you’re considering Classic Cowboy you might give it a try. If you’re like most of us the first set of guns you buy won’t be the last and unprotected gun safe fornication will result in unexpected offspring. You’ve been warned.
  6. How’s that song go “ It never rains in Arizona”?
  7. It’ll be on the calendar.
  8. I’m with you, Amazon seems to be able to get all of the Chinese junk they can get and have it to you within a day or two of your order so I really doubt Trumps tariffs had a thing to do with Frye’s empty stores. The online buying is what’s done Frye’s in, IMHO, of course.
  9. The last time I was in Frye’s, probably end of January they had full shelves lots of employees and customers. Today the parking lot was nearly empty and the employees were scarce. I asked one of the guys that seemed to work there if they were going out of business and he said they were just waiting for inventory to arrive. As bare as it was that would take a whole bunch of inventory. With Christmas season rapidly approaching I don’t see how they’d even attempt to stay open as bare as this store was.
  10. I visited a local Frye’s Electronics story today and what a shock it was to see a nearly empty store. I was looking for some filament for my 3D printer and they didn’t have one single spool. Usually they’d have a bunch to choose from but not anymore. The TV and appliance departments were bare, not an appliance or TV in the place. The employees that you could find were not uniformed like they normally are and some were dressed pretty shabbily, I thought they were customers like me. I would be surprised if they last another quarter. They have nothing to sell.
  11. The Gunfight Behind The Jersey Lilly back in the day was one heck of a match. Of late, because of range issues it’s fallen on hard times but it’s coming up this weekend and if I know Smokestack and and the rest of the bunch that put the match together it’s going to be lots of fun. I’ve never shot a match at EOT but there is just something about making the trip to Founders Ranch in New Mexico each year that just gets in my blood. Come January I’ll start planning and EOT is always the first trip listed on the page, it’s that special to me. I’ve been to Winter Range as a visitor many times but in 2020 I’m shooting the match and I hope it becomes just as special as EOT is to me. When the construction is complete at Cajon the Legends Of The West Match will be back in business and IMHO its one of the best matches going. Bear Trap and company know how to stage a cowboy match that really satisfies. The Crap Shoot at RR Bar is another one that is a must do. The facades, location and the Lions Club that runs the range and the kitchen keep everyone smiling, fed and content. I hear through the grapevine that the California State Championship will be held here starting in 2020!!!!! The Western Divisional at Chorro Valley is probably one of the nicest locations for a CAS match that you’ll find. Great weather and just a few miles from the coast make it a great location and Sinful and El Laso know how to write fun stages. The Saturday night shrimp and prime rib dinner is truly amazing.
  12. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Az. Chandler Blvd., Chandler
  13. Escondido Avenue. San Marcos Boulevard Vista Way Oceanside Avenue Encinitas Avenue Rancho Bernardo Road Poway Road Just to name a few near me.
  14. Bump for nice hats but to small. Rats!
  15. Doubt they’ll spend much time in cold weather, private jets will be on call at the first sign of frost.
  16. That’s a great looking gun cart and it should serve you well.
  17. Why do you fellers have such small melons?
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