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  1. Anyone here a administrator for casscity? I've been trying to get on the site all week with no luck.
  2. I've read the rules several times. I think I know the answer but want to be sure, Can some one shooting Senior or elder statesman or cattle baron shoot one handed in a stage or 2? I know he can't shoot gun fighter. but if he wanted to shoot a stage duelist?
  3. Hay my friend, I have made the stick in fact I made 3 of them. But I don't have any leather and I've tried making a knife sheath or 2 and ended up throwing them in the trash. I'm more of a welder than a leather smith.
  4. Who makes the leather barrel mag tube leather wrap for the Henry for black powder shooters? Thanks Reuben
  5. Are you going to be at Spring Round-up? Want to be on your posse. Bulldog Brown

    1. Reuben McCoy Rankin # 34239

      Reuben McCoy Rankin # 34239

      Yes , how bout your ass hole friend?

  6. I sure can do that. glad you are coming, How about supper Fri. night?  Bulldog

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