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JEDI Gunfighter of the Year - 2010

Widder, SASS #59054

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Well, in 2008, it was Manatee for his efforts in getting the Pale Rider GF category into alot of BIG matches.


In 2009, It was Calgary Kate and Mescalero for their efforts in supporting our troops overseas.


This year, The Jedi Council has decided not only to award the Jedi GF of the Year but to also honor this Cowboy with a Lifetime Achievement recognition.


2010 JEDI GF of the Year:





He has won his GF category at Winter Range and been a National Champion.

He has finished 2nd at EOT in GF Category (World Champioships) a total of 7 times. Five of those were consecutive.

He has travelled overseas to help promote SASS/CAS.

He is one of our more prominent ROII Instructors

He and his home club host one of the best Regionals (Mid-West) every year in Ohio called Guns of August.


He is prominent at most big matches, coast to coast, and is always ready to help in those matters that enhance a match and help a shooter.



Congratulations Lassiter. You do us all proud.



..........Widder (representing the Jedi Council)


Council members:

Badlands Bud

Jed I Knight

Possum Skinner

Widowmaker Hill

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A#1 choice!!!!

Great representative for SASS!!

Done took up Gunfighten...cause someday when I grow up...I want to be just like Lassiter.

Doubt it thou...ain't never gonna grow up!!!



Bad Hombre :unsure:

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Attaboy Tom. You are a great ambassador to our sport and good human being. Jedi Of The Year and Lifetime achievement.....WOW.


Congrats Lassiter



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good choice


I have shot GF with him as a GF........................... at large shoots

he still helped me ta shoot better


he is salt of the earth teacher and a dammm fine feller too


great choice

dont make me git all misty eyed


but great choice, and throw in jedi 87 specalist..................he R"OCKS with them

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I have had the pleasure to shoot with him over the years


A great person and dang it......a great Gunfighter....real fun to watch


He would get my vote ever day of the year.....if I got to vote!





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No better award than one coming from one' peers because they're the ones out to beat you! Way to go! Well deserved I'm sure.

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Congratulations Lassiter!!!


It was a great pleasure to meet you at EOT and you are truly deserving of this award. Thank you for being such an ambassador for the sport and showing folks how it can be done.


Your gunfighter pard in perpetuity,


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I am fortunate to live very close to Lassiter, and therefore get to shoot with him almost every weekend. The man eats and sleeps cowboy, He has worked on my guns, always gives good advice and always willing to lend a hand..He personifies the cowboy way and I am proud to call him friend. I wish I could somehow help him out a fraction of how much he has helped and guided me in my short cowboy career so far. To watch him shoot you simply have to say "wow" and then you relize the amount of work and dedication it takes to get to that level. He makes the 87 look positively smooth and flawless and this past year he has been tinkering with the lightning rifle and its amazing the speed and lack of jams he has mastered with it...Tom I tip my hat to ya....and look forward to march so we can start playing again...

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Congrats to Lassiter!!!!

Mustang Gregg

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The last match of the year, I shot gunfighter for the first time! I was along side of Lassiter asking advice on how to shoot each and every stage. Tom is the kind of pard who loves to teach others. I have spent many occasions in the back of his horse pasture "in school." Well deserved my friend!

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Add my congratulations!

I was privileged to time for him in "speed pistol" at the US Open. The man is scary fast!

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