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  1. Prayin fer ya Judge....also yer family
  2. I agree with Dawg, it was a very fun shoot...great people...awesome stages..
  3. I rekin I may just show up...I even found it on the map.. AND it's only a 45 minute drive...yee haww
  4. Congrats Deuce, nice play on words for the alias.
  5. Do these hammers actually cock the gun or are they simulated hammers?
  6. They are the same measurement, one is stated as a fraction, the other is stated as a decimal....just sayin
  7. Count me in....it was a great time shooting with those Illinois folks.....well, most of them anyway...couple of em on my posse got soot on my new hat.....ha ha
  8. If they do become available, I'll buy one .........just because.
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