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  1. Opps..........I’m gonna blame it on spellcheck and PBR
  2. Usually 4 to 5 that are ok these days.........1 or 2 train wrecks
  3. Hurricane Party at Sun’s house! I’ll bring the defrosting chicken, hamburgers, steaks, prime rib and BEACON...........and I get PBR! PARRRRTAY!
  4. Good to know where to get cold beer Good luck everybody! Be safe!!!
  5. Damn I’ve got a big butt............what was next?
  6. If I’m having a good match it’s competition, if not............practice
  7. I think “They” are just sending over marshmallows for s’mores
  8. Back to the original OP who is “They”
  9. The Hole in the Wall didn’t have an address
  10. You never know what your reaction is going to be when you don’t know how badly your injured. Turned out to be some facial abrasions and a piece of brass pierced the cartilage of his ear and hat
  11. My understanding is that you want to file on the bottom of the lifter arm not the lever
  12. A round that for whatever reason did not smoothly chamber
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