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  1. Wyatt

    Never, Ever, Ever!

    A piece of the brass case did go through the cartliage of Cypress Sam‘s left ear and messed up a perfectly good hat. He also had a couple of abrasions on his face. He was very lucky!
  2. Force a round into a rifle chamber! What’s your Never, Ever, Ever
  3. Belt, 2 holsters, 2 pistols, 1 spoon handle hook for 5 cans of beer
  4. Can The Terminator be a World Champion
  5. Will John get a new phone Will Beth get a new office Will Kayce get a new desk Will Jamie get a new hole Will Rip go Terminator
  6. Wyatt

    TO question

    If your mother requested you as the TO to wear a mask during her course of fire would you accommodated your mother
  7. Wyatt

    TO question

    How was the attendance versus past years?
  8. Wyatt

    TO question

    If a shooter requested you as the TO to wear a mask during the course of fire would you accommodated the shooter
  9. He does have at least two aliases. CC and Purdy Boy. He gets one more vote for Peanut Butter. We hide our women when he’s here!
  10. Then don’t wear your glasses Odds are you’ll be fine.
  11. A few years ago, a shooter I had known for years, came up to me and extended his hand. Of course I shook his hand. I asked how are you doing? To my dismay his answer was, I have a case of flu but I’m not feeling bad today Some people
  12. As much as I truly love CAS I’m not dying to shoot with anybody
  13. Wyatt


    I got a check in the mail from Widder. It will take me years to go through it! Thanks Cuz!
  14. Did you use your legal name or your alias
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