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  1. How do you score a clean miss? Shooter fires five shots and hits the right type of target with all five shots and you score it as a miss
  2. Your concerns should be taken to the MD
  3. A clean miss is just a term. Maybe is should be described as not getting a P due to overlapping P lapping
  4. In that example target 4 was hit twice. The right type of target was hit in the wrong order so no miss.......P. You can’t prove intent only results
  5. ???? How in the wide wide world of sports is that not a P ?
  6. I agree with Kid Death..........I like the orange color of the font
  7. #2 Poo happens........I got a few more for later PS: I think I am on the plus side of the Merry Christmas calls
  8. It was good to see the whole family today. Glad y’all are back!
  9. New knife, new friends and a good time!!!!! Wow!!!
  10. I don’t want to tell you what to do but...........
  11. Found it on my birth certificate............... thought it sounded kinda western
  12. What did your psychiatrist say?
  13. Deserve......Yes! In a prior discussion was it not determined that T/O’s were exempt from penalties?
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