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  1. Chocolate covered fire ants are good on Cherry Garcia ice cream
  2. How cold was it Two Foot Johnson?
  3. Wyatt


    WTH is the H in HWTC?
  4. Dave is busy so be patient. He’s worth the wait
  5. When will Phantom be banned again and for how long
  6. Oscar Meyer bacon versus any other bacon We need to have a taste off!
  7. I keep looking. I’ve found a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I was looking for
  8. It is a modified firearm. They have to do that to avoid lawsuits Besides it gives it character and a great story. I would proudly leave the markings on it
  9. I find it slows me down to pull two, lube, load, repeat
  10. Heck I would show up for that............if it wasn’t for Peanut Butter
  11. Opps..........I’m gonna blame it on spellcheck and PBR
  12. Usually 4 to 5 that are ok these days.........1 or 2 train wrecks
  13. Hurricane Party at Sun’s house! I’ll bring the defrosting chicken, hamburgers, steaks, prime rib and BEACON...........and I get PBR! PARRRRTAY!
  14. Good to know where to get cold beer Good luck everybody! Be safe!!!
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