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  1. Need a stock (SKB 100) that is good from the receiver to at least the end of the pistol grip. Project is building a pistol grip stock, damage to the rear part of the stock okay. Please PM me with a pic & selling price ... thanks!
  2. Like-new CZ Custom sight set for CZ 75B, 85B, SP01, P01. Check the specs on the CZ Custom website (SKU #10618). The rear sight is fully adjustable with a fixed fiber optic front sight. Retails for $105 + S/H. Will sell for $85 shipped USPS priority insured.
  3. This mold was custom machined for me from the original Hensley & Gibbs mold specs. See the pics for machining stamps, etc... Premium grade cast iron. It is a beast! Mold will produce 100 rounds in about 5 minutes. It weighs just over 6 lbs empty so you can't be a wimp (grin). On a more serious note, it is fairly easy to use and will crank out great bullets just as fast as the user can go. With the mold heated properly, the sprue cutter opens with just a tap and out comes 10 perfect bullets. (32 caliber, 100 grain round nose bullet with 2 lube grooves, 1 crimp groove,
  4. PM sent re: to mold handles yesterday

  5. Howdy ... lost your contact info as my phone crashed.  Please email to kid.ziggy1@gmail.com.  Thanks!

  6. Recently made a purchase from Kid Ziggy, and was very satisfied, a gentleman, and can be trusted..Purgatory Pic

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