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  1. This mold was custom machined for me from the original Hensley & Gibbs mold specs. See the pics for machining stamps, etc... Premium grade cast iron. It is a beast! Mold will produce 100 rounds in about 5 minutes. It weighs just over 6 lbs empty so you can't be a wimp (grin). On a more serious note, it is fairly easy to use and will crank out great bullets just as fast as the user can go. With the mold heated properly, the sprue cutter opens with just a tap and out comes 10 perfect bullets. (32 caliber, 100 grain round nose bullet with 2 lube grooves, 1 crimp groove, and bevel base.) NVM is Northern Valley Machine, Inc and they made this special order for me in March 2015 (see pics). I have cast thousands of bullets using this hand-held mold and it is still like new (see pics!). With proper care, it will last longer than the next owner. Original cost $1000 + S/H .......... will sell for $750 shipped or best offer.
  2. PM sent re: to mold handles yesterday

  3. Lot of two handles for 2-cavity molds. Think I used them on Magma Eng molds, but it has been a while and I am cleaning off my bench. One of the grips on the smaller set has a crack in one handle. Doesn't affect use, but I taped it to avoid cutting my hand. Will sell the lot for $25 + $10 S/H
  4. Three sets of Lyman mold handles. The original holes in the tongs are cut right to the edge, they are the factory holes unmodified. I drilled the extra holes for use on other molds. This will not affect use and the handles are still at factory specs. Midway has these on sale for $41 each + shipping. Will sell the lot of #3 handles for $50 + $15 for S/H.
  5. Saeco mold handles can be used for 2 or 4 cavity molds. These are on sale at Midway for $50 + shipping. Excellent used condition ... will sell for $35 + $10 S/H
  6. Ok, Sam I will keep you in mind. Thanks!
  7. Ok wade, I will pm you with info.
  8. Used, but not abused Doc Noper Shot Shell Belt. Length (end of buckle to tip — 53"). Belt is 1 3/8 inches wide. Large area on belt (tip side) for adjustment to achieve different sizesLined Fixed Slide is 2 1/8 wide by 15 1/2 inches long —- (6) Canvas 12ga pairs (canvas loops are 7/8" tall and 1" deep from top to leather runner) —- Right & left cartridge slots (38 & 44/45 on both sides) —- Single full pouch on shooters right (for single shell or earplugs) See the pics! $75 obo (Shipping via USPS priority insured + $15) ... Local pickup is fine.
  9. Subject RV up for sale. GM 8.1 v8 (50,256 mi). Onboard 5500 watt generator (768 hrs). Both fueled by regular gas from single 70 gallon tank. Allison 6 spd transmission & Banks exhaust system. Full bathroom & kitchen. Additional vanity area with 2nd sink. New carpet throughout, brand new tires, paint, and immaculate detailing. Ready for immediate use and super clean! (listings on Craigslist and facebook with more pics) $41,000 pm me with any questions.
  10. Sidewinder wins for $60. I will PM you with payment info.
  11. Two factory 33round mags from Glock in 9mm. Very few rounds through both of these mags and they are both are in excellent condition. Free USPS priority shipping $60 obo
  12. Howdy ... lost your contact info as my phone crashed.  Please email to kid.ziggy1@gmail.com.  Thanks!

  13. Recently made a purchase from Kid Ziggy, and was very satisfied, a gentleman, and can be trusted..Purgatory Pic

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