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  1. Just a tad Tombstone. I did get the cap guns out of the closet last weekend. They all went boom. Been so long I could feel the rust falling off me.
  2. Man! I wish. Just not in the cards this time. And MGM and HB you know how much we love this match. Plus I wont get to see Boaz either. Next year.....
  3. The Judge and Yazoo sent their apps in today. Finally get to dust off the shooting irons after six months. Hopefully I will remember which end the bullet comes out of.
  4. Somebody come get me for a couple of months. I can help around the range and reload. Can't shoot yet.
  5. Be Nice! TL kids with everybody and is one fine pard. Chill out a little.
  6. Only person on the planet who would work on them for me is The Goon at Goons Gunworks. He is a SASS member and Capt. Baylor uses him too. He is on Instagram and has a web site. Www.goonsgunworks.com He is GREAT.
  7. I've got a nice pair of Vaqueros I can let go.
  8. Arkansas Jim, I'll take both that we talked about earlier. Mepro 21 and TruDot RDS Judge Send me your info please.
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