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  1. I am not accepting offers for my Marlin 1894 FG. For those of you that don't speak Marlin, an 1894 FG be a .41 Mag. It is a sweet little light rifle that it takes a forensic team to tell whether the visible wound resulting from a firing is from the front or back end. A 260gr long nose flat point over about all the W296 you can get in a case satisfies most desires for recoil.
  2. could be loud as well as messy. 'course a bright spot for him is that the fingerprints on the right hand will be rather blurred for a while.
  3. One of our shooters has one and does well with it. . He has a set of suspender dedicated to holding the belt.
  4. The proceeds from my thinning will go for an upgrade somewhat as follows. I need a whitetail gun and tottering between 6.5 Creedmore, 7mm-08, a possible 250 Savage or a 250 Bob. Any thoughts?
  5. I have several topics written. I don't see how any writing that we could create in the remaining time we have can do anything but make our chapped spots ease a bit.
  6. I like the right eagle. "Here I am. I'm not looking for trouble but if you want some, here I am."
  7. A couple of years back someone taped a moose going into a department store. A woman followed the moose with not much more than 6 ' distancing .The dude with the camera was very close, close enough that you could hear with great detail the sounds of the moose crushing the woman's skull. After she fell the moose continued to methodically break as many bones as he could find. Convinced me that if I were to ever hunt one it would be with a great big gun.
  8. PWB has answered. N ext shooter.
  9. I would like to be in the quality control section of the Jameson distillery. I am experienced in the "tasting" category.
  10. I like to have a relaxed Posse with 15 shooters. It works best if 13 of the 15 are J-Bars. He seems to be everywhere doing everything necessary for good posse operation.
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