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  1. Watch your 6's cowboys. Seems like something is after us. Too many of us are sick or injured and when one makes some headway another goes down. I will miss the competition with Range Bum in the black powder catetgories. We butted heads many times with me winning some and him winning most. He will be missed.
  2. Noz

    Hangover ?

    Sugar is the culprit,
  3. I have always thought i was rich if I could spend $100 a month without having to cut back on a bill.
  4. I got to ring that bell last June. It is indeed a beautiful sound.
  5. Hey Pulp, Glad to see you come to the top again.
  6. Why on earth would you do something like that?
  7. I bought a myriad of charms for Miss Lorrie while in the land of good beer. She hasen't worn them in many years.
  8. HEAVY, but I love it. Well said!
  9. My hunting partner, a very special relationship, says "If you don't mess your pants and you don't shoot yourself in the foot, you've had a good day." I try to live by that.
  10. it takes an evil person to even suggest balutes! Some members of the root crop family are pretty hard to squeeze down.
  11. The line for "sign up" gets pretty long!
  12. We have been known to have a special category called "Busted up Cowboy".
  13. If you are not welcome than neither am I.
  14. Noz

    Spring Tensions?

    Let's just Get through the Winter before we get ta dealing with Spring Tensions >>>>>>>> Why? We ain't had a good cuss fight this winter.
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