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  1. "I got a brand new pair of roller skates. You got a brand new key"
  2. The 50s were my time as well. 1957 and my father bought the only new car he ever owned. A charcoal and pink 2 door 57 Chevy. I loved it and it could fly but that's another story. My car? Dark blue 4 door 1939 Chevy. My Mom helped me buy it, she paid half $45. Hair? Duck tail haircuts with a sex curl on the forehead. Butch wax to keep the doo in place. Having a class in a hot room and feeling the wax melt and run down your neck. Heavily starched white long sleeve dress shirts with the collar turned up in the back. "Steady" Girls using a whole roll of adhesive tape to make your class ring wearable. Those same girls with the stainless steel bras that could inflict abdominal injuries on you after a night of close dancing. Sheer embarrassment when your mother points out the lipstick on your collar. Collecting the silver spoons from a Dairy Queen promotion and being the first to fill the defroster vents with them.
  3. She is a beautiful woman and deserves all of the love and praise being offered in this thread.
  4. Noz

    For Steam Punk Fans

    It would be worth the trip to have the opportunity of "dancing with the green fairy"
  5. Those that don't believe in the power of prayer have never felt the impact of the Cowboy Prayer Posse! Spoken from personal experience. We are doing every thing we can, Bob. Hang in there.
  6. Thanks for the support!! It means a lot to know your friends are rooting for you. OLG: I shoot with THE OZARK POSSE, BEAR CREEK VOLUNTEERS, ARKANSAS LEAD SLINGERS and the SOUTHERN MISSOURI RANGERS and whatever else catches my fancy. I have been seen with The Dooley Gang, Powder Creek, Central Missouri Western Shooters, That strange bunch that hangs around with Copperhead Joe and the Black Gold Folks,
  7. Noz


    My international weather report says that Australia is getting enough rain to help with the fire situation. Is that so or is that a wishful forecast?
  8. Noz

    One word Alias

    My first assignment as a new artillery 2nd Lt in Germany was a Safety Officer. I was frightened(of a mistake) for about a week of hell. My callsign was "Nozzle Rag 15". way too many syllabels. Shortened to Noz.
  9. When I was in business I got word that the State Sales Tax people were going to audit my account. The man who called to tell me when the audit was scheduled, kinda giggled and snorted and told me he was in charge of the scheduling and he was doing me a favor. At the scheduled time here came the blue eyed blond curvy auditor, right out of a Hollywood love story. I was looking forward to a couple hours of pleasure just being around this angel. Didn't happen! Visualize a tavern spitoon that should have been emptied last week. Fortunately she was good at her job and I had everything laid out to make her job easy. She stayed about 45 minutes, gave me a good boy certificate and went on her way. I tried for an hour or so to get the smell out of my office to no avail. My wife came in and asked what was wrong so I told her the sad story. She looked at me strangely and said, "That's just cigarette smoker smell." "Do I smell like that?" I asked. "You do." She replied. "I need fresh air. I'm going for a drive" My truck smelled as bad or worse than she did. I pulled over to the side of the road, got out and puked all over the side of my truck. I had wanting to quit anyway. I have always felt that the sales tax people did me a favor.
  10. Wonderful stuff! You don't have to go to the bathroom. Make sure you have a clean shot at the stool, stand up by the bed and let her rip
  11. Who does he have watching his back?
  12. If it weren't for can openers and door knobs, cats would rule the world.
  13. I'm ashamed to admit I know you!
  14. I looked in admiration at the beautiful layout of the table and my first thought is "where's the cat?" Can you imagine what an 8 month old Siamese Tom cat would do with that? Ahhh, The horrors of war.
  15. Noz

    Black Gold 2020

    I have a standing order at Work N Ranch for a shirt that is so outrageous that they are ashamed to admit they would sell it and I would never tell where I got it. Hasn't happened yet.
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