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  1. I bought a Ruger Super Blackhawk with the Dragoon trigger guard and a factory 5" barrel. I bled every time I shot it with any ammunition. It was an unusual set up and was not too difficult to get rid of. One of the few guns I have owned and sold that I don't want back.
  2. I gots her older sister! Mines red but everything else said applies. Fun to drive but will get out from under you if you get to heavy on the gas.
  3. Better, Thanks for asking. Looks like they are going to let me do daylight driving in about 3 weeks.
  4. I found out that the coons that get tame enough to beg for food also like raw potatoes. Force the potato down over the barrel of a single shot 22 rifle and offer the potato to the friendly coon. They rarely ask for more than one. Strangely enough the potato acts as a silencer of sorts if you should happen to accidentally pull the trigger and the 22 report is not disturbing to anyone but the coon in question.
  5. We were running a firing exercise at Graf firing range in Southern Germany. The barracks next to us was empty when we went to sleep. During the night am element of the 7th moved in. There is nothing quite like awakening to Garry Owen played on bagpipes.
  6. Be careful exposing a kid to Koda Joe. It could scar the kid for life. One of my cowboy friends went into a local WalMart in full get up. Walmart on Saturday night in our part of the world is the young Mexicans meet and greet night. Both girls and boys are slicked and polished and on display. At the checkout, the clerk made quite a fuss over the "cowboy get up". She asked loudly, "What are you doing? Here for the round-up?" My friend replied. "You could say that. he replied. I'm with immigration". Can you believe a Walmart on Saturday night as quiet as a tomb because their customers left as a unit?
  7. My first SF novel, STAR BEAST
  8. My heart hurts today.
  9. I say again, this is a difficult day. To all those who were there and can read these threads or can hear them read, Welcome Home
  10. Its been several decades since I was involved but this year it hurts more than before.
  11. We had several kids in my small rural school who spent time in iron lungs. I was unsure as to what was going on but I was aware that my Mother was scared to death for quite some time until the vaccine( administered by a drop of vaccine on a sugar cube) became available to us.
  12. When briskets' price went through the roof I started buying 2" thick chuck roasts and I would smoke them for a while (doesn't seem to be any upper limit on time here) then wrap it in foil with-beer, orange juice, coke, doctor pepper, water, red wine- you choose and put it in the oven for an again unspecified length of time. Always good!
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