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  1. I have 3. Radiation targets for prostate cancer treatments.
  2. Looked to me like a little "foreplay". The darker brown bear, appears first as the bear on the left, acts a bit girly.
  3. Noz

    first firearm

    First gun was a .62 caliber flinter converted to cap and ball. Lock plate read 1836. A palm full of powder under a plastic envelope of BBs with a musket cap was pure rabbit poison. I was about 10 years old and I "liberated" the gun from my grandfather's closet. I was allowed to play with it because it really wasn't a gun. A lot of the loads I shot I think would have given an elephant pause. I killed a redtail hawk at about 50 yards with a handful of powder under a wad of toilet paper and a bunch of lead sprus from a pouring adventure and a good sized glass marble. DRT
  4. Don't do that! It makes me think and I don't like that.
  5. Let me tell you. EL PATRON ain't as fun as I expected
  6. Maybe a couple of weeks of blue flu in her neighborhood?
  7. Tell me again the down side of a dog's life?
  8. Don't you be calling my younger twin "old".
  9. I have the distinct picture of a radiologist telling all his friends "come on down to my area. We going to do an emergency MRI that's gonna be a blast."
  10. When I was a child, a young very well endowed neighbor went to his out house. He set down on the seat and his large social muscle swung forward to hit the front boards. A black widow was waiting. He was one very sick puppy!
  11. My Dr. told me that since I had misbehaved as a young man that all my babies would be born naked?
  12. He gave up his claim to Greek and Danish Royalty as well as his military ranks when he became a British citizen to marry Elizabeth.
  13. I need cannon cocker help. For the life of me I cannot remember the series of commands that tells a battery entering a new area to prepare for a fire mission.
  14. Our home sits on top of an Ozark hill looking down on US Bus. Hwy 60 where the mailbox is. I sit and look down at the highway and find my self thinking: "I didn't leave anything down there so I have no reason to go down there." Physical infirmities have limited my ability to roam around. I have shot one complete 6 stage match in the last 2 years. The China virus has prevented the surgery that would make day to day easier. One of these days?
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