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  1. Noz

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    you folks don't look so good.The meaning of my message is simple. It looks like some of our hot shots have been playing in cyber water a little too deep for their little duck legs, I'm afraid that we'll be setting in the barn at CAC and we'll hear a reference to SNIKE ring out across the crowd, Then two southern appearing gentlemen will appear quietly, lay lay the barrels of a couple of 73 colts against Colt Faro's Ear, and carefully against the back of Alamo's shoulder blade.We will never see them . Just to be on the safe side. I'm going to be wearing a large sign that says "I ain't gots no SNIKE IN MY CAR, I don't know if I mention the stranger saying all they have to do after they capture you and perform the required prob'ng, is to sit around and drink interstelar moonshine and eat excess captured cow.Might be worth it just for the discovery part of things.
  2. Noz

    Saved posts

    Do some of you have a "special" file in which you keep computer items that you don't want to lose for whatever the reason? Yeah you do and you should be ashamed of yourself. And no one will be the lesser for not knowing what aunt Sally, the crazy one, tried to do with the stud colt. A few months back I messed up my own memory so was feeling sorry for my computer. (I told you my memory got stirred, and I really have forgotten what happened at Black Gold that year)I decided that instead of buying a new computer and burning the old one that I was mature enough to handle the "archives" from the past few years. So I just dumped everything into a "New" used computer. With only a few gliches, it worked. I had pieces of Word - Ready, Set, Go! - Quick Books - In Style - and many more. A lot of these came from older companies that sent me files of print and had to send the original program because nothing else can read the original program. Included in this priceless garbage is a program written in the Dutch version of Word. Well actually it was written in a program devised for "Farsi" reading customers then for the Dutch version of Word, then British and then for the rest of the world. I often wondered if the indecyiferable letters I printed were some desert warlord's plans for taking over Gilligan's Island. All this has nothing to do with now except after the change over was completed, I had a ghost. Every now and again in odd places the phrase "I don't have a snike in my car" would show up. The only hope was a date code that at least would tell me when the code was added to my machine. "Bond " you know and all that crap. The date code was written as (DD,MM,YYYY). All I need to do is find the right type font and I got him. Many hours later the results popped up on my screen, "(DD,MM,YYYY)". Well, maybe I ain't ready for "Bond" yet. I haven't used that part of my computer for almost 6 years and I'm sure it has been written over by at least 10K Solitaire games but no not yet. I wrote a letter to my daughter about an impending visit. In the middle of the second paragraph it says "I don't have a snike in my car". out here folks might just ignore it but not her, no. NASA called and wants to use her as a communications gap filler for the latest mission. They think she is around SATURN now and clear as a bell.I hope I don't have to warn you again but they say they are closing in on two of the Deep Security folks that go by the names of somebody Williams and Shakey 22. If that means anything to anyone be warned and shut up. They act serious. I will be on the confuser from time to time. I will not mention the item after today and I assure I have never had the snike in my possession and will never mention the it again.
  3. Noz

    Black Gold 2020

    That's a great idea BUTT the Doctors have found out that I am made of money. Had an MRI yesterday as a probable prep for a knee replacement. I only gots one thing that could be working better. I don't reckon the VA is willing to try fixing that.
  4. One reason for not using a pipe cutter, if the barrel sides are not parallel, the cutter will migrate toward the smaller end leaving a nasty mess that will have to be done in some other fashion. Yes, I have a 20 ga barrel that looks like some one tried to thread about 3" of the barrel.
  5. The leopard hunters prefer #3 buck. #3 makes a nice sized hole and is small enough to make a lot of them.
  6. Ya no Bob? You a pretty decent looking fellar.
  7. If you come through the wire, You have made me fear for my life and as such have pushed the button that allows me to go defensive. At such time I will use everything I have to protect me and mine. I have seen the results of a lawyer released on an intentional property trespass. It wasn't pretty.
  8. We were taught that in such a situation as above to begin screaming "I am afraid for my life". Tell everyone within sight or hearing and then begin shoting. Take the closest one ffirst.
  9. I find it very difficult to look away when Ann Margaret is on stage.
  10. OK. Which one of the above are you going to tell that their uniform is incorrect?
  11. I was asked by the local T-Ball group to umpire. I agreed but told them I would take no abuse. Shortly into my career I was forced to remove an entire bench load of T-Ball Mommies. They suggested that I would no longer be needed for the position.They were surprised when I told them how pleased I was.
  12. How about a rough estimate on the recipe. My granddaughter raises border collies. You won't have to write it out more than once. Blue will turn the confuser on and Allie will do the typing.
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