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  1. The 41 Mag is a fine caliber. Bullets have better statistics than any of the more common calibers. It will do anything a 44 mag will do until you load the 44 with 310 gr bullets. I have and will keep an 1894FG Marlin. Loaded with all the W296 that the book will allow under a 260 Keith it will do great damage to the target and somwhat to your shoulder. Using the same formula from the book I have run a 175 gr. JHP at 1820 fps.
  2. Noz


    He is my friend. His level of compassion for f333ed up souls such as mine goes beyond all reason. I know that if at anytime I need help of any sort I can call or simply show up on his front porch to be treated like a prodigal son. He also frequently will have a bottle of "REDBREAST" that he will apply for immediate relief. Payback? Not even a question. I am so deeply indebted mentally and spiritually that I don't even consider it a subject for discussion. As for being mentioned by Blackwater and Chickasaw Bill. I consider them to be honored friends as well. With friends suc
  3. !/2 a block toward the rail road tracks from the High School in Aurora, Mo was a garage that had been made into a restaurant. For 25ยข you got a small ice cream cone filled with chili. As I recall the chili was terrible but it was cheap and close. If you didn't eat fast the grease would begin to set up in orange colored sheets.
  4. When we were tasked with first round unregistered accuracy we would constantly refer to weather radio for updates. Even the rotation of the earth for the time the 200 lb. round was in the air was significant. All of the calculations were done with pencil and paper instead of computers. I will admit we did use a slide rule for some of the more complex situations.
  5. Noz

    Cattle guard

    We used to have to move our beef herd from the east side of highway 60 to the west two times a year. One cow could not cross the white line down the center of the highway. Each time we moved cattle we had to load her in a trailer and take her across the highway. I have never seen a painted cattle guard but I have no doubt that it would work.
  6. I feel terrible in that I neglected to tell anyone Happy Bastille Day, yesterday.
  7. Just a taste of Red Breast, little ice, little water and one for my Evil Twin, J-Bar.
  8. A friend tried to sight in a new scope over the bed rails of his pickup. The first 3 rounds did not show on the tatget. Mystery solved when he noticed the 3 holes in the other side of the pickup bed.
  9. Lee was asked what club would he use if he had to play in a thunder storm. He said a 1 iron. When asked why he said, "Not even God can hit a 1 iron."
  10. That's called weather you can wear.
  11. Finally I have a use for the music lessons my father beat into my head.
  12. I can testify to the truth in that statement. If it don't fall off it shore quits working at least the way it was intended.
  13. Good thooughts and prayers are coming from your friends. Add my to the offering.
  14. I dunno what happened but I do know where I'm going to be for the dove opener.
  15. Noz


    I spent months getting my Novice. WB0ZDP. I could not afford a REAL unit so I spent months scavenging parts to construct very low power ?(QRP)? unit. It functioned perfectly for about 3 seconds, then a puff of magic smoke was released from one of the WWII parts. Again I dugg ing my heels and finished the QRP again. Large application of magic smoke. I started again and accidentally found a CB. Roger God Buddy. This the old Muskrat in the 2 door yellow banana. I'll be here in the rocking chair and let you haul me to Sptingtown. That rolling junkyard just said it was clean and g
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