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  1. Speaking of catagories: El Patron ain't near as much fun as I thought it would be. Everything is harder.
  2. I also have the pencil point but in my left hand. It was donated in the third grade by one Miss Barbara Heinen. I had displeased her in some fashion.
  3. My youngest daughter and two of her children have recovered from the virus but it was touch and go they were miserably ill.
  4. Sometimes I'm glad that I can hear very little and have to depend on closed captions.
  5. Nope. Thought everything was go for knee surgery in December but it got canceled by COVID. Not that I had it but a recent patient of the surgeon developed it just after a knee replacement surgery and died. Surgeon didn't want to try for two. Maybe someday.
  6. Whiteness?? Subject ?. Who cares? I open a post because it is from Utah Bob. Haven't been disappointed yet!!
  7. Sitting on the floor in front of the wood stove at age of 3 or so. Mom standing on my right and Dad reading a letter standing on my left. I didn't know what he said but it caused an immediate emotional reaction and changed our lives completely. It was his draft notice for the Army in WWII.
  8. I be wondering what's goin on? My ROAs hold a lot more powder than that. You know you gots enough when you cant push the ball far enough down that it sticks out the front and you cain't turn the cylinder.
  9. Local gunsmith tells of a customer who bought a .375 rifle sight unseen. He brought the gun to the gunsmith because he could not even open the bolt. It was glued with some alumininum looking adhesive. After hours of cleaning they discovered the mess was caused by the previous owner who had wrapped a .357 mag bullet with enough duct tape to hold it in place while it was fired.
  10. Ms Post without the heavy jackets was a delight to watch.
  11. I need help! El Patron ain't near as much fun as they told me it would be. I want to go back. Ain't nobody here 'cept a few grumpy ol farts.
  12. I am impressed. I went to google translate some terms. One such term was maraging (radical heat treatment) as referring to steel. The process can produce steel with 120,000 ft pounds of strength. Thats what they use for the barrel and receiver of the gun. The initial ignition impulse is provided by up to 2.6 pounds of 4831. projectile travels at 23,000+ ffps Not suitable for steel targets!
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