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Calgary Kate, SASS #33287

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    5 Dogs Creek; Chorro Valley Regulators; SASS Regulator; Dooley Gang member; Jedi Gunfighter #75; Hallen Free Grazers #138; L.O.O.G. #3; TDSC #3

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    Bakersfield, CA
  1. Howdy, Kate!

    Thanks, Pards! We will be leaving for OEF within the week(??). Nicholls Creek also works here at Ft Hood. He took me out for a fine Texas steak dinner as a going-away gift. You SASS Pards are great!

    Mustang Gregg

  2. We missed you at JWSO! Hopefully next year. Hugs!

  3. Had a great time shooting with you and Apple Pie last weekend. Thanks for putting up with me! You're lots of fun and I'll look forward to the next adventure! :-)

  4. Nice to see what you really look like. :-) Dance away.... CK

  5. Hi Kate,

    Just stopped by to get a better look at your photo. See you at the Convention!

  6. More than a friend. A pard. Thanks for all you do for others.

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