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  1. Thanks Kirk James! (That alias just seems bassackwards to me )
  2. I agree! Heck, she can co-host or host whenever she wants! She is great on camera has an excellent personality and she can draw younger folks to this sport!!
  3. Thanks Bill. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with her! She is a heck of a good shooter, a big fan of the show and I am certainly looking forward to having her on again!!
  4. Warden, I too, for the most part, shoot in the Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter category. But, I also like Frontiersman... so occasionally I get together with some like minded folks and shoot Cap and Ball Gunfighter! It adds a whole new challenge to gunfightin’: (And, before a bunch of folks pile on here to remind me that I can shoot the Cap and Ball Revolvers in the Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter; I know, save your typing fingers!)
  5. Thanks OLG. Pretty darn regularly too... Yep, he makes a bad habit of doin’ that! My pleasure Allie! I think I should be on the SASS Payroll... Head Cheerleader or something...
  6. I shoot with Blood Bill Anderson just about every weekend. This one, being his Birthday Weekend, was no exception. Thought y’all might wanna wish him a Happy Birthday AND, see the sweep his wife came up with to celebrate “the Old Guy’s” Birthday.
  7. Hmm... that gets my brian churning a bit... Thanks for the info... Sounds like you have a lot of opportunities to shoot Wild Bunch! And, yes, it seems wherever I travel to the group is fun!
  8. Thank you Dusty! I’ve heard/read that the 1911 will not function reliably after just a couple/few magazines of Black Powder. So, my 1911 and my 1897 get feed a strict diet of smokeless (and, I know the Winchester 1897 will function just fine with Black Powder, my sidekick, Kook, runs BP in hers all the time). Sounds like a great load-out.
  9. Thank you! Thank you too!! Thanks for the info. Glad you’re enjoying the videos! I’ve seen the use of Plasti-Dip on these case in a YouTube video. I might look into doing somethin’ like that. If I do, well, I’m sure I’ll film it for an episode of JED iTV Nothin’ wrong with being frugal. Listening to ‘em as I type this...
  10. “Wild Bunch Action Shooting 101” probably would have been a good title for this episode. Enjoy! And let me know what y’all think...
  11. I was very happy with the price and performance of the BP I got at Graf and Sons. I’ve also had good luck with the folks at Addicted to Black Powder (Crater Fireworks). I just go with the one that has the best deal when I need a couple of cases.
  12. I looked at those. I had a coupon/reward money on used on the Planos or I might have gone with the Harbor Freight ones. Very nice!
  13. Thanks for the info. And thanks for the compliment on JED iTV! I love it when the show intrigues folks (especially the younger generation) to come join the fun!! Dave, I really (really) like the way yours came out. Thanks for the info GJ. I’m definitely going to move to the one-piece foam (and probably wrap it like Dave did if (when?) I have any issues with the pluck to fit.
  14. Never gave much thought to the sight thing... (sometimes even when I’m shooting). They weigh in at 20 pounds empty.
  15. I had been looking for a hard shell case for traveling to larger matches where I typically take more than one set of guns. I found these Plano Cases and thought I’d share how easy they are to fit your firearms in a neat, secure, foam padded, hard sided case! The 52” I show here fits a 24” rifle, two 7 1/2” revolvers and a double with 23” barrel. If you’re interested you can get ‘em on Amazon; https://amzn.to/2GWo82T I also bought a 42” and it fits an entire set of my shorter barreled main match guns (20” rifle):
  16. Thanks Riverdog. Yep, Purg works with 'em! Hope to shoot with ya someday, I do like to laugh!!
  17. Aww, thanks Widder. Ain’t that the Pot callin’ the Kettle black? Wait a minute! That took a turn!!
  18. Is that what you call that? You need to take some lessons from my sidekicks, they know how to pester me. Ya got it right Tyrel.
  19. All three of these folks were friends before they got into the sport (in fact Sgt. Chance and Polly Wanda Krakker are husband and wife)... now they've greatly expanded their group of friends and family by joining the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting! Interesting side note; Sgt. Chance found out about the sport partly by watching episodes of JED iTV on YouTube. He then contacted me through Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/HostOfJEDiTV ) and discovered we lived in the same neck of the woods. I invited him out to the range and... well, the rest is, as they say, "history" (in the making)!
  20. I shoot with BBA just about every weekend. He’s quite a competitor!! Glad he added another buckle to his collection.
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