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  1. Glad ya like it Pete. And, I did take over two walls to house this collection... but those IKEA units just fit perfect in that space!
  2. I’m not super-fond of the Cattlemen’s style... although the Rancher I have from Art is very, very similar. Most traditional Cattlemen’s I’ve tried on I kinda go “meh”. I don’t have a Gus/Buckaroo in my collection... yet I just haven’t found the right one that speaks to me. I really like the Resistol that I have, it’s a very comfortable hat. I like ‘em when they get worn in and a little beat-up too. Thanks. Sounds like you have a nice assortment too.
  3. Well, then, you’re welcome! I guess I shoulda added a disclaimer, “I am not responsible for in lapses in your recovery” Glad you’re enjoyin’ em! And, yes, the hat is one of the first things I invested in... then there were boots... and guns... and back-up guns... and all those vests... and then side-match guns... and then that big motorhome...
  4. Ya might find some useful information here:
  5. Folks that have shot with me or, heck even those that are familiar with my work on YouTube know that I also enjoy the fashion I aspect of our sport. Not only have a amassed a collection of firearms during my time in SASS but my bevy of hats has grown considerably as well. Here is a look at that current collection along with a little detail about where they came from. Hope y’all enjoy it!
  6. Oh, there is another thing, I use the RCBS Universal Hand Primer it doesn’t need shell holders (and... yeah I bought two so that I don’t have to change out from small pistol to large pistol primers).
  7. I kept breaking the charging handle. That thing ya press with your thumb... yeah, I snapped a few of ‘em. Plus I find the RCBS much more comfortable for those long loading sessions. And, the RCBS is way easier to get the primers in. I don’t understand why the LEE has that round primer tray when primer boxes are square. Trying to turn the box of primers over into the LEE almost always ended with a few primers bouncing around in my lap/on the floor. Like I said in the video, I’m a big fan of their other equipment, but that LEE hand primer is not the one for me.
  8. Well, I appreciate your comment here! As for where the worlds heading... whew... I just don’t have that answer But it does seem to, at times, be in the wrong direction.
  9. It is truly the sign of a warped mind... And, while I do a bit of tidying up prior to filming it is, for the most part, kept that neat and clean. I just pick up after every job and put all my tools away. I kinda consider that “part of the job”.
  10. For those of you that might not have seen it here is Part 3 of my Black Powder loading series: Enjoy!
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