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  1. I shoot a Sharps with about a 22” barrel...
  2. I just realized I tagged “Appy Dan” in my original post instead of “Happy Appy”. It wasn’t until I read the quote you posted that I noticed it. I went back and edited my OP now.
  3. Howdy High Road! LOL... Uh-oh! We’ll look forward to it. EMF Great Western II Alchemista III, in .357 with 4.75” barrel = 2 lbs. 9 oz. I don’t have one with a round barrel to compare the difference. But, I did weigh my SASS Ruger, in the same caliber, and it weighs 2 lbs 11 oz. So... hmm... Thanks Patagonia. I don’t have an holsters designed for using a round barrel revolver. What can I say, I’m a little biased to the Octagon Barrel.
  4. Thank you. Thanks. I wouldn’t take it any other way Hendo. .357 (I always leave out some important detail in my episodes! You’re welcome. I do try to keep it all real (most of the time) and give folks an immersive experience. Funny thing is I’d been to that diner before but had never passed through when this club was shootin’. I’m not 100% sure... perhaps someone else is more familiar with the Alchemista line of revolvers than I am. This is the first pair I’ve owned and I bought ‘em because of th
  5. I thought I’d share my thoughts (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) on the EMF Great Western II Alcehmista III I recently purchased off the SASS Wire Classified. Special “Thank you” to @Happy Appy
  6. You’ve seen my place... I think I feel for that line a time or two! SO true!! Sound advice.
  7. THANKS! I appreciate y’all thinking of me. I have a pretty complete collection of Johnny West... those wagons though...
  8. I’ve made my own holsters... occasionally I still use ‘em... But, this Knife Sheath I had made for me by Slick Elic. It’s been a pretty popular design.
  9. He is one of the smiths I’m looking at... Both Kook and Miss Harley had to have their Rugers opened up a bit to allow for fouling One of the items I’ll be sure to have done.
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