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  1. I have folks using mine all the time. They always end up liking it so much they go buy their own (although they don’t seem to be in so much of a hurry if they know I’m going to be at the next match with them )
  2. I sure do appreciate that comment! I do strive to keep my reviews honest and real. I will even tell you if I use or plan to use a product that I have been sent to review. As a side note, I took this tool out to another match today and probably sold 2 or 3 to folks that were surprised at the number of shells they had in their boxes (both factory and reloads) that wouldn’t drop into the checker. A few twists in the sizer and they were good to go.
  3. Howdy bgavin, Ya know, I almost put “price” as one of the talking points in my “The Bad” segment... but I’ve found with any product I review could be considered “costly”. Cost is just so subjective... So, I try and avoid using that as a “negative” in a review. I understand your position but I also consider a lot of other factors (is it a small vendor with higher manufacturing costs, is it a “niche” product, do they support the CAS community with donations and giveaways, etc...).
  4. Glad you were able to track one down. You’ll definitely find it a useful tool for the guncart (or Cowboy Utility Belt )
  5. I agree. You’re welcome! Good point! Yep, and that’s one of the things I mentioned in my review. It’s kind of a bummer for folks that bought both. But, seems that’s the way most things work now; get a new phone and few months later the better model comes out... or the next generation short stroke for a rifle. Progress!
  6. Here is another innovative product from Big Iron Buster and the folks at SliXprings. Enjoy!
  7. Well, they'd make perfect little targets for this little revolver once they were emptied. ;-)
  8. I'd love a pair! If I every do get motivated to buy a set then you can bet I'll shoot 'em in a match AND post the results on JED iTV!
  9. I'll add on to what the others have said here; go to a local club, look at what folks are shooting, try a few if you are able. Then, buy what you like! Also, you might find some here that will help:
  10. Looking for a last minute Stocking Stuffer for that favorite Cowboy Action Shooter on your list? How about a youngin'? Well, check this out...
  11. Hmm... Normally it gives a video preview, like this:
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