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  1. Thank you Ed! She's a good kid and knows her way around firearms
  2. Yes indeed! I’ve found the same thing with SASS folks Griff. Friendly and welcoming even if they DO know of my reputation. And, great shootin’ by the way! I give ya a lot of respect for doing exactly what you said you’d do; shoot the brim of the hats on those cowboys. I’ve got a clip, on the Cutting Room Floor, of my tryin’ my best to put a smiley face on a cowboy target with my revolvers, gunfighter-style. I’ll find it and post it... one of these days. He was only a “stranger” in that we never meet I “knew” ‘em because of interactions on The Wire here.
  3. Before he showed up at the range in White City during a monthly CAS match of the Table Rock Rangers, I only knew @Griff from the SASS Wire. It was a pleasure getting to know him! And I figured I’d share the story with y’all here: Enjoy!
  4. I posted photos of all 10 of the stages into this album on Facebook: 2019 Shootout at Saddle Butte Each individual photo has a link in the description that will take you directly to a video of that stage being shot.
  5. Thanks Hendo. I’ve been thinking about doing an episode on spotting... well, amongst other ideas I’ve got coming. More ideas than time to do ‘em, ya know?
  6. I’ve done a bit of Cowboy Action Shooting with my pair of Hideout Model Schofields. You can see ‘em in action here: https://youtu.be/hex8FH1PBwU
  7. Lead Hammer, a local pard (Telemark Kid) is having the same issue! I’m going to send him this thread, maybe he can get his Browning working 100%. Thanks for the post!
  8. Ya know that’s a path to the Darkside, right? Especially when you’re livin’ in my home state...
  9. Glad ya enjoyed it Painted Mohawk. Thanks Yul. Hope all is well with you my friend.
  10. Smiling Wolf, You can see me shooting my TTN Hammered Double in several episodes on my YouTube channel, including this one: I use it most often in Plainsmen or Frontiersmen events (it used to be my “go to” main shotgun before I got an SKB. But, what’s a story for another time. )
  11. I outlined some of my goals here: Enjoy!
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