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  1. Glad I could help. I like Plainsman too! Looking forward to the Oregon State Championship coming up the first weekend in June. I’ll have the cameras rollin’ there!!
  2. Yep, I’ve heard that (actually I mentioned it in this video). I don’t have any scratches on my brass... But, I am not taking chances, I’m working on changing my muscle memory to cock the hammer before working the lever to eject the brass. It’s a very different... But, with time and effort I’ll get it down. Glad you’re enjoying the episodes!
  3. This episode covers all 3 Stages of the Plainsman Side Match from the CA State Championship last month. I also go over the gear I use for Plainsman. I’m wondering what y’all use. Particularly what Rifle you like and why.
  4. I think for the price point it’s a good shotgun. I wouldn’t “avoid it”... I just wouldn’t grab it out of my gun safe if my SKB was next to it Seriously, I shot that Stoeger quite a bit and found it to be find shotgun. No worries. I don’t think this thread has a direction. We’re all just hangin’ out chattin’.
  5. Occasionally I have good timing. And, then, sometimes, I’m just ironic. That is a fantastic picture of the two of you!!
  6. Some of you may be using this shotgun already, some of you may be considering it. Here are my thoughts on the Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme.
  7. Well, if you were closer I’d let you handle these. You’re right, “they ain’t cheap”... I’m planning on shootin’ through a whole match here soon... well, soonish... I’m gonna try ‘em with BP... really it’s on my list of things to do!
  8. Thanks El Hombre! Glad ya enjoyed it (and I hope ya caught Part 2).
  9. This is how we do it: And, as you’ll see, I use all 1851 Navy Revolvers (except for the shotgun ). I use the long barrels on the “rifle” targets and the short barrels for the pistol targets.
  10. Looks like ya got your answer right away. I’ll just add this for your enjoyment / encouragement. I do love shootin’ 1851’s (cap n ball or conversion). Enjoy!
  11. For those of you interested in taking a closer look at this unique revolvers: Enjoy!!
  12. I’ve heard of “Outlaws” but never played it. It does look fun! If I’d used the “dead eye” mode I might not have missed that one . And, yeah, cleanin’ guns is a must (virtually or not!). I get blamed for everything
  13. Thanks Bill. I still enjoy a little Mario... (Mario Kart, Mario Party) and Zelda too... I should have videoed my sidekick, Logan (14 years old) when he watched this episode. He was cracking up and saying things like “that’s not even the right button to shot!” and “I can tell the game isn’t even on because of the color of the controller”. It really was almost as funny watching him (okay, MAYBE funnier) than it was watching the episode. It does make me happy that folks got and enjoyed the joke. Now, that’d be a dream come true!!
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