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  1. It is leather, so yes, my guess is that with time it will stretch. But, that’s just a guess and perhaps Howlin’ Wolf will come on and educate us further. As for removal, gosh I wish I had remembered to cover this in my video, yes it comes off easily for disassembly, moving and storage. I will probably make a follow-up to show that process.
  2. Here is a product, the "Shotgun Heat Shield", from Howlin' Wolf's "Mernickle Holsters" that y'all might be interested in: https://youtu.be/g5-kg8Yk-tc I'm not sure why but when I try to embed the video, with the thumbnail view, on the SASS Wire I get this error message: "the link could not be embedded because an error occurred on youtu.be." Anyways, clicking the link still takes you to the video of my review of their new product...
  3. Hope ya had a good Halloween Smokey Dave.
  4. Thanks Griff! It was nice to meet you today. Thanks for coming and hanging out with us. I hope to see ya on down the trail...
  5. Here’s a little Trick or Treat special I put together! Enjoy!!
  6. Thanks you! I apologize for the wrong dates! I’ve added it to my calendar and I will edit my post so that nobody takes my information as the correct information. I should come with a disclaimer...
  7. I wish I had more video from matches like this: It was back in the day when I didn’t have all the high-quality filming equipment though... so, I just cherish these little gems I find! (Oh, and publish ‘em on JED iTV for the rest of the world to see!!)
  8. I’d have liked to give that a try!! Knuck! I musta been off loadin’ percussion revolvers for folks to shoot when you were up there shootin’. Glad I got to see it. It was fun!! Redmond, Oregon with the Old ‘97 Railroad Rangers. As for the dates, (thanks @JailhouseJim) May 26-31, 2020, If Tetherow Tex LaRue sees this there’s no tellin’ what he’ll add! That stage sounds like SO much fun! Reminds me of some of the old school stuff we used to do...
  9. I have folks using mine all the time. They always end up liking it so much they go buy their own (although they don’t seem to be in so much of a hurry if they know I’m going to be at the next match with them )
  10. As has been mentioned already, most often I see Frontiersman loading their cylinders at the Unloading Table and checking folks as they come off the firing line. As for me, when I shoot Plainsman, while... I cheat a little. I have enough cylinders to get me through a match so I just swap ‘em out lickity-split at the unloading table and go about my regular posse duties (heckling shooters and the like).
  11. I always thought that’d be a good idea for a top gun shoot off...
  12. If memory serves me correctly (and, it doesn’t always) it did when I saw it too. And, as I recall it was this year... I was also asked this question on YouTube and I should have mentioned that in the video! All the shooter had to provide, other than the side match fee, was their main match rifle and revolvers. The rest, guns and ammo, were provided by the club, in this case The Old 97 Railroad Rangers.
  13. My reaction stays the same as when I say this on Instagram. <with mouth agape> Wow! WOW!!
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