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  1. Glad you got my back Knuck! Yeah this is true… and it’s just another machine I’d have to set up to load yet another caliber. I’m probably better of sticking with 12 gauge.
  2. That is a really nice looking loadout! I’ve always fancied one of those .22 Yellowboys. Hopefully you’ll come across a rimfire match before too long.
  3. Howdy Johnny! Consider this episode a “little piece of home”. Oh, yes, @Purgatory Smith puts on a Miami Vice match every year down in Ashland, Oregon. It’s a hoot! I was mostly just lookin’ for an excuse to buy another shotgun I was thinkin’ about something like the Winchester 9410 (Henry makes a lever-action now too!). But, now I’ve got my eyes on an old Browning Auto-5 (hopefully I can still get a magazine extension and get it up to 6 rounds in the tube…).
  4. I am too, especially after I said, “it’s impossible to get Black Powder .22”. It’d take me a month just to make enough ammo for a match! That sounds like a great deal. Yep, there are a couple around here that started allowing .22 during the “great primer shortage” (has that really ended?). They call it the “Varminter” category and I might just try it at a monthly match too! It’s just SO much fun!
  5. Y’all might enjoy this… It’s a fun look at some really cool firearms. Filmed at one of the funnest matches I’ve been to. Take a look at the Ranger Round-Up match put on by @LAWBREAKER and his Cascade Ghostriders in Ravensdale, WA where I did some “Cowboy Action Plinking”
  6. For Sale Tower Loading Stand for Ruger Old Army Pattern Revolvers It’s in like new condition. I got it when I purchased a set of revolvers but I already have one and even a gunfighter doesn’t need two of these. From Bang and Clangs website: This loading stand has a tower structure that securely supports the loading process. The stand holds a brass rod that forces the ball into the cylinder. This brass rod is caliber specific. A cylinder holder, that is custom hit for the cylinder that you are loading, securely holds the cylinder during the loading process. This product is made from an engineered material that will survive being left out in the rain. All metal parts (nuts and bolts) are available at the local hardware store. One loading stand can be used to load different calibers. Replace the rod and cylinder holder (both are available separately) and you are all set for that other revolver. It includes the following: The Tower Loader Stand. Rod Cut for 45 caliber. Cylinder holder for Ruger Old Army pattern cylinders. Marked with #2 You may purchase other Rods and Cylinder holders to change to another model revolver. $110 shipped.
  7. @Deacon Doug runnin’ his 1887 Lever Action Shotgun: And, an older video of me runnin’ mine:
  8. Those look great Yul. I just picked up a nice set of ROA myself! Must be somethin’ in the air.
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