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  1. I did a little follow up with the 32’s on THIS episode of JED ITV:
  2. Yeah, I heard that they blanket-outlawed all .32’s up there. Ridiculous.
  3. Well, thank you kindly Widder! Hope you’re healing up well my friend. Thanks Deacon. They are a fun little revolver. That’s great! Like I said, I believe that it allows folks that might not shoot other guns/calibers to get involved in our sport!
  4. I spent some time On The Range with Miss Harley’s little Bird’s Head Grip .32 H&R Ruger Single Six revolvers. Enjoy!
  5. Now you’ve got TWO you can send out. Hope it motivates folks to come out and join us!
  6. The Wolverton Mountain Peacekeepers incorporated the 1993 “Tombstone” film into the stories of all of their stages. Made for a real entertaining time! Of course the course of fire was well thought out too! I had a blast and hope y’all enjoy a look at this club from Ariel, Washington.
  7. +1 to this! Oregon is sandwiched between two far more restrictive states.
  8. I’m planning on being there. Just haven’t sent in my app... seems like I’m always “last minute” with those...
  9. That was a heck of a fun match! I just finished editing my video from the weekend, it’ll be live at 6AM tomorrow morning!
  10. I’ll see ya there Black RZR! I won’t be shootin’ these. I’ll be shootin’ percussion revolvers at that match (Tex, Croc, myself and whoever else is crazy enough to join us in the Frontiersman GUNFIGHTER category!!).
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