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  1. Jedi Gunfighter #143

  2. Does anyone know for a fact what the maximum number of members there were at any given time
  3. My wife got mad at me last night and threatened to cut me off I replied...How can you, you don't know where I'm getting it .......and then the fight started
  4. Halfbreed does great work! He has made me several things over the years. ......and a helluva good person
  5. How about adding A to D scoring zones on all steel targets that require repainting between shooters while we're at it
  6. ......or could a GF shoot the stage double duelist, ground the first pistol shoot the other firearms and then shoot their 2nd pistol and then holster their 1st grounded pistol at the end of the stage? I think the answer to the question is, are there any rounds left in the pistol before moving on to the next type of firearm
  7. If my wife wanted to shoot a double she's would be deserving of an SKB
  8. To be a member you have to pay dues That's a fact! You are an ex-member
  9. Sam Thank Goodness I don't have to worry about such things
  10. Not a chance! I lost my pet peeve some time ago and been looking for a new one
  11. I'll take it........let me know where to send the gold dust
  12. So.......you want laser cut precision irregularities 😀
  13. Hmmmmmmmm, let me think....................who could that be!
  14. But......how do I stop the voices in my head!
  15. My I suggest 10 state stages on Friday. 5 state stages on Saturday, 5 Ides stages on Saturday 10 Ides stages on Sunday Followed by a two day drunk for Greta 😵
  16. Wow, a topic with Five Black Stars. I thought I was in trouble...........AGAIN!!!!! I don't even want to tell you when to do your job I'm glad to see you're feeling BLUE
  17. WTC If Palewolf goes home for Christmas is everybody happy........................YES!!!!
  18. I would try calling Henry..............you never know till you ask
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