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  1. Back to the original OP who is “They”
  2. The Hole in the Wall didn’t have an address
  3. You never know what your reaction is going to be when you don’t know how badly your injured. Turned out to be some facial abrasions and a piece of brass pierced the cartilage of his ear and hat
  4. My understanding is that you want to file on the bottom of the lifter arm not the lever
  5. A round that for whatever reason did not smoothly chamber
  6. I’ve considered a change to Hanging Chad from Florida
  7. Wyatt

    Move or not to move

    Dang, using that logic no one should ever have to move anyone’s firearms............I like it !!!!
  8. Wyatt

    Move or not to move

    Better to ask for permission than a chewing. We’re not in that big of a hurry
  9. Wyatt

    Move or not to move

    What if you move someone’s firearms.......and they give you an ass chewing
  10. Wyatt

    Move or not to move

    Is that the clubs position or yours?
  11. Please tell us where this was stated so it can be researched
  12. Who are those? Just one name
  13. Wyatt

    Move or not to move

    What if.......while moving somebody’s firearms you inadvertently move a hammer to the safety notch and nobody noticed till the shooter left the loading table
  14. Do you think it’s OK to move someone else’s firearms on the loading table?
  15. Not before my time little guy. Please show us the rule that says you can’t leave your loaded firearms on the loading table and go to your cart or tell us what mystery power told you this rule so we can assess the appropriate penalty
  16. You don’t touch my wife or my loaded firearms without permission
  17. Wyatt


    I was wrong......again
  18. Wyatt


    Personally, I’ve only watched it twice.....................This WEEK!!!
  19. Wyatt


    How many times have you watched Tombstone?
  20. Each hit on the right target would be a hit
  21. 20 misses and no P. Each hit on the wrong target is a miss
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