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  1. Shared some single malt with him and Molasses several years ago around a campfire in Illinois. CR
  2. What is the "member reputation" number? CR It appears to be the number of likes a person has received for posts. This is very likely as it appeared after the "Like" function became operable and someone reported that it increased by one after a "like."
  3. Charlie, so sorry to hear of your misfortune. Prayers for a speedy recovery. CR
  4. Kinda gives a whole new definition to putting it on ice for a while Skipper - keep the boy moving, hate to see a good man down. See y'all in May! CR
  5. You know we're saying a prayer for your speedy return! CR & DD
  6. One more vote for use 'em one and done. I really like Gun Clubs because they shuck well and are easy to come by. CR
  7. Are we going to see your better half on the range soon? Hope so! CR
  8. Manatee created the Grabber. Best on the market. Still makes some now and then. CR
  9. I wear my US Open FCGF buckle 'cause I like how it looks. The rest are on a length of leather hanging from a nail on the wall of my gun room. You can lap them and get quite a few on a 4' piece, just punch a hole every few inches. Better than collecting dust in a box. CR
  10. I started as a Duelist and shot crossdraw for years until I became a Gunfighter. 50# and some years later, I put on my crossdraw rig to shoot a Plainsman match - couldn't find my holster anymore due to the increase in my stability base CR
  11. Now there's a thought Truthfully, I just retired and am more interested in playing around with this sort of thing. Many years ago, when I was shooting bullseye a LOT, I cast with 2 10# pots, 2 - 4 cavity molds and sized with a Star. Regret selling the stuff. Could easily cast 1,000 in an evening. Pretty sure I do not want to go that route again, but Lord only knows where my mind and ambition will take me. My buddy is a commercial caster, and his 45s drop at .452" - pretty consistent. CR
  12. Received, appreciated, and answered. Thanks to all who have replied. I forgot about just dipping the nose of the bullet into the lube before loading the round into the chamber. Consistency of the lube would still need to be the same. I do have Bore butter, but want to expand my options. What a great resource you guys are! Happy New Year CR
  13. It'll be Comin' Back Atcha before I get down in ammo enough to try this, so I'll take this into consideration. CR
  14. Therein lies the rub. I use Bore Butter over my cap & ball loads, but a spatula type process at the loading table seems easier when using cartridges. The Bore Butter is testament to your observation. I really need to keep it covered in a rag when it's hot, and hold the turkey baster applicator in my hand to warm up when it's cold. Experimentation will be the key. CR
  15. Yep - Gotta put the KDs down and be confident in your load. What works for others, works for others. CR
  16. Forgot to mention that Ohio State is chiseled in for this year. Looking forward to seeing you and Skipper again! CR
  17. Palewolf, Good to see you back and in good spirits. Continued good health and long life. CR
  18. Dawg, Thanks for the recipe - looks like a good place to start. Deuce - you got it. I wanna be like Boaz All- The cost of Big Lubes has me searching for options. I can get as cast bullets for less than half the cost, so adding a lube over the chambered round seems to make sense. While not a prolific shooter, I go through about 6,000 pistol rounds a year. At $.13/ bullet vs $.06 ea, I could buy a new gun every now and then Great idea using small quantities to determine the mix. Thanks for the input. I will be retired as of the end of the day today, so things like this will fill my time for a few weeks until we head south for the Arizona curcuit. CR
  19. Blasphemy! Actually, I have a very reliable and cheap source of the real deal, so it is my only consideration at half the cost of the subs. This makes it easy to have all the good and evil of smoke and flame. CR
  20. If anybody happens to be reading this thread who might actually WANT one of these - you'll not find a finer pard than P Dawg to deal with. Now, on with the hypnosis to remove the image in my brain planted there by the evil CC CR
  21. I scrounged around and found some of each, and I want to shoot unlubed bullets in my pistols. I've seen some pretty good shooters apply lube over the bullet from the front of the chamber, so I'm looking for a formula using what I have. Please don't try to talk me out of it - just looking for something stiff enough and yet not too hard that I can apply with a Popsicle stick or the like. Thanks - I know there must be at lease 1,000 recipes, but I am hoping for simple. Got cross eyed reading the Cast Boolits forum. CR
  22. Its a good feeling to have enough on the shelf to know you can pack up and go shoot without thinking about ammo. When all the ammo for my wife and myself is loaded it comes to close to 20,000 rounds. Hard to believe that later in the year I sometimes need to start loading again! Enjoy the time you are able to get out - Merry Christmas to you as well. CR
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