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  1. Do these hammers actually cock the gun or are they simulated hammers?
  2. They are the same measurement, one is stated as a fraction, the other is stated as a decimal....just sayin
  3. Count me in....it was a great time shooting with those Illinois folks.....well, most of them anyway...couple of em on my posse got soot on my new hat.....ha ha
  4. If they do become available, I'll buy one .........just because.
  5. I proved this Saturday at Paradise Pass......my personal timing was off.
  6. Now Cowboy Rick...that just ain't right....Here I thought all this time that you was just a tough ole cowboy and nothing bothers ya...Ha, now I know
  7. I like it.....just another way to have fun...I like fun...yep
  8. Sonoma....you still looking or did ya find one?
  9. Hey Pard,

    Just to keep ya out of trouble. Even if you ship to Indiana resident you still have to ship to an FFL.

    You can sell direct however. You may have mistyped something but I figured I would make sure.

    See ya this Saturday at Cutters I hope.

    Blood Washed

  10. Hey Karl,

    Does yer wife have an email address? My wife would like to communicate with her. My wife Judy's email is lrallensr@embarqmail.com. Thanks and stay safe,

    Blood Washed

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