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  1. Noz

    Land Run

    Now look, y'all be careful on I40 and I 44 this afternoon. Noz will be heading west and needs all the room he can find.
  2. Noz

    Cell Phone

    Had to Billy, peer pressure was just becoming to tough to handle. Why our scores now come out on Facebook, whatever that is.
  3. Noz

    Cell Phone

    I have forced myself to purchase a smart phone much against my will except my old flip phone is in-compatiable with all of the new stuff. Now, is there an app with the rule books?
  4. I'll take the Birddog and the DC-3 and never have to worry about wearing either out. I would pay a little extra if the DC-3 had a minigun installed in the door.
  5. It really doesn't make any difference, just being at LandRun is fun.
  6. I had a visit with my Dr. recently and she asked about my lifestyle, specifically how's my sex life, my smoking and my drinking. I told her that with 80 years on my back, 60 some of those years as a heavy smoker, radiation for prostate cancer and subsequent hormonal treatment, sex is a fond memory. Smoking was conquered around 20 years ago. She asked how much I drank and what variety. I told her I have found a love for Irish whiskey. She said, "Well, we'll have to fix that". I informed her that they had successfully "fixed" me and if she was going to suggest taking my Irish away from me that I had a good solution, I would change Doctors. I said, "Your choice". She said "I'll see you in 6 months".
  7. Noz

    Squeaky butt.....

    Preparation H. I could not resist my baser instincts.
  8. If I handed that recipe to Miss Lorrie and told her that's what I want for supper, the resulting explosion would sear the feathers off of all song birds within 1/2 mile.
  9. Somebody used to shoot a 3"Shopkeeper on one side and a Buntline on the other. CRS, no name comes to me.
  10. What did you do with the Canberra? Don't talk bad about the FACs. I got to fly target marking missions with our FAC in a O1-A. We didn't shoot marking rockets, we opened the window and dropped out smoke grenades. It was amazing how much the little brown brothers objected to this practice.
  11. Mobile 1 grease for stuff I don't see very often and Ballistol for everything else.
  12. I'll have one of each, thank you.
  13. Extractor is the only part I have ever replaced on a 73
  14. J-Bar is contagious. I'm looking for a Combat Magnum so I can go play at an indoor range with him.
  15. Derived from an Army call sign. I used to be NozzleRag.
  16. HS and college ring that my wife sold to help pay for a grand kids graduation present. Have the wedding ring but have not worn it since I saw the ring finger of an ammo handler hanging on a bolt head in the side rack on a 10 ton ammo truck.
  17. The thing you should look forward to is the day you suddenly realize that this woman is no longer just your daughter, she is now also your friend.
  18. Salute! I do have date of rank on him. 54 years worth.
  19. Did ya notice that all four snakes have the same little green leaf stuck to their side?
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