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  1. One of our shooters, Chaos Jumbles, shoots a Walker on one side and a Dragoon on the other. To keep people off of his case about shooting the modern Dragoon, he shoots an 1860 Uberti for his rifle and a hammered double 10 for his shotgun. There is never any question who it is when Chaos starts a stage.
  2. 3D fletching is cool but turkeys do it better,
  3. Been there done that. I don't know how big mine was, let's just say"Big enough".
  4. They will wait til your back is turned then lovable little cuddles will try to rip a kidney out. Never can trust them.
  5. Since my latest problem seems to be remaining upright, would a bell hanging from my crotch take care of my problem?
  6. I had occasion to visit Dachau in the fall of 1962. 17 years after WWII ended. After 17 years of weather cleansing the feel of the place was still almost overwhelming. For some reason the single item that has bothered me most is that the attention to detail in the showers (read gas chambers) was alabaster "Bars of soap". Just one more commonplace thing to help keep the prisoners calm until the gas had done its work.
  7. My babies are 66 and 64 but a whispered Daddy still melts my soul.
  8. How can the picture of the elephant be called an oops? It looks to me like he hit exactly what he was aiming at.
  9. Chicasaw. Looks like you and me are gonna have to find a holler tree to lean on and have our own Big Party. I just found out I can't even go to Border Wars cause the Dr. won't release me till the day after, like the 7th.
  10. I think he was talking about the Turkish Shotguns.
  11. oThat seems sooooo difficult for the city folks to understand
  12. I bought a Ruger Super Blackhawk with the Dragoon trigger guard and a factory 5" barrel. I bled every time I shot it with any ammunition. It was an unusual set up and was not too difficult to get rid of. One of the few guns I have owned and sold that I don't want back.
  13. I gots her older sister! Mines red but everything else said applies. Fun to drive but will get out from under you if you get to heavy on the gas.
  14. Better, Thanks for asking. Looks like they are going to let me do daylight driving in about 3 weeks.
  15. I found out that the coons that get tame enough to beg for food also like raw potatoes. Force the potato down over the barrel of a single shot 22 rifle and offer the potato to the friendly coon. They rarely ask for more than one. Strangely enough the potato acts as a silencer of sorts if you should happen to accidentally pull the trigger and the 22 report is not disturbing to anyone but the coon in question.
  16. They got the snot kicked out of them by a tornado last. Lots of people hurting and hunting for shelter.
  17. Here in Southwest Missouri if you get on my lawn the dust will choke you to death. Just spent 3 grand on a new mower and the grass died.
  18. Make it 357 and thats my gun. Very satisfied with my "Codymatic".
  19. Me and J-Bar also known as the Evil Twins
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