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  1. !/2 a block toward the rail road tracks from the High School in Aurora, Mo was a garage that had been made into a restaurant. For 25ยข you got a small ice cream cone filled with chili. As I recall the chili was terrible but it was cheap and close. If you didn't eat fast the grease would begin to set up in orange colored sheets.
  2. When we were tasked with first round unregistered accuracy we would constantly refer to weather radio for updates. Even the rotation of the earth for the time the 200 lb. round was in the air was significant. All of the calculations were done with pencil and paper instead of computers. I will admit we did use a slide rule for some of the more complex situations.
  3. Noz

    Cattle guard

    We used to have to move our beef herd from the east side of highway 60 to the west two times a year. One cow could not cross the white line down the center of the highway. Each time we moved cattle we had to load her in a trailer and take her across the highway. I have never seen a painted cattle guard but I have no doubt that it would work.
  4. I feel terrible in that I neglected to tell anyone Happy Bastille Day, yesterday.
  5. Just a taste of Red Breast, little ice, little water and one for my Evil Twin, J-Bar.
  6. A friend tried to sight in a new scope over the bed rails of his pickup. The first 3 rounds did not show on the tatget. Mystery solved when he noticed the 3 holes in the other side of the pickup bed.
  7. Lee was asked what club would he use if he had to play in a thunder storm. He said a 1 iron. When asked why he said, "Not even God can hit a 1 iron."
  8. That's called weather you can wear.
  9. Finally I have a use for the music lessons my father beat into my head.
  10. I can testify to the truth in that statement. If it don't fall off it shore quits working at least the way it was intended.
  11. Good thooughts and prayers are coming from your friends. Add my to the offering.
  12. I dunno what happened but I do know where I'm going to be for the dove opener.
  13. Noz


    I spent months getting my Novice. WB0ZDP. I could not afford a REAL unit so I spent months scavenging parts to construct very low power ?(QRP)? unit. It functioned perfectly for about 3 seconds, then a puff of magic smoke was released from one of the WWII parts. Again I dugg ing my heels and finished the QRP again. Large application of magic smoke. I started again and accidentally found a CB. Roger God Buddy. This the old Muskrat in the 2 door yellow banana. I'll be here in the rocking chair and let you haul me to Sptingtown. That rolling junkyard just said it was clean and g
  14. We figure if'n we keep shooten wid you We'll goit you to finish this stage then you can go for year 1// 2
  15. PT is tops on the list. I start Fri 14th. So far everything is smooth. They had me up and walking 6 hours after surgery. I hope that a couple of months will have me back to my main job of providing a little extra stir to the Saloon and the Wire. I deeply appreciate all fo the good thoughts and prayers. I feel them. Special thanks to J-Bar. He at least tries it keep me straight.
  16. You'all could write a little louder for us old folks.
  17. No worries mate. I have a brand new 8" bar carry saw .
  18. I generally agree with Brother Bob but I received a call from a Mississippi girl that would like to be a Valley girl. The worst of both worlds.
  19. Warning: Never ever try to remove the trigger group on a Handi Rifle. First of all the flying parts can be dangerous. If you must try, do it inside a cardboard box.
  20. When traveling off the road on the farm: If the gates open, leave it open- If the gates closed then close it. Work with your head and not your back.
  21. Couple of med appointments in prep for knee replacement next Monday. If I get down too far I think about eating last night. Local VFW had a benefit dinner. Shrimp fried, crawfish boiled, potatoes and sausage boiled, oysters on the half shell and wound up with oyster shooters. I had never had oysters on the half shell or shooters so I had to concentrate there and then fill leftover room with a couple of pounds of mud bugs. The shooters would get you in trouble!!! We also had access to seven smoked alligators. Just think about supper last night and everything else se
  22. CB, you get smarter every day! Make mine Irish.
  23. We raised ostrich for a while and I had a seemingly intelligent man ask me "Do the baby ostrich eat for them selves after hatching or do they have to nurse for a while?"
  24. Noz


    Several of the us troops just handed their rifles to a prisoner and told them to have fun.
  25. A few years back, 1945, an unorganized group of Americans converged on a little town outside of Munich called Dachau and relieved the local SS of the custody of 30,000 prisoners. Strangely, several of the SS did not survive the release.
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