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  1. Go to a shoot and have someone younger than you offer to push your cart!!
  2. Donovan's Reef-any time any place. I'm on if it is.
  3. Let's me know how lucky I am.3 kids, 5 grand kids, 4 great grandkids and only one slip up.
  5. Don't you know that anything growing or maybe just sitting out side of the City Limits belongs to anyone that would like to have .?? Farmers are so rich that they are happy to allow you to have any of that stuff if it pleases you.The farmer loves to "share" with everyone. A fellow came onto my place when no one was home. and "shared" 2 chainsaws, tool box, gas cans, aluminum ladder and a log chain. I was thrilled to make someone happy. Sarcasm mode off. ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY
  6. I drove 35 miles over rough Missouri backroads with a full insulated cup of coffee on the back bumper of my pickup. Walked around the truck, said "There it is". Strangely it was not too cool to drink. I went to North Mo for a deer bowhunt. Second day took a small buck. LOaded him in this same pickup and drove 15 miles back to camp. and as I applied the brakes in camp my $900 Bear Custom Kodiak bow slid slowly down my windshield.
  7. Have you seen the English contests to see whose squirrel is the smartest. I was told by an Englishman that they would happily take back all of the starlings if we would come get the grey squirrels.
  8. My Father liberated a couple of Katanas in 1945. A thought for a ladies belt knife is to shop the flea markets for a ladies "dinner knife". They were small(5"0 or less) double edged sheath knife. Supposedly carried when ladies were going out to dinner at a place that might have menu items that needed to be cut and she did not wish to use the large cutlery provided. Some are rather elaborate and since the blade is necessarily small can be found damaged and as such are rather inexpensive. Sine the knife is primarily for display a broken blade is not a bad thing. In fact I know of several cowboys have broken the blades off on knives with attractive handles. Cuts the weight in half.
  9. Most of my forebearers were from Ireland. Some just were passing through and some were ancestral residents. A lot were from southern Ireland where the local criminals settled. I recently have purchased an Irish patterned kilt. A nice thing about the kilt is that if you don't like it you can kiss my xxx, and a kilt makes it easier for you to get to. Hell, I'm 83 years old and I can prove it by my stage times.
  10. 67-68 I was short- 13 days left in country when our little brown brothers decided to throw a TET party.
  11. I saw a Ruger 357 in just such a condition. He said he was experimenting with Bullseye.
  12. I'm old, slow and crippled up in one way or another but I would love that shoot. If'n I was trying to beat someone I shouldn't have started this foolishness I'm reminded of a small man that my father went through basic training with. Shooting the M1, Dad said he would shoot a clip full, laugh and crawl back up to the firing line.
  13. You gots to work with what you got!
  14. "Pissed as a cricket"? I'm gonna have to do that!
  15. I am a big boy and I find that as I have aged, with mature expansion, keeping a gun belt at the proper elevation has become problematic. I was finishing dressing with my gunbelt when I accidentally solved the problem. My decorative knife slipped into my hip pocket preventing any loss of gun belt altitude.
  16. Noz

    Help me out

    Still have some dizzy spells from the fall. My knee is beautiful on the outside and still a little instabile on the inside. Both situations are far better than a year ago. My girls are showing their holiday gift training. 3 bottles of good scotch. 4 bottles of excellent Irish, a bottle of Crown Royal and a bottle of rum. WE could have a good meeting.
  17. Noz

    Help me out

    Here I feed you guys lines to crack wise for a week. What do I get? Well thought out facts and opinions that actually answered my most of my questions and gave enough thinking excercise to give me beginnings of intelligent conversations. I have been told that the only way to improve yourself is to associate with persons who are smarter than you are. Thank you for the opportunity for me to get a little smarter. On a semi-related subject: Abeline Slim, I am in desperate need of one of our "prayer meetings" I am the proud owner of Fingers' 38 special white gripped open-tops.
  18. I too served on many boards and as prosecutor and defense. However those memories are frequently bitter.
  19. My understanding of international politics is severely limited. My War experience is also limited. That said. I was in Germany when Kennedy was shot and I was sitting on a hot firing point for about 3 days before the bigger heads figured things out and war was averted. I lined up for double arm injections in preparation for South American ventures with Castro. I got to endure the 'TET offensive in Vietnam which from our point of view was much ado about nothing. Each of the experiences I have endured could have developed into into situations that could have ended my life and/or my wife and children's and quite a few other humans. I still remember quite well the cold metallic taste in my mouth and the lump of lead in my stomach. I really did not want to kill a bunch of folks that didn't think like me or anticipating those folks trying to do the same to me. So, Having those experiences and seeing what we did to Vietnam and being aware of what we did to Germany, my question is. What in the hell are these fools thinking that they would wish to inflict that on the world today. I saw nothing produced by war that was anything other than bad.
  20. I have problems with "strange sounds in the night". I'm afraid I might do something inappropriate living inside a house made of wind driven whistling and moaning beer bottles.
  21. Tito's showed up a year or so ago. I immediately bought some for 2 reasons. Made in Texas and they had the nerve to advertise it as carbohydrate free.
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