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  1. The Lansky system has two different grinding devices. One is regular grinding stones and the second and more expensive are diamond. I have always pulled my knives over a stone.
  2. The bullet mold that was shipped with 45 cal revolvers threw a .440 cal ball. There. A factual answer that has nothing to do with the long gun question. I shall now go away with a warm fuzzy feeling because I have added to the information and helped a fellow black powder fan.
  3. She is worth meeting. Very special lady.
  4. The only "ethnic group" that was ever refused entry into the US. The ship that was refused didn't want to haul the Irish around, so they found some shallow water and kicked them off the ship. Family oral history. No date no time and no validation.
  5. Blackwater, Tell us how you really feel.
  6. I raided my grandfathers junk closet and got out with my grandmother's gun marked .410-44 brass and an unknown owner Springfield(lock plate says 1836).I learned to shoot somewhat with the muzzle loaded Springfield. Kentucky windage became a reality because the barrel had been used for a prybar and it had a rather distinct bend. My favorite load for it was a package of brass coated BBs over a palm full of powder. I loaded the BBs still in their plastic envelope therefore needed no wadding. If I could get a rabbit squirrel or black bird in the middle of the pattern I vaporized them My m
  7. 43 of my renters cows calves and a big bull were standing on the ice of my pond. Pond is 10 feet deep in the middle. They have to drink there, only water on the place.
  8. let me know the secret if you get it figured out. I bought a .38 SDB two years ago and have not gotten a good box (50) of ammo out of it yet.
  9. We always had a pair of F-4s orbiting over III Corps available for anything moving in the Iron Triangle. Shoot------Got 'em.
  10. When looking for free advice from an old fishing guide and asked where were the fish? His answer "in the lake". How are they catching them? "With a little wire hook right in the corner of the mouth"
  11. Jim Taylor (Known locally as the "pistol packing preacher) carried one of these under his suit coat while preaching.
  12. That was the last complete NASCAR race I have watched. I always felt that Dale was thumbing his nose at all of the other drivers and NASCAR itself, saying "Here I am, the man in black, come and get me if you can"
  13. that's how I figured it with an eastern count of 11.
  14. Hey BMC. Don't you think that these children with their puppy love affairs are cute? Me an Miss Lorri met in 1958. Took me 3 years to convince her I was serious. The only V Day I was not with her to see her enjoy her flowers was in 1967 and Uncle Sam felt my services in VietNam were more important. I didn't forget though. I sent some money to a relative and she bought the 1967 flowers.
  15. Noz


    At the last shoot held at Possum Trot, I noticed a fur hat hanging on some antlers at the end of the backbar. I finally got it and put it on. The color of the fur matches my hair color nearly exactly. I wore it around for the evening. I had many compliments so when Iron Maiden asked if I really liked it I answered with a big Yes. She said that they were losing the range(town) and were having to dispose of most of the fun items they had. She said it belonged to her and if I wanted it I could have it. I have worn it to several shoots and if anybody ever asks you if a possum hat is a good cho
  16. The song,"Show them to me:" has always touched something deep inside of me.www.youtube.com:watch?v=9nQT5SQon6Q.webloc
  17. That's a sad looking little bear. He needs a coat conditioner of some sort.
  18. Youse guys are pushing one of my buttons. I hear people from California worrying about tornados. A couple of years ago I got on a weather statistics channel and found that in the previous year Missouri had 17 more tornados than California and no earthquakes.
  19. Cain't be John Deeres, pilot ain't wearing a yellow and green baseball hat.
  20. We were convinced by the Music that they all were "California Girls".
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