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  1. Watch out!! The next set of pictures will formal Prom pictures.
  2. One of the benefits of SASS is the intelligence and vocabulary of it's members. Again I had to go to Google to translate "truth" and "justice".
  3. Peasant!! You put peanuts in Coke!!!
  4. I was reading a book about a vengeance driven serial killer. To add to each victims degradation, he also cooked and ate a portion of each. If you were going to eat a prime healthy young human, what cut would you choose?
  5. My favorite fact? Mommy armadillos always have 4 identical babies for each pregnancy.
  6. A required line puts the shooter in charge of the start of the stage. For that reason alone I like the lines.
  7. It's easy to determine. What's the most expensive part. Preferably the one that has to be ordered from Lapland from a plant that does social distancing, N25 masking and are now working 2 days a week. Add 10 bonus points if the installation requires pulling complete system. There it is!! Easy peasy
  8. I am afraid that you are right. I'm not a seer but a look into the future is frightening
  9. I hate to break your heart Bob, but curling is allowing artificial bristles on their brooms now.
  10. Maybe the BFR if you were bothered by a pack of polar bears.
  11. Noz

    Challenge coin

    I wonder does the fact that the Doctor who gave me the coin was a proctologist have any significance?
  12. I did something dumb yesterday. Upon realizing what I had done I asked Miss Lorrie if she thought I had reached a stupid plateau or did she think I would continue to get dumber as I age. She told what she thought.
  13. That's gonna make me lose sleep!!
  14. Someone (aVA DR.) gave me a challenge coin and have no idea what to do with it. It has the Wall on one side and a Veteran crest on the other.
  15. They need to move closer to the edge of the earth. The view is much clearer there.
  16. At no time does an American male have to justify a big hole in his yard. He is either looking for something or getting ready to hide something. So mind your own business! Hole looks just right for either application.
  17. Hang in Brother. Theys a lot of civilians that need touchin up still.
  18. Yeah,a whole new definition of a bar b q gun.
  19. I have been thinking of this subject and will make a few of my cowboy friends very happy this fall. I have a select few that I will give some of my better guns just because they are my friends and have supported me during my last year and a half of problems.
  20. You ain't seen nothing till you see an entire congregation line up for an all you can eat fish fry. People stomping on choklit cake to get a little closer to the white bass and crappie.
  21. Aye they do and I bought one last summer... FYI The pattern of the plaid on a Scottish kilt denotes the family of the wearer. The pattern on an Irish kilt denotes the area the wearer is from.. Most of us Irish castoffs wear an "All Ireland" pattern. A kilt really feel good when worn.The paneled "news Boy" cap is an allowed SASS item. Goes well with the kilt. Here's my pattern and the supplier https://sportkilt.com/product/irish-county-tartan-kilt-mediumweight-wool-2/
  22. Noz

    Black Gold 2020

    You really know how to hurt a guy!!!
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