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  1. I had one for years, it is a fun little gun. Back before Wild Bunch had official rules, short rifle counts were common to offset the extra shotgun and I used it for that.
  2. I second J Bar's BP (or sub) load. If you aren't familiar with BP, it's about as much powder as you would use in a .45LC. I only use 1/2 oz. of shot and fill with glitter or confetti and overshot card to get a nice crimp. Kids LOVE it and it gives them a chance to learn a good stance instead of a flinch. As they get more proficient, the transition to a light smokeless load is much easier.
  3. This is a very cool idea! Thank you Dungannon. Not sure but I think you intend for this to be ACSA. (see below) You did good figuring out we shoot at the same place Winter Range is but these guys have nothing to do with cowboy shooting. Ben Avery is a huge range, like the size of Rhode Island huge. Multiple clubs, multiple shooting disciplines, etc. I think if you use "Ben Avery" in Google and not the official address it might come out correctly but you still won't have our link as we use a P.O. Box. The Arizona Cowboy Action Shooters website is acsainc.com. Cowtown - just down the r
  4. Heddy (that's HEDLEY!) converted to PDF and you can save them for forever. The Open Range existed for a long time after it was not longer an active forum but it was taken down just a few months ago.
  5. I think the part we're missing here is that anybody can go to the airport, park, stroll into baggage claim and open fire. He didn't have to come on the plane. I've checked guns and ammo many times when I fly. I generally don't bother with the ammo anymore as it's not enough to get through a match and just send it all ground. It can be in a factory box or reloader's box, either is fine as long as it's not over the weight limit. In all the years and times I've flown, I have never been asked for my permit and have only had a couple of nasty people from either the airline or TSA. Often the
  6. Howdy Fair Lady;

    Can't say that I can see a resemblance between you and "ole Clamity Jane" ....

    But a bigger picture of ya, would I'm sure clear things up...

    Anyway have a fine Day and GOD bless ...

    Jabez Cowboy

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