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  1. Stony did an amazing job: both as our PM as well as shooting clean and first in some really challenging conditions - especially for black powder! Congratulations to a great Soot Buddy!
  2. Congratulation to you Jen! All of us gunfighters took the plunge and pulled both guns together for the first time after the timer went BEEP at some point. It's a big accomplishment when you finally get there! If you enjoy it half as much as I do, you are going to have a ton of fun!
  3. I usually use the Tommy Copper elbow (and sometimes wrist) brace/sleeve. I've had too many shots and won't do surgery. Not doing the things that make it hurt really bad too much is the best practice to keep it at bay. I meter out all the things I have to do and like to do to try and stay out of the danger zone which I define as not being sure I can get from cart to the loading table holding both long guns at the same time. Anything that annoys your elbow - not just shooting - has to be taken into account. Running a weed eater, reloading, raking, dry firing for practice, hammering, shoveling, kneading bread dough -- anything that you do too much of can make match day miserable instead of fun. Just don't do marathons, little sprints and plan a day off from using that elbow for anything that stresses it every so often.
  4. As other do, I use RCBS dies on the 650 to make 44-40. Just in case you don't know, case lube is needed. You will crunch up a few cases in the process before you get the "feel" of it. Don't get discouraged, just part of the learning curve. Having a 650 is both a curse and a blessing. There's a LOT going on all at once to keep track of and it's got a LOT of parts, a whole learning curve all it's own. You Tube videos (and some very kind pards) have helped me out on many occasions. Dillon will also help if you call, I've done that, too. Once you get it figured out and dialed in, you can make a lot of ammo in a lot less time and you will stop cursing. Let the blessings begin: More time to shoot
  5. Congratulations Creeker! There's a lot of effort and love that goes into all you have done and you are very deserving of all the nice comments. I second them all! I think you should get the shirt. It should be even more outlandish than anything GA has ever come with and you can paint up a gun cart to match. Really go for it.
  6. I think the part we're missing here is that anybody can go to the airport, park, stroll into baggage claim and open fire. He didn't have to come on the plane. I've checked guns and ammo many times when I fly. I generally don't bother with the ammo anymore as it's not enough to get through a match and just send it all ground. It can be in a factory box or reloader's box, either is fine as long as it's not over the weight limit. In all the years and times I've flown, I have never been asked for my permit and have only had a couple of nasty people from either the airline or TSA. Often the gun case just comes down with the rest of the luggage, which I don't like. Some airports are more careful and you have to pick it up at the baggage office by showing the claim check or they call your name on the loudspeaker and ask you to meet the baggage person at a specific location. I like that better. Even moving security to the entrance to the airport won't help, he did everything per the rules and would have gotten on the plane, gotten off at his destination, gone to baggage claim and we would have the same result. The issue is how did a mentally unstable person - and a vet to boot - end up not getting the help and attention he needed before he went totally off the deep end and killed a bunch of people?
  7. Howdy Fair Lady;

    Can't say that I can see a resemblance between you and "ole Clamity Jane" ....

    But a bigger picture of ya, would I'm sure clear things up...

    Anyway have a fine Day and GOD bless ...

    Jabez Cowboy

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