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  1. They have the forends, or did a couple months back, I bought one. No loading gate parts though and as I understand it, there won't be anymore. If you find out different, I'd be obliged to know.
  2. Shoot it! I read about these. Like to see it, if you still have it at EOT.....not to buy, just to say I've seen one.LOL
  3. Anybody have a set they're not using? Please PM with price. Thanks.
  4. RCBS cowboy die set, Redding Profile Crimp die, Redding seater die and Wilson case gauge. Selling as package, what's in the pic is it, first I'll take it posted here gets it. $110 shipped.
  5. You can lessen the drag by wrapping some shells(or dummies) with tape and leave them in the loops for a while, this will slightly stretch the leather and lessen the drag. You can also apply some "Leather lightning", sold here: https://mitchrosen.com/products/additional-products/ and this will help as well. Sometimes the design of the loop is such that it isn't very stiff and this will complicate things, so it's possible you could consider a different belt/slide as well.
  6. I loaded on one of these for many years, they're a solid press and half what similar progressives that do the same thing go for, this would be a great way to get into a progressive for those considering the plunge. There's over a $100 in extra shell plates. No dog in this fight, just sharing personal experience for those that may not be familiar and on the fence.
  7. And you didn't even ask me!LOL What else ya selling?
  8. These are the long discontinued, one piece hulls. Some pards helped me out a couple years ago, looking to see if there is any more hiding in someones closet/garage. Red or silver/grey is fine. Please PM me if you have some, thanks!
  9. I just unloaded mine before we went on base, put it in an "inaccessible while driving" place, and went about my tourist duties. Its an awesome place to visit. I highly recommend spending the money to "fly" the simulator, barrels rolls, loops, it's a hoot! I'd go back just for that! We never made the second building....lots to see.
  10. There is a lot of painting being done here with a broad brush and that always get's annoying and could turn a prospective BP shooter away.(whether the OP or someone else reading) The OP left the survey kind of open, asking only which hardness is preferred, setting no other qualifications. I took/take that to assume a typical 5 or 6 stage match. Also assuming that they probably already reload their ammo. For the "non-enthusiast" BP shooter, someone looking to "dip their toe in", perfectly acceptable results can be found easier than casting up or hunting up a supplier that makes soft bullets
  11. Or this: http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=258681
  12. Hard. Whatever commercial bullet in the weight I'm looking for. But I only shoot full case BP loads with a lube wad and in Rugers with the throats properly sized to the caliber. IMO, there's more to the discussion than just the hardness of the bullet when loading BP(or subs).
  13. Around $500, depending on condition and whether or not its been messed with.
  14. Looking for a shooter, new or used, reasonably priced. Please PM with your asking price. Thanks!
  15. Never thought I'd see "beautiful" and "Handi Rifle" in the same sentence, this one truly is, nice work Mi amigo!!
  16. LOL. No matter how much I proof read, someone always finds something! Thanks, I'll correct it.
  17. Price(s) are shipped, first I'll take "X" posted to the thread get's it. Thanks for looking. 1) 40 S&W 1000 new Starline $140 2) 444 Marlin RP (Remington) NICKEL. 89 new cases. $70 3) Sold Pending Funds. 375 Winchester. All WW-Super (Winchester). 300 new, bagged. 60 new, in 20rd boxes. 61 once fired in 20 round boxes.(one of the boxes is the old one marked "Big Bore 94") 421 total. $230 4) Sold Pending Funds. 243 Winchester. Frontier headstamp (Hornady I believe) 100 new bagged.(I actually counted 102...not counting them twice) $45 5) 7mm Magnum. 73 new R-P
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