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  1. In case the deal falls through, put me second in line please. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a 357 mag, stainless steel. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the offer, I had one of those as well, very nice gun. I'm holding out for the older, slightly faster, bigger brother for now. Couple round barrels on GB I'm watching, but the octagon barrel, on that rifle, just speaks to me.
  4. Still looking for the octagon version, anyone??
  5. Thanks, I know they're out there in different places. I prefer to sell/buy with cowboy friends first, less fee's and taxes for everyone involved. Never hurts to ask.
  6. @Abilene Al I sent you an email as well pard, let me know that you got it or the PM please. Thanks.
  7. They're a bit of a tough read, but I'm missing the one pictured for the complete set. If you have one you'd sell, please message me with a price. Thanks.
  8. Perfect for your Double barrel or takedown 97. Marked "4D 30". Excellent condition, straps are supple, stitching all appears intact and solid. Nicely lined with separate cloth compartment under divider for cleaning rods, or ? From toe to butt internally, measures 31", so 30" barreled guns or less. Just doesn't work for my '87. $85 shipped. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  9. 45 cal., 230gr hardcast lead bullets. Common 45acp bullet weight/style, or load them in your Colt, Schofield, etc. These are from the National Bullet Co. and they offered them as 230gr, they weigh an actual 223+/-, and are no longer in their original boxes. 2000 bullets BY WEIGHT, so that may be plus or minus a few. $225 shipped. First I'll take it posted here gets them. Thanks.
  10. I'm no help, mine are all purple. Do the different colors signify an era or something? Or is it simply as random as whatever their supplier sent? I have 3 different styles of 3031 cans on a bookshelf with some other old cans, 2 are red and one is blue. Now I'm curious.LOL
  11. I'd be interested in trying it and if I was to take you up on your generous offer, what would shipping to 32431 be? Thanks!
  12. That shows sold on their website, do you know something to the contrary?(they're only open mon thru fri)
  13. On the off chance someone has one they're not using, please PM with a price, before I hit up dillon/ebay/etc. Thanks.
  14. I swear, things left in a dark reloading room cabinet too long get to breeding, found these hiding in my stuff and I have other gauges I use. Left to right. SOLD1) Midway 10mm 2) Midway 45acp last one available SOLD3) Dillon 45acp SOLD4) Dillon 45 Colt $25 each shipped, someone wants more than one, I'll "combine shipping" and knock a few bucks off.(everyone needs TWO of the same caliber gauge, right?!LOL) First "I'll take X" posted to the thread gets it. Thanks.
  15. It's a long shot, but looking for one in 6mm Remington, with the octagon barrel. If you have one to part with, or know where one is available, please PM me! Thanks!
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