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  1. Looking for one like this, in 12 ga. Maybe someone's got one they're not using or is too big/small. Ideally, around 41 to the middle hole, but I adjusted this one, so I'm considering all options. Pistol loops aren't a deal breaker either, PM me a pic or 2 if you have something. Thanks.
  2. I found a couple that met my needs and while some are listed for that(and more), they just don't seem collectible and still trade hands for less. Maybe in another 20 years? I mean, unless you're using it for Wild Bunch, it's just a safe queen/plinker made in China....
  3. Wade is stand up guy to trade with, back to the top!!
  4. I don't have any bullets, but I've got a box of 1000 starline new brass if you're interested. $125 shipped.
  5. Hey Turkey legs! I don't see your PM? Try again? Thanks, Fb
  6. Yes, the one that is illegal for CAS. Please PM with price and details. Thanks!
  7. The 22 maybe. I doubt they'll bring back the 44 auto.
  8. Configuration? Round barrel, octagon, length, butt stock style, etc.? Pics?
  9. Howdy Heck! If PBT isn't interested in your shot I would be. Let me know. Thanks, Fb
  10. I'm looking for one in 22 and one 44 like the picture. I had one of each many years ago and had to sell them, I'd like to replace them. Please PM with price shipped if you have one or both to sell. Any leads also appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Either my 87 made in 1888 or the one made in 1887. Currently it's the "old girl".
  12. I just unloaded mine before we went on base, put it in an "inaccessible while driving" place, and went about my tourist duties. Its an awesome place to visit. I highly recommend spending the money to "fly" the simulator, barrels rolls, loops, it's a hoot! I'd go back just for that! We never made the second building....lots to see.
  13. There is a lot of painting being done here with a broad brush and that always get's annoying and could turn a prospective BP shooter away.(whether the OP or someone else reading) The OP left the survey kind of open, asking only which hardness is preferred, setting no other qualifications. I took/take that to assume a typical 5 or 6 stage match. Also assuming that they probably already reload their ammo. For the "non-enthusiast" BP shooter, someone looking to "dip their toe in", perfectly acceptable results can be found easier than casting up or hunting up a supplier that makes soft bullets. He also didn't specify that he's loading for an odd throated/chambered/bored relic. Hardcast bullets, that he already has, with subs, can most likely be loaded on his existing tooling with virtually no changes. For BP (and pushing the easy button), a lube wad can be added. This isn't a Bullseye game. The guns need to run for 5 or 6 stages and hit large, close steel. Our prospective shooter may want to indulge in chasing lube rings/stars at the muzzle and shooting a 2 or 3 day match with no/minimal cleaning, but that isn't necessary to compete successfully with BP/subs. Nothing wrong with the nostalgia of "that's the way they did back when" or loading for guns that may need special care or for the guy that likes sitting in front of the lead pot, but it's not necessary for most CAS competitions and I've been competing in CAS with BP since the early 90's.
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