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  1. Brand new, never used. $136 shipped from Dillon, $100 shipped from me. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  2. Tired of it cluttering up my brass area, I'd like it to go to someone who will use it. That many of each as pictured. Once fired. $5 shipping for each bunch. If you can use both, $8.50 shipping. First I'll take "X" gets it. Thanks.
  3. Both new, unused. Extended thumb safety blued $25 shipped. Match grade extractor for 9mm/38 Super $25 shipped. First I'll take "X" posted here gets it. Paypal friends and family or snail mail a check. Thanks.
  4. Having an actual screwdriver bit like this works so much better, both for tightening screws and for clearing rifle jams. Shooters are borrowing the one he made for me all the time.
  5. I don't know what is making you think Ron would just give away the file. Whatever his path to perfecting the parts, he has an investment in it. I've talked to him. He has his CNC mill for sale, for $18K you can buy the mill and the files for the SS kit are in it. He's not sure the mill runs though, as it's been a few years. Unless you have other uses for an out of date mill/controller, the ROI on this one would be a no go for me. Enough about all that. Still looking for a Snover SS kit.
  6. I appreciate the thought. If I wanted to invest lots hours on the mill, build fixtures I'd use once and probably have a couple set backs and maybe have to start over, Source hardened pins, learn how to properly weld them, buy a furnace, learn how to color case harden the carrier lifter arm? Then, yeah, I'm sure I could duplicate it. Seriously though, I have one. I'd just like one for my other gun.
  7. For a Hornady user, knowing the ID of the powder bushings in inches might help someone decide if they could use them. Hornadys numbering system correlates directly to size. So a 0.380", as measured with calipers say, is a "380" in Hornady nomenclature. A list of what's here in size might help sell them. GLWS.
  8. That's cool! I started with a hammered Barker. What a blast from the past! free bump!
  9. The guard came off my very lightly used SKB100(I shoot an 87, so you know it was lightly used.LOL), the screw is brand new. $50 for both shipped. Listing elsewhere, please PM for availability. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for following up with him JB! I am making CF tubes, I'll PM you about that!
  11. Nice looking gun you got there! They did indeed make the original Vaquero's in 3 7/8", I have an odd number of them and would like to even up my "pairs". Thanks!
  12. HS hulls or the old compression formed? If the latter, I'll take them.
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