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  1. Sounds good, I will take those off your hands. Thank you!
  2. Wow! 20 bucks for a box of shotgun shells! The world is indeed going crazy
  3. She is such a sweetheart! Hope you guys are warm and toasty.
  4. Trying to score some for Sporting clays. appreciate all the help from you guys.
  5. Anybody got a handle on 20 gauge shotgun shells in the Phoenix area?
  6. Shared some single malt with him and Molasses several years ago around a campfire in Illinois. CR
  7. What is the "member reputation" number? CR It appears to be the number of likes a person has received for posts. This is very likely as it appeared after the "Like" function became operable and someone reported that it increased by one after a "like."
  8. Charlie, so sorry to hear of your misfortune. Prayers for a speedy recovery. CR
  9. Kinda gives a whole new definition to putting it on ice for a while Skipper - keep the boy moving, hate to see a good man down. See y'all in May! CR
  10. You know we're saying a prayer for your speedy return! CR & DD
  11. One more vote for use 'em one and done. I really like Gun Clubs because they shuck well and are easy to come by. CR
  12. Are we going to see your better half on the range soon? Hope so! CR
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