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  1. Same setup here for my wife’s ammo. 200gr RNFP in the rifle w/4gr Bullseye. 160gr RNFP in her pistol load w/3.2gr Bullseye.
  2. Congratulations and thanks for accepting that responsibility, Zack. And congrats to Sassy Dancer for her new position!
  3. Great! That should do the trick. Message me with your contact info and I will give you a call or text. Will be happy to supply you with empty cases to make up for your brass.
  4. Congratulations to a fellow black powder Shooter! Quite remarkable Considering the wind was almost nonexistent for much of the match
  5. Does anybody reload Cowboy 45 special in Phoenix/Tucson area? Looking to hook up with a pard who can help me get ammo for my wife to shoot and her rifles. Would be happy to pay and could swap out empties.
  6. Jack, thank you for the input, but as I stated I am well aware of the rule as written. My question was specifically to raise the awareness of the inequality as it relates to the shotgun. In my opinion, the cocked rifle ruling was a rush to judgment and should have included the shotgun and been limited to rifles on half cock. A known loaded gun versus a known unloaded gun? I believe it is within the ROC purview to clarify this rule to include all long guns. CR
  7. Sometime ago I lamented the fact that a shooter had been assessed a Stage DQ for moving with closed and cocked shotgun from loading table to firing line because the gun closed while they were walking. The immediate reply from PWB was that should have been a no call, followed quickly by a rules committee ruling that the SDQ was correct. I am 100% clear on the new cocked rifle rule. My question is: has there been a clarification to include the shotgun in this rule change? It would seem logical to me that a gun that was never loaded would be at least as safe cocked and closed as a gun that is known to have live ammunition in it. Requiring a shooter to stop and correct this situation with a loaded gun in the other hand does not seem to make sense. Hoping for a clarification prior to winter range. If the shotgun has not been included in this new ruling, why not? Also, if it is not included, I believe the RO committee should consider revising the rule to include all long guns. CR
  8. Shared some single malt with him and Molasses several years ago around a campfire in Illinois. CR
  9. What is the "member reputation" number? CR It appears to be the number of likes a person has received for posts. This is very likely as it appeared after the "Like" function became operable and someone reported that it increased by one after a "like."
  10. Charlie, so sorry to hear of your misfortune. Prayers for a speedy recovery. CR
  11. Kinda gives a whole new definition to putting it on ice for a while Skipper - keep the boy moving, hate to see a good man down. See y'all in May! CR
  12. You know we're saying a prayer for your speedy return! CR & DD
  13. One more vote for use 'em one and done. I really like Gun Clubs because they shuck well and are easy to come by. CR
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