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  1. P - Thank you for allowing me to clarify the product in question. Hopefully the ROC will take this information into consideration when making their decision. Have a great one!
  2. Equating a solid strip of metal to duct or duck tape?
  3. I’m in. (But it’s not tape) https://basiccopper.com/20milcost5x1.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw47eFBhA9EiwAy8kzNMYWvBA3u461xgi-Gs3_Ngm7Ovk7NYBg4GOJqzWs_PBreRgjoPeuChoCBIYQAvD_BwE
  4. At what thickness (or “thinness”) does it become tape? Gold leaf (legal) and bendable brass (legal) must not be, but anything in between is? Any solid sight made from this material would be legal. A solid metal overlay would appear the same as if the sight were made from that material. It seems the rule already permits this.
  5. It is not a matter of semantics as you suggest, but a misuse of the word tape. Very similar to the misuse of the word clip when referring to loading your 1911.
  6. In this case it’s a noun, and since the ROC has decided to review it, we will have to wait. Thicker than gold leaf, but thinner than formed brass. I would be happy to provide a sample to anyone on the ROC for inspection.
  7. This product is non-structural in anyway and can be purchased with adhesive applied or without adhesive applied. If you start with the non-adhesive version and adhere it to your front sight it is exactly the same thing as the thicker version which is also adhered by the use of to the front sight. Tapes are intended to bind or seal. This product is merely a conductor.
  8. Brass or copper overlays are legal. Current installation method of applying a commonly used/approved brass overlay is adhesive. This material has no structural integrity and cannot be used to bind other material together.
  9. Just was reading through a topic that had replies from people who evidently are not clear on the copper currently being applied by some shooters to their front pistol sights. The material in question is 100% copper and comes in a roll that can be applied in a thin veneer, as opposed to the thicker brass sight overlay in use by many shooters. The material is available with adhesive applied or with no adhesive applied and was intended for use in grounding computer room flooring. It is glued to the front sight in a similar manner to the thick brass SASS approved front sight and trimmed to fit. T
  10. Shared some single malt with him and Molasses several years ago around a campfire in Illinois. CR
  11. What is the "member reputation" number? CR It appears to be the number of likes a person has received for posts. This is very likely as it appeared after the "Like" function became operable and someone reported that it increased by one after a "like."
  12. Charlie, so sorry to hear of your misfortune. Prayers for a speedy recovery. CR
  13. Kinda gives a whole new definition to putting it on ice for a while Skipper - keep the boy moving, hate to see a good man down. See y'all in May! CR
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