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  1. Just a tad Tombstone. I did get the cap guns out of the closet last weekend. They all went boom. Been so long I could feel the rust falling off me.
  2. Man! I wish. Just not in the cards this time. And MGM and HB you know how much we love this match. Plus I wont get to see Boaz either. Next year.....
  3. The Judge and Yazoo sent their apps in today. Finally get to dust off the shooting irons after six months. Hopefully I will remember which end the bullet comes out of.
  4. Somebody come get me for a couple of months. I can help around the range and reload. Can't shoot yet.
  5. Be Nice! TL kids with everybody and is one fine pard. Chill out a little.
  6. Only person on the planet who would work on them for me is The Goon at Goons Gunworks. He is a SASS member and Capt. Baylor uses him too. He is on Instagram and has a web site. Www.goonsgunworks.com He is GREAT.
  7. I've got a nice pair of Vaqueros I can let go.
  8. Arkansas Jim, I'll take both that we talked about earlier. Mepro 21 and TruDot RDS Judge Send me your info please.
  9. Rosewood grips are yours. And YES they do fit the old Vaquero. Shipping included. I'll PM you my information. Thanks Oregonian!
  10. Well, I reckon this will be my return to Cowboy shootin'. I've missed a bunch since October 1st. Shoot, I ain't even touched a firearm since then. Folks tell me it's like riding a bicycle, well I'm still gonna need training wheels. Unless something unforeseen happens , me and the missus will be there.
  11. I have 2 pair of grips for your perusal. First up is two matching pair of Rosewood grips with a vine engraving in excellent condition. Both pair for $140.00. Second 2 sets are Faux Ivory in great shape with 2 different emblems. Both pair for $110.00
  12. Reservations made today. BTW there are only 3 rooms left in Manchester according to the manager.
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