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  1. Pm me your address and I can mail you one. I am an elevator mechanic and there is a particular hall push button that has the exact size needed, I change 2-3 out a month and throw em in a bucket for spare parts. Over the years I have mailed at least a half dozen of these out to various shooters.
  2. Or a poor man’s approach, take a used large pistol primer, remove the inner anvil, turn over and flatten the dimple with a proper size punch. Fill with a dab of jb weld, place over bead, when dried polish up the bead and your good to go, worked on my stoeger coach gun for years and was still in place when I sold it off to a new shooter.
  3. i used to get a 147 coated bullet from ringer, i used 3.5 gr. tightgroup. worked very well.
  4. Once again the middletown crew did a great job setting up this match, 12 fast stages, enough movement from position to position. Nice big very hittable targets, definitely some world class shooters to compete against. One i look forward to each year. Congratulations to Cumberland kid and renegade roper on their overall wins
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