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  1. See you then, early is good, wild bunch starts at 8
  2. Vendors starting to arrive, early campers starting in, here we go
  3. How about official Parker,spotter,backer upper in the campground
  4. well. between work and the range I have my 14 in for the day......we are almost ready on the range, some paint. work on the punch list tomorrow, cant wait , gonna be a busy and fun week .
  5. Well we fiqured we got fences that need mending, a jailhouse that needs new bricks, a hotel condemmed and torn down, a graveyard to dig and some buryin to do. A saloon that needs repainted and bar restocked, a whole bunch of steel to move around. work party each wed. starting about 4ish after work, weather permitting beginning this week.. Gonna be a busy 7 weeks!
  6. Whoops sorry Bubba and of course uprange exchange is returning as well.......I’m off to the range to get some work done. Y’all have a great day
  7. Stages are pretty much written, work projects in the works, apps coming in each day, just confirmed three new vendors this year, ( Mavericks custom hats ,bullets by Scarlett, and earplugs, and also briscos shooter supply, returning will be Michigan rattler leatherworks and klassic lazerworks. So folks if you need a new hat or one restored, need some new leather holsters or chaps, need gun parts,reloading supplies, bullets, earplugs. Custom laserd gun grips or rifle stock, you get get em all at Ohio state this year. Oh and the weatherman has guaranteed weather in the low 80s. And a slight breeze for all my fellow smoke makers
  8. Yep I’m a big fan of writing stages “At the ready” lots of stages start with gun in hand, or muzzle touching rail,shelf,whatever.
  9. Dan I just saw this but your help and input is always appreciated
  10. We will be shooting Sunday 3-10-19, for anyone who can , we will be doing a spring clean up on the range Saturday the 9th and about 10 am. See y’all there
  11. I will list you as a posse buddy when I register, see you at black gold first.
  12. I’m your huckleberry................ just haven’t send my app in yet.
  13. yep a good place to get into the "vibe"of a small Cowtown. This is a young club that has hospiltality done right. Ive really enjoyed shooting there.
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