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  1. I pickup every gun club hull I can, I own 4 skbs and they shuck well in all of them. Anything else gets loaded and fed to the 97
  2. great, i will have the gold dust in hand when you get there. If your plans change just let me know
  3. i can put all four bags of the .40 cal to good use. ill take em.
  4. I live in Troy Ohio and if your willing to make the trip I can work with you a few hours. I too started on a lee turret.....in a couple of hours we can have you turning out some good ammo.
  5. im in. no outlaw catagory though so i guess its fcgf for me....pistols done outlaw style of course though.
  6. I have a 3 die set from Dillon, plus a changeover kit for a 650 press, $100 + shipping for both,
  7. I’m pretty sure I have a set in a group of stuff from an estate sale, will pm you when I get home from work this evening
  8. we have the back room at the piqua fish and game confirmed,,,,,,anyone wanting ro1 or ro2 let us know so we can have enough books printed and ready, also I will need to know how many lobsters to order for lunch.
  9. Most likely at Piqua fish and game clubhouse if the back room doesn't get "rented"out. In which case it will be at a local Piqua hotel meeting room. We will keep everyone updated
  10. After years of being a student of SASS, Im going to try teaching it some. Boaz and Myself are going to teach RO1 and RO2 On Janurary the 14th. Starting at 8am. Class will be supervised by Lassiter. Please let me or Boaz know if you are wanting to sign up, we will have books printed and ready for you, lunch will be provided by mgm and honey bunny. Come join your cowboy buddys and get caught up on the latest rule updates. Cost is $10 for RO1 and $25 for RO2. Refreshers are free.
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