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  1. Popcorn your match is on my to do list for sure, i have heard nothing but positive reviews and the river cruise looks like a lot of fun. I retire my main job the end of the month and am hoping to be able to venture out more next season
  2. I get it, its not a perfect solution but its the one we have to work with. I love to shoot in the outlaw category, but many matches dont or wont offer it, so i shoot gunfighter and still shoot outlaw style, when i crack into top 10 at a big match without ever aiming a single pistol its kind of cool. My own state match coming up next week i cannot have outlaw because there are only 2 of us.. the alternative is for many clubs to seriously downgrade the awards quality so that they can afford to provide an award for virtually everyone… at the end of the day someone goes home with ruffled feathers. My goal is to make 90% or better of the shooters happy, 90% or better of the time. You will never actually hit 100%. With your scenario there would be 4 shooters in b western and 3 would get an award assuming you went 3 deep. Still not bad. Some will say big deal you saved the cost of 1 award, well maybe but then you would present 2 first place awards, ( the most expensive size) and another state winner award. Multiply that a dozen or so times at a match and it adds up…. If your running a match with 300 shooters or more then yes you can spread the cost out. But many state matchs are pulling 150 or less.
  3. If i had 3 sr b western and 1 b western i would collapse it down, you need to fill the base before filling the extras. After watching popcorns video i see that sr. Is not necessarily a base catagory. I see your point…. After starting it this year, compressing the catagories is harder than posse assignments
  4. SR. is a base category, same as classic cowboy or b western and i will offer them no matter the number, but yes to offer sr, b western i would require at least 3 for my match. same for silver sr. classic cowboy......not necessarily the absolute right way to do it but its the way we do it in ohio. my favorite way to shoot is outlaw, but i know when i sign up for a big match they may or may not offer it, so im fine in fcgf or plain gf, just as long as i know beforehand so i know what ammo to bring.. not a preference for the age based categories just i see that as a base category
  5. Everyone also must realize that with each new category, your awards budget takes a bump up, while trying to manage all the cost involved with putting on a match, the main intent is to make some money for your club, not alot but some…., while also realizing if you cant keep your shooters happy, your numbers are going to dwindle down. Every match has certain fixed cost, banquet hall, porta potties, paint, range maintenance, etc..,, then there are the flexible costs, banquet dinner, awards, shooters swag gifts, etc…., bigger numbers you can dilute the fixed cost over more shooters. Its really a threading the needle act… my state match we have a banquet dinner and a friday night steak dinner, sadly we may have to drop the steak dinner after this year, once we tally the final numbers…. I ball park the extra awards cost would cover approximately 20 of the steak dinners at our cost.
  6. There is some match director discretion, my opinion a state or above should offer all base catagories….. ie: if i have 2 people for fcgf, im going to offer that catagory. Now if i had 5 for fcgf and only 2 for sr. Fcgf, they will get dropped down to fcgf. I have been very resistant to all the extra “ age/ sytle” categories. But as a match director I realize i am selling entertainment and that seems to be what people want. So this upcoming state championship i offered for everyone to check the age box and the style box. But with a match of approximately 125 shooters i only end up with 4 maybe 5 extra categories. To me cowboy/ wrangler are both base catagories
  7. for the ohio state match , i still offer all the base categories, regardless of entrants. its all the age based/style extra that i collapse down..
  8. well i won the chicken and dumpling throwdown last year, i do make a pretty good lasagna, in fact i just made a big batch of homemade Italian sausage....hhmmm
  9. Check out Michigan rattler, he can customize and add some personality to it. Tell em mean gun sent ya
  10. I double cock, started out purely shooting gunfighter outlaw style, I usually start left pistol, when it’s a shoot 5 and move I always try to throw the first shot as a single, then double the next two pair. More than one spotter has told me that they hate spotting for me….. whatever suits your style, just have fun…..,,, I keep trying to concisely try to slow down and AIM, but the outlaw in me keeps taking over and I just let em rip.
  11. Colt built some excellent rifles, i have 4 myself. Its a shame he is no longer building cowboy rifles
  12. Creeker, thank you for breaking it down in a way many might understand, definitely a need for some ro refresh training.
  13. I will take the 45 colt dies, please pm the info where to send the gold dust
  14. Goex and schutzen i use interchangeably with either one. Have done so for years now, especially for cowboy main match loads. Same with magnum or regular primers.
  15. i will second the use of about 10-15' of 1/8 " braided steel cable. It does not weigh the target down the way chain can, last for years and helps prevent "shooting the rope" off. but be sure to wear appropriate gloves after it has seasoned for the said fish hooks.
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