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  1. At our state match this year I had a shooter in duelist category. He had already shot a couple stages. He was having shoulder issues and was worried about shooting one handed. I could not switch him to an age based category at that time. So we did allow him to complete the match shooting two handed and simply removed him from scoring. That way it was fair to the other shooters and still allowed him to complete the match. He had traveled several hours to be there. Seemed like a reasonable accommodation.
  2. This, it’s not that much trouble to run a couple of patch’s after each stage......like I said, I’ve been doing it this way for years now, ymmv
  3. Congratulations to my travling buddy boaz on his championship in his new category. He has put in alot of time getting that new rifle to run and it paid off for him….congratulations amigo
  4. Congratulations, here tell your gonna go outlaw at black gold again
  5. Congratulations duke, you shot a very smooth match, i showed a couple of your videos to a young shooter as someone to watch and study how you transition.
  6. I do it all the time, I do run a couple of wet patch’s thru the rifle after each stage, pistols can usually go a 6 stage match without. I do usually dip my bullets in a beeswax/crisco mix at the loading table. Been doing this routine for 10 years now. I run goex/ schutzen and fill my 38s full.
  7. I had the pleasure of watching him run all 12 stages , man he is smooth. Great shooting and congratulations charlie
  8. Look for and talk to Boaz and or Lassiter
  9. The museum is not in a secured part of the base, you do not go thru a security gate to get there. There is plenty of parking and can accommodate an RV with no problem. It’s a great museum and you should plan a full day visiting. If you are still nervous about the firearms your welcome to park your Rv at my place, assuming you have a tow vehicle. I live approximately 30 minutes north.
  10. lone rider, as a fellow devotee of the holy black powder i like to say "its easy if ya can see the target"......
  11. Thanks everybody, just wait till ya see what we got in mind for next year,...hint. Them shooting mouse farts are gonna be scared. But they dont need to be
  12. A custom made rain cover that is actually rainproof as opposed to the crappy one that comes with it. Made friends with a guy that does boat covers during the covid thing. I like my rugged gear cart but in my opinion for what they cost a few items could be beefed up better. The metal rim spokes that many have had to replace, the brake gears, and a rain coat not made of cheesecloth .
  13. I use a mixture of crisco and beeswax, got the info from split rail years ago. Dip my rifle and pistol both at the loading table.
  14. I pickup every gun club hull I can, I own 4 skbs and they shuck well in all of them. Anything else gets loaded and fed to the 97
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