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  1. With your permission I’m going to copy and paste this for our upcoming match.
  2. Lone rider sir I understand wholeheartedly. I look forward to meeting you and I will be the first to welcome you at next years match.
  3. Well we held out as long as we could, waiting to see where everything was heading with the shut downs. We would not be able to confirm having the Facilites available to us until maybe a week in advance. That is just to close to call so we must cancel this years match. We will not be rescheduling due to lack of suitable weekends and timing with, work, range, vendors. Everyone should receive a full refund within the next couple of weeks. Sorry folks, this breaks my heart. I’ve participated and or run every Ohio state match since I began cowboy shooting. As I said on Facebook I can’t wait for this to be over and start getting back to normal.
  4. I’m going to shoot frontier cartridge gunfighter at winter range and pistols will be shot outlaw style without sighting, a top 10 buckle is my goal.
  5. Congrats, outlaw is very fun indeed
  6. prayers for a great cowboy and friend to the shooting sports
  7. Well it’s that time of year,the apps are online.May 22-24 Memorial Day weekend. 12 stages of fun fast cowboy shooting, Friday night steak dinner, Saturday night banquet. Hope to see y’all there
  8. got the hawaillian shirts ordered, cant wait....just gotta get thru this dang thing called winter first..
  9. Doc, comments like that will get ya invited for chef samples....
  10. Hmmmmm, I’m thinking some pulled pork, with a pineapple, rum infused bar b que sauce on the side.....looking forward to it, always a good time at the pines
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