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  1. My 625 was a limited edition Performance center gun. The frame cracked below the barrel where it threads in. No "magnum" loads, mostly factory ball type ammo with some occasional "average" EDC ammo and shot relatively little at that. They could have replaced the frame, as they make the PC 327, same frame, same material, but would not. CS was contacted several times and their response was always just "it's one of these guns we'll send in replacement or we'll send your broken one back, have a nice day". They wouldn't even do it for a charge(the gun was my fathers and had some sentimental value). After much hemming and hawing I took a 327 in "replacement" from their list of guns they'd replace it with. It came with a improperly indexed barrel and shot "off" and had horribly fit grips, making me wish I had kept the broken gun and looked for a donor N frame to put the light cylinder and short barrel on. Anyway, the 327 went back for repair and was promptly sold when it finally came back. I've had a lot of their guns over the years, several SS framed 625's, 29's, 627's, misc auto's and still have a 31, 49, 41 and 17-8. Their CS was great in the 80's and 90's, my experience with this one convinced me they don't need my business.
  2. Technically for "drop in", that would be correct, an enterprising individual could add the required material to a stock lifter arm. Otherwise these are basically spares.
  3. With S&W unwilling to fix my 625, and Wild Bunch not allowing revolvers in years, I'm divesting myself of the last of the related gear. This is all 45acp, for 6 shot S&W. Remooner, Demooner, 2 belt holders, 10 Wilson Nickel full moon clips, 11 blued steel full moon clips only one of which is used, 4 new half moon clips, 18 Rimz(polymer) full moon clips about 2/3's of which are unused. $150 shipped, first I'll take it posted here gets it. Paypal friends and family or personal check. Thanks.
  4. I think Earl saved, but if not, please put me second in line.
  5. Is the receiver stock? No extraneous holes drilled and trapped? Ammo/ brass available to buyer? Bore condition?
  6. Out of my price range, but it'd be fun to ride something like my Grandfather (pictured) rode back in the day!
  7. All PM's replied to, still available. I'm selling them for what I have in them, so the price is firm, but thanks for all the offers.
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