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  1. A lot of CAS gunsmiths do this part time, but many aren't. I played gunsmith roulette starting last fall for a few guns. Not one met their estimate. One met his second timeline, one "rescheduled" three times(interesting reasons each time) and finally almost met it, the third I had my gun sent back after missing the 3rd time and not having started.(if the third time isn't the charm, no matter how good the work is, you're probably not going to be happy no matter what) There is a reason so many people do their own work...
  2. Excellent condition Redding die set, over 120 pcs once fired brass; 31 nickel WW, 97 brass RP and 48 Hornady bullets. $68 shipped. First I'll take it posted here get's it. Thanks.
  3. As pictured. $150 shipped for all 4. First I'll take it posted here get's them. Thanks.
  4. I have no recollection of this.....not saying I wasn't there...
  5. He's going with "Spitfire", a connection to a trait the cars have that he likes and the WWII airplane he likes. Thanks for playing!!LOL
  6. Or what. His new job is/was keeping him too busy, coupled with fixing his 2 cars.(hurricane damage on one and deer collision on the other) Maybe "no horse" would be appropriate?!
  7. The screws are different across the board. Mainsprings typically interchange. It might help if you were to mention which parts?
  8. His new job is working him hard, i haven't heard from him in a couple weeks.
  9. Cowboys buy all guns in pairs, come on, gunfighter with a Sig in each hand! I going to find out tomorrow how accurate it is and just shoot it when I'm on the range. Maybe it will become a third truck gun.
  10. 2 Cannons for sale. 1) CVA Napoleon III 70 caliber muzzleloader as pictured with Lyman mold, lead balls, owners manual and fuse. 2) Limited edition Winchester Bellmore and Johnston 1898 signal cannon. Chrome with rubber wheels. Uses 10 ga BP blanks. With original wooden shipping crate as pictured. Off to auction. Pm for availibility,
  11. 37MM riot gun! Probably from the 50's, no police or prison markings. Probably a prison gun since it's in such good shape. There is a significant aftermarket for these to make "bird bombs", fireworks and various pyrotechnics, as well as the ability to fire flares. Downsizing and new home location is going to make it impractical to use. The gun is is very nice shape, some pitting in the bore(most propellants of this vintage were BP), vintage prison or police dept. paint job, no cracks in wood. Comes with 10 reloadable billet anodized cases(use 209 shotshell primers), billet anodized 37mm to 26mm flare adapter, manual for loading shells with various combinations. No FFL required to transfer, buyer responsible for legality in your location. Off to auction. PM for availability. Thanks.
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