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  1. Looking for one like this, in 12 ga. Maybe someone's got one they're not using or is too big/small. Ideally, around 41 to the middle hole, but I adjusted this one, so I'm considering all options. Pistol loops aren't a deal breaker either, PM me a pic or 2 if you have something. Thanks.
  2. I found a couple that met my needs and while some are listed for that(and more), they just don't seem collectible and still trade hands for less. Maybe in another 20 years? I mean, unless you're using it for Wild Bunch, it's just a safe queen/plinker made in China....
  3. Wade is stand up guy to trade with, back to the top!!
  4. Fireball, I have a nearly new 93/97 I would be willing to sale.   I've used it in two Wild Bunch matches and took it in trade from a fellow SASS shooter who thought it was legal for SASS Cowboy matches.   I had to check it out because when I pulled down the box,  it indicated it was a 93 model.  Pulled it from the safe and it's marked 93/97 on the barrel.  I did buy the spring and stainless steel follower 6 shot conversion kit for the 97's and put it in this firearm.   I would like to get $350.00 for it and I will pay for shipping from my FFL to yours.  This is somewhat negotiable.    


    If interested you can PM me or call/text  me at 330 416 1111.   


    SantaFe Steve

    (Steve Sivard)

  5. I don't have any bullets, but I've got a box of 1000 starline new brass if you're interested. $125 shipped.
  6. Hey Turkey legs! I don't see your PM? Try again? Thanks, Fb

  7. Fireball - Dry Fire has one he would sell you for $650. If interested give him a call at 815-721-2282. 


  8. Yes, the one that is illegal for CAS. Please PM with price and details. Thanks!
  9. The 22 maybe. I doubt they'll bring back the 44 auto.
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