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  1. I load with an ammobot on my 1050, I'm not fast enough to load a bullet by hand...LOL
  2. Good solution! I came to a similar conclusion on mine (pictured). You may run into an issue with your spring being a compression spring, instead of an extension spring. Lowe's supplied the spring and washer...
  3. Cut it and shoot it is going to be the simplest route. If you really want to see about "collector value", head over to the ruger forum and ask what they think its worth. They stay on top of the less common models and if it's "just the thing" for one of them you may get a offer to trade it off for more money or what you really wanted in the first place. Of course, after shipping and what not, it'd have to be a pretty good offer..... I suspect, if you bought it online, you paid about what it's worth and you might as well go ahead and "make it yours" and modify and shoot as you originally intended. It takes a long time for Rugers to become significantly more valuable than their shooter value. Even guns 50-60 years old are hardly worth more than a new Ruger, unless there is something pretty unusual about the gun(weird serial numbers, odd factory features not commonly found, factory seconds, truly unusual chamberings, etc.).
  4. Coming back to the dark side and retiring those clones finally!!
  5. S&W 49 done many years ago by a gunsmith friend, my main match 73 with Jim Downing engraving and Turnbull CCH, my Great Grandfathers deer gun, factory engraved Savage 99 in 300 Savage. While they're all pretty, they also all get shot!
  6. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this. There was much advertisement about how they "had to be cut" back in the day and a lot of shooters bought into it without ever shooting one without it cut. (or even learning to properly run an 87) Too many different body shapes to say they need this or that across the board. I disagree with the notion they need to be cut, so there are 2 opinions on the angle of your butt stock.
  7. A lot of guns go up in value enough that shooting them won't seriously affect your net out, depending of course on whether you bought them at a slightly discounted price or paid full retail and how long you've had them. The longer you've had them, the better chance you'll realize a gain in value, especially if it is a desirable configuration that is no longer made, is/was hard to get/etc. Some guns are so cheap they never really go below a "user" value as well. So much depends on the actual model, chambering, etc. In the end, I decide if keeping them new for the next guy is more important than me enjoying shooting them. If I bought them, I wanted to try them for some reason and they all get shot!
  8. Large flat rate full of Winchester AA hulls, approx. 425-450, approx. 50/50 red/grey color(same hull). $50 shipped. First I'll take it posted here get's it. Thanks.
  9. Yup, it's accurate! Still odd caliber out in my battery. Price reduced.
  10. 1)Forster/Bonanza priming tool with extra shell holder discs and large and small plunger assembly. This tool fits virtually all cases by simply adjusting the discs, no shell holders or other attachments required. $30 shipped. 2) SOLD. Lyman trimmers, selling as a pair. One (used one) can be spun with a drill, the other is unused and has the handle for manual trimming. Roughly 2 sets of pilots and the optional chamfer/deburr attachment (unused) are included. $65 shipped. First I'll take it posted here get's it. Thanks.
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