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  1. @Waimea Waimea sells it and is a stand up cowboy! You'd have to check with him on what current prices are.
  2. Replied in PM and email. Holster rig still available.
  3. Looks like I may be in for once of these. Now how do I message you directly . . .

    Feel free to message me. 

    Also, if anyone has a black Bisley grip frame;  let me know. And for that matter,  if Doc doesn't want the other one I guess would take the pair. 


  4. If I were to get a firm commitment from 2 buyers, I would split them up at $135 each.
  5. Selling as a pair, 2 new, unfitted Stainless grip frames with grip/trigger spring pins as pictured. These are factory cut to work on both Original Vaquero's and New Vaquero's. $260 shipped. First I'll take it posted here gets them. Thanks.
  6. Got my email confirmation from Ruby, making it official!
  7. Good reminder! I've always used jacketed out of the ones I've had, but others might try CAS loads(which probably won't cycle the action anyway.LOL)
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