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  1. That feature is part of the barrel "takedown extension" that this barrel threads into...
  2. This is correct. The thread diameter is also smaller on the takedown version. The extractor cuts are the only easy way to tell, unless you know the dimensions. The listed barrel is for a takedown model.(unfortunately for me) And is still available!
  3. I'd love to venture into FA's again, unfortunately I think you have them all
  4. I had a couple 81's years ago in 300. Even managed to find one with the detachable mag. Very unique. These days I only keep a little ammo on hand for my Great grandfathers 99 and my grandfathers 99, both in 300. Anyway, took me a minute to find the brass. You'll have to reload, I'll send ya 20 new cases and a few once fired(for dummy rounds or whatever). Apparently I sold the bulk of the used ones, I assume your address hasn't changed from last week?
  5. I can spare some, I know I saved a small amount. May not be a lot, I just sold a bunch, let me see how much I have left.
  6. This wins the internet for the day!
  7. As pictured, 2 sets, 4 panels, 2 screws. Good set of hard to find grips in good condition. Some checkering loss and a screw escutcheon repair. $158 shipped. First I'll take them posted here gets them. Thanks.
  8. Doesn't seem to matter what someone's selling, it's always the wrong something!LOL You could use these for King of Kaboom at the International black powder championship though.
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