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  1. Considering trades, Ruger Maximum, Hawkeye revolver, Marlin 32 mag rifle, Ruger Bisleys, 10MM PCC or whatcha' got?
  2. Either my 87 made in 1888 or the one made in 1887. Currently it's the "old girl".
  3. This: https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/frontier-model-357-38-sp-4-3-4-in.html#reviews Pietta? Uberti? Pedersoli? Flat spring gun or coil? Thanks.
  4. Seems like it sometimes!! Still interested in any triggers....
  5. His friend apparently has one of everything that is posted WTB...LOL!
  6. Looking again, to see if anyone has rifle parts they're not using. Project ideas need base parts.LOL 1866 trigger or 1873 trigger (and/or upper sear for the 73). I'd be interested in all of the above. PM with prices shipped. Thanks.
  7. I don't know, that's why I didn't specify him.
  8. I'm not sure fail is the right word. Most carriers will probably work forever in the role the gun was originally intended for. Start trying to run hundreds/thousands of rounds through them sub 4 sec for 10 and things need to be pretty right and tight. Brass and aluminum peen where the rims hit, the track the lifter arm runs in will both wear and peen, the outside dimension of the carrier wear and will eventually allow it to rock front to back, the ramp get's chewed up....all things that, for a rifle that was used for hunting say, would never be noticed. these are all things that will eventually slow you down at best, or tie up the gun and make it inoperable at worst in a match setting.
  9. For comparison, a 1" round bar, 1" long. Brass= .2417 lbs aluminum= .0792 lb Ti=.1279 lb
  10. Try handling a couple of them before you buy. The Chiappa is a beautiful gun, but it's a monster compared to the IAC. I could never get used to the extra size and weight. Bigger and heavier. It's also probably going to be about twice the cost. Ask around your local shoots or post in the classifieds here on the Wire, a wanted to buy. A fair number of people get these and then find out its not for them, you might find one ready to go with the "load 2" already done...
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