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  1. Final follow up. Held the Plains Event at Huntsman World Senior Games, including "open" men and lady categories. Nobody complained and it seemed to go very well. Definitely planning to offer these open categories in the Plains Event for the Legends Four Corners Regional match in April.
  2. I get the plainsman thing too and simply call it our "Plains Event" now.
  3. Thanks for all the comments. I've now decided that at our major matches, which includes the Huntsman World Senior Games in October, and the Legends Four Corners Regional in April, we will have the following categories at our Plainsman Events. I'm not trying to impose this on anyone else - this is just how we are going to do our Plainsman Events. All SASS Plainsman rules will apply, except as noted below. Come on out to one of our matches! Men’s Categories: · Traditional – Rifle shall not have spring ejector. Pistols must be shot duelist style (includes double-duelist). · Modern – Rifle may have spring ejector (e.g., handi-rifle). Pistols must be shot duelist style (includes double-duelist). · Open – Any approved plainsman rifle. Pistols may be shot any style, including two-handed or gunfighter. Ladies’ Categories: · Modern – Any approved plainsman rifle. Pistols must be shot duelist style (includes double-duelist). · Open – Any approved plainsman rifle. Pistols may be shot any style, including two-handed or gunfighter.
  4. We've actually been doing pretty well. At both our Huntsman World Senior Games match (coming up next week) and the Four Corners Regional Match (April) we've been getting around 20 plainsman shooters. Might have to split into 2 posses
  5. Yep, that's what I'm asking. I see no need to relate this to the Frontiersman main match category. Full disclosure - my 5'2" wife shoots ROA's double duelist style, a 45LC handi-rifle, and a 20g Browning sxs in the Plainsman Event. She is not interested in any accommodation, but I know others are, and I'm kind of on-the-fence, which is why I'm looking for input. Thanks much.
  6. I've been thinking that maybe the way to do it is to have two ladies plainsmen categories, one that sticks to duelist rules, and the other that allows cocking with the off-hand. That way there is no disadvantage for the ladies who are able, and like the challenge, of shooting pure duelist even if it takes a little longer. If they all win a prize, so much the better.
  7. I'm seeking some clarification on a Plainsman Event rule. Plainsman Event rules clearly state that pistols have to be shot duelist style, and that obviously means not using the off-hand to cock the pistol except if there is some sort of malfunction that requires clearing with the off-hand (e.g., a cap gets stuck and won't let the cylinder rotate). However, I understand that at Winter Range and other major events, ladies have been allowed to cock with the off-hand as long as they shoot with one hand. Is this an official rule change? Frankly, I don't personally have a problem allowing ladies to cock with the off-hand as long as they then fully drop that hand to their side between shots. However, I have seen some who want to keep that off-hand right next to the pistol, in which case they have a real advantage against most ladies who strictly follow duelist rules. I don't like that. I love getting more ladies involved in the Plains/Plainsman Event, but feel that this accommodation needs some formal clarification and standard definition. What says the wire?
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