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  1. 32s shooting 70gr bullet at 900fps (63 power factor) has 128 ft # of energy...22High velocity 40gr has 137 ft #. So if a 32 can do it so should a 22. Having run years of rimfire ruckus, I can tell you 22 HV pistol shots are loud. The rifle almost always set the timer off also!! In the Ruckus we used a single barrel shotgun or single load any shotgun and the times were on par with centerfire. And we were only shooting one pistol (5 shots). 22s weren't any faster than centerfire. Also 22s seem to ring steel pretty good. Wiamea, at Orlando's match, we were shooting the plate rack on one stage,
  2. I recieved your email and photos..Thank you.

    That's a great looking rifle!!

    Not clear on whats been done on Marlin.

    A full Jimmy Spurs action job or just hammer, spring and follower.

    An estimate on shipping to Florida zip 32927?

    How old is the Marlin, as about what year?


    Bad Hombre

  3. Hi I have tried to send you an email tow times and it says not deliverable so sendf me back a new email address i have wgayle@cfl.rr.com

    Ct Yankee

    My Email address is rminer4712@aol.com

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