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  1. In Classic Cowboy shooting big bore, hammered double, and duelist the effects of a miss or train wreck can be astronomical. A rifle jam on a 25 sec stage that becomes a 45 sec stage, as HH observes when it happens on a relatively fast stage at a major match, a CCowboy may suddenly pick up 100-300 RP's and it may change the placement 5-10 places. Now that the WBAS has ironed some of the bugs out of that system it may be time to back test it into SASS to see what the results might be.
  2. HEY JACK! are you and Camisole shooting next weekend?

  3. Hey, eGG! It was my pleasure to meet you and your bride at Winter Range. Congratulations on your fine finish! Maybe Kiowa Kid will finally convince me to make the pilgrimage from Loveland to Lake George and we can shoot together sometime.



  4. what's up? it says you left me a message but damned if I can find it

  5. Gosh, it just seemed like the thing to do! "HI"

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