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  1. He was my posse marshal and emergency road assistance!
  2. Doc was one of my mentors early on. A great shooter and a great friend! Well done Doc, a pleasure shootin with ya again!
  3. Due to health issues for the past 6 years I have been but the self appointed welcome wagon at my state match. This weekend, I SHOT IT AGAIN! Since Mean Gun Mark and Boaz took the reigns on this shoot it has risen to new levels every year! This was a fast yet challenging match for all skill level of shooter! A long time veteran of SASS, who has shot from coast to coast, and won many championship matches said to me: “This is the best match that’s been put on here, it is probably the best match anywhere!” I wanna congratulate the top men’s and woman’s shooters, Cumberland Kid and my friend
  4. The feeling is mutual my friend!

  5. Think about you often my friend. Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Keep your eyes on the cross pard and don't forget to love your wife today. See you at GOA I hope!

  6. You are my friend Bilbo! Your up early!

  7. Morning Colt,

    Still have not heard from you or Deuce about the shooting school. Are you guys still planning on doing it? Buckshot is getting antsy about getting the schedule done, that is why I left you guys messages about what day, I am assuming Friday. Let me know buddy. I am liking that skb so far!

  8. Never mind my last transmission! I see what it is now. It was the wire telling me about a conversation where we were now wire friends from me last night. duh!

  9. Hey there Pard, Doc Eells here. I have been quite busy lately, but finally, I have the schedule done for side matches in Sparta. I thank you for offering up your time to help out! I have you down to work speed shotgun from 12-2. Not sure what stage this will be until I get there. Thanks again for your offer to help.

    Your Pard,

    Doc Eells

  10. Hello nice lady friend of mine! How ya doin? I get to see you in less than a week! Now, the work part. I thank you for offering your help with side matches! Sometimes it is real hard to get enough help. So, thanks a really lot. I have put you down to work with Fannie Kicker, from 2-4 on speed rifle. Look forward to seeing ya in Sparta!

    Your Pard,

    Doc Eells

  11. Hello Pard,

    Been pretty busy lately what with DJ and Ruthless. However, I have managed to get the schedule ready for side matches at the US Open. I have you down to work speed rifle from 12-2. Look forward to seeing you out there my friend. Until then, fair well.

    Your Pard,

    Doc Eells

  12. Hey there pard, Doc Eells here. I believe Fancy Free volunteered ya to help with side matches at the US Open! Me, not being proud took her up on it and scheduled you to work with her. I have you down to work speed pistol from 12-2. I appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you out there next week.

    Your pard,

    Doc Eells

  13. How about Mose and Bella? Mose's phone number is: 270-349-4392. You can tell him I gave you the number.

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