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    So to speak. Today, I retired from my Law Enforcement job, after 34 years of full time and 36 years total. I start in the morning at a local gun shop as manager. Working in Law Enforcement was a front seat at the greatest show on earth, but it's time to change to something else.
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    I'm on my way I guess. Rifle (73) should be here at the end of the week. Revolvers (Runnin Irons), should be here in 3 weeks. Still looking for a shotgun. Researching leather tonight and tomorrow, looking to order late tomorrow.
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    This was recently posted on Ruger's facebook page...
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    My wife and I went for a drive this morning to our local San Juan Mts to see the fall colors. It was spectacular! The Aspen and Oak Brush are blazing. Usually the first week of October is the best and this year didn't disappoint us. This area is about 1/2 hour away from us.
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    ........... and don't expect to have a healthy bank account for any time within the near future ......
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    With most targets at 10 - 12 yards, Chokes in yer shotgun are about like a Drag Chute on a Turtle. Cylinder bore works just fine.
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    I also got this stage painted. Wasn't too bad, it's only one target set a bit close. I put it in just in case Widder shows up. This is it from the furthest shooting position... Cap'n BB will probably just shoot this one 12 times. I'll let y'all know when the scores come out
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    You will need a gun cart in the very near future and to quote Imis...."Get a good hat".
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    Now I just want y'all to know that Tennessee Williams don't just eat Nanner Splits and Nanner Puddin', that boy can work. In fact he has been taking up my slack and painting targets the last few days and man has he got them looking good!!
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    Congratulations and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR SOCIETY. Hope you can enjoy your retirement as much as I have enjoyed mine.
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    Yes. She says, “Woof, y’all!”
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    Just go ahead and MOVE here; it's that good! I do suggest bringing hip waders...
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    Man if this match is anything like this conversation thread not only am I THAT much more excited for this trip out east, but without even shooting it yet and I feel I'm hooked and already need to start making plans for next years match!!
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    Yes, I'm guilty of looking at women, and looks, and their curves. To be honest, an amazing pair of eyes can do wonders for me, something I've realized more and more with the mask mandates! But I have to say, I've gotten into more trouble from Mrs. Doc for looking at cars driven by women than anything else. I vividly recall a conversation where she told me to stop looking at a woman. I told her I was looking at the car. She didn't believe me. (This was after I had gotten my Neon R/T, and I'm a bit of a Neon enthusiast so don't judge, but bear with me). I replied that since it was a first generation coupe, with four wheel disk brakes, and what looked like 15" wheels and low profile tires, I was trying to figure out if it was an ACR (American Club Racer) or not. After she mentioned it, I did glance up and it was driven by a young attractive female. Mrs. Doc's response was something to the effect of "Fine, stop staring at the car, she thinks you're looking at her, and it's annoying me."
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    Think we'll both fit? (Groucho Marx, 1933)
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    "Mom, if you and Dad get divorced, will he still be my uncle?"
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    I know I'll miss a shotgun target some day, but in this sport I doubt it will be due to the choke.
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    Doing well. No pain or numbness. That's a good sign. I am so ready to get this cast / brace thing off. I have another 8 days of wearing this thing. Thank you for asking.
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    I remember the first time I heard her song "I am woman". I was just a kid. I always liked her. I guess I even had a crush on her. I distinctly recall my Mom listening to the radio and that song came on and my Dad walked over and changed the station. My Mom changed it back. There were some harsh words spoken and then my Mom took the pot of chili she was making and dumped it in the sink and she told my Dad "Make your own damn lunch" and walked out. My Dad was an ass. Yes, Ms. Reddy had an impact. Rest In Peace, Helen Reddy.
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    IMIS, those of us who planned months ahead have ended up having Heart surgery, hip or knee surgery or back issues/surgery. Folks like TN Williams don't make plans for nothin except plans to cause trouble..... I think it was his HooDoo doll that put the hex on me and Randy. ..........Widder
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    I see the Outlaws have their parts of the targets painted orange. kR
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    Ruger purchased Marlin. If Ruger had simply been interested in jumping into the lever gun market; they could have easily done so on their own (see AR rifles and 1911's). Im sure they purchased Marlin exactly for their product portfolio and name recognition within their niche. So while I assume quality will improve. I sincerely doubt you will see any kind of wholesale changes in the product itself and really question whether any "oddball" wish list firearms will appear sporting the Marlin name. When you purchase an asset for it's specific strengths (in this case, product mix and name) - the last thing you do is make significant external or recognizable changes that may dilute the very thing you paid for.
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    Dennis Weaver, aka Chester, thought the stiff leg would add to the persona of his character. Nothing more than a broomstick handle taped to his leg. Every once in a while you can see the end of it poking the pants leg. Many years later he stated how miserable it to wear it and wished he never had come up with the idea.
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    This was recently posted on Ruger's facebook page...
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    Congratulations! I hung it up after 26 years and only miss the people I worked with. Not dealing with the "questionable" members of society.
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    Thank-you for your loyal and dedicated service.
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    That ain't the one that you carry in your shirt pocket, is it, Mark?
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    A GOOD friend found 10,000 Winchester SPP s and bought 8000 for me. They were 39.00/1000 but I got them! I need to send him a bottle.
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    Dang you. I ordered it. And I was thinking, “Hey, this has been a pretty good day. I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon!”
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    Cowboy, If you think some of this talk is 'brash', just wait till you meet Krazy Kajun. He's a CoonAss. Shoots like one too. And you'll know TN Williams before you meet him. He walks thru the parking lot and will stop and tell hisowndangself a joke, slap hisself on the back and sez...."thats funny" and then walks away laughing. Nobody else is around him. He just laughs at hisself. ..........Widder
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    Never, ever, ever use a debit card for purchases. Credit cards are insured and easier to recover than debit cards, which are tied directly into your bank account(s).
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    I just read the Chronicle and saw that EOT is moving to Phoenix and Land Run will be the new National Championship.
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    And the one that gets my wife the most: The entire room dedicated to reloading. And clothes. And safes. And...
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    Have yall considered starting now for next year? Oh, the work already has. I was talking about the lying and cowpie tossing. My reputation remains unsullied. Imis
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    Didn't see anyone mention the camper yet but you have time.
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    It’s not quite that simplistic. My first wife had some knockout curves and was about 5’-4” tall. It didn’t matter how she dressed. Sometimes she’d rock the cleavage just to get a reaction and make me smile. Most times she was quite modest to the point of almost hiding her curves. It didn’t matter. Men, with an average height near 6’, would go to great lengths to look past her face and eyes and go straight for the ta-tas. As much as the marriage did not end well, I learned a valuable lesson about respectfully engaging women by making the conscious choice to look directly into their eyes, even before beginning the conversation. However, an unintended consequence of that habit occurred when a female colleague, who I got along with quite well, made a comment about how “engaged” I was and always seemed to be interested in what she said. She mentioned the constant eye contact, and we had the friendship that allowed me to tell her about my ex’s situation. She chuckled and said she wished all men had my perspective.
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    The scores are now available at https://www.so-mo-rangers.com/match-results/2020/sep/
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    Congratulations, and thank you for all the weekends and holidays you worked to keep us safe. Duffield
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    I disagree. Reports form California and the few other "expected" states is that the new buyers were shocked the restrictions applied to them. They were just supposed to apply to criminals and, well, not them. And they believed buying a gun was easier than getting a driver's license; the media told them this was so. Well, that is until they realized the first document they needed was a driver's license so getting a firearm -- whatever that entails -- is on top of getting a driver's license. And this is for in-stock firearms. Wait until they get a second gun, and have to wait ten days again. Or they order a second gun exactly like they want, and find out the ten day timer does not start until the 4473 is approved, having already waited longer than ten days sonic the order was placed; and this is the second gun, damn it! What purpose does waiting now serve? And another background check for each ammo purchase? They already got approval for the gun! Let's help them see the light that these "common sense" controls serve no purpose but to harass them; even though they used to think it was just the bad guys (which may have included us), but now 5,000,000 more citizens know what they voted for and supported and they are finding out they don't like it. Because they are now us.
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    As unpleasant as it is to look at that burn scar so close to your home, the silver lining is it will be quite a while before it can burn again. Maybe that can provide some peace of mind. I hope.
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    Well the debate commission is supposedly pushing for a mike cut off in the final two debates. Don't know that that is a solution. If we take moderator interuptions of the candidates as a stand in for mike cut offs - Wallace interupted Biden 15 times and Trump 76 times. Cutting a candidates mike 76 times in a 90 minute debate seems a little bit excessive, especially if you only do it 15 times for the other candidate. Maybe if they do it so that mikes go on and off during each candidates time with the moderators mike going off also after asking the question so they can't interject themselves in the middle of the candidates response.
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    Oh man! Those are meant to be taken yearly! That time Widder didn't finish after me, he won the bragging rights to carry it on his gun cart. Word is he gained 12 pounds of muscle and 20 IQ points just from being in close proximity to the can! Wimmin spontaneously get the vapors all along the interstate when he drives to Wartrace. There's no telling whats gonna happen to you!
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    kind of like no target is so big you can't miss, I can see where it hit the edge, it's a hit.
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    ............. does this conform to the rules of this thread ???
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