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  1. PS, Shoot a 73' 32 WCF.....Had carbon fiber...Just replaced with Al from Shotgun Boogie...Think its better than Carbon Fiber...little less drag Your mileage may differ.. TR
  2. Howdy Rick Nice Rifle...Box says it has 32" barrel.... TR
  3. Devil Dog, Are you having specific problems with your 32 WCF Uberti rifle? Something that really helped mine was installation of magazine liner. Straightens round in mag tube loads straighter to lifter. Regards TR
  4. Abilene, Pickens have been pretty Lean....Seems to Wax and Wane with supply of Ruger SBH's... TR
  5. Chas, Those appear to be Heat and bend....Little to skinny for my fat thumb,,,,,,Every body's mileage may vary....Also add, We're blessed with whole munch of talented craftsman for our collective Hobby,, Nice Pistols by the Way!!!! Regards TR
  6. To the Fire, Been couple Threads on this topic Lately, Thought I'd weigh in. Recently working on Project with getting a pair of Cimarron Model P Jr's online for this season. I shoot FCD and find it necessary to have Lowered Hammers. They are not available as a stocked part from Cimarron, VTI or Taylors. I called "Lassiter", he includes cut&weld hammers in his wheel-house. Wanted to give brief outline of his work with some pics. First off, Lassiter had me include a drawing of what I wanted, which helps him simplify project goals. His turn around was lightening fast. I'm not the first nor be the last to compliment his workmanship and expertise. End result of project was Ruger SBH hammers spurs on Jr's hammers. Any Questions Please don't Hesitate to ask. Any Pards looking for this Service Highly recommend contacting "Lassiter" Regards Texas Red
  7. B Squared, Take a look at Boulet Boots outa of Canada....our Wild West Merc in Mesa, AZ....stock and sells them...Brown and Black,,,Round or Square toe... Good Boots.. Regards Texas Red
  8. Welcome to the Fire Blaze, +1 on Abilene's load....When I load smokeless usually use Red Dot because it's available and load other calibers with Same. Primary load with BP and Subs. Always with 115 Gr bullet. Hope that Helps? Regards Texas Red
  9. R squared Might look at these....https://www.slixprings.com/proddetail.php?prod=SliXprings-Scraper TR
  10. Amazed this still Here!!!!!! BTT for a Good Pard......
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