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  1. Many Thanks, loading for my first smokeless match.....See how the other side lives... Regards TR
  2. To The Fire... Requesting Load Data for: 38 Caliber 125 grain 38 Long Colt Brass And Red Dot Powder..... Many Thanks Texas Red
  3. GranPaw Mark me Down for #4.... Please PM with Details on Gold shipment... Regards Texas Red
  4. Wild Ben, I'll take the Sunbody Straw.........PM headed your way.... Regards Texas Red
  5. Ol' Number 4 I'll take one, if it'll fit a Uberti 73'?...Let me know where to send Gold Dust......via PM Many Thanks Texas Red
  6. To the Fire... In Search Of.... Uberti Cimarron 1873 rifle 32-20 or 32 WCF caliber prefer Octagon barrel....What's out there..... Thanks Texas Red
  7. Yul That's some good brass cleaning...even thou it's smokeless...what powder do you use?? I think your Rebel tumbler does a Great job compare to the Frankford model. I shoot BP and have tried Dawn, LemiShine and Strato Sheen without your kind of results. Add the pins and my 44 WCF and 38 Long Colt come out Shining Like Diamond in Goats A$$....Keep up the Great work Best Regards Texas Red
  8. Snake Oil George does wonderful work..... Texas Red
  9. YL, Absolutely Amazing..Just Amazing....Best Birthday Gift Great Daughter.. TR
  10. Yul, You'd be most welcome to join us... Regards TR
  11. WSquared, While back ran into same problem...Gotta couple I can sell....PM me and we'll work out a solution...if you still need them... Regards TR
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