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  1. First part-not true. If you’re an alcoholic that drinks alcohol all day, you can die from not drinking. Do Not Quit cold turkey. Your blood will thicken. Some people’s body cannot handle this. I’ve known 2 people who were taken by ambulance and survived this. The third was found in his home too late. I tell you this as a warning: seek medical help Before quitting heavy daily drinking.
  2. Any alcohol can cause a hangover. A gallon jug of water by the bed and charred toast. The cheap stuff is worse. The sweetness covers up the cheap stuff and makes it go down in larger volumes. The worst: high elevation with cheap stuff after a long day of work.
  3. Millennials are the lowest percentage of automobile drivers. They Might not provide enough monetary demand. I think they would pay it just to keep the gas smell off of their hands. The gas station should switch to a flat fee per service. It will stop the cheapskates from buying one gallon to get their tires aired and oil checked. Maybe some of the millennials will put more than 2 gallons of gas in their car at a time. The gas station employees typically ignore the handicap call button and horn honking. You have to call the phone number to get someone to come out to the handicap pump. Putting your handicap placard on the mirror does not seem to make a difference. Costco still has a full time attendant who will pump your gas without additional charge.
  4. X2, plant the feet and draw the charge. Raise my water if I have one. Maybe it will soak in better if they get a little wet.
  5. No honey, this one isn’t new. The manufacturer just wanted it in the original box for shipping and warranty service.
  6. The 17hmr revolver is less impressive than a rifle but still better than the 22lr revolver. Look at the Single Six or the Taurus Tracker. I’ll not buy another Chiappa SAA 17. Chiappa did well to stand behind it but the Single Six and Tracker stood on their own without multiple trips to the factory. Shorter barrel length and cylinder gap hurt you with a revolver. From reading: 22LR acceleration drops off sharply at 8” while 17hmr drops sharply at 11” barrel length. Peak velocity is 15-17” from the 22lr and 18-21” with the 17hmr. Those lenths are in bolt action rifle barrels, the length will shorten in a revolver with cylinder gap. These numbers will vary with the ammunition used. The BC of .17 and .22 can be in compared and supported any way you prefer. Put the 15.5gr 17 against the 60gr 22 and the 17 might as well be a ‘67 beetle. Compare the 20gr 17 to the 30gr 22 and you can change that. If you want rifle/revolver set, buy it. You can always sell it later and the Single Six 17 seems to hold its value well.
  7. The 22LR was the assassins choice because it scrambled the brain.
  8. Also important for rebates. Make sure the receipt has a UPC or model number.
  9. Yes, the rear glass will break easily.
  10. Plastic can get a guy in trouble in a hurry. I quit counting when I run out of fingers.
  11. Sounds like you need to switch from gun grease to gun oil and use liberally. It will eliminate those stovepipes.
  12. I am positive that post has multiple failure points.
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