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  1. I should have explained more clearly. I have several rifles from .260-338, including another 7mm-08. This is a spare that Savage bore sighted and I never shot. Some of the cartridges I've thought about in a field barrel are .204 Ruger, 222 .243 Win, 6.5 Creed, 350 Legend, .35 Rem. Take off 243 barrels are available and everything else will be the same. Typically I would sell the extra rifle and buy a factory built .243 Rem. Given the current market, would I be better off rebarreling it instead of selling it? Keeping the rifle as is, collecting dust is not an option.
  2. The bank prints several checks per page, the miniature copies are attached to the back of the monthly statement. A full size print out of a particular check can be requested from the teller for no charge.
  3. The Hero Of Canton's thread reminded me of a 7mm-08 collecting dust. It has never seen a round nor likely to see one. Typically a factory rifle would hit the road and be replaced with another. That replacement will be expensive given the current market. Should it be kept and rebarrel to .243 Win or sell as is and try to find a replacement?
  4. This particular stainless is brushed, maybe a mild shiny finish. A matte silver that tone matches would look good. My gloss reference was for deep blued barrels in a high gloss stock. The local store didn't have a gloss finish scope to match a model 70 last year.
  5. Do you match the scope finish to your rifle finish? Bought a stainless steel rifle that was going to get a silver scope until the recent price hike. Looks like grey shades have gone away with the gloss scopes. Do the manufacturers expect us to put flat matte scopes on everything?
  6. It was on tv a few months ago. The channel prefaced the movie with a warning along the lines of this fictional movie may resemble some current events and trigger related emotions. Outbreak from 1995 is another good one to watch.
  7. Our local does and the state college set up a texting program. I've had text without pictures go through where calls wouldn't. Sometimes nothing would go through but the satellite phone.
  8. $1.50 for a round? Yes, to add one round to the display, not for shooting.
  9. The chili sandwich works better with chilled leftover chili. The sauce has thickened and will not soften the bun too quickly. The chili must be heated to make a chili burger as the taste is unacceptable against the warm beef pattie.
  10. If Bill does not have a gun, bill is not hunting and a license is not required. Bill does have to conform with hunting ethics laws like driving game or spotting game by aircraft, radio use.
  11. Jeff Quinn's estate firearms auctions brought well above market value. I expect these 1 of 500 revolvers to do the same.
  12. Are you looking for the Henry minibolt or a lever action youth model?
  13. Ok, Ruger probably e-mailed thousands of us. They have produced a commemorative GP100 for Jeff Quinn. What do you think of it? https://gunblast.com/Ruger-JQGP100.htm
  14. I've been using Scott Nofog from the snowmobile dealer. It is marketed for goggles and helmet visors.
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