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  1. Steel case in the AR has never been a problem for me once the BCG is broke in. Sometimes they have a harder primer so a new upper assembly has inconsistent ignition.
  2. Years ago, the neighbor’s glass case was broke from his high school kid and friends screwing around in the living room. He got rid of their python or boa and left the broken case as a reminder not to horse around inside. It was the first thing you saw when you walked in. They would let visitors think it had just happened and the snake had escaped into the house. People would randomly run out of their house screaming.
  3. My local store stopped accepting consignments because of the looters. Haven’t checked with small stores farther away, the big local stores never took consignments.
  4. That is a good thing. It shows we are responsible and safety conscious. Those are rare qualities on the internet these days.
  5. Keep a ball and mit in the car with that bat, your lawyer will thank you.
  6. That is unsafe, they didn’t install the cotter pin.
  7. I would probably just close the fire door at the top of the steps and wait for the police. Much easier than the wrongful death lawsuit that would surely follow. If I just got home from that terrible boating accident and the gunstore was closed, it would be the AAA collector Louisville Slugger on the wall. If they attack before this covid remodel project is done, it would be the flatbar and claw hammer sitting by the pile of trim.
  8. I got the impression Matt and Kitty got together but he never went to Jarod’s like Kitty wanted.
  9. The local sporting goods store and walmart have new 10/22 for $200 plus tax. No shipping or transfer fees.
  10. They might not be able to restock after the sale.
  11. The 870 is for amateurs, a real one man army carries the KSG-25 or AA12. I’ve always wanted to try a punt gun.
  12. I should have offered more background. Most of my 45-70 experience is with modern lever actions in 20 or 24” barrels. Shooting factory hunting loads or buffalo bore loads. The opportunity presented itself to trade for a 7” handgun. Hoping to come up with a light load that will not scare her off. This rules out BP as she will not tolerate the aroma. It sounds like we can load it light enough to work. Thank you
  13. How light can a 45-70 load safely be? Looking for a powderpuff training comparison.
  14. https://www.remington.com/sites/default/files/rebate/file/Remington_2020_Summer_Rebates-Ammunition.pdf
  15. Sydney Nebraska. It is saddening to drive through there now.
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