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  1. @Seamus McGillicuddy the protesters disagree with you about John McClane, unless you’re saying not to renew his service contract. They say that Hans Gruber did not need killing and it was excessive force. https://babylonbee.com/news/large-turnout-for-memorial-for-hans-gruber-who-was-thrown-from-a-building-by-a-police-officer
  2. Thanksgiving will be a small gathering this year. We won’t be spending the night preparing so I desided to check what GRIT had to offer. Chisum. Love it, hate it, or indifferent? List your favorite scene.
  3. He got busy raising his family and patrolling the streets of Chicago for ten years. They say he travels now.
  4. Send the inlaws on a nice cruise, they say tickets are cheap right now.
  5. The real reason for underwear, containment.
  6. Yes. The solar fields are replacing row crops here. Then they put the feed lines and towers through the neighbors fields. After the contract expires in 20-30 years, it is the farmer’s expense to remove the solar panels and deal with the EPA.
  7. Thanks Cholla. We were getting low on groceries and buckets. I wonder what she’ll say when this reaches the doorstep. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021687746?pid=322909
  8. A lot of people have switched to internet banking like Chase bank. They don’t have a local branch. You deposit checks by direct deposit or taking a picture of it on your phone. Pay all your bills online. Live on plastic. You can get an atm card for cash. The ATM owner usually charges $3 per withdrawal whether it is $20 or $200. That being said, I wouldn’t trust that buyer either.
  9. Good idea. Tomorrow’s project should involve cleaning the drawer of old boxes left by arms that went down the trail.
  10. FBI switched to 9mm again so many municipalities and civilians followed. The market dropped out of 40 a couple years ago. Many retailers talked about being shocked by the demand for 40 during this COVID scare.
  11. @bgavin Do you pay the firearm safety course fee for each individual firearm or is it valid for a set time period?
  12. A local shop here is the same way. Transfers from online sales have kept him in the black the last three years. As a small shop, he was never able to climb up the distributor’s volume pricing scale. Transfers don’t add to his overhead like inventory.
  13. The local shop sold some dusty 357sig pistols because they still had 357 sig boxes on the shelf. Ammo was limited to two boxes per person per day or per firearm purchase. One customer bought 2 pistols to buy 4 boxes. Personally, I might buy a conversion barrel to fire 357 sig through an existing 40 s&w. Overpaying the current pistol prices for an available ammunition that has never been more than a curiosity, no thanks. If the 357 sig pistol was on sale, I may buy it, then buy a conversion barrel to run 40 or 9 through it.
  14. To the original post: The prices for smelters and casting equipment has gone up at local estate auctions. The lead bars have slightly gone up in price. All other components and factory rounds have gone up considerably. They are still out there for cash if you’re willing to beat the going bid. I’ve found bartering to be more economical lately. Many of those new gun buyers don’t know enough about firearms and the laws to know the difference. If the “study” asks “Do you support gun control?” “Do you support universal background checks to end gun show loopholes?” the ignorant participant has been given no definition or description of the terms or proposal. They have further been misinformed by inferring there is a loophole at gun shows. I can understand why they vote yes. It is our job to educate them about misinformation, cherry picked stats, and changes that could be effective rather than another restriction on law abiding citizens.
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