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  1. Thank you for being ever vigilant. Clearly I should not have attempted math at that hour without paper and pencil. The post has been edited. 0.795 miles per second is based on a 204 Ruger factory load at 4,200 fps.
  2. Bullets can travel at 0.62mi/hr but they can also travel at 0.795 mi/hr or faster. Either way, it is not 124mi/hr. But what is the speed attained in the vacuum of space? Does the lack of air friction allow the bullet to travel much faster? edit: units should be miles per second.
  3. Finally saw it. Good film, you don’t even realize you’re sitting there for 2.5 hours.
  4. SAR forms are filed at $5k cash per 7 calendar days or lower if it is suspicious or unusual activity for that individual. Typically they just need your id to “update our records”
  5. There were a lot of Buffalo Soldiers who went west.
  6. The boat sunk so fast, it got in the undertow.
  7. NRS Zepher self inflating PFD, it is like a tiny fanny pack. Cut off the waist strap and attach a quick detach picatiny mount. Inflates when it gets wet and holds 15#. The big yellow air bladder will give away your position to the enemy.
  8. For a while. Water will seep into the butt stock without the aid of duct tape or another sealant.
  9. With the S&W Sport, he could use a 50 BMG upper. That is not an option with the Mini.
  10. Based on the limited information you gave us, I would get the Mini. ARs are flooding the market and should be at least $100 less than the Mini not including the unknown scope value. This recommendation could change depending on your intended use, like a steel challenge match versus hunting.
  11. They changed the barrel design for a more consistent POI. The newer Mini does not need the strut.
  12. Congratulations on surviving your first and serious accident. If you liked your Ranger, are you looking at another? It seems to have served you well, walking away from a 70 mph rollover.
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