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  1. H001TRP The Henry small game rifle Octagon barrel (feels like a proper lever action), peep rear sight (great for bad eyes), large loop for year round shooting, 22lr for cheap plinking. Had the golden boy and it was nice but the drop was too much for me and the open sights are not optimal with my eyes. The standard loop lever was not glove friendly. Tried the H001L, the hooded front sight was an improvement. The short carbine sight radius was quick handling but gave up tack driving performance. It handled very well and was quick to track a running rabbit. Sometimes too quick to move with a wind gust. All three were butter smooth and functioned flawless.
  2. She even kept her hair styled. That must be industrial old with high flash point hair spray.
  3. In El Dorado, Cole Thornton spin cocked the rifle in the cabin. His right arm was still gimped, he practiced one armed. Then he went back to town to face Nelse McCloud.
  4. If not paying attention, it happens to the best of us. A little super glue and you’re back in action. Better than the finger burn semi auto guys get from fingering the cylinder gap. Have you tried practicing with a full size frame model? That helps with grip training and finger placement.
  5. The helplessness and loss brought us together in an instant. The History channel has had coverage all day. 102 Minutes that Changed America is on now. Surprised I haven’t heard Daryl Worley’s Have You Forgotten on the radio today.
  6. There was going to be a ginger print scanner and breathalyzer at each lane door. Some of the firearms community was not excited about being finger printed, so the scanners never got installed.
  7. Has anyone seen an automated ammunition dispensing machine? Saw this in a news article, bullets by the pound in the store: https://alpinerange.com/facebook-ammunition-special-9mm-10-pounds/ A local nonprofit range tried to setup an unmanned 24hr sttion with self serve, like a sandwich vending machine. It would require you to swipe your state id and member card for proof of age. Of course the lawyer stopped it before it was installed but after they had bought the equipment.
  8. X2, the hook material should be on the holster and the loop side should be sewn in the pocket. When you are not carrying that holster, the loop material will not impede use of the pocket. The loop material can grab the other side of the pocket (holding it closed) or hook onto items you put in the pocket.
  9. Extra tidbit: Did you notice Ol’ Dollar was sometimes referenced almost forcibly in The Shootist? John Wayne felt so stongly about Ol’ Dollar, he had it in his contract that Ol’ Dollars ‘s name will be in the final cut X number of times.
  10. Watching Tall Man Riding tonight made me wonder about Randolph Scott’s palomino. Found this short read about several famous horses from the 1920s-1950s. https://reelrundown.com/celebrities/Horses-of-Famous-Western-Film-Stars-and-their-Sidekicks
  11. Then running out of room for safes, the the city telling you you’re too close to the lot line to expand.
  12. Since the 357 sig is .355 cal, could the Ruger PCC 9 be rechambered? Would the higher pressure (~14% more than 40 S&W) be too much for the breach after machining the larger chamber?
  13. I was referring to the recent proposals, 2017 &2018 if memory serves. The Clinton ban did not classify the model 60 as an assault weapon. Eliminating suppressors is their goal. I’ll miss the recoil reducing breaks more.
  14. If it is pink and has a box magazine, like my 10/22. This ban is slightly less inclusive thn previous versions. The old proposal didn’t exempt for tube magazines so the Marlin 60 was also an assault weapon. The 2019 proposal exempts 22 cal rimfire tubular magazines.
  15. Grandpa used to talk about his mom making it before the Great Depression. We still eat it today but refer to it as ham and taters now. Maybe it was to differentiate them from the irish potato dishes? “Sweets” was not on any menu I read last weekend in Chicago. Pizza is the popular thing now, each place said it would be at least 2 hours.
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