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  1. I used a GoPro for a while. Replaceable micro sd. Easy to move from truck to bike, then in pocket so it wasn't stolen from the bike. Had to remember to turn it on every time and charge it. Things I learned and would want: Auto on with movement so it would've recorded the hit and run driving away. Auto on with ignition so I didn't have to remember to turn it on. Something that can be hardwired instead of batteries. Auto looping where it records over old footage so you don't have to manually wipe the old files. A single camera you move from vehicle t
  2. State, domestic violence charge where the wife was the offender. The husband was charged.
  3. Or when you sell it years later she takes the money. Now you're out a gun and the money for the one you were going to buy. Try I won it at the duck unlimited, whitetails, legion, (insert charity here) raffle.
  4. Does it have to be presidential? I thought the governor could do it.
  5. He should've known better than to try to keep up with a Buell.
  6. What model is the car? The video claims Ferrari, it looks like a Lamborghini Murcielago Super Veloce.
  7. Manually squeeze the jaws to relieve tension, try to rotate the handle. Some are fixed and some will rotate. I prefer this model hung on a tea cup hook. Otherwise you'll need a grabber to pick up your grabber. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/tools/hand-tools/pickup-tools/2301190
  8. Did she say it had to be done gracefully? The video is how I got out of the '04 last time. It was easy to get into as the average buyer at the time was 60. It also had proper pedal spacing, the '95 pedals were so tight I had to remove the right shoe before driving.
  9. One sold for $650 at local auction 2 months ago. It was rougher, like a trapper used it for 5 seasons. Supposedly to look more authentic like a battle worn m1.
  10. No, carry permits had to be mailed in for a few months. Then it was back to in person renewal. I was not allowed to mail in (one week too late). Yes, drivers license extensions did happen here.
  11. From the few I've talked to, those are proud names and have support.
  12. Wooded knuckles turned out to be training, made for tough fists in later fights. That metal thimble behind the ear throughout class was pure pain. Interesting read: https://www.pbs.org/food/the-history-kitchen/history-school-lunch/
  13. An extended kickstand is handy, no digging in a saddle bag for a parking puck before you can dismount. Also works for grass parking.
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