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  1. Where do you find the number to dial when people move, change numbers, drop landlines, get new cell phones? We haven't received a new phone book in years.
  2. This happened to me in the right ear. No pain just deafness. Thought people were prank calling until we had a meeting. Doctor found swelling from infection, no wax, prescribed pills. Took a few days to start working. Hearing was back to normal in a week. Hopefully yours is as simple.
  3. You can block all non contacts on Android as well. There is also a digit filter amd a custom ringtone setting for contacts only.
  4. I'd be too confused to be angered. Do I know them? Did I forget them? (Happening more often with age) How do they know my name? Is this real or a scam? Now I forgot what I was selling and what the price Is.
  5. First rifle ethically capable of taking deer: 336 First rifle purchased for the purpose of deer: 92
  6. No. The power goes out too often for a plug in clock. I'll stick to changing the clock battery when doing the smoke alarm batteries.
  7. It wouldn't be a proper saloon response if we didn't over analyze and list every possibility. I prefer a curved jaw like the Channellock 447. The cutting edge is not inline with the hand so there is room for the knuckles on a flush cut. They also allow leverage for pulling staples. https://channellock.com/product/447/ For nipping little bits around the house, the 6" straight Klein is handy. https://www.kleintools.com/catalog/standard-diagonal-cutting-pliers/diagonal-cutting-pliers-tapered-nose-6-inch Make sure whatever you get at the local hardwa
  8. It has been around for years. It is run by Buds Gun Shop, sharing their volume discount. I've never used it as the local shop has handled shipping.
  9. Say it in inches and that target becomes impressive.
  10. They'll probably claim that refers to hunting too, an early taxidermy law.
  11. Question 2: no, they need to experience the slums to truly appreciate the new craft.
  12. The Hollywood movie was on the TV guide, made me look for the true story article. https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887323375204578269991660836834 Read it, started thinking, there are many friends that have come and gone. Now we just see eachother at funerals. Do any of you have a unique method of staying in touch as people move around the world?
  13. There was a lack of driving last year, oil prices dropped. Vehicle demand, fuel prices, labor costs have increased so parts will too. Is it a material shortage or labor or importing or higher than forecasted demand? I do expect prices to rise.
  14. Non-SASS use Looking for advice from those with hands on experience on the Uberti 1873 or Henry 357. Looking for something that can be mildly slicked and shortish throw. Not looking for a full race work over that is ammo picky. Will be used for hunting and playing at the range. Other models to look at?
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