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  1. X2, good domestic quality, affordable. If you slick up the trigger on your Glock, it also works on the CCU instead of paying for 2 triggers.
  2. Not often. Something generally has to break to cause an alignment issue. The track is aligned during initial dealer setup. It is more common for a track to rip apart into a long ribbon instead of a loop. That is a wild ride because you have vary little control when the track shoots off.
  3. Kind of. CanAm offers two different style track systems, a year round bogie system(different) and a snowmobile style snow only system (2" paddle with through window drive).
  4. Track equipped ATVs and SxS are great in the mud and swamp. Low impact on farm land, more surface area. The increased ground clearance is nice for obstacles but not fun to climb up onto for old farts. The ride is a little smoother. You'll never have a been stubble flat again. The tracks add thousands of dollars to the price tag so you really have to want them. Edit: I looked up the CanAm specific ATV Appache track system. It retails for about $4,200 plus install for the tracks and mounting kit.
  5. The increase in fuel economy from straight gas may cover that dollar.
  6. Run the 15% ethanol blend if thats all you can get in an outage. It will get you through the storm. Then drain your system and get quality gasoline through it to flush out any remaining ethanol blend. Do not run the full ethanol fuel unless your generator is rated for it.
  7. Been running 100LL in the moped for years. It can sit for months without gumming the tiny jets. The bowl evaporates without leaving a varnish. Just prime the carb and it starts right up. No issues with the steel gas tank. Why do you recommend against it? What problems should I be checking for? The generator always use to run straight gasoline from the local jobber. Now that fuel requires stabilizer to last more than a couple months. We run VP race gas in the generator and all off road engines now. It doesn't require any stabilizer and is ready to go whenever you ask it to. Then there is that scent.
  8. 3/4 ton, it is a matter of safety when slowing and turning. A gasser will do well for what you need. The Triton V10 6.8L is worth a look. Low end torque delivery was better than the Chevy V8 8.1L, still not a modern turbo diesel Powerstroke. Served well as a farm, towing, plow truck. Yes, the Triton series is known to have cam phaser and spark plug issues. It helps if you are patient, not rammy, when changing spark plugs. The Ford and the Chevy gasser can pull exhaust studs, its a dissimilar metal issue. Never owned a Duramax. On road trips, the Powerstroke never had a problem walking away from one. The Duramax did get a couple extra mpg.
  9. It looks like it was made in California.
  10. And if it is spent, they have more consumer data to sell. I use them to pay for gasoline at the local station.
  11. You can order boxes of TP now. Everybody should use it and it doesn't fit in the mail box. About anyone can lift it.
  12. Our mail came early this week. The mail woman skipped all the people who didn't plow vehicle access to their mailbox so she was early getting to mine that had been plowed clean.
  13. We put chicken wire fence on the outside of the chainlink to stop those little pests. No Armadillos here.
  14. Fire Sights were the best solution for my 22. They would look like a pig in spats on a Henry. I didn't find Williams Fire Sights for Henry. HiViz makes dovetail fiber optic sights for Henry. They also have a magnetic sight so you could remove it for matches. Or leave your Henry alone and wear a headband lamp. That will light up your factory sights. It will also ensure there is light where you're looking rather than wjere the wife is looking.
  15. A little piece of glow in the dark tape on the sights, then you can remove it for matches. You could paint it with glow in the dark paint. Comes in a little touch up bottle like nail polish. The paint looks like white dot sights in the daylight.
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