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  1. The Forgotten Winchester, found 8 years ago, indicates there are still guns to be had.
  2. I'd save your money for a used Rossi 62, steel construction. The current production functions as intended. The pump requires more authority than I think it should.
  3. I have seen a dry mentos placed on a tongue and a swig of diet coke. That guy made a mess.
  4. Wouldn't the saliva and stomach acid have the same effect as water, forming a barrier?
  5. Correct, unless the piece is old enough to not be a gun by federal law, a possibility in this sport.
  6. Who wrote that piece? I'm not an attorney. My understanding from reading the federal law is that the handgun must be transferred through an FFL in the receiving state. Meaning uncle Henry can walk into Johnny's local shop, hand them the peice, they transfer it to little Johnny. If it is a long gun, little Johnny can receive it from an FFL in cousin Leroy's state where they all met for a funeral and Henry nor Johnny reside. This is all assuming uncle Henry is living, inheritance law is different.
  7. KelTec offers a folding 223. https://www.keltecweapons.com/firearm/rifles/su16/
  8. They're not funny, they're downright informative. I would yell every time the one came on about having throw pillows on the couch, not allowing people to sit. The newer one with the remote velcroed down made me go get some adhesive velcro strips.
  9. Ruger specifically addressed this in a press release. They could make more of their guns legal but it was not worth the cost and paperwork to do so in California.
  10. The 40 with Federal 165 fmj will consistently hit a paper plate at 100 yards with factory sights. We did not try the 9 at distance. Both have been reliable plinkers. Each have less than 3,000 rounds through them.
  11. Is there a firearm declaration from? The local counter guy said there is nothing different from any other package.
  12. Thank you. My UPS knowingly ships from me to an FFL. “b) Where not otherwise prohibited by federal, state or local law, such as: (i) from an individual to a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector”
  13. @Howlin Mad Murdock SASS #4037 How does that brake compare for rearward recoil reduction?
  14. Expanding on this, can two nonresidents share ammunition at a shoot in California? Would a husband and wife have to bring individually labeled boxes?
  15. No, the thread was about recoil reduction brakes, not sound manipulation. I'll try the outside search method.
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