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  1. I'm looking forward to attending the match for the first time.
  2. We've been at this a while and have seen several shooters grow up from junior shooters to adults. We've been flattered to have been considered family by two amazing young people, both previous/current state champions, and to have been guests at their weddings - one of which was just yesterday. I got a very nice compliment from the groom yesterday thanking us for all we've done for CAS because without our friendship and encouragement, he would not have so much of what was apparent at yesterday's ceremony where his "cowboy family" was referred to by their aliases on the posted seating chart, bringing about lots of comments from other guests.
  3. We haven't moved to online registrations. Our parent club doesn't do credit cards. It's all USPS. Besides the point that it could be a disadvantage to many, it also could cause me to lose my mind. Currently, going to the mailbox and reading those names on the return address carries with it smiles and memories. The fight to the finish to get into the match coupled with online registrations would add so much more stress to the already stressful jobs I do and oversee. I guess I'm just eternally grateful that our match is successful without selling out in a matter of days. Don't get me wrong, I suppose I'd love to see a quick sell out so that I could direct my efforts to other tasks. However, I'm also very comfortable with the status quo.
  4. We built up to capacity and held it there for a few years but now we are at about 75% and holding close to that even with COVID and the price increases we are currently going through. Our capacity is 200 but we will overflow to 220 before turning registrations away.
  5. No! Registration opens and everyone has an equal opportunity to attend.
  6. I was told that one of the companies that offers a scoring program will loan out the equipment (I can only assume it would be timers and tablets). You receive it prior to the match and then return it after the match. Does anyone else know anything about this?
  7. Outlaw Preacher, Go to a match, or even several matches. The nuances of the categories will become much clearer as you become more familiar with the game. Shooting in the age based categories, you can use pretty much anything and it's how many new shooters choose to start out. Classic and B Western have costume and firearm specifications.
  8. I agree with many of the above responses. If the category of Classic Gunfighter was created, I would be fine with that. I know that it's been "wished" before that one could shoot gunfighter in the Classic Cowboy category. The answer has always been that a shooter could meet the classic requirements for attire and firearms and shoot gunfighter if so desired, they could not shoot in the clasic category. That seems to be the consensus here as well.
  9. Congratulations my friend! I was once told that getting it was easy. Living up to it is the hard part. Welcome to the hard part.
  10. I searched through their website for a brick and mortar address and found nothing except for an address in NC for returns. I've never heard of them, and in our household anf friends circle we know of or have seen billboards for most outdoors businesses in the eastern part of the state. Any business that hides their address seems fishy to me.
  11. It was great to see that some of our PA shooters were there and also did well. I'll be looking forward to seeing them and hearing all about the match.
  12. Since there are shooters that usually always finish near the bottom for many reasons, I don't find a 2000 second finish on a 12 stage match all that hard to believe. Years ago we shot with a frontiersman that always shot stages in over 2 minutes. In fact, if it was looking like he'd have a faster finish, it was not unusual for him to stop and chat with the TO. There was another that shot a Spencer and had to load those extra rounds on the clock. We have shooters that may not be able to shoot the shotgun and take those misses on every stage. There are still others that are slow shooters that figure they can never place in their category and go for clean. We have shooters in wheelchairs and on crutches. We have the very elderly and very young. One thing they have in common is the love of the game. When talking with interested new shooters, one thing I often tell them is that it's a competition that everyone can enjoy at their own pace.
  13. It looks great. Despite some adds and perhaps a few subtracts, it's a terrific tool. Thanks for all your work.
  14. I agree and 2nd that. He's one of my oldest and closest cowboy friends and a true ambassador for the sport.
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