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  1. I think this was discussed on a Facebook group not too long ago. The general consensus was no simply because people would be swept when removing and replacing the guns. Is it possible to place them in this cart with the muzzles up? It looks like it should work. If this is all you have, you really should check with the club. They may allow it if you are always facing a berm.
  2. I used to have it at an annoying level. Now it's intermittent and at a very low level that I often don't realize it's there unless I think about it. I think it decreased about the same time I asked my chiropractor about TMJ. He did a quick adjustment a time or two and everything subsided. TMJ disappeared completely and tinnitus...pffft....I don't even think about it. Actually, I never really thought much about it until I saw your post and looked up this article. It seems my TMJ and tinnitus were related. https://www.ata.org/managing-your-tinnitus/treatment-options I recently got hearing aids but I don't really think I've seen a marked difference in the now light tinnitus since getting them. Check out the article. Perhaps something in it will be helpful to you.
  3. We hold ours on Friday (side matches), Saturday and Sunday (main match) over Memorial Day weekend. With the exception on only a few shooters, everyone on the committee lives over 1/2 hour (and most ever farther) away. Our range is in a very rural area. Offering side matches on Friday gives everyone the option to work or take vacation day for the optional match. With the main match on Saturday and Sunday, our guests still have the Monday holiday and our workers can stay later on Sunday for extra clean up and still have the Monday holiday. Due to our distance handicap, we chose a holiday weekend. It also seems to us that north of the Mason Dixon Line multi-day matches all are on Saturday/Sunday. South of the line, many opt for the Friday/Saturday schedule. I have seen more and more moving to the Saturday/Sunday schedule though.
  4. One reason I've always liked it when our scenarios included a story and a fun line was because it was a way to lift moods and help to put those things behind. Those little 3 or 4 sentence stories dissipated those negative thoughts on many occasions. Now I'm lucky if I go to a hand full of matches each season that have stories with the scenarios. I always prefer to shoot near the end of the posse. it's one thing that does work for me. It gives me the time I need to leave the crap behind.
  5. Their website says "Like us on Facebook" for savings.
  6. I get it too. I just click okay and am able to continue on.
  7. I get the club renewal notices. They come to the club contact. Make sure your club contact knows to pass this info on.
  8. That is how I always understood it because we are affiliating our posse/club not the gun club where we shoot. Cowboy Action Shooting is one shooting discipline of our gun club. We do not even have a separate treasury. But, I can see how this part of the affiliation requirement could be confusing though. There are many different ways that clubs/posses operate.
  9. They are introducing new bills as fast as they can down there. If you are on Facebook, join the group Virginia Rising and follow other groups like Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) for up to date info. Our daughter is in one of counties that has been denied sanctuary status. Things are not good in Virginia and everyone's support is needed. Your state could be next.
  10. That's worth being there for - fer certain and fer sure!
  11. The SASS Pennsylvania State Championship will be held over Memorial Day weekend, May 22-24, 2020. Side matches are Friday and the main match competition is on Sat. and Sun. This year's match will be built around the westerns of Clint Eastwood - a great actor, director, and American patriot. Registration forms as well as other match info can be found HERE. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you! BHB
  12. They have one in the Action Shooting Network https://actionshootingnetwork.com/document/
  13. One of the 2nd categories we allow is "1911". Shooter may use the 1911 in place of the pistols. WB matches are not as popular in our area, but many shooters have the gun and want some practice with it. We do offer the outlaw category but it's not widely popular. However, it's somewhat popular as a 2nd category. As for having enough workers, we have found that if a shooter gets right back in line at the LT after the first go round, it does not have as big an effect on getting enough workers as it does if the shooter shoots in the first half of the posse and then again much later, simply because, no one seems to need relieved. Many years ago it was tried without this stipulation and it failed because the shooter pretty much only shot and never worked due to much wider spacing. I don't think we've ever had more than two shooters on a posse that are shooting twice. It hasn't proven to be a problem to have enough workers using this method simply because only a few folks want to shoot twice. The positive things about it are: a little boost in club revenue, and because we picked up those 5th Sunday matches (the only time we offer it) we give shooters that come to our range when there's nowhere else to shoot, a little bonus. We call these matches our bonus matches.
  14. It was tried years ago but seemed to die out quickly. We recently allowed it again when we pick up the 5th Sunday matches, kinda like a trial basis. We have tried it and refined it to the following: Match fees at monthly matches are $10 and if the shooter wants to shoot twice, the 2nd time is $5. Shooter's 2nd registration is the alias with a 2 added. Shooter shoots early in the posse and after the ULT, gets back in line ASAP at the LT for the 2nd go round. This seems to help with the issue of shortage of workers. Like yours, shooter must shoot in 2 different categories. Few do try it but most have found it somewhat tiring.
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