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  1. FYI, I checked out the FB profile for Brian Worley. I saw Doc McCandless had posted on it calling him out. I can't even see his profile now. But I had reported him and this is my response from FB. I rest my case. They will label things that don't fit their agenda as false but they let scammers slide.
  2. He might not get his money back, but he might cost Brian some. Facebook is all over censoring posts and covering what they say is inappropriate, but they are very slow at responding to all these fake accounts. Quite often they do nothing. Everytime I suspect one, I block them. At least it keeps them from me. I suggest everyone do the same. If they find even the tiniest worm hole, the scammers will crawl in.
  3. There have been many good ideas discussed on this thread. I may have missed some of the posts but here's one we can all try. EVERYONE that uses the Wire forums, Facebook, or any other public forum/social media can do their part to effectively market SASS by being polite, helpful, and civil to each other. A prospective new shooter should never be treated poorly because he/she asked one of those same questions that has been asked a thousand times before. A prospective new shooter should not see infighting and rudeness among the ranks either. It reflects poorly on all of us. Sometimes it's very difficult to rein in that keyboard commando but it needs to be done. It has and will continue to turn people away if not harnessed. We not only lose new shooters, but seasoned shooters as well. For every one of us that is out there trying to promote SASS, there's likely some out there telling their friends how rudely there were treated. Remember, those words we have all heard so many times from our parents. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
  4. I think the interest is still there. But, the rising cost of ammo and reloading components, coupled with the rising cost of gasoline is making folks budget how many matches they attend and how far they will travel. LIke most other clubs, we have welcomed the use of 22s. We have not cut down on the number of stages we shoot at our monthly matches nor have we changed how many rounds are used per stage. Those decisions are left up to the shooter. Afterall, no one gets the keys to a shiny new pick up at the end of the day. We have only two more matches this season and plan to make the last one a "shooter appreciation" match with lots of fun to be had. Despite the sh*tshows of 2020 & 2021 our shooters are very much appreciated for hanging in there and enduring it with us.
  5. I saw it last night! Your reaction was great!
  6. Have FUN...like you need to be told that. Pass out some hugs from me too.
  7. Here ya go! I don't have an embroidery machine though.
  8. They do have elastic in them. They just have "tails" rather than fit as a complete circle. It makes them a little more adjustable since you can tighten or loosen the ties.
  9. I can make them. I have one that I can use to get the correct measurements. Do you still have my contact info?
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