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  1. We'd love to have you back. Hope you can make it. Massachusetts would be well represented.
  2. Our registration period will be over the end of the month. That leaves only 14 more days and we still have openings. I have a number in my head that I would really like to reach and we're not quite there yet. We do have quite a few folks that are first timers to our match. while other folks had to give it a pass this year - some for health reasons, others for graduations, family events, or weddings. We have shooters from the age of 9-90 registered. NINETY! How many of us hope we can still have this kind of fun at 90! Please check out our website HERE. All the forms, the schedule of events, and more can be found there. But I hope you can be found on the mountain in May! Thank you in advance for checking us out!
  3. WELCOME! Great advice from Buckaroo Bubba. I will add a few things. Read over the Shooter Handbook. Ask questions. There are a few nice clubs not far from you. Visit as many as you can. You might already be aware that you can look them up under SASS affiliated clubs. There's a great gun shop in Myerstown run by a cowboy shooter. Visit Enck's Gun Barn. You'll be glad you did. The Pennsylvania State Championship match is over Memorial Day weekend. If you are up for a road trip, check it out. The bigger matches have vendors and many more competitors. Lots to do and see. I am MD. Feel free to contact me if you need more info.
  4. We tear down as we go. If we have one posse or three, it doesn't matter. Once all posses have shot the stage, it's gets torn down. From carpet pads to steel targets, there's something that everyone can help with. As for set up, if you show up on the workday and help out, you can shoot for 1/2 price. We have wooden nickels that are equivalent to $5 that can also be redeemed to reduce match fees. We use them for larger work parties like when we work on the state match. We got away from using them for a while but are going back to it. I'm just trying to figure out exactly how to handle those that arrive late when almost all the work is done.
  5. Agreed! To quote the old song: You've got to accentuate the positive.
  6. Dang, if we come it's on the every other year plan and it's not this year. Bummer.
  7. I got nearly 50 registrations in 2 days but we still have room for more shooters and registration doesn't close for a few more weeks.
  8. Campers may arrive as early as Wednesday. There is very limited space if you arrive prior to that due to trap shooting....but it can be arranged if you contact me.
  9. Two years ago we left the EPG match in capable hands and enjoyed the MD State match......just sayin'......
  10. Since we usually camp at the multiple day events, we enjoy the social aspect as much as the shooting. Many times it's only at these annuals that we get to see some folks.
  11. It will be great to see you! Bring a few more compadres with you.
  12. We joined in 2000 and I made many of our clothes. I admired the clothing and accessories worn by some of the women shooters and began to do research on clothing of the era, accumulated many books and patterns. I had been shooting gunfighter but problems with my left arm left me feeling as if I should either return to traditional or try duelist. About the same time, the category of Classic Cowboy came about. I already dressed the part, and dressing up was right up there with my type of fun. It didn't take long for me to add the proper guns and that's been my category since.
  13. Newly added to the Friday potluck dinner ..... The Outlaw Ice Cream Social! There's a rumor that someone likes ice cream. Still gotta find out who made the buckeyes. Following the dinner you can take your ice cream sundae and take a short walk around the clubhouse to the Olympic bunker trap and see a demo. This bunker trap is where Josh Richmond and Morgan Craft (2016 Olympic Team USA) trained and our upcoming Olympian, Mick Wertz, is currently training there.
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