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  1. Yes, the costuming is allowed as long as it is within the costuming rules in the handbook (ie. no ball caps, sneakers, etc.) There is no info on steampunk in the SASS Handbook. Additionally, there is no category for steampunk. Many who enjoy the costuming simply compete in the age based categories wearing the steampunk attire. On occasion, a match will feature a special theme (ie. steampunk, Hawaiian, pirate, etc). Doing so is at the discretion of the match organizers. This post has rarely received simple answers. It has however, received many supportive and even more not so supportive comments. I actually wish the moderators would simply lock it down.
  2. If you are interested in BIG targets (warning, they will require a special stand and two men to handle them) check with your local chain gas station/convenience store. They may either employ their own crew for maintenance of their manholes, or they may sub the work out. However, those big 3'-4' manhole covers over the gas tanks do get replaced from time to time. We "know a guy" that has gotten us some of them. They "GONG" when they are hit and shooters love them.
  3. Run a 50-50 at every match with the proceeds going to the "target fund". It may not bring in much each time, but every little bit helps and sometimes the winner donates the winnings back. Explain the situation to all the shooters and have a donation container available at matches for those that can contribute.
  4. I have many fond memories of shooting with both he and Delaney Belle. His passing will leave a large void in CAS in the northeast. RIP Captain.
  5. They were extremely generous with donation of door prizes for our state match, too. What a great company!
  6. We have had interest in it for many years and offer it as a category at our matches. We usually have at least 3 outlaws at our state match. It's becoming more popular all the time, especially with seasoned shooters that are looking for something new to try. I think we only have one that shoots all his guns from the hip. We are one of the few clubs that allow hip shooting, too.
  7. Our first National Day of the Cowboy/Intro to CAS was a success - but it was hot and humid. The attendees were all very interested in the sport. Their attention to all aspects of instruction was over the top. They all demonstrated excellent gun handling skills and asked very good questions. One gentleman spent the night in a nearby hotel and shot his first match with us on Sunday. Two folks drove 2 1/2 hours to join us. Each participant receive a "shooter packet". It contained two Chronicles, several SASS brochures as well as several of our posse brochures. We are hoping they share the extra brochures with friends. We added some swag we got from SASS and business cards from some vendors of guns, gear, bullets, etc. They got a light lunch of a small hoagie, chips and bottled water. We are already discussing doing it again next year.
  8. The National Day of the Cowboy was declared in 2005 and the date to celebrate was set as the 4th Saturday in July. Since our shoots occur on the 4th Sunday, we figured we could roll our match set up day into a celebration and recruitment event. Since we had to reschedule our state match, it gave us even more time to put an event together. Now we are hoping to work on making it an annual thing. We had help from some cowboys from other clubs and are also discussing moving the event between clubs in order to reach more potential shooters. Time will tell. Having a national date to celebrate our cowboy heritage is a good way to promote CAS. https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-day-of-the-cowboy-fourth-saturday-in-july-currently-being-researched/
  9. Did you or your club do anything to celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy? Our club did an Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting. It was our first time for the event. Despite the heat and humidity, we had some brave souls join us. Our guests received a shooter packet with some SASS swag, an issue or two of the Chronicle, and info on our club (both for them and a few extras to share). We spent roughly an hour doing an overview of the SASS Shooter Handbook. Then we offered one on one instruction in 3 different bays for pistol, rifle, shotgun. Shooters had some choices to make with all the firearms we had available. We took a brief lunch break and then allowed the shooters to try them all together in a scenario. We had so much fun and met some wonderful people. The smiles on their faces were priceless. The day was FREE! We were so fortunate to have a generous donation of ammo that allowed us to offer such a great event. I did post some pics on our Facebook page El Posse Grande, if anyone would like to have a look. It was our first time holding such an event but it seemed well received and really brought much happiness and laughter that we will likely do it again....and again.
  10. There's no doubt that they can feel heavy, especially when loaded with the lead bullets. But, once she finds pistols that fit her hands and she can grip well, the rest will fall into place. I started with old model Vaqueros in 38 cal. Later I moved from traditional to gunfighter and also worked on my hand strength to do so. When Classic Cowboy was introduced, I moved to that category, shooting 45 caliber with longer barrels one-handed. My Vaqueros feel light now. The weight of the gun will help diminish recoil. I would rather shoot the my "heavy" cowboy guns all day than my carry pistol in 38 cal. It's nice and light but there's much more recoil and my hands sting and can tire quickly with extended practice.
  11. After a 4 month postponement, the match is nearly here. The early registration discount will expire at the end of July, so get those registrations in. Info and forms can be found on the posse website HERE.
  12. I was at WalMart this morning. While wearing a mask is now mandatory, wearing it correctly obviously is not. Employees and shoppers alike wore masks both under the nose and on the chin. I do know that there are some WalMarts that will not honor a medical exemption to wearing the mask. Their reasoning is that they offer mail order and grocery pick up for those that cannot shop in person. I did go to a local Mennonite/Amish owned store for many of my groceries because their policy is simply to respect the preferences of other shoppers. This has gotten them some bad publicity on FB. I support their stand and will give them my business as much as I can. I only went to WalMart to pick up what they did not have at their store.
  13. I do not see a problem with the $50 sanctioning fee. I know it was a bone of contention when it was levied and many clubs dropped their affiliation. A 50-50 drawing or two could easily raise that money. I don't see any need to do away with it. But, I'd like to see the SASS non-sanctioned clubs become sanctioned. I'm just not sure how to go about it. The clubs get the benefit from the advertising here and in the Chronicle. SASS benefits from the revenue no matter how small it may seem. If there's 100 unaffiliated clubs, that's $5000 for SASS. Other clubs may benefit from shooters traveling from club to club. I think that listing all clubs is beneficial to recruitment, too. How many times have we heard that a prospective new shooter does not join because there are not clubs close to him/her? I know I've encountered prospective new shooters when working at the Great American Outdoor Show that live nearer a non-sanctioned club than the sanctioned ones in the Chronicle. I believe there are at least two here in northeastern PA. What can we do to bring them into the fold?
  14. We followed our kids to the "games they played". Both enlisted in the Army - one right out of college and one right out of high school. We looked for something we could do together because we often were in different places watching different kids for so many years. This is our 20th year!
  15. We go with friends and rent a house. AirBnB or VRBO are just two of may vacation home rental sites.
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