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  1. We had a great time! I want to add my special thanks to all those that supported the vendors.
  2. We pretty much let everyone choose when to shoot on the first stage and then try to keep the order for the rest of the match. It helps the scorekeeper and it eliminates a line of folks with gun butts on boots and no one working. Even if we requested no more than 3 loading it would happen. Now when posses are smaller, keeping an order works best.
  3. Howdy! Our club, El Posse Grande, is a bit over an hour from the Wilkes Barre area. It's not a bad drive, in fact some parts are quite scenic via route 118. Set your GPS for 562 Spook Hollow Road. The main club house is on the top of the mountain and the cowboy range is down in the hollow. We are shooting this weekend. Today we will be setting up for the match and, following set up, from 10-2 we are offering an Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting. This program will include a review of the shooter handbook as well as some live fire practice which will walk the participant through typical sh
  4. We have divided the pistols and shotgun categories for many years. We have also recently added speed rifle with a reload and speed shotgun with a popper bird. Folks seem to like those categories. Sometimes we have a stage with what we call trick shots. We have varied these over the years.
  5. Agree! Our state shoot has what I call a small but dedicated group that does the lion's share of the work. As the years have passed we have lost some great help and not gained new help. Many of the tasks handled by those that have stepped down have been absorbed by me, the MD. Some are due to me being the most computer literate, while additional ones are because others have a full plate, as well. Last year, we had 16 months between matches (due to COVID). But, due to COVID, we didn't meet as often. Work parties were poorly attended. Stress mounted. Registrations and cancellations came
  6. You can always spot a new cowboy shooter that was formerly a trap shooter.
  7. We'll be there (Doc, HVH and myself) and I've been sewing up a storm to get ready for the tremendous support I get for my little sweatshop, Stitches in Time.
  8. Ditto! Same goes for our club. No one around here seems to do it that I know of.
  9. Thanks Dutch. I emailed DDJ. But I'm guessing you had the info at hand.
  10. I know someone that can help. Let me see if I can get it for you.
  11. We had a great time, too. The match was great as was the venue. My team will now have a big "posse do" list when preparing for the 2022 PA State match. The ride from our rental to the range was very relaxing which added to the overall pleasure of being in Indiana. The PP crew did a fabulous job. Everyone we encountered was as nice and helpful as they come. My thanks to all for a job well done and on somewhat short notice. If you missed anything we sure didn't notice it. Good luck at your state match and then have a well deserved rest.
  12. One club we go to counts the popper birds as a bonus if hit but no penalty if missed. The attendees really like that method. Our club tosses in a bonus now and then. Both places only offer 5 second bonuses and they are only at monthly matches.
  13. There are some clubs that have hopes of surprising a hardworking member by recognizing them at their next match. Posting the list could spoil the surprise for the recipient and could spoil all the hard work that the members did in organizing the recognition ceremony.
  14. Congratulations my friend. We weren't sure whether you would find out shortly after the announcement or it the badge would be presented as a surprise. HVH so wanted to congratulate you after you made a FB post that she saw. You so deserve it.
  15. I nominate Dutch Coroner. He's one of the hardest working cowboys I know as well as a championship shooter. He took over as MD of the Thurmont Rangers when no one else would. It was a great place to shoot before and it's even better now. I will also add that no matter what club, or the size of the match, Dutch is always willing to lend a hand with set up, clean up or whatever needs done.
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