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  1. Newly added to the Friday potluck dinner ..... The Outlaw Ice Cream Social! There's a rumor that someone likes ice cream. Still gotta find out who made the buckeyes. Following the dinner you can take your ice cream sundae and take a short walk around the clubhouse to the Olympic bunker trap and see a demo. This bunker trap is where Josh Richmond and Morgan Craft (2016 Olympic Team USA) trained and our upcoming Olympian, Mick Wertz, is currently training there.
  2. I have shot with Shadow Carson many times. He is really something to watch and one super nice cowboy with a terrific sense of humor. Several years ago a young man that had lost the use of one arm from a stroke began cowboy shooting. He was introduced to Shadow who helped him out so much that he changed his alias to Shadow's Shadow. Over time we have seen a number of shooters with both temporary and permanent physical disabilities enjoy CAS. It's great to be part of an organization which encourages such involvement.
  3. Please come join El Posse Grande for a fun weekend of shooting and socializing in the beautiful mountains of Lycoming/Sullivan County, PA. Registrations have been arriving at a good pace. We still have lots of room left though. The early registration discount of $15.00 applies to entries postmarked by 3/31. Match date is May 24-26. For more info you can visit our website www.elpossegrande.com, our Facebook page El Posse Grande, or simply contact me. We'd sure love to have you join us.
  4. Registrations must be postmarked by March 31 in order to receive the $15 early registration discount! That's only 12 more days!
  5. I joined in March 2002. My 17th anniversary is coming up. I do out rank you Nawlins. I have achieved the rank of "Member".
  6. Our shoots are held on the 4th Sunday but this year we have added the 5th Sunday when they occur. On the 5th Sunday we will offer a 1911 Category those that want to use their 1911 pistol, the Josey Wales category, and we will allow new shooters that do not have all their cowboy guns to use 22s in their place. At all other monthly matches, we always honor Outlaw.
  7. In response to the comments regarding qualifications for ROs at state level matches. We have no problem fulfilling that requirement at all. We usually have an over abundance of qualified volunteers for the job. Thankfully!
  8. When we began CAS we were fortunate to have access to an RO I course during our first year. Having little experience, I found it very helpful in all aspects from me understanding the scoring and safety to understanding the posse tasks. Things have evolved in 19 years. This discussion and the one on doing away with spotting are proof. We still all need to all be aware of the rules, especially as they apply to safety. I remember those shooter meetings where the safety rules were read from start to finish (back when we thought they were long then) to none being read today. However, I still see a need for some safety precautions to be stated. At our matches I have begun highlighting some of the areas of concern and giving a very quick "safety statement" in the shooter meeting. I have a list of those things I feel warrant reminders - watch the crossdraw, watch your 170, be aware of how you carry your long guns (ie. low carry or vertical), etc. If we have new shooters, it could be still be brief but slightly more detailed and often including a request for the posse to help the new shooter and for the shooter to not be afraid to ask questions, etc. If we have experienced something at our match or another match that warrants attention, I bring it up. Perhaps we have info on the RO courses being offered and we pass it on. Once a shooter asked for clarification of a rule and we discussed it. In total, it might add an average of 1 or 2 minutes to the shooter meeting over the course of our season. TGs at our club and others usually give a quick update on any changes or discussions on potential changes. New shooters are advised to check out the shooter handbook online, attend courses if they can, or come to a set up day for some one on one help should they need it. I feel that this helps our shooters both old and new stay in the loop when it comes to the rules of the game.
  9. July, you can look over the course material here. https://www.sassnet.com/Shooters-Handbook-001A.php In a capsule, RO I is recommended for everyone to take at one time or another. RO II is recommended if you want to get into things a little deeper...writing stages and such.
  10. I know it's a drive for you, but the courses (I & II) are being offered at the state match. It's unfortunate that instructors in our parts are few and far between.
  11. Mmmmm....no. I'd much rather work with our spotters to do a better job than repaint targets.
  12. No. As per the contract: The incorporation of a $5 per paid shooter sanctioning fee helps to cover some of the administrative costs incurred by the sanctioning parent organization (SASS). *This fee is assessed on PAYING shooters only. Any comped entries provided by the Host Club are not subject to the $5 sanctioning fee. (Sponsors, Volunteers, Berm Marshals, etc.) This is for the state match. However, it's the same for each higher level of match.
  13. I have a few different rings for different callers. My favorites are when my children call. The theme song from the Magnificent Seven is my son's and the theme song to the newer Wonder Woman movie is my daughter's.
  14. We have started having a speed rifle with a reload side match at the PA State match. It's very popular.
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