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  1. This is the SASS definition of Spirit of the Game: As the game of Cowboy Action Shooting™ has evolved, our members have developed and adopted an attitude towards their participation called "The Spirit of the Game." It is a code by which we live. Competing in "The Spirit of the Game" means you fully participate in what the competition asks. You try your best to dress the part, use the appropriate competition tools, and respect the traditions of the Old West. Some folks would call it nothing more than good sportsmanship. We call it "Spirit of the Game."
  2. My mother was named for her twin aunts, Buelah and Isabel. Hence, Buelah Isabel. She always went by Belle.
  3. Wouldn't be a problem at our club. We'd welcome and do anything we could to assist any shooter with a medical issue.
  4. I personally don't want to see EOT or WR moved. They are what they are and their location is part of that. I do agree that it would be awesome to have an equally huge match east of the Mississippi. It would be terrific to attend a match of that size and caliber and not have to drive over 20 hours to do so. SASS had tried the idea of adding divisional matches, which would have had the potential to be largely attended, but it was at a time when our numbers were beginning to fall. The entire concept failed and here we are still hoping to rebuild our ranks. T Bone puts on a hugely popular match in Texas that attracts hundreds and sells out quickly. Coming up with an idea for a big match that draws spectators and publicity is the kind of thinking we need. We don't want to hurt a popular match by moving it's location or date. There's been some good ideas here and this is the kind of brainstorming we need - big ideas, small ideas, tried and true, and new ideas. I have contacted some publications, both print and online and offered to submit articles. I have one or two working with me and am still waiting on responses from others. We drop our brochures in other clubs, gun shops, gun shows, etc. The brochures are published annually and include our match dates. Our range is in a pretty rural area but little micro breweries and wineries with country bands seems to be the way they entertain. I hope to get some of our club's brochures in some of these locales next. It's a small idea but it could bring in a few spectators. Spectators become shooters. And, new shooters are one of our best recruiting tools!
  5. Our posse does all the usual things to recruit new members. Articles in whatever publications we can get articles in, recruitment at outdoor expos, brochures and posters in guns shops and sporting good stores, etc. It works, but it's a slow process and we can't bring them in as fast as we lose members. I'm thinking we need to go "outside the box" a little bit. I'm just not sure of how to go about it. My wheels are turning but I don't have a plan. I like this thread and maybe it will help us all to bring in some new members. I don't feel that the loss of membership is only in SASS. In today's society, the anti-gun mentality is an added determent to the shooting sports. It's a much bigger picture that we need to look at.
  6. The info for annual matches goes in with the club affiliation renewal. State match and above info is submitted on the application to host the match. As long as the club meets the dues dates for these forms, things should be published on the website.
  7. I have become so accustomed to shooting duelist that even when there's a stage with a pocket pistol or derringer worked into the scenario, I shoot them duelist despite the harder trigger pull. I'm not opposed to offering this but likely would not use two hands.
  8. Dude, I also make shirts. I vend at some matches in the PA, MD, NY and DE area. The largest I make is a 3X and they run pretty true to size. Feel free to message me if you are interested in more info.
  9. In most cases I believe that we, as shooters, must consider more than target sequence, transitions, etc into our performance at a match. We need to take the environment (weather, landscape, etc), position of props, and so much more into consideration in order to navigate the through the stage with our best level of speed and accuracy AND SAFELY. I might have even noticed something like that and mentioned that the posse needed to watch out for it when moving. However, with that said, I do believe that if I was the one that fell and got the MDQ and the prop was fixed later, I would politely request a reshoot. In any case, fixing the prop was the correct thing to do for safety's sake. A trip hazard in the path of movement with loaded firearms is not something to take lightly. We often kick rocks and sticks out of the path of movement. I've seen tables leveled or strengthen and other small repairs done to insure safety as well. Safety first!
  10. I'd love it if you'd bring that show to a station near me (Pennsylvania). It sure sounds like a winner. Great job!
  11. I got off of a horse pretty much like that and managed to tear something loose in the back of my calf! The good ole days were so much fun until they became so hurtful.
  12. Tenhunter, Need shirts? I make them. If interested, contact me via email. (basnyder1@comcast.net)
  13. I'm happy to hear that you visited Matamoras, met some of the cowboys, and got to shoot a little. Now you will experience what so many of us in the northeast experience - cowboy withdrawal. Spend your time getting your gear together and be ready to sling lead in the spring. Welcome!
  14. Quite often, even a difficult scenario can be made "easier" with the way targets are placed and/or painted. I've often read the booklet and had a completely different perception of what is actually set up on the range. I will give all scenarios a fair chance. Now, on to the topic of the percentage of clean shooters, we like to see about 20% clean at our state match. Monthly matches may vary. As a shooter that consistently finishes around the middle of the pack, I like to finish, quite simply, feeling good about my performance - where that finish is is secondary. I like to feel like I shot well, had a good time with friends, was a good posse pard, made some new friends, and enjoyed my "recreation" to the fullest. I do not like to feel exhausted and brain dead - like someone that should not have a love of shooting and people. For me it's kinda like paying for a movie. I look at the previews, read reviews, hear rants and raves from friends. I fork over the money, anticipating having spent it well. If the movie sucks, I will walk away with all kinds of regrets. It might be a while before I go to another movie. Paying registration for a match, no matter the cost, and ending the day, feeling like I was defeated and felt embarrassed by my performance would be a deterrent. Sure, everyone has a different skill set and a different set of goals. As an MD, we need to also learn to build matches that are challenging AND entertaining for all skill levels, ages, and categories. There is so much more to the picture. I guess that in the end, CAS can be a challenge to not just shooters, but to match directors as well. My bottom line is that I like to go home feeling good about the way I spent my day/weekend. I quite often am the only shooter in my category. I don't feel good because I won my category. I feel good because I "won" my day/weekend.
  15. Yes there is a club in MIlford. I am the MD of a club closer to Central Pennsylvania where the sate match is held. I am sure if you use the contact info and get a hold of Ziggady Zag, he'll be more than happy to offer up all the info you need. Hope to see you along the trail.
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