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  1. The places we go to are Breakfast places. Open 6:00 to 2:00. I really wish we had an old type diner around here. Most places that are open later are Mexican places, or some Asian type place. The only place we like that's open all night is Waffle House. But we LIKE Waffle House, so that's not to bad. Just for the mention, Waffle House is the only place where I can get a old style waffle, not a Belgian Waffle. And they'll put PEANUT BUTTER on it!
  2. I know what you guys mean. Today it's supposed to get to 78. Tomorrow only 61.
  3. There's two or three places like that here in Tucson. I take my wife out every Sunday for breakfast at one of them. She works weekend nights, and to make sure that she eats well I have her meet me on the way home from her work at one of them. There's a couple more that we hit up occasionally during the week, too.
  4. I'll say it again, we DIDN'T vote this in, the other side CHEATED!
  5. They think that they ARE made there. The actual slaughtering and otherwise preparing animals for food doesn't compute for them. These are the same people who think that they are saving the planet by driving electric cars because electricity comes from an outlet, not coal fired power plants.
  6. Bob, you have to remember, for these same urban type people, chickens for cooking come from the store. Just like steak or pork chops.
  7. I wasn't sure if that's what you meant or not. Just adding to the confusion. Do you remember the scene I referred to in "Number of the Beast"?
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