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  1. Same with advice and advise. One gives or asks for advice. The act of giving advice is to advise.
  2. Raising prices is the main reason why I went back to Cox. After the two years, cost started going up, and up, and UP! Soon enough I was paying more for them than I had been for Cox, and Cox has a better line-up than Direct TV.
  3. Does that mean that I can put the tin foil hat away?
  4. Unfortunately, the numbers that show up on your caller ID are bogus numbers. Call them, and you get a "I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is not a working number" recording.
  5. Or maybe the wife! To answer your original question; I knew a gal in North Carolina who had to put her husband's last name on the birth certificate of her new son, even though they were seperated AND the kid was another guy's.
  6. Knew me a feller in North Carolina that would refer to hanging out as "Jest Idling". He explained that it meant the motor was running, but was not doing anything.
  7. I take a small note pad, write the make, caliber, and serial number on it, then place it beside the gun. Take pictures, left and right, WITH A CAMERA, then download them onto the confuser. Copy them onto a couple thumb drives. Doesn't cont anything.
  8. Bit of a surprise ending, Flint. But all around decent story. I don't think anybody'll complain if you entertain us with another.
  9. As always the people making decisions not asking the people doing the work what they need.
  10. Quite honestly, I don't see any difference between the mindless, near rabid fandom of OSU fans and any other fans. It's almost a mob mentality, and I'll NEVER understand it. The Borg mindhive make more sense.
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