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  1. Sir, It may be old news, I was there in the mid 80s, but I can assure that I experienced these events, and more like them. If it's not like that now, I apologize. I was recounting my experiences from my time there. There is nothing fake about it, and I'll thank you to NOT call me a liar. Moderators, if I'm in the wrong here, feel free to delete me.
  2. There are MANY reasons not to be in Mass. The people there are rude, mean, and just nasty. Driving on the Interstate during rush hour is plain dangerous. The Police don't even do it. Pilgrims use the shoulder as a high speed passing lane. WATCH when you try to exit. If you want a laugh, stop for someone waiting to cross the street. They will look at you like you're crazy. Making a left turn onto a busy street is an adventure unto itself. First, as soon as you get the chance, pull out and block the first lane on your left. When you can, pull up further to block the second lane on your left. Eventually, traffic will clear on your right so you can finish your turn, and let the backed up traffic on your left continue. Just mentioning that the Red Sox, Celtics, or Patriots lost a game is asking for a fight. I don't mean an argument, but a real fight. And by the way, they hunt the same way they drive. BEWARE! I know of what I speak, because I was stationed there for two and a half long years.
  3. Might as well. I certainly wouldn't want to be some health nut laying there dying of nothing.
  4. Agree to disagree? And call it good.
  5. Ya gotta have something to dip the fries in!
  6. And fries! Don't forget the fries!
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