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  1. The M16 was a failure as it was built. It's taken 60 years of further development to get it where it is today.
  2. 74 here in Tucson. My own Grumpy Lunch Bunch, (yes, I 'borrowed' the name and they all love it), and I just finished Lunch at Cappy's Breakfast Cafe. I had an Open Faced Roast Beef Sammich with brown gravy, french fries and green beans all washed down with iced tea.
  3. I can choose to do all these things too, but don't push it, remember, it's a choice, and I might choose otherwise.
  4. I was thinking that maybe, if it were me, I might start saving the email addresses of those emailing HER, and start forwarding those emails to everybody else that sends something to her.
  5. Just like the rest of us. As an FYI to anybody looking for tires, NEW cheap Chinese tires have to meet the same specifications as American made tires, so there's no reason NOT to get them. I've had a set of Westlakes on my Jeep since about 2017. They're about worn out at 30,000 miles with no problems.
  6. I've got these valve stem caps on all my vehicles. You don't have to remove them to put an air gauge on them. If you put these on all your wheels you can get a pressure reading while you do a walk around before you roll out. I don't think you'll find a cheaper system. $13 for a dozen. https://www.ebay.com/itm/125957548811?itmmeta=01HQVEDMHQA48ZR0CEJCS9HJE3&hash=item1d53a7ab0b:g:gZcAAOSwGqpkd7YI&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8CW7mJ0NT3VAuaSe6naEMWQLeaH87BI60WyUA9ooeTBCu%2BmP3g8KQxaLWiUdPgInn%2B66jlg8vRrXp38YSz2WyazSBxoyi5lqthXBQ%2BpDM2FLDJK2figw7nwOBodO08GFK4wPD2I5K%2FE%2B2BmM39J1vV5XhuVM0TSQVddAaCnLSW6V%2F8lvrPFqI9ab35xJ5LmHF30tP0A2LP%2BmRu4xMxRj6IQHTnMLQvhZaHLJlOBaCpcHuDxqRLWvQ9LrJ0VN1OjkxSxszvWQ94sdfx%2FOvS1nfvH%2FHQXKNemxDKK2q49abqfoBvZ9YAO2UYxC7Go7QcgYEg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4bJtu6-Yw
  7. If they were 32s, you wouldn't be asking about the pants.
  8. It's in the secret underground bunker. DARN, now they know about that!
  9. I don't think your getting what the AI wants. It wants us to build them this way and try to fly in them so that they will crash and kill us.
  10. That's why the smartest "device" in the house is my Wife. No Ring doorbell, no smart appliances or TV, the aforementioned flip phone. Windows 10 desktop without a mic of camera. I don't think that I'm paranoid, but if They ARE out to get me, I'm making it as hard as possible.
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