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  1. I did something very like this on our loading dock where I worked a while back. The Safety guy was NOT amused.
  2. The trouble is that probably 80% of the population is as informed as she was.
  3. At least if they're doing this, they're not passing more stupid laws, making life harder for the people that ACTUALLY make this country work.
  4. Back in '79 or '80, as a young Marine, my unit, an 81mm mortar platoon, was deployed out to Twenty Palms Ca. for a live fire exercise. We were out so far in the middle of nowhere that you couldn't get there from anywhere else. It was dark, probably 2200 or so, and we had shut down ops for the day. We were laying back, just shooting some bulls, when we saw a satellite come over the horizon. It looked just like a bright star, but was moving. Since we were all children of the space age, we had seen sights like this all our lives, but someone called our attention to it, so we were watching it fly across the sky. It took several minutes for it to get right above us, but as it did, it suddenly took a tack 90 degrees from it's previous direction of travel, and ZIP, just that fast, was gone. Of course we were all startled by this, and commented on it in language that would get me a "Time Out" from the Moderators if I were to repeat it here. There were a couple dozen of us that saw it, but nothing else was ever heard of it.
  5. Mine does as well. I only referenced it to point out that all ASM aren't junk. It was an 1860, having the larger gripframe. A few years back, I found a 1851, 61, 73 gripframe for it, and made it an 1861, since it is a .38. My first SAA was an ASM in .357. The front sight fell off.
  6. Nipsey Russell told the same joke on one of his albums back in the 60s.
  7. I have an ASM 1860 Richards. It's simply THE most accurate pistol I've ever fired.
  8. I do the same thing with movies like "Eldorado", "Outlaw Josey Wales", "Evolution" , and a few others, even though I HAVE the DVD.
  9. Quite correct. The system is a typical system, and would do you no good during a power outage. The typical system is NOT designed to power you house on it's own. You CAN get a system like Eyesa describes for your use, but they normally work the same way a typical system does UNLESS there is a power outage and you're not being fed from the grid, and they are MUCH more expensive. And just for the info, you cannot get a Off Grid system if you are on the existing grid. If you were building a place WAY out in the boonies, you could.
  10. Several of the Walmart grocery stores around here are like that. I don't go there.
  11. The way the system works is that your solar panels send power to the electric company. You the get your power from the electric company. This is why solar panels work when there's no sun, like at night or on rainy days. They calculate how much you use, then subtract however much power you sent them. The difference is your bill. Sometimes you will generate more than you used and have a surplus, sometimes not. Your Flux Capacitor will take as much power as it can from the grid. You would still probably have a LARGE electric bill that month.
  12. We went solar last year. The whole system is rather expensive, but still less than a straight electric bill. My monthly payment is about $225. But last month, I had a $10 CREDIT for my electric bill. The panels we got have a generation guarantee of 25 years. The big bonus came at Tax time. Our Tax credit for the system was $9,000. That allowed us to pretty much pay off all our bills, and brought our finances down so that I could retire.
  13. If I want to watch for my entertainment, either "Tombstone" or "Outlaw Josey Wales". However, since I'm dying, I might choose to make it seem like a long time as possible, so Costner's "Wyatt Earp".
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