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  1. My wife and I have separate "Checking" accounts. I put Checking in quotes because there are no actual checks. We both have direct deposit, so no paper there. We pay our bills digitally, through the bank, so no paper there. But everything is accessible digitally. While I'm generally a borderline Luddite, in this case it makes things so much easier than having to get paper bills together, write paper checks, address envelopes, get and attach postage, and finally MAIL the darn things, and THEN manually balance the checkbook, and file everything. Oh yeah, since we have seperate account
  2. I remember that episode. The Crook pulled the trigger five times before giving it up. After he was locked back up, Andy explained that he had Barney always keep the gun unloaded, and proceeded to pull the trigger again, shooting a hole in the ceiling of the cell.
  3. I had it last year before it had a fancy name and a press agent. I don't wear a mask and I'll not be getting the shot. Two weeks ago, my wife tested positive for it. I've been stuck in the house with her ever since. I just tested NEGATIVE for it. I do, though, have pneumonia. I have NO idea how THAT happened.
  4. I don't think you're going to find any running around loose. If you do, it'll need to be fitted to your gun. You're best bet is to contact Ruger, and see if they have any which will require shipping the gun to Ruger for fitting.
  5. This woman is as stupid as they come. Once, when being shown the Mars Rover, she asked if it could get pictures of the American flag the astronauts had left. I don't know how she keeps getting reelected.
  6. I remember these. The T.V. would stop working. We'd remove the screws that held the fiberboard back to the wooden cabinet, get told by Dad, "Don't touch the condenser, it'll electrocute you." Remove the tubes, wrap them in newspaper, load them into the basket on my bicycle, and ride to the Drug Store. Once there, place each tube into the proper socket, (as you can see, there were a LOT), and test them in turn. When the bad one was found, open the bottom of the test cabinet and find the replacement. Ride back home and put the T.V. back together. "Don't touch the condenser, it'll el
  7. Last year I decided to shoot my own turkey for Christmas. Scared the He!! out of everybody in the Walmart.
  8. I especially like Dad sitting on the step, "My boy can do that!"
  9. If you're referring to the round piece at the bottom of the pic I posted, it's a lanyard loop.
  10. I've always got a Victorinox Tinker on me, and usually a Leatherman and a lock blade knife in my back pocket.
  11. When I was doing my math homework, the closest thing to a calculator was an adding machine. Not exactly for home use. Something like this:
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