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  1. I got a trigger screw and a set of gripframe screws and they did.
  2. I have an ASM 1860 Richards conversion. While VTI doesn't have ASM parts, they supplied me with Pietta parts which worked perfectly.
  3. I had the same work conditions as a Marine. I did what I had to do then, but I never liked it, and now I don't have to. Fun in the rain ranks right up there as "military intelligence" and "fun run" as contradiction in terms.
  4. It's not bad at all. It's certainly not as bad as a .44 Mangelem in the same gun. It's a little easier than a SAA in .45 Colt because it's heavier. And it's faster to reload. Bonus! If you decide to use it as a carry gun, TWO full moon clips fit into each side of a speedloader pouch.
  5. I have one of these, an 1860 Richards. It is quite simply the most accurate handgun I've even fired. Several others have posted a dislike for the Colt Python. I had one and hated the feel of it, until I replaced the factory grips with a set of Herrett Shooting Stars. They fit my hand like they were made for it. I have a set on a S&W 625 in 45ACP now. I even bought another set just in case I get another N frame.
  6. Then do NOT go to the Boston area. Looking at a map, Boston looks like a big city, it's not. It's a bunch of small towns all gathered together. And every time you go from one to another, the street name changes.
  7. Even though I see it every day in my job, it still flabbergasts me how somebody sitting in a padded chair in an airconditioned office punching buttons on a computer thinks that he knows more about a job than a man that has been doing said job for years. I've been driving a truck for 30 years and I'm always getting told how to do my job by people who don't.
  8. Pat, not to bust your chops, but the ONLY case where this raised it's ugly head is a case Massad Ayoob likes to quote to prove that he is the All Knowing Professional Expert Witness. It stems from a case where a husband gave SEVERAL different reloads for her revolver and something Bad happened. If there has been another case where this was pertinent. I'd be interested to hear, (read) about it.
  9. All of which means it's LISTENING!! No thanks.
  10. Why do these people think that they have to stand outside in bad weather to show the rest of us how bad it is? We've ALL seen bad weather before.
  11. I was stationed in North Carolina. Nice place, nice people, but I'll stick with Arizona.
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