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  1. Kaylee or Zoe? I don't count Inara since she's a professional. And out of my price range.
  2. What about Samantha or Jeannie? Not the same show. And it would have to be Penny or Bernadett.
  3. When I was a young Marine, we were on Deployment here in The States, but on Liberty. We were headed back to the Base late at night, and yes, we HAD been drinking. We were taking a short cut through a field when we spotted this horse. Immediately we all started trying to decide who should try to ride the horse. Since I was the only one wearing a Cowboy hat, I was nominated. I sneaked up to the horse as best I could, and jumped on his back. Well he started bucking and spinning, doing everything he could to throw me. The other guys were hollering and yelling, both encouragement and insults. Finally, just when I was about to fall off, or go flying off of the horse, the Manager came out of the Walmart and unplugged it. Saved my life for sure.
  4. Okay, here's some, though they ARE mature ladies: Mary, (Megyn Price), from "The Ranch" or Vanessa, (Nancy Travis) from "Last Man Standing"?
  5. It's made of hair. Try hair spray. I knew a guy who had a brown hat, decided he wanted a black hat. Hair dye from Walmart.
  6. Just think, the Marines got their start in a BAR! And the rest is history.
  7. I used to hang an "Inhalation Hazard" placard on the Men's Room door at work.
  8. If the line, as written, was inherently wrong, and I knew that I was right, I'd probably correct the line as I said it. For instance, the Tokarev line. I would just SAY "He was killed with a 7.62 X 25mm Tokarev."
  9. GREAT IDEA!! But that's not what I asked. Perhaps I should go into more detail. I'm not trying to bust your chops, J.D., but I'm asking about the attitude of people. The T.P. is just a symptom. Are people going to start the "craziness of The Zombie Apocalypse again? They hoarded T.P last Spring because they were afraid that there would be a shortage. Since they were hoarded it, there was a shortage. Is this what's happening now, or is it something else?
  10. I already KNOW that it's me. But they're all too afraid of me to act on it anyway.
  11. Is there another wave of the Zombie Apocalypse coming? I was at Walmart yesterday and the TP shelves were EMPTY again! Are people that scared of a second wave, or a Biden Presidency?
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