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  1. Are these the Glocks that make the four click sound when you cock the hammer? I see these on T.V. all the time.
  2. Not as bad, but I've seen riots both here in Tucson over U of A games, and back in the 70s with riots at Ohio State. Vehicles burned, buildings damaged, people hurt, etc.
  3. The fans are the problem! If "fans" would stop paying for the privilege of watching the antics of these overpaid, spoiled self centered jackasses, STOP buying their merchandise, and STOP going so nuts over a GAME, MAYBE things would change.
  4. I don't think I'd go that far, but if I was King For a Day, I'd instill in people that football is just a GAME. Playing it CAN teach teamwork, strategy, work ethics, and that NOT everybody gets a TROPHY! The schools already aren't teaching students what most of us Old Guys learned there, but if they were to go back to the teaching standards that they had then, a LOT of today's ignorance wouldn't be happening.
  5. Am I the only one who wants to know what an interspace tøøthbrush is?
  6. I've had plenty of bosses that didn't deserve "Sir". (Civilian, not military).
  7. The best I've found is called "Van's". The key is to get the surface warm to the touch before applying. I used it on an old Uberti Intercontinental Arms that looked like it had been thrown into a sand dune and it came out looking pretty good.
  8. I usually tell her that she has just two hours to stop.
  9. I refuse to be "politically correct", but I'm generally not rude or mean. If I intend to be rude or insulting there will be NO doubt that I meant it that way. If I don't intend to be, and someone is offended by it, that's on them! P.O.O.P #2.
  10. I type on my PC. I don't think that this would work on my flip phone anyway.
  11. If you're trying to make it fast, you're doing it wrong. GOOD spaghetti takes time. I've been at it for an hour and a half and my sausages aren't even done yet. It's 1345 now and we'll be eating around 1700.
  12. In my younger days I was mistaken for Hank Williams Jr. a time or two. Usually by drunk guys in bars, but still...
  13. That's part of the script. Yes, wrestling is FAKE! As for these other guys, remind me again WHY people are fans. Why do people go so crazy over a sports game? I lived through the OSU riots in the 70s, and to this day cannot understand why people do those things. I used to like to PLAY football, but I have NO interest in watching it. I've said it before, I don't watch football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, wrestling, or hockey.
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