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  1. I do pretty much the same thing; (Best Indian accent), "Hello, this is Bob from microsoft. Our technicians have detected a problem with your computer". When I do that at work while on speaker, I get a round of laughs.
  2. Character is doing the right thing when nobody can see you.
  3. Since I already had it and it DIDN'T kill me, I won't need the shot even then. Because I'm already immune, as is EVERYBODY who has had Covid. I've heard more reports, mostly about politicians who who STRONGLY advocate vaccine AND mask, who have tested positive AFTER getting the vaccine, than I have people getting reinfected.
  4. Some of us are following the science, not the politics. If you have already had the Covid, the science says the chances of getting it again are negligible. Since you no longer have it, you can't pass it to somebody else. If I'm not going to get it again, and I can't spread it, I don't need the shot, and I don't need to mask. The CDC, WHO, and the rest long ago ceased being about health, but are all about politics. Fauchi has been trying to remain relevant since the 80s when he was trying to tell us that if a cure for AIDS wasn't found soon, we would all die. The rest are no better.
  5. But shouting at stupid people is FUN. And I don't get angry, I just point and laugh.
  6. But if I already had it, I'm immune, too. So NO MASK!
  7. I may not scream, but I do speak to them in my "Drill Instructor" voice at times. My latest two favorite comments are, "You're turn signal's broken!" and "Some people actually stop when the light's red!" With the top off of the Jeep, I do get noticed.
  8. Pretty much the same thing around my place. My ex-sister even blocked her for doing so.
  9. You're mixing apples and soup bowls here. My driving without insurance doesn't make someone else get into an accident. On the other hand, if I'm immune, HOW could I spread a disease I don't have to someone else? But you're right about one thing, I don't care about other people,..... and whether or not they're scared. Some people are scared of ANYTHING. Some people won't leave the house, even before the Zombie Apocalypse came about. Some people are afraid to drive a car. Some people are afraid that my guns are going to spontaneously jump up and start shooting them. I sai
  10. It was so bad that they had to come up with a "Misery Index" to keep up with it.
  11. Even with Davis Monthan AFB here in Tucson, I never see any Air Force craft except for the C-130s. Even when I see an A/C in the air, it doesn't show up on flightradar.
  12. Which Flight Tracker do you have? I have Flightradar24, and about the only military traffic I see is the occasional C-130.
  13. Most insurance companies include roadside service in their policies these days.
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