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  1. A very skinny, unattractive woman in at LEAST her 70s. And for perspective, I was in my 40s at the time.
  2. I was making a delivery to a bar a few years ago. As I walked in, I saw a gal in a bikini across the bar. Kind of skinny, but still a bikini. Then she turned around. She had to have been in her 70s!
  3. The first four were great, The fifth was like, "We got a fifth season? What do we do now?"
  4. Because I'm right. I know, not a meme, but worth it.
  5. Like he said, plug and play. I have a couple Uberti's with ACP cylinders and they are great.
  6. I'm certainly not going to argue the point on THAT! We lost my Dad in '94, literally 5 months after my first wife. Some years later, the Alzheimer's started taking my Mom. Neither my ex-sister, (you'll see why I say that momentarily), or I had the money to properly have her cared for, and since she still had the house we grew up in, she couldn't get Medicaid. My concern was for my Mom's wellbeing, so I allowed the house to be quit claimed to my sister, since she was still in Ohio where Mom was, and I was in Arizona. The plan was for my ex-sister and her husband to take out a home equity loan, fix the place up, sell it and we'd split it as my parents Will had stated. Well, they took out the loan, then another, then, unbeknownst to me, refinanced, ad nauseum. This all started in '98, and in '08, just before the housing bubble burst, I asked her when she was going to sell, and was told, "Oh, Rick doesn't want to move until he retires." Well I blew up, hung up, and haven't spoken to her since. Here's the part that closes the whole thing; about 3 years ago, she LOST the house to the bank, having refied it until she couldn't afford the payments. They now live in a small apartment in a large complex, and he's still working. And so am I. That's kind of like the old Marine Corps saying, "If you get 10 Attaboys and one Awcrap, the net result is one Awcrap.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ken-osmond-leave-it-to-beaver-star-dead We all knew somebody like this, but he wasn't it. Good Guy.
  8. Has anybody seen this. It's supposed to be a new Bill to track Covid 19. I have a friend who swears it's legit because it looks legit. I say it's not, because of the number 6666. There have been other threads here on this type of thing, as The Mark of the Beast and such. It's also called the T.R.A.C.E. bill. The whole thing just screams B.S. to me. It was supposed to have been introduced May first, but Nenny Pelosi hasn't let the congresscritters even come back to town yet. Any other observations? https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.congress.gov%2Fbill%2F116th-congress%2Fhouse-bill%2F6666%2Ftext%3Fr%3D2%26s%3D1%26fbclid%3DIwAR0pCHdWSpFTeWrNprUf6p7vogTzCnBCPazqKLu7ZxJ42LI2YkAbZi4V12s&h=AT3Jl042bw-_6c0-qbdsxzhJGCtAmsWt7YZ9RWkudOUeG0NmT_jrxsZSGOV4mR_SFWgzI_KzHBBZNZifviwSl8Dtk1NAOW-Q8dLwz316JH2DHAqyuYIv1TvY2lD9wzvQLuxCLhBlgGKPJQHTWt2z
  9. If I have the time, I'll let it go through to the caller, and when they start their spiel, I'll hit them with,: (Best phoney indian accent,) Hello, this is Bob from Microsoft. Our technicians have discovered a problem with your com-put-er." Click!
  10. I'm the same way. If I know that I need four screws for a project, and I only buy four, I'l lose, bend, or booger one of them. If I buy five or six, I do not. And of course if I need one of the extras later, I won't be able to find one and so will start the whole process again. And then find the ones I already had.
  11. I think that Seamus Mcgillicuddy is rememberizing the two together. The roll caps were for the fanner 50. There were 50 shots in a roll. The "Shootin Shell" guns had an actual cylinder that you loaded a shell into that had a "Greeny Stickem Cap" placed on the base. Your Rifle used the same shells.
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