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  1. Do you have a Mark II that you want to put a picatinny rail on?
  2. The RR Bar is shooting today. I'll let everybody know about your post. Are you buying?
  3. That rule goes away 1/1/2020. The change passed the TG vote.
  4. Looking for one. Blued or stainless ok. PM info if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  5. I use a double compound Dewalt miter saw. Wrap it, mark it, cut it.
  6. I'd rather watch somebody shoot a 1911 than look at one of those rainbow colored beach umbrellas attached to a lime green baby buggy gun cart being pushed by somebody dressed in steampunk!
  7. BTT one time for $150 shipped before they go to Ebay. Gone. Went to ebay.
  8. Got the same response when CG said she'd like some gold colored 32s.
  9. Vintage bunch of tools from days gone by
  10. ???????????? Please provide details!!!!! 6 gr by volume?????? Or are you being sarcastic?
  11. Remember, the smoke factor is the MINIMUM amount of smoke required. It's also based on a 145 gr SPG lubed bullet and compressed powder all of which increase the smoke produced. "Contestants are expected to understand they will contend with smoke OBSCURED targets". shb pg 9 This SHOULD BE the standard! Your 12 gr load ( which won't even fill a .32 case) might make some smoke down in Foggy Bottom Creek in 100% humidity but out here in the desert you would hardly notice it and it certainly won't obscure targets! I'll stand by my statement too! And, to answer your question, I'm sure I've shot more APP and MZ than that in one pistol alone.
  12. Because the thought of shooting smokeless powder in ANYTHING is just so, well, revolting!
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