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  1. Match is sold out / registration is closed!
  2. Is it ok to bring up "Steampunk" now or do I have to wait till page 4?
  3. I can see it now, the next subject will be: Is this toe nail polish color legal?
  4. Ca State match scheduled for 4/1 has been rescheduled to 7/3-7/7. Tough decision for them, but probably the proper one.
  5. The last 10 years of match stages are posted on the WR website.
  6. As of now I'll be setting steel. If shooters want to shoot, come out. If they don't, stay home. That simple.
  7. Was just introduced 2/20 and still has a long way to go. Hopefully will get shot down along the way and even if it doesn't there's still hope that changes in the court makeup will negate it. If all that fails there's frangible ammo. We'll find a way!
  8. You're misinformed! Plenty of clubs here (including a brand new Cajon Cowboys range) and reloading supplies are no problem! Don"t fret, SASS is alive and well in CA!
  9. Maybe we should change the rule to include the first stage. Was at the LT once on the first stage when the lady next to me started to load a pistol she'd been carrying around all morning and discovered she'd forgotten to remove the 6 jacketed HPs she kept in it at home.
  10. The logic you're using could also be applied to BT. With targets so close you can touch them and as big as a cow why isn't EVERY shooter clean? Is it to tough a match? There are plenty of posts ( including mine) by shooters who weren't clean and have no complaints and thought it was a great match. Just because BT does (or doesn't) do something doesn't mean every match has to. Let's just let the WR team do what they they think appropriate AFTER they get all the surveys in FROM PEOPLE THAT SHOT THE MATCH AND KNOW FIRST HAND WHAT IT WAS LIKE. p.s. They DO listen. I (and I'm sure others also) had 2 suggestions on my survey last year and both were implemented this year.
  11. With all due respect I don't believe anyone except those who put on the match have any "right" to any stats. If you didn't shoot or write the match to know exactly where any pitfalls might be any "stat" is just a meaningless number. Was the miss caused by distance or excess smoke due to a nonexistent breeze? Was the procedural caused by an overly complex scenario or poor description of stage instructions? In my humble opinion only a participant will ever truly know the cause of their trouble and any "stats" published will explain nothing. As has been stated by the match officials the only thing that will help them is explicit suggestions in the survey by those who SHOT THE MATCH.
  12. American Pioneer Powder (APP) is what you want.
  13. Got to tell you that we had a GREAT time this year and I think you and your "posse" did an outstanding job on the stages. I shot lousy this year, but it had nothing to do with target distance, size, order or placement. Another 3' closer wouldn't have made any difference for me. While a fan of "big & close" myself I have to agree that the National Championship should be a slightly tougher test than your average club monthly. It's never been a secret that that's the WR philosophy and participants should expect it and come prepared. Most of the local clubs here move targets out slightly before WR to help shooters get ready for your match! If you decide to move them in a little next year it's ok with me but don't let the negative BS on FB make your decisions for you. It was a GREAT match, thanks to everyone!
  14. Ever had a bad shotshell cost you a match you paid $200 to enter and $1000 to travel to?
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