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  1. What's next, no saloon girl outfits? The end of soiled dove costume contests? Can I still play Marty Robbin's song "Big Iron" at matches?
  2. The really good ones bring ice cream for the posse between stages on hot days and "beverages" for after the shoot.
  3. If you use APP 3F the grains are small enough it won't settle and mix. 2F or MZ grains are a lot larger and it can.
  4. I use 24 grains ( by VOLUME, not weight) of 3F APP, then filler to compression level under a 200 gr bullet for my "gamer" 44-40 loads. Make sure you put powder in first, then filler. You do NOT want the powder and filler mixing.
  5. If you're going to use a filler use 3F, as the finer granules won't let the filler settle in with the powder. Instant cream of wheat works well. If you're loading full case I like to use 2F for 44 or 45 cals. I use RCBS Little Dandy powder rotors for both powder and filler. Accurate and a lot faster than dippers. If you want loads PM.
  6. APP hands down, although MZ is less costly if you're going to shoot it a lot. It will perform well with a reaonable amount of filler in a .45 Colt case. Winchester brass is thinner than most and will expand easier to help seal the chamber for less fouling.
  7. Internal modifications not referenced here that cannot be seen while the firearm is at rest (action closed) are allowed provided they do not affect the external operation or directly conflict with one of the modifications listed here. SHB pg 33
  8. How much APP are you getting in that case?
  9. Why, thank you Sir! I think one of the reasons Cajon is doing well is that we do try to balance the stages. Not Bordertown close, but not Pala far. Not too complicated, but you do have to pay attention to which target to hit. Some movement, but no 100 yard dashes either. Oh, and we like and appreciate our shooters too!
  10. The Cowboys will be shooting at Raahaugees in Norco. About 1.5 hours North of SD.
  11. There's a link to Wild Bunch shooting on the SASS home page. Might prove helpful to peruse it, including the rules section. Enjoy, and welcome to WB.
  12. Since it IS legal to do so, how 'bout if your range has a local rule that you can't that you announce THAT if you desire. If we made announcements about everything you CAN do we're never have time to actually shoot!
  13. When it takes at least 3 good whacks of the bullet puller to pull out.
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