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  1. I use an electric mobility scooter with a rugged gear gun rack on it. Works great for 1 person and is much more maneuverable around the bays.
  2. Go to the SASS homepage and scroll down to the Handbook and RO course material section. Click on link, download them all , print and read.
  3. You'll need a thin wall 8mm socket. You can grind a std 8mm to thinwall. You'll probably have to remove the hammer, same 8mm, to get to the firing pin nut.
  4. I've loadied 44-40's for about 15 years using the RCBS COWBOY dies (which seat and crimp with the same stroke) on a single stage RCBS Rockcrusher press. NEVER had a problem crushing cases. Of course you've got to use the proper expander and properly adjust the dies. Do that and seating/crimping in one operation is not a problem.
  5. Those RCBS Cowboy dies are designed for lead bullets and will put an excellent crimp on your cases if adjusted properly. No need for any other crimp die.
  6. Try using Winchester brass, as it's thinner and softer than my usual favorite (Starline) or Remmington, etc. It will seal better and annealing will make it seal even better. Common perception is that BP shooters prefer 44-40 cases because of the bottleneck design to reduce blow by, but 44-40 cases actually reduce it because the cases are much thinner than 45 Colt cases and expand better.
  7. Is it snowing in San Diego again?
  8. Contact Lefty Longridge (hole in the wall gang). leftylongridge@gmail.com
  9. Is it snowing in Arizona again?
  10. I had to replace one of our pads and the scorekeepers hadn't yet learned Practiscore so I used an app called Share It to download Aces from one of our existing pads to the new pad.
  11. It always amazes me when I hear complaints about someone wearing "jeans" or short sleeves, etc that wreck the atmosphere of the match when they're standing next to a bright green baby buggy gun cart with a rainbow color umbrella attached to it and their guns are staged on a plastic folding table! p.s. no references to posters in this thread are intended or implied.
  12. Just wanted to stop in and say howdy! Pam tells me about your exploits! Glad ta hear ya shoot the REAL gun powder.


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