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  1. Get some .428 lead and try to push them through the cylinder throats. If they go through you're good. If not get the throats reamed.
  2. I was the "trouble maker" that once again brought up the clarification issue at the EOT TG meeting. As a RO Instructor, TG and match director I find it absolutely appalling that I'm expected to sift thru years worth of "clarifications" spread over FB "what's the call", PWB's website, the RO and TG forums, and God knows where else for the correct answer. When I ask why a few simple changes can't be made to the SHB to eliminate the challenge the response has been "it's not needed and it's too much work", yet I'm expected to devote my spare time as a volunteer to research it all! I also asked that when a rule needs "clarification" why can't it be revised quarterly on the internet? It's not like SASS is printing and mailing copies anymore. A few minutes on a keyboard is all it would take.
  3. Our club is in need of some shotgun knock down targets. Any recommendations for a source to buy some?
  4. Target sports has Federal SMALL pistol primers available. $599 SHIPPED for 5k. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-small-pistol-magnum-primers-200-case-of-5000-200-p-112110.aspx
  5. Not a good idea. Splatter can and does come from even adjacent bays. Most ranges require anyone on the range to wear eye protection at all times.
  6. Folks, if you've never been to this match, you've no idea how much fun you've been missing. It should be on everyone's "must go to" list!
  7. This sure looks like a guest trying to get around the "must be a member to sell" rule. Hoping to get offers via pm?
  8. Smokestack makes some great chamber brushes. Search for Wilcox Solutions on Facebook or message him.
  9. Couldn't agree more! As our eyes and memories get older we need all the help we can get. It's a lot easier to remember the name of the match you're at than 820 aliases! Having the badges for the CA State made now and the shooter's name is twice as big as anything else.
  10. I'm amazed somebody beat JB to the draw for once!
  11. It may look out of place, but it'll make it possible to add a red dot for those having failing eyesight or young kids. It's not for most people, but it might have some practical applications, not just to be "tacticool".
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