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  1. McCarthy did not keep the promises he made to finally be confirmed after fifteen votes. You keep your word as a man of honor. Gone is good.
  2. Wish we did, though deaths are uncommon, I knew a guy who was bitten by a Rattler and died. Not a wimpy guy at all.
  3. Can be very expensive, and small hospitals may not be able to afford to keep it in stock.
  4. Been there done that by the back bedroom stairs to the patio. Shovel. I smash them flat. I have made them fly through the air with my 1100.
  5. I use EDC bullets generally, but I live in a rural area. All you need to do is make a snake target on a grocery bag and find out exactly what hold works. Because I encounter them away from the house I have done away with more with my carry gun than with shovel or shotgun. I have snake loads, but have never used them. We just have Prairie Rattlers.
  6. Check this week's Epoch Times on Climate Change - a lethal rebuttal.
  7. The new Acadia I got for my wife has an override button. You do need to press it each time you start up, but then you are good. So far, an excellent and enjoyable vehicle.
  8. I don't have a camper, but I would think you could make a ramp, even of Styrofoam, that fit on top of the A/C. Snow would slide off.
  9. I wear Western boots daily except in snow or mud. I always wanted a made to measure pair. Some years back, I actually drove to a store that was a remote facilitator of a custom boot company. Got measured, picked the leather, toe and heel and placed the order. If I recall, would have been just over $1000 then. There was problem after problem, and I finally cancelled the order. I get a minimum of 10 years out of a pair of boots, so when you amortize it is affordable. Prices are considerably higher, but I may try again.
  10. The glutton thing ranks right beside "hold my beer".
  11. Aren't most things on the Left bad?
  12. At our range, before modernity, BIG bolt cutters and muscles. Case hardened chain.
  13. One of many variations of a Club or multiple user site lockset. Rather a neat looking one. We recently went to a Card lock at the shooting club. Haven't tried it yet.
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