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  1. Not a unique movement, don't forget "The Divine Boy", Ned Ludd!
  2. I believe I read one, but generally whoever follows someone like him or Fleming, or various other well known authors after they pass have been disappointments. I generally avoid them. Thanks, though!
  3. A few years ago, I was in Bermuda, about as safe a place as I've vacationed outside the U.S.. I was told by a Bermudian Hotelier that Bloomberg has a waiver for armed bodyguards when he visits.
  4. I can't think any are safe for steel shot considering I don't believe that issue was ever considered when they were in production.
  5. This already happened, did I miss something? https://www.reuters.com/world/us/ban-guns-post-offices-is-unconstitutional-us-judge-rules-2024-01-13/
  6. These came into being after WW I at the start of the Roaring '20's - a period when modernity and new tech was just as important as today. I can recall seeing a great many as a boy through the early '50's. My family had doubles so I never handled one. Ugly, but apparently effective.
  7. FYI- be sure of your measurement. Even gunsmiths usually leave some extra length beyond the minimum.
  8. If car batteries have calendars, mine had an odd one. Last year my original battery failed in a 2005 Dodge.
  9. If I owned or carried a cell phone, I would certainly make a call for someone in distress. It is what I would ask someone to do for me in a dire emergency.
  10. Did you ever write a poem? I have, hundreds, Did you ever have a teacher who was a nationally known poet who gave you private tutoring? Did you have the good fortune to have a coaching session with a guy like Steven Spender? Or Lotte Lenya? Or Allen Ginsberg? Different days, and more folks than I can recall. BTW, I can shoot with either hand and chew gum at the same time.
  11. Gimme a break. Every literate person has filters. I can recall, as a college athlete, calling out a Prof who was never in athletics, trying to interpret a WW story about a champion level athlete who was handicapped to the extent that what was past was gone in future. I'm sure he was enraged, but decent enough that I got a B+ for A- work.
  12. I learned to read and to love to read at home before any school. I was fortunate, in a different era, to have several wonderful teachers / professors along the way. Basic skill and advancing that is important, but some direction in things to read moving forward is invaluable. Apparently I was lucky and your experiences were less so.
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