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  1. Poor deranged soul. How did the USAF miss it?
  2. The battery more than the ammo? My 45 year old pickup is still running strong
  3. I bought when I was drafted to go to the land of bad things. I won't mention what it cost at Abercrombie & Fitch in NYC. Just the basic version of the one posted. I have it to this day.
  4. IMHO, the monogram could easily be removed without harm to the knife or its strength. The seller might consider having that done professionally. Things sell for what enthusiasts are willing to pay.
  5. Better still, used to make Goslings Dark & Stormy.
  6. Just a question of having been a firearms enthusiast for a long time, and still having regrets because I passed on one at a great price many years ago. Search and you will find photos.
  7. I don't use bottled, have my own well. As to rivers, depends on where you are in relation to towns and herds. There are good filters that are pocketable.
  8. Same here in Montana, must be a wide open spaces thing.
  9. Can't recall the source, but I think Sgt. York had a P 17 in real life.
  10. Big mistake to get rid of my old U.S. Military Rifles, I did replace them with a couple of expensive Colts, but I still miss them as you do.
  11. I stupidly let a Mark 1 go - complete and correct. Never had the device, but somewhere I have the case for it.
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