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  1. Yup! Edit: My mistake, the cover says Guns and Old West, but no "of".
  2. Also a long article on the Women of Single action Shooting, headlined on the front cover, and a further mention by the Editor. Better than advertising!
  3. Actually. you pull out all the great old corded tools that were too reliable and useful to dispose of. and go about your business. I'd want one of the new tools about as much as I want a car that will shut itself off at a light or in traffic.
  4. A friend, now passed, lived in Minnesota. Most of the winter, he wore knee length shorts and sandals, he did wear a jacket. He was a big guy, and not young. We hit some pretty cold temps in Montana, and you do see some of the kids wearing too little. Adults generally dressed for the weather. At -30 or -40° I stay in if I can.
  5. Suggest whatever, I routinely cross check balance beam and electronic. Like a carry gun, a comforting practice.
  6. RCBS and on sale! https://www.rcbs.com/priming-and-powder-charging/weighing-scales/
  7. Hate the darn things, but the trick we found for my wife was to research coverages where you live and travel.
  8. Got a giant breed pup who makes this particularly funny! My wife took him to classes!
  9. No disagreement there. Went to College in Wisconsin during the Packer Dynasty. Was from out of state, and not a tremendous football fan, though I played. It was Packer everything! Must have been my Sophomore year, on Thanksgiving the Lions beat the Packers. Not only was I delighted, I even won a few bucks.
  10. 257 Roberts Ackley Improved. 6mm Rem Magnum.
  11. Disagree in part. Obviously, Education is most critical, but sports are an important aspect of the learning process. Two grown kids who learned about working and winning. Both in professional fields, both played Big 10 sports and have Championship Rings. I believe their career success is based in part on what they learned about work and outcomes playing sports.
  12. No logic involved - Feelings and doctrine.
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