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  1. runaway my phantom brideand take your bouquet of poisonous flowers
  2. We know that but it's entertainment and better than the Bachelor, Kardashian's, RuPaul, Survivor, Jersey house wives etc, and almost anything else available. If not for western reruns I'd have no TV to watch at all!
  3. Well I reckon I'm done with this TV series. I know it was kind of hokey but I actually learned a lot from it about old collectable valuable stuff. I must say though now that Frank Fritz will be out I've lost interest. I know Mike Wolfe is the star but he's too overbearing in a disgusting way to me and so much the camera conscious hog on the show to a point of me hitting the mute button on the reruns. I hear his wife is doing the same. LOL Frank in my opinion was a smarter picker, more frugal, and practical picker which made the show more believable. There's not much
  4. Back in the early 70's I bought a H&R top break 9 shot .22 LR revolver only because of the affordable low price (around $80) at the time.} Truth is I really liked it and it was very accurate with CCI loads but because of popularity I traded it in for a Ruger Single Action SS with a .22 Mag cylinder. Sadly even though it looked much better it never preformed as good as the ole top break.
  5. Sorry Blackwater but with all those listed interests Google search would locate you in a New York minute! When I shaved off my beard my grandson screamed and would have dialed 911 if he knew how but he was only two.
  6. BTW my Buddy had a Browning High Power 9mm and I totally destroyed him in accuracy on paper with the .22 mag! revolvers rule!
  7. When I was 23 I bought my very own first gun all by myself. It was a Colt Peacemaker in .22LR and .22 Mag. First time out with it my buddy and I set up paper targets on a tree at about 25 yds. We would holster them then quick draw and shoot from the hip. Well I did it just enough times to holster it and pull the trigger before I drew. I was lucky and only shot a hole in the toe of my boot! 47 years later my buddy still reminds me I have all my toes.
  8. "NOTHING shaves BETTER than the new 5 blade safety razors, NOTHING." Okay then! I will give it try!
  9. Agreed! but if it needs to be done try to find the best way to do it! I once grew out my beard for 6 months. My wife hated it and my dog disowned me.
  10. My dad like many here had a huge influence on my life growing up. He got me started with a single shot 22 rifle, a single shot 12 gauge shotgun, a S&W .22 kit gun revolver and even shaving my face at age 14 since I showed some early stubble. I've always retained my chin whiskers. He was a WWII Marine veteran and definitely had his certain ways. He used a straight razor with a badger brush, cake soap and a mug. He had a strop in the garage to keep the razor sharp. Sadly I was just not into it back then and went with the safety razor and Barbasol but now at age 70 I find myself using the st
  11. Two old men were walking in the park one day when a frog jumped out in front of them and said "kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful princess!" One old man picked up the frog and put in his coat pocket. The other senior exclaimed, "aren't you going to kiss it?" The old man said no, "at my age I can have a lot more fun with a talking frog."
  12. Problem is I've had one in my truck since 2003. I now only turn it on when on the interstate highways and in Wichita proper but it's been mostly silent on all channels. Years ago channel 19 saved me from a sure accident in the Flint Hills. I was warned by a trucker there was a dead deer lying on the highway at the same mile marker I was on and I was totally engulfed by a dense fog with very little visibility. In fact I had slowed down to 45 mph on I-35! I managed to change lanes in time keeping me from a disaster. I just whish CB's where popular again for a better transportation comm
  13. My wife is so funny at times. Once she asked me who won the race. I said it was Kyle Busch. She said yeah that's what I heard. Another time I told her I put a quart of oil her car. She said why was it low? Then back in the day when I told her I bought a Highwall Browning she asked if steel wool would take out the browning.
  14. What's worse than a fly landing on the piano? A mosquito on your organ!
  15. My daughter can make me the best Beefeater dirty gin martini using Dolin Dry vermouth and two olives. I'm a nightly 3 shot whisky drinker but it only takes one of these fantastic martini's to have me shut the front door!
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