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  1. Here I went and had this made by some outside company only to find out later my daughter's business does it too and much cheaper! https://trendyprintsco.com/
  2. Yeah, I put one together as a try out once I got it but it took me like forever to finish it. I mean it was really difficult! I think I will make another one next year but try to make it a little more colorful and distinct so it's a little easier to complete.
  3. I put together a bunch of stuff that reflects me and the things I relate to and put them on a photo that was made into a jigsaw puzzle for my daughters. I know I won't be around forever so had this made for them to keep me in mind after I'm gone..
  4. My son-in-law, a hero Marine from the Iraq war and I went to the range to compare our favorite firearms. First off he hit the bulls eye at 100 yds and the 9 ring once with 20 rounds of his scoped AR 15 in .223. caliber. I managed to do the same with just 2 shots of my Browning 1885, 45/70 with iron sights. LOL Next he shot his 9mm Beretta at 50 yds and hit the 9 ring twice with 15 rounds. I hit the bulls eye once with my Ruger Vaquero 6 shot colt 45. He hit 3 bulls eyes at 25 yds with his Ruger Mark III with a 5.5 inch bull barrel. I hit one 9 ring at 25 yds with my Ruger Bearcat In conclusion, we love our firearms!
  5. But then thankfully Kansas isn't California.
  6. I had two instances over the decades that having a gun on hand saved me from further confrontation. The first was when I went fishing at a state reservoir lake. The place I wanted to fish was way off from any roads. I parked my truck at the railroad tracks and walked a half mile with my backpack to the flooded rock quarry. On my return I found two men leaning against my pickup truck. When I approached one said they had been protecting my truck and I should give them a ride into town. I tossed my gear into the bed of the truck and said I was not going that way. They noticed I had a Vaquero holstered and immediately started to walk again down the railroad. My second instance was when I was called at 2 am to go and investigate an alarm going off at my place of business. Turns out the alarm was false but on my way home I was harassed by car full of delinquents blocking my path and shouting threatening remarks. Once I was stopped at a traffic light. They pulled up beside me and shouted obscenities until I reached into my glove compartment and set a 45 Colt on the dashboard. At that point I turned right and they turned left
  7. Back in the day my dad and I would take fishing trips to Wyoming and he would always have cans of potatoes for our outdoor meals over the fire. I really couldn't tell any difference in them other than they were much easier and faster to fix for a meal. Bacon, eggs, potatoes and onions is sure damn good in a cast iron skillet over an open fire! I think if not damaged canned goods will last for many years. I think the expiration dates stamped on them is just to protect the label from liabilities.
  8. I have always had good stash of water, dry goods, canned goods, charcoal, Sterno cans etc. If not to mention an ample supply of ammo stored in my basement. I think it would last me about 250 days . Hopefully if it comes to worse it would be over by then.
  9. My 98 year old mom lives in a home in the Seattle area. I asked her if she was worried about the Coronavirus. She said "Que sera sera." She loved Doris Day movies!
  10. Our county's future comes down to the people in charge of the government or the government in charge of the people It's downright scary with today's young people not recognizing the fact that we had to fight and sacrifice lives to get this great freedom way of life.
  11. Correct! My mistake. The revolution began in July 1953, and continued sporadically until the rebels finally ousted Batista on 31 December 1958, replacing his government with a revolutionary socialist state.
  12. I don't know if it's the media frenzy is falsely out of control or facts about this is true but it's making people panic about just 59 confirmed cases in the US. To tell you the truth I'm much more worried about a potential presidential candidate with a socialism agenda that would immediately change the current state and future of our beloved country. Cuba's government changed overnight back in 1953 and look how they have not progressed in 67 years! The younger generation wants the government to take care of them. Democracy is people in charge of the government!
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