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  1. This is not just among the SASS users but overall shooting. I was surprised to find out the 243 Winchester was number one followed by the 270 Winchester. I must admit I once owned a 243 Ruger bolt action and liked it a lot because the recoil was minimal. Of course the most popular handgun caliber is 9mm but I've never owned one so can't really relate to it. To us SASS members it has to be 30/30 Winchester and .45 colt.
  2. I'm retired now and love where I live. My town has a population of about 8,000 plus and is just 15 miles from a metro area if needed. We have several fast food franchise's, a movie theater, a public swimming pool, a 230 acre recreational lake, a Walmart and a Kroger grocery store along with Ace Hardware so seldom need to leave town for any reason. Weather wise our winters are mild with maybe two inches of snow a year and summers are really hot and dry but tolerable. Plus we have our own power plant so electrical bills are low!
  3. Highwall


    Not really related to SASS but true to the subject of great mentors and handgun ingenuity to me has to be Nolan Jackson of Wichita Arms. He made the most accurate and precise firearms of the century in my opinion. I never could afford his rifles or bolt action handguns but did purchase a couple of his International single shot in 22lr and another in 30/30 that I competed in IHMSA for many years. as
  4. Highwall


    Thanks guys! You help bring back many fond memories of when I was and active shooter. Days gone by but not lost!
  5. Highwall


    Okay, I know I'm an old codger and many here will not relate to this subject but when I was younger I was constantly looking for advice from the experts, reading articles from Field and Streams etc, and books and guides to help me improve my hunting, camping and competitive shooting skills. Here is who influenced me the most. Elmer Keith of 44 mag fame Bob Milek single shot hunting expert Herter's professional guide manual Hornady's reloading manual I reckon it's times gone by now.
  6. I took my youngest daughter to the NRA convention in Kansas City when she was 16. That's when she fell in love with a Taurus .22lr stainless steel gallery rifle. So when we came home I bought her one and right away she won the annual family target shootout with it.
  7. I was an avid shooter in the 70's thru the 90's and did my own precise reloading in .45 Colt, 45/70 and 30/30 to give me more of an advantage in competition shooting, I mean powder choice, bullet size weight and primers made big difference in accuracy. My son-in-law, a Marine from the Iraq war says there is no need for that anymore. Just buy the best ammo and shoot it. He's an AR15 competitor in .223 and semi-auto pistols in 9mm. I told him there is a lot of satisfaction from reloading to your own preferences but he said it was a waste of time. I reckon times have changed and us oldie
  8. I've done lots of arrow head hunting and Indian artifacts collecting over the years. Mostly on my wife's relatives lands in central Kansas called Paint Creek. Best time to go hunting is after the ground has been tilled and once the rain hits the fields. That exposes the flint on the surface. We have found everything from arrow heads to hide scrapers, pottery shards, spear heads to even a 1200 yr old dated skull. My best find was a 700 year old Kansa perfectly preserved large spear point in a sand bar on the Republican river while taking a canoe trip back in the 70's. I actually sent the skull
  9. I already had my Highwall 45/70 before I joined so my first SASS gun purchase was a Ruger Vaquero .45 Colt with a 4 3/4 inch barrel in Stainless steel. Love that gun!
  10. I'm a single shot guy but I finally bought a bolt action .22 rimfire several years ago. It is a Savage Mark II and is very accurate with CCI ammo. My daughter and I competed together with her Marlin model 925R and at 50 yards we tied with a score of 94 out of 100 with the same ammo.
  11. The only thing I can not live without is onions!
  12. It's okay! I can live without pickles for awhile! That's until the bacon runs out.
  13. It was back in the ninety's when our Baptist Church Mexico Mission team drove down to Veracruz. On the last day of witnessing we played a basketball game with the local Christians on an open outside court with lots of spectators. The score was tied and time was running out. I got the ball and chucked up a three pointer just in time to win the game! For a minute I was a representative hero in two countries. Next to that it was winning the 2000/2001 IHMSA Kansas Small bore championships.
  14. I went to my local grocery store and found out there is now a pickle shortage!
  15. I was at the Crippled Chicken Tavern back in 1971 (Abilene, Kansas) When this huge 6'7" stranger came in and loudly announced that was the toughest SOB in this county. Another massive guy, probably just as big who was a regular patron (I think his name was Tiny) stood up and said he didn't think so. Turns out they both hit each other up the side of the head with a beer mug and both were knocked out like a light. I thought it best to exit the place before they recovered or the sheriff arrived.
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