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  1. Like the above - cock, lever, shoot. However, I have one of the early (2 digit SN) Spencer's in 44 Russian so I also have to lean the rifle at 45 degrees to the left to facilitate chambering! True story - the last time I used it, I was striving to finish a stage in less than a minute. At the fifth or sixth stage, I accomplished the feat! Now, mind you, as this was an ongoing quest during the match, a lot of pards were watching to see if I could do it. When I got to the unloading table, I regrettably found TWO loaded revolvers! As the revolvers were last, I completely forgot about them in the heat of the moment. But in addition to my forgetfulness, the spotters and TO also failed to notice that I had not shot them! Only one person in the posse noticed and I heard him comment as I was unloading.
  2. My MIL's 11 year old Yorkshire "Terror" has to wear them full time in the house as the MIL was too old (lazy?) to house train it.
  3. Aren't the Aussies thoughtful. They provided the Croc a mattress for comfort.
  4. Yul - Just make them a little bigger, add some wheels and a handle and you might be able make a gun cart!
  5. Kind of hard to follow this part of step 3. Do you have to chant the "L SEP" also? OGTHROD AI’F 
ZHRO! (This last step is necessary lest the shambling horror of your dead ancestor overpower you and assume your identity.)
  6. AAH! Back when the History Channel had programs worth watching.
  7. This is our predicted "1 INCH" of snow this morning!!! Note that you cannot see through the fence! It is completely packed with snow. BTW - This is without snow!
  8. Nope- Bigfoot is EVERYWHERE!!!!!! This one is better dressed than usual. http://bfro.net/gdb/
  9. In my youth, I worked with turkeys from the brood house to being loaded for the processing plant. I told my vegetarian step daughter that eating domestic turkey was fine as they do not have a brain in their head and I would consider them vegetables!
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