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  1. https://astronomy.com/news/2020/05/death-from-above-7-unlucky-tales-of-people-killed-by-meteorites
  2. I guess I will have to measure the thickness of the '03 front sight to see if it matches the Garand. I will admit that I never searched for this information as relating to a Garand. I have a good write up of the rear sight of the '03 Springfield. As shown in the picture and table below, the rear sight notch in the lowest position is calibrated for 400 - 530 yards. To get below that, you have to raise the ladder and use the peep sight. After learning this, I (and others) were hitting clay pigeons at 100 yards. (As an aside, I remember watching a History Channel marksman competition a few years ago and none of the participants could hit the 100 yd target with the '03 Springfield!)
  3. You ever hear about something that sounds plausible but you cannot find any corroborating evidence to verify it? A few years ago, a very knowledgeable Mauser rifle collector told me that the width of the front sight on the 1903 Springfield (and I assume the Mauser) was approximately the width of a normal person at a distance of 300 yards (I think) so that the front sight could be used as a rudimentary range finder. I searched and searched for any information to back up his statement but so far - zilch.
  4. Per the S/N it is a first year (1887) manufacture. It has the single extractor which is not the best for our sport. The carrier could be repaired or, with some effort, a replacement might be available from some antique parts sources. As it is, it might be more desirable to a collector than a CAS shooter.
  5. Back before 9/11, I was at work and checked my calendar. Dammit - I had jury duty that day in less than an hour! I took off for the county courthouse (mind you, this was in southern ca with morning rush hour traffic) and made it just in time. Well, since my last time at the courthouse (jury duty), they had installed metal detectors and x-ray machines Since I was at work, I brought my soft briefcase along with some quickly acquired reading material. As they scanned my briefcase, the deputy on the monitor told the deputy at the end of the machine that there was a knife in the briefcase. He asked me to relinquish it until I left the building when I could pick it up. I complied and gave him "a" knife. Well, I always carried a pocketknife on me but I also had a large Swiss Army knife, a leatherman, and a credit card multi tool with a blade in the briefcase. "He only asked for a knife!"
  6. AND!!!! Only one more day until tomorrow! (Except for you, WJ, where it is already tomorrow. So I guess that means that it is only one more day until the day after tomorrow.)
  7. Just looked at my 5 lb jugs and no price listed on them.
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