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  1. 99+% of the time - my own can. However, on trash day (like today), they had already picked up my trash can while I was walking the dogs so I dropped it in my neighbor's can across the street before they picked it up.
  2. I have been having sporadic issues the past couple of days with various websites (including the SASS forum) displaying as text format and some graphics not displaying. When I hit "refresh", the issues usually get corrected. Must be due to some system update.
  3. Unless CA law has changed recently, only lever action rifles and 22 rimfire rifles with fixed magazines are exempt from the 10 round maximum capacity limit. (Don't tell the CADOJ that another SASS legal rifle that can hold more than 10 rounds is still being sold in CA!)
  4. Come on guys, everyone knows that the police can shoot any weapon out of the hands of the perp without harming him/her! So there is no need to train them to wound anyone! Just ask the (insert descriptive here). This is what often happens on TV and in movies so it must be true.
  5. You can always go the other way - from the bottom!
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