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  1. This might be the Bear vs .22 story: https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/bella-twin-the-little-woman-and-the-really-big-bear/
  2. My daughter is visiting and she was telling me about some AI programs that she had been using for a project. She showed me one that generates images and since I have Custer, we presented the program with a few different scenarios of General George Armstrong Custer as a Poodle. These were the best (weirdest?) of the many results:
  3. For sale: $150 DIY Stained Jeans creator kit. Endless pattern possibilities. User can change patterns multiple times per day. Will work with all types of pants.
  4. No. It was actual video of the tiny vehicle in a German armored column going through a village that was burning.
  5. I hope that the infection can be entirely eliminated from your knee. In the mid 70's, I had an ankle replacement due to a serious accident. At the time of the accident, bones were covered with dirt and sand. It was impossible to remove all of the dirt and sand and some became encapsulated in the bones. When the artificial ankle was installed, some of the dirt and sand were exposed to the metal joint resulting in an infection. Since antibiotics will not work on metal and the source (the dirt and sand) could not be completely removed, the joint was removed and my ankle was fused.
  6. A couple of years ago, I was watching a WWII documentary on the Eastern Front and caught a glimpse of a tiny one man German tracked vehicle. It wasn't a Kettenkrad as it was too short and had no front end like the Kettenkrad. It looked something like this but I have come up empty except for this photo.
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