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  1. I vaguely remember having a dream last night (I think).
  2. Due to circumstances totally under my control, I will be unable to perform the countdown for the next few days (I'm going camping). So, I hope someone will fill in for me. (Also, feel free to do so anytime). 848 DAYS!!!!
  3. Pat - You can't have one in CA! But they are legal in AZ (HINT, HINT).
  4. Send it to John and Ken at KFI in LA. They will love it. johnandkenKFI@kfiam640.com
  5. I'm sure that Pat knows someone nearby that can "lend a hand".
  6. Can't be too dangerous! Find Deals on Manriki-gusari in Toys & Games on Amazon.
  7. California's largest-ever fire threatens cannabis farms worth millions.
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