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  1. To paraphrase an old saying: "Behave, because we need more haves!"
  2. Knew an electrical engineer that convinced his wife that leaving an extension cord plugged in with no appliance on the other end would allow the electricity to "leak" out and increase their electric bill!
  3. Let's just say that one of the key members was designated "The Greatest Gun Salesman Ever" and that was nothing like it is now!
  4. If this lawsuit is against those that caused the panic buying, count me in!
  5. While taking Custer for a walk this morning in a nearby wash!
  6. And they have one of these for those extra heavy snows in Tucson...
  7. You're quite welcome. (I can relate. I was planning to retire at 66 but got so fed up with the work environment that I retired a year earlier than I planned.)
  8. Couldn't decide where to put this - here - or the snow thread. Anyway, Custer playing in the snow today! Custer - snow -1-24-21.mp4
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