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  1. Looks like the Gamo - Whisper Fusion Mach 1 I guess times are tough for the cartels since they have to resort to airguns. What's next, air soft, water guns?
  2. From a liberal website article on Mexican cartel assassins: I have one of these "firearms".
  3. You could just wrap a cowboy hat in tinfoil. That would suffice.
  4. Some information on Lane Splitting for those unfamiliar with Southern California traffic. (I was the Safety Officer for a Motorcycle organization for many years). Splitting Lanes Did you know that lane splitting is safer than staying in a lane of stop and go traffic? Statistics and safety experts confirm that this is the case. However, lane splitting is loaded with situations that require careful consideration. In the legal sense, lane splitting in California does not have a legal definition. Instead, it is NOT defined as being illegal. All traffic laws apply when lane splitting so it is very possible that, in the eyes of the law, other traffic laws are being violated. Police policy in California is such that you should not lane split when traffic is moving faster than 30 mph. If you are going more than 10 mph faster than traffic, you may get cited for "unsafe for conditions". If traffic is moving above 45 mph, you may get written for reckless driving. Lane splitting is less likely to be tolerated on surface streets. As a rider splits lanes, they have to observe the traffic ahead and be able to predict what the drivers on both sides are going to do. Always assume that the drivers do not see (or hear) you coming. If there is not enough room to pass a vehicle, wait until there is an opening and go around. Do not get angry or do anything to antagonize the driver as they might seek revenge on you or the next rider to pass by. Be aware of the geometry of your bike. Any protruding handlebars, mirrors, pegs, saddlebags, etc. must be taken into account. Be alert and ready to detect and react. Scan for signs of trouble. The safest lanes are usually the two left lanes. This is because the drivers tend to keep to the left and there is less lane changing occurring. A cardinal rule of lane splitting is that any time you are between lanes, you should be passing cars. If cars in an adjacent lane start passing you, get back in the lane. Keep your speed to a point where you can handle surprises and minimize your surprising the traffic you are passing. You should not be going much faster than the surrounding traffic. This will allow you to observe the traffic that can influence your riding pattern and properly react. If you are overtaken by a faster rider, move over into a gap and permit them to pass. This has an added benefit in that drivers are usually more observant after a bike has passed them. However, don't follow the bike too closely. Leave room just in case something does happen. The most dangerous time to split lanes is when traffic is first slowing down. This is when motorists are most likely to change lanes seeking the fastest lane. When the traffic has stabilized, the lane switching falls to almost zero. However, if there is a gap large enough for a car to occupy, you should assume a car will occupy it. So be very vigilant and watch all vehicles carefully for any intent to occupy the empty space. Watch for head movements, see if the driver has acknowledged your presence, watch the front tires of cars for movement, sudden braking, hesitation, signals, etc. Lane splitting is a riding technique that requires the utmost concentration and skill short of situation avoidance maneuvers. It is not for everyone and as with all riding skills should be practiced and learned gradually. If you do not feel comfortable splitting lanes - DO NOT DO IT! It is not worth any time saving if an injury should occur. But if you are comfortable with lane splitting, do it carefully and safely so that the right to do it is not taken away from us in order to "protect" us.
  5. Ask Siri to tell you a dirty joke. My wife did that and, let's just say, the result was underwhelming.
  6. Checked that first. It does not appear to be broken. Sent you an e-mail. I guess I will order a new extractor.
  7. I believe I bent the extractor on my Uberti 73 (44-40). The tip/hook does not appear to be broken but it will work if I apply pressure on the extractor when extracting the case. Can it be bent back or should I order a new one? (I had a hard to chamber round that I forced prior to the issue.)
  8. Available on some streaming services. https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/storming-juno
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