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    We enjoy our freedoms because of fine folks like you. Thank You! --Dakota Skipper and the Dawg
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    4 misses
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    Re: Hollywood and military accuracy, I recall when Top Gun came out, I was one of the Army guys going through the Naval War College at the time and naturally among a number of Navy pilots. To the man, they complained about the inaccuracy of this and that. They finally got a chance to talk with the Captain, a Top Gun Graduate himself and the technical advisor for the movie. Well, he listened to all their complaints and had to agree that there were many inaccuracies but his final response was one for the books, "Men, I had a hard time keeping them from making it into a musical!!!" I thought that was great!
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    And this ones not bad.....
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    Howdy, So you were out of cleaning patches??????? Best CR
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    I’m no Roger Ebert, but here’s my take on Midway, the movie. If you consider CGI to be an abomination to cinema, don’t go. Personally, I thought they used the technology pretty well to complement the cinematic experience. Much better than in Red Tails if anybody saw that flick. If you want perfect historic and technical accuracy, stick to the zillion books and documentaries. If Woody Harrelson puts your knickers in a knot, stay away. Personally, I think he’s decent at acting, that’s what my admission price paid him to do, and he did a fine job portraying ADM Nimitz. At evening’s end, I’m glad I went. It was a great story told with a fair balance of accuracy and cinematic license. The heroes were portrayed as the good guys they were in real life. The Japanese of that era were accurately painted also. And wouldn't you you know it, the Good Guys won again, 77 years later. I might even see it again with my buddy.
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    10-66 (used only in England) "Hey, there's some Norman guys camping on the beach."
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    House sold the day before it was listed, to a neighbor at our asking price. The house was paid for too. Moved because Ima received a promotion within Sam's Club, and there was an opening here. If you know my wife's family history (last name is Schofield) her family has deep roots here. As soon as we get settled in. We will be checking out the local SASS clubs for sure Thank you all for the welcome to our forever home. OLG
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    I doubt that the BART directors and other grand high poohbahs ride BART.
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    That would be me. I spin them every time. Then I index, take it to full cock and lower the hammer on the empty. Works like a charm.
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    Well crap. I always was an over achiever. Picked up a matched, sequential pair of Uberti Cattleman 38 WCF yesterday. That makes three guns so far this month.
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    People live where they live for a variety of reasons. I was born in AZ and have chosen to stay. My siblings left AZ in search of careers and succeeded in other states. I believe that everyone understands once you set your roots down, families begin and traditions follow. Every state in the west has changed, both for better and worse. AZ has water issues because so many want to green it up just as it was where they came from. In almost all cases, the general populace has very little influence on that change for the following reason. Change is normally voter based, apathy on the part of the voters has hurt the once norms of all societies and communities. I urge all peoples to vote informed, be passionate and educated. All too often those with conservative values do not allow themselves to be heard. Get involved wherever your home is, impact change and embrace your family wherever you call home. Many from CA have left while many have chose to stay, last time I checked we are all free to live where we choose. God speed to those dedicated individuals in those extreme leftist states that are fighting the fight.
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    I'll admit that I have my shortcomings, but you guys act like I don't know my business. I've been going to the potty all by myself for several years now. My wife and I have been married to one another for 45 years come the 22d of this month and she has seen to it. And, I have my wife trained exactly the way she wants me!
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    This is very common these days. You watch. The officer will be crucified. The man will sue. Security at transit stations WILL diminish, cops do not like being thrown under a bus, and soon ridership (yeah, it’s a stupid word) will go down. Once it goes down thousands and thousands of dollars will be spent trying to discover why it went down. Committees will be formed. Anyone in Operations that explains the reason it went down will be disinvited to future meetings and only fluffy people with small brains will be involved. Eventually over a million dollars will have been spent on planning, ads, promotions and service changes. Promotions will occur and new departments formed and eventually the tax payers will be out millions of dollars over years paying salaries and by the time wasted by people that know what they are doing but are ignored so they no longer go the extra mile to perform their duties. How do I know? I just had my 30th anniversary in this vocation. Yay. Three years and three months...tick, tock, tick, tock...
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    Today marks one century since we have been honoring Americans who served or are serving in our Armed Forces. It started out as Armistice Day in 1919. and was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 TRR has on its rolls 40 Veterans, not bad out of a membership around 100. They have served in our Country and around the world during times of peace as well as war. Let everyone take a moment to remember their dedication and sacrifice to the United States for they are true Heroes. TRR Board Blackpowder Burn Crash Osage Mike Texas Jack Daniels cheyenne
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    I had taken a poly-psy course as part of my occupational rehab after a broken back. We watched it all happen. The class was held at Austin Peay, where most Ft. Campbell soldiers went at the time!! It was interesting to see the different reactions from the soldiers and the civilian students. Many of the civilian kids were OBLIVIOUS to the situation in Germany, even thirty years ago! Most of them knew that the wall was there, but had no concept of the airlift or the tunnels or any of that!! The military students were celebrating!!
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    What he said ^^^^^ I think you're giving a lot of us way too much credit for having any sense though...
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    PLEASE DON'T use fillers with 777!!! Please read up on your powders. http://ns.hodgdon.com/loading.html "Triple Seven In Cartridges: Use data specifically developed for Triple Seven FFG only. Cartridge loads should be used exactly as listed in this pamphlet. You may safely use a card or polyethylene wad up to .030" in thickness to protect the base of the bullet. Loading density should be 100% with light compression not to exceed .100". Testing has shown that Triple Seven will perform best when the bullet just touches the powder. Allow no airspace between the base of the bullet and the powder. Do not reduce loads by means of filler wads or inert filler material such as Grits, Dacron or Grex. Do not heavily compress powder charges. The use of filler wads, inert fillers or heavy compression may cause a dangerous situation, which could cause injury and/or death to the shooter, bystanders or damage property. Do not create loads for cartridges not listed. Contact Hodgdon Powder Company for recommendations concerning other loads. *See WARNINGS below.
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    Just finished watching "Spitfire, the plane that saved the World" on Netflix. It's also been on Amazon. Wonderful film. Lumpy, there's a great tribute to the women who served as your mom did ferrying these planes. At the end of the film, a Women's Auxiliary pilot is reunited with a plane she delivered in 1944. She was 100 years old at the time of the film.
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    What you are showing is .38-40 brass that has no bottleneck after firing! Did those cases lose part of the ends? If not, there is something wrong with the chamber, oversized at the front of the chamber. Are those cases reloaded after firing once? If so, the brass may have become workharded. If this is the first time the brass was fired, then the brass may not have been annealed sufficiently at the forward part of the case, at the factory. I haven't used Pyrodex in years, as I shoot mostly smokeless powder in cartridges, including .44-40, but when I did shoot Pyrodex, when it first came out, I never had problems with corrosion. Maybe they changed the formula after Dan Pawlek was killed in the explosion.
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    I shoot with Fast Eddie almost every Saturday throughout the year and he told me he preferred to not have his contact info provided publicly. I've sent PMs to anyone who has asked on this thread. There are any number of folks here on the Wire who also have his contact info, I am not his agent! I'm just following what Fast Eddie told me to do. Fast Eddie is also on the Wire but he doesn't post very often. He does have a profile here on the Wire and you can send him a PM directly if you prefer to. Kajun
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    Holy Cow, I had forgot about those! My great aunt had them mounted on both sides of her car, pointed straight out to the side, front and rear. Her driveway was extremely narrow to get to her garage which was behind her house, especially since she liked really big wide cars. She had them feelers sticking straight out so she could tell if she was too close to the house or the fence! Miss her and my great uncle a bunch, she was from "backwoods barefoot Kentucky" and had stories to tell. She married up to my great uncle who was from the better side of town. Back in the '20's when he was a little kid, he got a job with the local gangsters. They would dress him nice and put him in the backseat of a real nice car that was full of moonshine and drive him around like he was a rich kid. Then they paid him a bunch. He couldn't take the money home so he and all his friends would spend the day at the movies eating as much candy and drinking as much cola as they could to use up the money. When he got old enough to hit the pedals in the cars, he started driving for the moonshiners. My first gen Colt was his, handed down thru my dad to me. Oops, got off the subject a bit...
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    I can't condemn the good folks that live in California, New York, New Jersey, etc. Most just have to deal with the hand that God dealt them. I just thank God every day that I was born, raised, and live in Sweet Home Alabama.
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    We will never change to minds of the libs, but if enough people write and use other mens to advocate for gun rights we will change their vote! They will fight to save their jobs. I've had people tell me they don't belong to the NRA for (enter stupid reason here.) Many of them belong to other pro-gun organizations...who are never named by the media or mentioned by politicians. I'm not saying they aren't good, even somewhat effective groups, but the big Boogey Man in congress is the NRA. It costs about as much as a meal for two at a decent restaurant or couple of tickets to a movie for an annual membership. Imagine forty or fifty thousand new members by 2020. The Dems would panic to try to save their jobs, but now imagine a half million or more by election day. And once we've done that we'll have to do it ll over again every single day because these "Progressive" idiots will never give up. Never should we.
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    Life's too short to fight all the time. 30 years ago I Iived in Maryland, I got out of there and found a place that was more compatible with my way of thinking. I could care less if people talk smack about Maryland, it's not my idea of an ideal environment for shooters and outdoorsmen. Many people have never lived anywhere except the state they were raised, they have no idea there may be a better place to live.
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    Thank you for all your work teaching kids, Bob.
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    Probably some other threads on this, but I didn't find any. Have any of y'all seen it yet? It'll be coming through NE OK a week from Saturday. My current plans are to drive to up to Ft Gibson and film it crossing the Neosho River. Link to schedule: https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm And a link to a tracking page: https://www.up.com/forms/steam-trace.cfm
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    Go with the comp. They don't add much weight but tend to work better than loose shot because the forward movement of the mercury offsets the recoil without adding a bunch of weight. You will want to change the angle when you cut and mount the new pad. Most shotguns are setup for arial targets. but we shoot toward the ground. What happens is the sharp angel tends to dig in and the ladies tend to drop the back end and then tend to shoot high over the targets. My rule as to how long the stocks need to be for the ladies is with the gun shouldered, the thumb of the trigger finger hand should be about 2” but not more than 3” from her nose. This allows more bend in the elbow. Anytime the elbow is extended beyond 90 degree she will have a tuff time holding the gun up.
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    I don't think any specific rule change is necessary. My opinion: I would vote NO RESHOOT based on the one shooter having a problem navigating the stage in the manner described by the OP. BUT...because that particular situation deemed it a safety issue that it was later removed for everyone else, then YES, I would vote for a RESHOOT under those circumstances. AND furthermore, I would allow those who already shot the stage an option for a reshoot OR, throw out the stage for EVERYONE. ..........Widder
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    Depending on your goals, you can say “I want everything “ or you can decide that you can do with less and save some bucks. i opted to run the important things, furnace, fridge, freezer, pump, lighting in a few rooms, 1 tv and computer if the cable was running. Not the heat pump, not the dryer. That would have a lower kw requirement. probably not a concern for you because you tune pianos and make “the big bux”.
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    From my perspective the half cock on my Rugers isn't a safety feature, it's a feature that's required so I can load the guns given they don't have transfer bars. Since they're purely competition guns and I don't put my booger picker on the bang stick at the LT they're safe enough for me.
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    Might be just the place to own since the world is going to end in 10 years.
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    I would recommend a Kohler over a Generac any day. If it will only run on rare occasions Generac is OK, but they run at 3600rpm. You want A 1800rpm unit if possible. I think Kohler makes one. I only use 20-30Kw diesels but I am totally off the grid with solar and generator backup.
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    The actual assault began early in the morning while it was still dark. Yes, ladders were used. When assaulting with ladders, men are assigned to give covering fire to clear the tops of the walls. Colonel Travis was shot early on in the assault by covering fire. Grenades are not generally used when assaulting walls due to close proximity of friendly troops (not all grenades make it over the wall). Hard to pull up a ladder up when someone is on the first rung or just holding the ladder.
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    It only looks like Damascus steel
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    Well, now I figure there are about 20 reasons not to go, including that the actor playing Nimitz is a vegan anarchist, but I think I'll go anyway. It sounds like the movie has some virtues to it, although Hollywood forgot to buy hundreds of WWII airplanes to use in movies 75 years later. They never get it right! I do get the senior citizen discount. I asked the gal last time why they gave the discount, and she said the theater chains never lost money on it, because most seniors already decided they wouldn't like the movie anyway and so didn't go in the first place.
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    I went for 15 years with a pair of saddlebags over my shoulder while carrying my guns. In fact, I used those saddlebags at the last monthly. A cart works but you can get by without one for as long as you want.
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    What type of action is that 45-70? A lever gun with a 32" barrel will be very heavy and long, requiring a lot of strength to shoot well. In a single shot design, that length is still long enough to let you know it's got a long, heavy barrel. Of course, most long barrels can be cut down to a shorter length if desired. First thing is you ought to consider - how good is your eyesight. If you can't shoot other rifles unless they have a scope on them, you won't be able to shoot long range well without a scope, most likely. There usually is a category for rifles with "period" scope tubes, beware they are also heavy and expensive. If you still see sharply at distance, great. The tang mounted peep sights (very many designs) are the most accurate on a gun. Barrel mounted open sights - less accurate at distance. Second thing is how accustomed to heavy recoil in a rifle you are. Even a light 45-70 load has more recoil than folks who are "maxed out" with the recoil of a cowboy main match gun can handle. A light .45-70 load kicks me about the same as a factory 30-06. Such folks may do much better with a .38-55 or even a .30-30 for long range, although the .30-30 usually runs out of steam past 200 yards or so. What do I shoot? Either a Marlin 1895 lever in .45-70, with 26" barrel, or a Winchester Falling Block (1885) Italian made clone with a 30" barrel, also in 45-70. But I handle recoil pretty well, and have good upper body strength, and can see 20-20 with corrections in my glasses. Third - Consider where would you shoot, both practice and long range matches. Lots of folks get a long range rifle, and peddle it off after a year or so because they just have no place to practice or shoot matches. A cheaply bought gun that you can't or won't shoot is not much of a bargain. If you have the drive to be a long-range shooter, this may be the deal of a lifetime. It's up to you and your circumstances! Good luck, GJ
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    Well, I will pray for love, healing, health, understanding, and God's grace for you and for your family and friends. May his blessings fall upon you and yours.
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    He did indeed. Remember when that kid's appearance would have been considered unkempt and slovenly?
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    Stand on your bathroom scale with it in your hands. Then set it down. Subtract the second from the first. WaLa!
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    I think we should belly up to the Single Bar Line for a drink.
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    Take her gun to a good sporting clays gun smith and have him lengthen the forcing cones. Doing this will not lessen actual recoil but the felt recoil will be cut around 15%. Instead of a whack it turns it into a shove, good for the action too. Add a lace on kick killer and call it a day.
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    A no call for a rifle moved from the LT to the line with a cocked hammer is IMHO a discrepancy to the very first rule of gun safety which is "Treat every firearm always as if it were loaded." A bit exaggerated: What's next? No call for having a person swept if the gun just goes *click* afterwards? Would follow the same logic... Just my opinion, Equanimous P.S.: Maybe the penalty should be changed to an hour of practice of safe gun handling..?
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    I have to disagree. The wrong thought that I had to reenact is what kept me from joining sass a year or two sooner. I actually dislike anything to do with a factual reenactment. I realize there are people in sass that LOVE it. I support their decision dress the part down to the socks, and applaud them for it. Makes it fun, just not my cup of tea. Next time we shoot together, introduce yourself. I like meeting new people. I enjoy knowing most of 'em. I haven't been shooting much longer than you. There is time for anything, and anyone can get beat on any given day A lot can be said about this^. Have you done anything to your guns to make them function better? Do you have a short stroke? There are shooters that have not. Does that mean you will statistically beat them? You say me getting the lever lock is a disadvantage to you because you trained yourself not to jack rounds out, and don't need it. I made the gun better, not me. Well, have you also spent 2 hours a day working on new transitions? Have you put forth the effort to come up with new transitions to improve your stage time? Do you work on target acquisition? Do you practice, or are the matches your practice? This means a heap more than ANY gun modification. Me too. I don't know anybody that spends the money to shoot a big match for just a buckle. Heck, you can buy one for 35 bucks and save the hassle if its not fun. This is absolutely incorrect. I am glad you brought that up. I get an oob pretty regularly. This should solve my problem and be safer for me. A good side note is this: If I have opening pressure on the lever when the hammer falls, the round may not fire because the lock will absorb hammer force. You do not have the rifle holstered. No, you do NOT have to open the lever to show clear before the stage is over. After the stage is over point the rifle down range and pull the trigger, the same way you have to do with a pistol. Easy peasy. Yes, you can just lower the hammer with this device. By the way, the only way to stage a rifle for future use on the stage is empty or hammer fully down on a spent round. So in that case it is moot. Zero shooters are shooting the same guns anyway. It is only skewed to you. The lever lock also provides the same advantage to all that have it. Since you have a shortstroke, how would you feel if someone said the only reason you fire your rifle faster was that short stroke? After all, you don't have to fully lever your rifle. You gonna spot the non short stroked rifles a couple seconds? If not, it's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. I feel great. Don't you feel good after a nice rifle run with that short stroke in it? I don't know about the at any cost part, but it is cowboy action shooting. It is about speed, otherwise we wouldn't get penalized for misses by adding 5 seconds. We would be shooting for high score on target hits. I do look forward to meeting you. Coming to state this year?
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