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  1. Sorry, misunderstood. Opening the loading gate frees the cylinder, they have no half cock.
  2. If you mean to spin backwards, no.
  3. Pressure is low enough that the case does not set back against the recoil shield so the primer gets pushed out to fill the gap. Bump the load up until it quits happening.
  4. Have you changed your load or was the weather colder? Sounds like primers backing out from too-light loads, except for the only one chamber thing...
  5. Browning B-92 .44 Mag, 5-1/2" Colts (1 ea .357 and .44 Special), '97 Winchester. Still have them all, still shoot all but the .357 occasionally. Guess it would see more use if I ever picked up a mate to it...
  6. We use AR500 targets like that for cowboy and also steel challenge (much hotter ammo and jacketed). We get occasional splash back, and it might be from a hit right next to the hook, but better than what we experienced for years with mild steel targets hanging from hooks on the back.
  7. The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro timers (blue) have a small slotted screw set into a hole along one side; crank it all the way clockwise for maximum sensitivity. I've dealt with some other types (can't recall which) that could be adjusted but you had to find it in a menu.
  8. Had one for years in 20ga. In that case the receiver was too small to stage it open and cocked as the lever interfered wih the right hammer, but it was a great little shotgun. Sold it simply because we don't use 20ga much any more. I have seen that you will not get away with just slapping the hammers to cock any Rossi I've dealt with; unless they've been worked over pretty seriously all you will do is leave some skin on the hammers.
  9. A good number of .22 rifles and pistols are used in our monthly matches all winter and the only time I recall any trouble was a stage finished with rifle shot with sub-sonic ammo. Even then, had the TO noticed, they could have been picked up with the timer pushed forward some. We use the same timers for speed steel/steel challenge matches that are mostly shot with .22s, and the only issues I recall are with suppressed 9mm carbines; I've had to hold the timer right next to the bolt because it couldn't pick up anything from the muzzle. We also have the sensitivity ctanked up to the ma
  10. Got my first Vaquero (7.5” .44Mag) as a gift from my wife right when they came out, so I could pair it with a .44 Special Colt and finally shoot the same ammo in both pistols (2nd pistol was a .357 Colt till then; never had a reason to have 2 pistols in the same caliber till we started needing 2 for this game). Had to have the barrel cut to 5.5” to match the Colt (Ruger wouldn’t sell me one nor install one at the time). Didn’t take long to notice the slightly larger grip/frame got that hammer a little farther from my right hand and so helped me avoid short stroking and dropping the hamme
  11. the tables say 16.3, and it has been a long time since I weighed one, but think I recall it was actually ~15.6 on my MEC press.
  12. AA hull, W209 primer, Winchester grey wad (WAA12L?), WST with MEC #23 bushing. Supposed to be the featherlight formula, but seem to shoot softer and be more reliable in cold weather.
  13. They are all OK as long as they are lead shot. The super handicap can just be unpleasant. Interesting, but twice in the past I gave some low noise, low recoil, ammo to new shooters and was repaid with Super-Handicap. Unless you shoot lots of trap, you have no idea they are heavy, high velocity loads for 27 yard trap. Target, light target, xtra light target, and game loads are all fine for this game.
  14. Crisco


  15. Crisco

    APP 2F

    I loaded 2f APP in my wife’s .38s for years (1cc) and they shot great. I made the mistake of running it through a Dillon powder measure once, and I would just as soon pour in pumice or fine gravel before doing that again. The grit was terrible in the measure, and since it was a later model measure, the mechanical linkage reset the powder measure after the casing disengaged from the expander/funnel, so the fines went everywhere. I stick with Lee dippers for APP, Pinnacle, or BlackMZ since then.
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