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  1. My carbine is pretty much dead on at 200 yards with the sight bottomed. I aim about a foot low at 100.
  2. The only way I use them these days is to give you some incentive to hit something with extra rounds after clearing knockdowns of some kind, e.g., “engage plate rack with remaining rounds, with a 1 second bonus for each plate knocked down.”. Makes it worthwhile to be careful on the initial knockdowns, and I really detest either dumping extra rounds into the berm (results in ammo left in rifles) or dump targets that incur misses.
  3. Being that first shooter and all, look closely and you will even see the side shields on my safety glasses…
  4. You are much more prepared than I am, or at least more organized... See you there.
  5. There is one for sale on Gunbroker right now. I have one and it is a pleasure to shoot and one of the most accurate revolvers I’ve ever owned.
  6. Used to shoot with a guy that loaded BP with smokeless bullets and dredged every round through a can of Crisco as he loaded rifle and and pistols. Made a mess but seemed to work for him. I have filled the front of my cylinders with bore butter before loading and that works well.
  7. Never had a problem with BP or subs fouling the action of any of my '92s in .38, .44 Special, .44 Mag, or .45 Colt. I have always just cleaned out the little bit that gets back there with a Q-tip and ballistol. Light weigh bullets might result in lots of blow back into the action, so maybe that's what causes the problems I see mentioned now and then.
  8. Sorry, misunderstood. Opening the loading gate frees the cylinder, they have no half cock.
  9. If you mean to spin backwards, no.
  10. I believe the centerfire 1866’s were late production, chambered for the .44 Henry Centerfire (same dimensions as the Henry but centerfire), and most, if not all, were shipped to somewhere in South America that escapes my memory at the moment. Seems like very few show up in the states.

    Hey Crisco;


    What is your Unique load for 45 ACP? If you have one for 45 Colt I would appreciate that as well.

    Trying to help Scout Brown. He bought an old can at a gun show.


    Marshal Stone

    1. Crisco


      Sorry I didn't notice your note for a few days.

      These days I usually load the .45ACP with a 200gr LSWC and 6.0 Unique.  With a 230 LRN I use 5.5 Unique.

      In .45 Colt I load a 250L with 7.0 unique.  I've tried lighter bullets in the .45 Colt and was never happy with them unless the load far exceeded SASS guidelines (all the soot and unburned powder issues experienced by the folks that try to make a .45 act like a .38...).


  12. Our knockdowns (mostly US poppers) are 3/8" AR500 with 1/2" pipe stick welded to the bottom to mount in our bases. For static targets we've been using 3/8" and 1/2" mild steel for years, and they age pretty well with lead bullets and cowboy loads, but are getting too heavy for most of the folks willing to come out and help these days (not to mention being easily and heavily damaged by boneheads with rifles). We are gradually changing over to 1/4" AR500 targets with a small rectangular slot centered near the top so they can hang from a hook made of 3/8" AR500. Very much like what MGM
  13. Can't answer definitively about the "antique" classification but will tackle the concern noted above about getting them back into the US. SImply fill out a customs form 4457 and have the guns verified by a customs officer BEFORE leaving the states. This form provides the proof that you took them with you so you will not be accused of importing them on your return.
  14. I'm sure it's been longer than I think, but Numrich Arms (now Gunparts Corp) used to sell conversion kits to change your model 94 over to .44 Magnum. I think the "kit" may have consisted of nothing more than a barrel and carrier/lifter. If so, that will answer your initial question, at least for the larger cartridge.
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