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  1. I have one but it’s not for sale. You could possibly borrow it, though.
  2. The left and right hammers are definitely not the same.
  3. My experience is Betram is great brass. It’s available. Starline isn’t. If you can give me a couple days, I think I have 100 rounds of Starline but need to find it.
  4. I use one. Put an adjustable charge bar in it. Works great.
  5. I like the roller handle, although I’ve bent mine for a better angle. I do not like the padded covers from Uniquetek. They don’t last very long before they come apart.
  6. Cowboy Carty. His was the smoothest rifle I’ve ever felt!
  7. No, they CANNOT be cocking while drawing. Revolver cannot be cocked until muzzle is 45° downrange.
  8. By the way, Brownells has lots of Vaquero parts listed. You won’t find a SBH hammer listed there.
  9. 780-001-473 is the Brownells part number. Out of stock but available for back order.
  10. PM me. I can do it pretty easily. May take me a few weeks. Just Because I’m getting the NM State Wild Bunch match put together for the end of the month.
  11. It would be fine but Les Baer makes one with tangs and is about 100 times the quality of the Fusion.
  12. Be better to ask over on the Wild Bunch wire. But are you looking to shoot Modern or Traditional?
  13. I don’t think it’s a .44 Mag in a medium frame.
  14. How is it marked on the side of the gun? “New Model Blackhawk” You can’t fix stupid. People are going themselves no matter. Like putting “Do not use in shower” on a blow dryer. It doesn’t stop stupid.
  15. There is no “Blackhawk” sold today. Only New Model Blackhawks.
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