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  1. Or just don’t worry about it. We’re not shooting bullseye and minimum power factor is of no consequence!
  2. Your book and Brian’s are the two books I recommend to new shooters. Given away several of each.
  3. There was a NIB one in the Cabela’s in Albuquerque about a month back. Priced very good. Don’t know if it’s still there.
  4. I use a little a Hornady One Shot lube on new brass. Works wonders! Even with carbide dies, it makes resizing so much easier on the shoulder.
  5. Bowen Classic Arms, maybe. Wolff Gun Springs
  6. Have you handled either? As soon as you do, you’ll likely answer your question yourself.
  7. Do yourself a favor and put both on the clock. A 230 at 700 FPS will more than power factor, take down and knockdown AND will give you faster split times. 3.9-4.1 grains of Winchester WST will give softer recoil that anything else I’ve tried.
  8. Fermin Garza. PM me and I can connect you.
  9. https://www.sassnet.com/wildbunch/forum/index.php
  10. It’s legal. As long as it’s permanent.
  11. Your Baer may be legal. Can you post a pic?
  12. Depends on the match. My 6 stage monthly match will average 175+ pistol, 50-60 rifle and 40-50 shotgun.
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