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  1. By the way, thank you. Yes, I checker myself.
  2. Yes, the checkered is actually thicker. But it’s no thinner than what it started out as.
  3. Which ones are those? It’s certainly not End of Trail, Winter Range, or Legends Four Corners Regional.
  4. Funny thing is, I did try it. On stocks, 1911 and HiPower front straps, main spring housings and rifle stocks. Mine didn’t turn out any thinner.
  5. They’re not any thinner...
  6. And the Shooter’s Handbook both, CAS and WBAS, spell out what is a legal main match pistol.
  7. Why would they be thinner?
  8. You likely won’t find a 2 die set for 38/357. Normally start with 3. Resize and deprime, expand and seat/crimp. Although most of us like to seat and crimp in two steps, requiring a 4th die.
  9. If that gun is all original, I would put it up and save it. The heat treat then wasn’t what it is, today. With two of us shooting, I hate having to load magazines between every stage.
  10. Lady Jane and I share 50 mags and sometimes that don’t seem like enough. May want to try some other mags....
  11. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve never been that great. Per average, I have seen way way more or those fail than anything else.
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