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  1. Navy Arms had some not too long ago. Be worth a try to check with them.
  2. SDM manufacturing. They probably made the one for S&W. http://www.sdmfabricating.com/
  3. Piettas are the only lowered hammers easily available. Everything else will have to be modified. Ubertis may fit easily.
  4. Boomstick Jay, Slick McClaid, Lassiter, Long Hunter’s, Tyler’s Gun Works. The list is even longer.
  5. The very first versions are not legal. The had serrations down the front strap. If yours aren’t serrated , they’re legal.
  6. What’s most important? Lighter or cheaper?
  7. No. I’m saying they’ll be easier on your shoulder.
  8. No. I’m saying they’ll be easier on your shoulder.
  9. What AA load? There are several. If it is not the Low Noise/Loe Recoil load it is like several other factory loads. The load you want should say 26 grams of shot at 980 FPS.
  10. Since 1935 when Elmer Kieth helped Phil Sharpe develop the 357 Magnum and later, the 44 Magnum, shooting the special versions of those cartridges has been deemed perfectly safe, by not only firearms manufacturers and ammo manufacturers but also SAAMI. To shoot cartridges that do not fit within those specifications is absurdly unsafe, not just for the shooter but likely more so for bystanders. To imply, not “apply” as some morons say, otherwise is ludicrous! To say that “you’re going to be buried with or leave it to someone” is just as ludicrous. As for this Eagle Scout junior member’s lack of respect, respect must be earned. When someone shows a total disregard for other’s safety, a blatant disregard for federal law (whether I agree with said law) and a disregard for the rules of this game, they really do not deserve respect. Boggus Deal
  11. I didn’t accuse you of anything. You blatantly stated you were unsafe.
  12. Elmer Keith blew up more than one gun developing the .44 mag and wrote that he was injured doing it. I didn’t say anything about breaking the law. I just said it was unsafe. and it actually is against the law. Changing the caliber of a firearm and not marking it with the proper caliber is a federal offense but hey, I’m just a junior member.
  13. Just because it can been done doesn't mean its safe. People drive drunk every day and don't get hurt. Doesn't make it safe. Nimble Fingers keeps doing this he'll be looking for a new alias. Missing Fingers.
  14. All drop in parts drop in.... Until they don’t. Bolts usually require some fitting and at least headspace checking and timing.
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