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  1. What Griff said. It work about as poorly as a ‘94 works in .44 Mag or .45 Colt. But a ‘92 in .44-40.
  2. As El Mulo Vaquero said, you have to modify the hammer.
  3. Mostly our biggest concern would be leading in the barrel. Correctly dimensioned cylinder throats and a smooth forcing can certainly effect accuracy. But at our typical distances, that isn’t an issue.
  4. Widder, by Federal law it’s no problem. However, as jacked up as Mass law could be, I would contact the state’s AG office. And get it in writing! It could be on their website.
  5. Except none of those guns you mention are legal for Classic Cowboy like the original poster asked about.
  6. Have 6 sets of like new toggle links and lifter arms. $45 each shipped. Buy two or more they’re $40 each shipped. thanks!
  7. A .32 Special is nothing like a .32 Long.
  8. So don’t buy one. Your competition will appreciate it.
  9. I’ve got one and quite a few spare parts but have never used it.
  10. Texas Longhorn Arms Grover’s Improved No 5.
  11. Texas Longhorn Arms Grover’s Improved No 5.
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