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  1. Brazing by itself wouldn’t work. Brazing rod is a brass based metal. It would be too soft. It would wear faster than the steel. Take Johnny up on his part.
  2. And to add to Larsen, neck tension. The reason I don’t expand my cases, just bell them enough to seat the bullet. I let the bullet expand the case to fit. That way , if by some chance you short stroke the press or have a short case, the case neck tension holds the bullet and crimp is not as important.
  3. The .45 Colt rifle is competitive. Lady Jane was 5th overall at EOT this year and top Traditional shooter, male or female. She shot a .45 Colt with 165 pf loads. The top two male Traditional shooters were shooting .38s.
  4. Maybe a little paranoid but I carry all day every day like Cooper. I also have guns stashed around the place with at least a spare magazine close by. Living very rural, I don’t have to worry about shooting towards the neighbors so there is an AR platform in about 6 different places.
  5. Most sight dovetails are pretty easy. 1866 and 1873 magazine tube bands are a rotary dovetail. Not a walk in the park.
  6. That wasn’t Lady Jane’s experience. No real extra time, nearly double the rounds loaded, no blow by and guns stay clean. Three category wins at EOT, four at Winter Range speak for themselves.
  7. While you don’t “need” to reduce .38 Spl loads, you absolutely don’t need to waste a case full of powder just to make a target go ding. A little filler saves a lot of powder and even as good a deal as @Scarlett sells powder, why use more than you have to? A 3/8” piece of this on top of the powder works wonders. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Frost-King-0-375-in-x-20-in-Grey-Poly-Foam-Tape-Weatherstrip-Caulk-Saver-C21H/100067266
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