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  1. Except none of those guns you mention are legal for Classic Cowboy like the original poster asked about.
  2. Have 6 sets of like new toggle links and lifter arms. $45 each shipped. Buy two or more they’re $40 each shipped. thanks!
  3. A .32 Special is nothing like a .32 Long.
  4. So don’t buy one. Your competition will appreciate it.
  5. I believe, and I’m not 100% sure, when he blew that one up he was shooting a 258 gr. Remington soft lead bullet. He used the Lyman 458191 and 458192 sized down in his revolvers to get a heavier bullet. I’ve done quite a bit just try it and they work. But now that better designed, heavier bullets are available, there is no need.
  6. Is the carrier sticking for certain or is something else binding?
  7. Keep looking! I wouldn’t shoot this one myself! I sure as h*ll wouldn’t let my 11 year old shoot it!
  8. Having spent quite a bit of time inside both, they are completely different guns and nothing will interchange. Other than the mag springs. Maybe a crew or two. As mentioned, the 25 is a non takedown Model 12.
  9. Come to my Wild Bunch matches. You’ll load on the clock!
  10. https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/05009212 like this. Its like a real stiff Scotchbrite pad for a grinder.
  11. Got a bench grinder, Billy? Look at deburring wheels from Grainger or MSC. They’ll go on your grinder and do a great job.
  12. I would go to the California DOJ website and look at the actual laws. While everyone here is well meaning and likely knowledgeable, I would not take anyone’s word on It.
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