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  1. Rooster quite right mi amigo’ They are a “B” series set of pistols !
  2. Just put these on the auction site.....would rather loose money to a fellow SASS member......................
  3. Loop your pinky under the grip it will feel much better ! Let it roll under the recoil.
  4. Wow the market is off for sure if this is still here! More than a fair price when you figure what you’re getting.......... case color, octagonal bbl, grade 3wood, leather cuff, and the tang site to boot!!! free bump in amy event
  5. still have it...........



    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      would you accept 800.00 for the gun shipped to Wisconsin FFL?

      Thank you for the consideration.

      Don't really need a hammer gun just want one, I am sure you know how it is :)

    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Hows about splitting the difference $825 shipped?

      for quicker comms my direct email


  6. Do these have removable cylinder bushings? my thanks in advance
  7. OMG what a deal I’ll take 100 rolls if I can get a Break on the shipping!
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