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  1. Do NOT recommend birdshot for HD As former LE I can rell you I’ve seen it used and it isn’t the answer
  2. The reduced recoil 12g buckshot loads will not function reliably in any of my Remingtons as a matter of fact on the remington loads the box has a warning that it will not function reliably in gas operated auto loaders
  3. The 11-87 is suppossed to have a more “tolerant” gas sytem than the old 1100 that said i never had any issue with the older 1100 our HD shotgun is an 1100 youth in 20 g with an extended tube. If your better half is recoil sensitive you might consider that setup as she is recoil sensitive don’t even think Benelli and ither RECOIL operated shotguns!!
  4. well then I hope no one buys your dang rifle...neener...neener...neener..... seriously I understand fully....best of luck with the sale it should go quick!! free bump
  5. "several hundred rounds" let me know how it's holding up after a few thousand. Mine gave up the ghost at around 4KI. I was running a stock DD with 16.5" bbl with H buffer. A 20" will have a longer gas tube and gentler cycling. My brother's Noveske, has the switchblock, with H3 buffer and as Tyrel stated you need an adjustable gas block or bolt bounce will tear the rifle up. .My cam showed excessive wear at about 1500 rounds. YMMV.
  6. I have fired 556 and 7.62 and the cases come out mildly warm but no way would you call them hot that said one would think chambers will run cooler so “cook offs” seem less likely 556 and 762 military ammo is being sourced from a firm here in Texas not sure about the 50 though
  7. I have owned a Daniel Defense not cheap $2600 and it beat itself to death in short order cam took the brunt of it, serious bolt bounce, etc my brother bought a Noveske again not cheap $3500 and it has held up but it was a switchblock with a H3 buffer don’t think you’re going to get a Rock or DPMS for a grand and think it’s going to hold up I know many folks with AR10’s and my two cents buy an M1A !!! edited in... the gun may finction 100% but it will beat itself to death in short order
  8. Will you ship if my ffl will accept from you with a copy of your DL?
  9. Blast I truly wonder aboit your logic enlighten me how does a metal rod with an electric heating element inside it “absorb” moisture? it does in fact lower the humidity ( moisture in the air), thats why they are called dehumidifier rods!
  10. Those are far and few between..... $1800 is a steal for that gun!!!! no matter what your opinion is as to the price .... it is actually way less than he could get for it on gunbroker.
  11. so you want $1300 for your pistols but you expect someone to buy them sight unseen ??? Don't bother with pics not a way I want to do business with anyone. edited in...... if you are unable to send pics at least reply as it just comes across as plain rude to not even respond best of luck with your sale in any event
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