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  1. I’ve dealt with this varmint before!! Do NOT trust his descriptions Firearms I bought from him were MUCH Nicer than stated Do NOT expect fast shipping he’s actually quicker than fast Do Not think his price might be lower His prices are more than fair NOTE this rifle has grade 3 wood!! Pard if this was in 45 it would be MINE!! I just need to keep saying no more 44-40’s!! free bump for a good pard!
  2. To clarify these are 38 special 5.5inch bbls New in box and unfired consecutive serial numbered? If so I’ll take them! do they come with any paperwork from longhunter?
  3. Truth Hertz I'm betting you have no interest in buying this, just stirring the pot. You could have contacted the seller privately and discussed , and advised as he might not have known about any recalls. instead you make him look shifty, which I DO NOT believe is the case. You need to learn the "cowboy way" .
  4. Thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated!! CZ SxS still available, open to reasonable offer!
  5. Due to health reasons ( diabetes related macular degeneration followed by a cpl mini strokes) I'm not going to be able to be away from quick response medical services. Not complaining just explaining.! The man upstairs and my wife have been very good to me!! that said someone here can probably put these to good use. A. Set Of Smokewagons ( I purchased these NIB from J. Barleycorn a few months ago). They are 4.75" bbls . CCH frames, full action jobs by Cody Conagher. Thety are quite striking and slick as butter !! I'm just looking to get what I paid for them or at least close to what I paid.......$1250 shipped CONUS These are original 4 click hammers no rebounding FP. They are NOT consecutive. SOLD PF TO General Stuart, my thanks B. Uberti Cattleman with dual 45LC and 45 acp cylinder!! I had this fitted with Colt grips so it will come with Colt grips and original wood grips! I did put a cylinder or two thru it to function check but it is in MINT condition!! Original 4 click hammer to boot! NO action work to this one. $550 shipped CONUS EDITED IN I should have notated this is a BP frame so screw instead of cross pin to retain cylinder latch !!! Sold yo Flaco Joe, my thanks! C CZ Coach Gun , 12 g, 20" bbls with external hammers. I bought this from the LGS a fewl months back and have done NOTHING with it. I's just sat in it's velvet sock in it's hard case. Really beautiful shotgun.......... $850 shipped CONUS. this has double NOT single triggers. REDUCED to $750. Sold to Bullet Hole thanks
  6. If you get the square medium flat rate box it will hold 2k of 45 brass. I’ve done it a bunch. Not trying to be anything but helpful as lower ship cost should help sell it quicker!
  7. check out happy's thread on his buying a 97 shotgun from this guy!!

    1. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L
    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      I shouldn't have said anything

      just don't want to see anyone else hurt by this gent.

    3. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Thanks for the heads up. If he does contact me about the rifle I will tell him he needs to make it right with Happy Appy before we do any business, not that I would after reading the other posts. 

      I was having second thoughts about buying due to him not answering messages. Even though he had been on the wire. Just confirms my gut feeling.

      I believe that we do need a place to post about these kind of deals. 

      Thanks again. 

  8. I know early China Camps were on Uberti parts at what serial range or year approx., did they become 100% US made? if anybody KNOWS, not looking for guesses.
  9. You are right in that early guns were ALL Uberti parts, when they started making their own parts guns were a mixed bag, later guns were all USFA parts dimensions ALWAYs were to Uberti specs
  10. USFA and Uberti cylinders are not to Colt specs I too have had good luck swapping between Uberti and USFA
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