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  1. You can find Colt AR's all over Texas for under a grand, 6920's go for $900 or so!? Rye they are NOT nor ever were one of the most expensive. You want expensive I have 2 Noveske's that retailed for over $2600 apiece !!! AND YES they are worth every penny......can't compare a Corolla to a Porsche. La Rues are also way up there as well as KAC and a cpl others. Colt has NEVER been a friend of gun owners, they been running on their name for far too long. I wish they would finally go belly up, I truly do.
  2. Most folks don’t know this but I worked for the film industry for a spell JW had 2 rifles with 2 different bbl lengths a shorty for spinning and a standard length for screen shots i believe same for the rifleman but don’t have first hand knowledge
  3. Private party sales are exempt as long as gun is already in state which is why he wants a Cali registered gun, but I may be wrong?!
  4. EMP is NOT a commander it is reduced in over all size in all aspects He seems set on a commander?
  5. 357 SIG is very similar in ballistics to a 357 magnum.............. unless YOU THINK 50 FPS IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE....................... he “classic” loading of a .357 Magnum cartridge has a 125-grain, .357-inch diameter bullet launching at about 1,500 feet per second, give or take, depending on the specific load. The .357 Sig can do almost that, with most factory loads launching a .355-inch, 125-grain bullet between 1,350 and 1,450 feet per second.
  6. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but if you have the parts even if you don't install them it becomes "constructive possession" .....as in felony !!!!! If you have the parts you have the weapon.
  7. Ed Brown, Nighthawk, Dan Wesson there’s a whole host of others
  8. Make sure you are present for the TSA inspection YOU will remove the locks let them inspect then YOU will relook the cases I’ve had ticket agents tell me i need not be present!!! If you are not present TSA will cut the locks and since they can no longer be locked they will be held back and not allowed on the flight. This can and does happen!!! print TSA regs as well as whatever airlines you are flying ...... read them, KNOW them and make sure to bring them because you may run into agents who are ignorant of the regs!!! also remove cylinders, break down shotguns, etc., to make TSA’s jobe easier edited in......take direct flights only!!!
  9. have a chance to get a current production SAA. I know there were re-calls recently as well as they were waiting on frames, etc? BEFORE I spend major dollars are their frames Uberti now, are the QC issues resolved.....anybody KNOW!? my thanks in advance
  10. Isn’t that what I said? now I know why we had to prove citizenship to get our DL’s...... too many folks can’t read or understand AMERICAN dag gummit!! HEY Lump thanks for verifying
  11. Two shoots someone else will probably chime in but an individual cannot ship primers there are special permits needed which most ffl’S no longer have it is no longer just a matter of paying hazmat fees unless things have changed and I’m wring which I oft times am!? edited in I just checked.....YES it requires a hazmat license and there are beau coup requirements to get said license
  12. Most malls and large retail stores here in TX have signs posted at their entrances that state the prohibition on carrying within their premises! it’s a no win situation!
  13. Happy I have sent 2 IM’s saying YES!? please use my direct email for further Contact naument@aol.com my thanks
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