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  1. Put it on Gunbroker with a 9 day auction and a start bid of &400 and wait!!! Folks are paying stupid money these days on everything!
  2. If the serial number is greater than 30K, ie S31xxxA it will have a remove able cylinder bushing. If you shot them and cleaned them what they are asking is if the cylinder had a remove able bushing inside the cylinder that the cylinder pin goes thru. Early 3rd gens had a fixed bushing like a Ruger. Hope this helps?
  3. Did any of the models come with real bone/charcoal case colors or are they all the chemical process? thanks in advance
  4. Guns can be replaced......memories and lifetime experiences, NOT so much!! Sell the guns and go!!
  5. Thanks TEX I didn't know, Heck of a nice guy !!!!
  6. Eddie Janis , @ "Peacemaker Specialties".....
  7. I don’t have any Starline but I do have once fired Speer, nickel plated. All is from an indoor range, same lot as it was from an LE qual session, Allows for closer belocities . All is tumbled shiny bright as close to new as you can get. Have a few thousand if interested
  8. Try your local tire shop for used wheel weights
  9. Remember the scene when Costner was loading up with automatic rifles and shotguns. He said let me see that Winchester 94. as he checked the action he said I need one gun that won't jam on me!
  10. all PM's and IM's and emails responded to..... looks like all but the USFA Premiums are spoken for my thanks
  11. Just found out going to have severe medical bills due to eye surgeries forthcoming. Need to raise a bunch of funds, so.............. forced to sell NIB Stoeger Coach gun, 12G, 20", blued with stained walnut stocks (not that ugly varnished hardwood).....$525 sold to Doc NIB Consecutive Rodeos in 38cal, 4.75", full action jobs by Long Hunter to include jeweled hammers, Recpt from LH included.........$2900............offer pending confirmation NIB Consecutive Rodeo;s , 45cal, 4.75"bbls and case colored hammers..... $2250..........offer pending confirmation NIB Co
  12. Wasn't too sure but I got them for the opening bid....just when I was thinking of going all 38's!?
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