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  1. Some naval corpsman are cross trained as marine corpsman. My cousin did so. He was in the navy a couple years then had as he put it given the opportunity to be cross trained. he had to go back thru an accelerated Marine boot camp for mostly combat arms training. he later was stationed in Italy but was sent to Lebanon for some weeks . He was a survivor of the barracks bombing. So yes you could die far from your duty station. He returned to naval service until the first Iraq war and again served with the Marines in liberating Kuwait. He said the real Marines were always kind to him as they knew he was soft from naval duty. They would help him carry his pack and such as he was quite out of shape compared to them. His words not mine. He retired from the navy only to die at a young age to cancer. Seems many Marines he served with also died of multiple cancers. He said it was probably either the oil they ingested or from all the smoke they ate! RIP James !!
  2. when I was packing tin a buddy had his dick special done and kept raving about it. I called mag na port and inquired about having a little gun done. the nice lady laughed and said they did more snubbies than anything else. So I sent my dick special and J frame and had them both done. As stated recoil the same but less muzzle flip. One thing about the flash it happens above the sight line, if you see a stop action pic you'll see what I mean. One other thing to note lead bullets will shave and plug ports pretty quick!! Also no metal refinishing as metal is edm removed, really makes clean cuts! edited in ....most of the pics you see of massive flame are "produced" to show how effective the ports are and not actual firing of standard loads. remember handgun loads use flash retardant powders , so pics are exaggerations.
  3. I have a set of Consecutive, SS, NIB New Vaqueros, 45 Colt, 4.68" bbls. These came from Davidsons with their lifetime warranty. They are new mfr, 513 series....... $2100 plus shipping…..$2100 shipped.....Sold pending funds I have a single in 357 cal, 4,68" bbl again new mfr 513 series and again in SS , stainless steel....... $950 plus shipping 357 is sold pending funds
  4. Thanks DOC, much appreciated!!
  5. Larsen you beat me to it about using a roll pin punch!! Can't tell you how many roll pins I've seen smushed to all get out due to table gunsmith hacks!!
  6. Mo case feeder was listed , therefore it does Not include the case feeder sorry for any confusion
  7. PS the unevenness has nothing to do with the factory finish. It is hard to get an even finish due to hi and lo areas of the gun. Such as where the bbl goes into the receiver.
  8. Electro plating has been used a very long time just find a good one. electrodes are attached and current carries and deposits the plating material. Many times unevenly, esp the insides of frames and cylinders. I’ve seen guns that couldn’t be put back together due to poor plating. apw cogan KNOW what they are doing but there are others. Electroless nickel just like a coin will lose its luster the more it’s handled. It’s claim to fame is it is extremely rust resistant. sorry if I added to your confusion.
  9. My family owned an aero space certified plating co at one time. Electroless nickel is totally different the electro plated nickel. Electroless nickel is done in a bath and coats pretty evenly. Once scratched it will peel in those areas. It will also change color quickly from handling. Electro plated nickel does NOT plate very evenly there will be hi and lo spots and no spots.!! Best electro plated nickel will first have a copper wash applied to make the nickel adhere better if done properly. Both will fall victim to hoppes #9, or other solvents. Hard chrome is esp durable but again hi,lo and no spots. Hard chrome can be very porous!! My carry guns that were hard chromed I would strip and soak in a oil/solvent bath. I would let it soak so said pores would have an oil deposit in them. Hard chrome will rust from body sweat if not cared for and once it starts it comes from beneath the surface so only recourse is to strip and replate. As stated, APW / Cogan have been one of the best for years, call and talk with them. hope this helps
  10. The press is new I set it up with 45acp dies, etc., then took it down and boxed it. Will ship In its factory box. Dillon 750 …$814 with strong mount $95 setup for 45acp. Has Lee factory crimp dies $60 …$969 NIB (never opened) 45 Colt conversion $115, with Dillon dies $125 and xtra 45 taper crimp die $38 , Toolhead and powder die $47 Dillons price on the above ..$1294 plus shipping hows about $1050 shipped conus Buyer of press has first option on the following: NIW 4 large primer tubes $35 with Dillon flip tray $27 both for $50 shipped 4 “Complete” reloading manuals for 38,9mm,45acp and 45 Colt…all 4 for $40 Dillon case gauges for 9mm, 38Super, and 45acp all 3 for $55 Once press sells I’ll be selling 45acp and Colt brass along with some projectiles, powder and YES primers I can ship lead, brass and powder but NOT primers will be sold locally ONCE press sells.
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