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  1. Had this on back order for weeks, by the time it came in and I set it up, my back blew out again. Everything is new.... New Dillon 750 with strong mount. Does NOT include case feeder .Setup for 45 acp as it stands. With Lee 4 die premium dies. NIB un opened 45Colt conversion and LNIB Dillon 45Colt dies New extra tool head and powder die.....along with New spares kit NIB 4 xtra lg primer tubes with new dillon flip tray will thro in a cpl bench wrenches The above from Dillon will run you $1250 plus shipping All the above for $1100 shipped and y
  2. You can still get Uberti's with fixed firing pin in some of their line. I personally can't stand the MIM parts Pietta is using they don't even try to clean them up. All the triggers have 2 mold marks on them.
  3. I have a new complete quick change assy for a 650/750 ......... $135 shipped SOLD NEW unopened 650/750 conversion kit 45 Colt.......$95 shipped Like NEW Dillon 45 Colt dies (loaded maybe 200 rds thru them )..... $90 shipped Dillon tool 650/750 head and powder die with used Lee carbide 3 die 45 Colt dies.....$80 NEW Starline 45 Colt brass....... $335 per thousand. 1K sold, 1K left running on multiple forums. thanks for looking
  4. I have every issue back to 2013 in near MINT condition 35 in total $175 shipped CONUS
  5. 1800 rounds (6 x 300 ) of 22LR. 40 gr at 1200fps........$275 shipped CONUS 3 50 rd boxes of Winchester "COWBOY" 38 specials. !58 lead FP.........$155 shipped CONUS 4 boxes of Winchester 38 specials 130 FMJ FP .......... $175 shipped CONUS running on multiple forums, thanks for looking
  6. Sorry I really am interested in these but your descriptions do not jibe IF the firing pin is fixed and protrudes into the frame they would make 4 clicks upon cocking . If it males 3 clicks it’s a spring loaded pin! unless Uberti has a new design which I doubt ??? But I could be wrong as I oft times am!!!!!! Bueller.....Bueler....anyone?
  7. IF the firing pin is solid in the hammer, they would be a 4 click action upon cocking. Simple way to tell with the hammer down does the FP protrude into the frame? Man being interested in these is tiring?!
  8. Saul might be but the cylinder pins don't look like they have 2 steps, unless they are all the way in ? I'm interested but want to KNOW! Thanks for your input in any event.
  9. After some research pretty sure these are NOT stainless but in the white and heat treated. Now are they fixed firing pin 4 click or the newer spring loaded firing pin? thanks for any clarification.
  10. Are these Uberti or Pietta? Also are they stainless or nickel?
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