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  1. Are these the newer 3 click spring loaded firing pins or the old style 4 click w fixed firing pin?
  2. Might want to check Brian Enos’ forum there’s usually some there or have you tried Shooter’s Connection as they are a JP dealer good hunting
  3. Nope I just didn’t sell all I had , just as I hung onto some primers. While I sold 10k of 9 brass there’s still about 25K sitting in my garage! Found some loaded 9 so I’d just as soon not load if I don’t have to. Selling this to cover the loaded ammos cost as it’s not cheap! Any other questions?
  4. above says it all............... or if you'd lease them to me for a few weeks ....HA!!
  5. My apologies I didn't see the tag thanks. and free bump
  6. Drifter You are so correct!! Everything is fine until that package splits open ( best of worst case scenario's). the the feds come and put you up in the grey bar hotel. Then they take all your guns at the same time they take you! then there's bail, legal;l fees , etc. How much you making on those primers or powder?! That said you can't fix stupid you can only numb it with a bat!!
  7. Had a clpl other NAA ‘s and love them Bought this one before I watched any u tube videos !? Bad move!! when cocking with any speed you WILL on occasion hit the cylinder release WITH the hammer !!!! Cylinder pops = Bad ju ju !!!! Sold it and even warned the new owner who called me days later saying he thought I was A newb with poor gun handling skills until he fired it himself!! Seems the same thing happened to him.
  8. CN it is all LP I also hit the wrong key on the nickel brass it is $155 not $175 pm with addy to follow. pm sent thanks
  9. Only for sale locally , NO shipping!!! All are Federal Gold Medal Match Primers in sealed cases of 5 K. Best of the best!! Small pistol $220 for 5K. 0 K available 0 Large pistol. $220 per 5 K. 0 K available This is not a first I’ll take it , as priority will be given to multiple case buyers. Sorry but due to health issues I’m not driving to multiple locations Any more than I have to.. FTF at Frisco gun club or Rifle Gear in the colony Note not splitting cases for 1 or 2k. 5k is the minimum buy and sorry no trades
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