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  1. Sorry to see you leave the game.
  2. Thanks, next Saturday, at Riverbend, I'm going to start the catagory; Frontiersmen Gunfighter, 49er. im sure to win this catagory !! LOL
  3. Allie Mo, is there such a thing as Frontiersmen Gunfighter 49er? seriously,
  4. But they are a dollar a piece, new, on Midway ?
  5. Tyrel, if it "high paying" and you are only these once a week.......are they hiring? I could pretend to be liberal !? LOL
  6. It would be nice if SASS had a chart or graph demonstrating the difference benefits per membership catagory,
  7. Question : how long can a spent BP case sit in a bag BEFORE it has to be tumbled? should I rinse the case and dry it immediately after the match? i am just getting geared up to reload, and I have 1000 rounds of BP cartridges - since I shoot in the Frontiersmen category, and I shoot twice a month max, I estimate that I have 7 months to a Year before I start reloading cartridges. do I need to buy a Rebel tumbler now, or in seven months? same question for the Dillion 550C, I plan to purchase in 7 months - will my spent cases last that long without cleaning and tumbling?
  8. Thanks for gathering this data, and thanks in advance for publishing the results. this kind of data, and 'best practices' of Cowboy clubs should be something the governing body (SASS) aggregates and publishes. It would be interesting to benchmark with other clubs ! SASS should publish an annual survey and analysis. ive been shooting two years, and it seems like the same 10 percent do 90 percent of the work. I think that makes "change" hard, both because changing is hard, but also there is a great comfort in the efficiencies of an old routine when you are under-staffed. its also very interesting to see how the Cowboy Clubs are treated by the Gun Club. 1 YES 2 NO meeting, just announcements at monthly match 3 YES 4 NO 5 NO
  9. I've never seen them either, sorry.
  10. Here are some,....http://www.srscowboy.com/images/2019 Album/index.html
  11. And what timeframe does everyone consider as "current"? obviously the next-match info has to be "weekly" and cancellation notice should be "immediately" but what about general or overview club information and Cowboy shooting sport and match descriptions? In this day of the Internet, when you see content that is three, four, and five years old, the club looks like they are dying, or at a minmum "un-exciting". I've seen club group photos, where everyone in the photo has moved along, and some videos or match scores from 2012. the Internet is a powerful tool, and we should use it well, or we should move to the thread about a dying sport. i would think an enterprising web designer could design and manage dozens of clubs with common data templates, and reasonable prices.
  12. A picture is worth a thousand words - this is fun....
  13. Yeah, just FILL the case or shell with Goex, and shoot shoot shoot. remember, black powder is for an entertainment factor that smokeless can't provide !!!! Joke light loads are for gamers !!
  14. I may make you my first Red Flag Law candidate, right after the Hillary Clinton Suicide investigations are complete, and someone goes to jail. Sarcasm added by the author for humor.
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