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  1. Just fill them up ! More BANG equals more FUN !
  2. "The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit." Milton Friedman
  3. Just so everyone knows, Mike and I have an Agreement. He can work on other Cowboy's guns, but he will always make mine faster ! So check your firing pins.....you've been warned !!! Sarcasm added for humor - because we know "it's the shooter not the gun" !!!!! except in cap-n-ball - LOL We all know Mike does his best to manage and prioritize the calendar, but Francesco Borromini and Leonardo da Vinci didn't work well on deadlines either. He has worked on a dozen Ruger Old Army's for me, and while it may take awhile, every one of these ROAs is a Lamborghini-i
  4. Shipping to Georgia is easy and unregulated. Send all your fixed-sight ROAs to my address - it's that simple ! Thank you in advance.
  5. Capt. Bill ? You're smart, I'm not - what happened here? I see more people complain about the rising prices of guns, but nothings getting cheaper, nor are guns getting more available. And when you look at the price of service on a new Camaro, or the cost of new tires, everyone will want the market to act in their favor. It's going to be a long two years.....(sad face emoji)
  6. Captain: There is plenty of attendance data for a variety of "national" events. I've been involved in several national, professional associations, and this is where I get my perspective. I assume the data from events like the Super Bowl or the BCS Championship games, could provide additional insight. I think there are three type of attendees. Group 1 attends because the location is close and convenient. Have the event in Georgia - southerner's will attend and northerners will complain. Have the event in Minnesota and northerners will attend and southerners will complai
  7. I've heard that SASS Florida is the largest membership by state. The membership numbers on this side of the Big Muddy seem to lean eastward.
  8. You are a smart man ! In these trying times, the caps are worth more. Like clean water and ammo, is worth more than gold !
  9. I was thinking about selling a few ROAs, but I hear people complain about the current market price, so.... For Sale Package Deal Only: Ruger Old Army 5 1/2 Stainless model - this gun is the Lamborghini of ROAs ! Full Goon Gunworks race package, New Slick Six nipples, New Eagle Grips, and Boomstick lowered hammers - there is nothing faster or more reliable ! One tin of Remington no.10 caps; there are 100 caps per tin. Package deal ONLY: ROA $1,000 and a Tin of Caps $2000 Package Price $3000 Not for sale, just for humor..
  10. As an introduction, I've only been shooting for about 3 years, and my first hat is about worn-out. It was an inexpensive hat, so I probably got my money's worth. Now I am looking at D Bar J hats, and I wanted to ask - what is everyone's opinion of "x times" beaver hats? As advertised, there is 10x, 20x 50x and 100x - does anyone have experience comparing them? And I would appreciate your comments regarding "wear-n-tear" and "durability" more than just fashion. If a cheap hat is $100 and lasts 3 years, then I can have 21 years worth of hats ($700 = 7 new hats x 3 three years each
  11. Happy to help out. I brought three pairs of 5 1/2 SS. I didn't bring any 7 1/2 s - because ya'll are Gamers and I need to be quick 'round ya ! (Sarcasm added by the Author for humor). I brought plenty of powder, so I'm happy to let you shoot them.
  12. Thanks Slim, but I need the fixed sight model for Frontiersman. I should have been more specific in my post - my apologies.
  13. Just a few more. Then I'm going to get a CZ 75 TS Czechmate to protect my homestead from The Left.
  14. anyone have any ROAs with fixed-sights available?
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