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  1. ........and the costuming should be STRONG too !!
  2. Is that you Larsen E. Pettifogger, with Lawrence of Arabia in 1914 ????
  3. Captain Bill Burt has sexy legs........just saying for a friend !
  4. simply my opinion (you can attack me after my post)- whatever it is, the award need to be TOTAL AWESOME ! Most people can go buy their own "average", or "below average" stuff, like bags or umbrellas. A trophy should be highly desirable - nobody desires a boring wood wall plaque. Look at the Wannamaker, or the Stanley Cup, or the Super Bowl trophies !! I think an cowboy award should be a highly ornate buckle(s) - something you WANT to wear - better that any other buckle. If you are that good and you win all the time, then you start a collection of awesome buckles, but if
  5. Cadillac's ! yeah, nice new Cadillac !!
  6. Branchwater ! I'm loving your 'Firing Line' videos !! Keep up the great work - for the good of the game too !! Cheers !
  7. still available - I ordered my limit ! Hoping the crisis is over soon - not !
  8. anyone want to list the Top Five Single-shot Plainsmen --legal rifles? My gun safe might need to find one or two.....but what should I be looking for? Recommendations....?
  9. We frequently hear that SASS is a private business, and as such they have no transparency requirement to the membership. People have asked about topics ranging from membership numbers, association budgets, data on match attendance, and dozens of other questions - for the simple purposes of helping the Association and/or Clubs grow and serve the membership. As Adam Schiff would say, "I can't tell you, but you have to trust me....." I hope it all works out, and everyone hopes that the new Board of Directors will be more responsive to the membership. As for me, I'm not going to
  10. I've seen some after market levers, but I don't remember the websites. I remember thinking how great there were - but I decided to load on the loading stand.. This is Captain Baylor's step-up.
  11. yeah, but it comes with a $3,000 pistol ! LOL
  12. Eagle Grip are great - expensive, slow, and very nice.
  13. Darn - I was at work and missed these ! Congrats Bootlit - shoot them full of powder and often !
  14. Just fill the hulls with enough powder, then nitro card, then shot ! More powder = More FUN (LOL)
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