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  1. Well, I hope you have as much energy to resist, when they come to take your guns, or make you wear a mask, or turn off your public utilities when you don't comply with their demands. because wasting your energy arguing on a fantasy sport or to shout down another opinion, just seems like a waste of energy, impolite, and not the cowboy way. its the left wing who shouts down and demonizes the other point of view, not us.
  2. okay everyone....let's take a breath..... No need to shout down the opinion of others....... No need to pick a fight or start name calling....... to quote an infamous cowboy........let's all play the game the way we choose to play it ! ....and when you find a club and people you like, hold on to them, enjoy them, shoot with them......before Anti fa stirs up more violence, and somebody has to die.
  3. ooooh, I'm shooting gunfighter, with full 50g cylinders, and PLENTY of smoke and BOOM. I'll hit most of the targets, the ones I point at at least........."That's my word of Life". Moving the targets, well those are my words of Death.
  4. Guys: Just sharing what I'm learning.......... I've been ordering a variety of new grips, for my collection of ROAs. Below are the Eagle Grips "Kirinite White Pearl Smooth" and the "Kirinite Antique Pearl". I am showing both on a SS and Blue guns. The Antique is the more "yellow" grip. They fit and feel great....except for the fact that they are $109.95 "each" or $219.90 per pair....I would highly recommend them. I would love to hear your opinions..........
  5. @Captain Bill Burt I have more than five pairs of Ruger Old Armies, and a gunbelt with four matching holsters - that you can borrow ........if you eat more (size 42). Let's just go to the range one afternoon and give it a try. We could set up one bay and practice. It might not be wise, with all the World Champions on the Georgia circuit, to experiment with JW........during a match ....while they are getting their game on. And did I hear a motion to dis-allow gun carts, or just those modern metal gun cart......what we gunna use....a unicorn ? This is fantasy right? (sarcasm added for humor)
  6. Y'all are killing me. Everytime y'all review another gun, and break down the pros and cons.....I wind up with another new gun ! my wife is going to kill me one day ! maybe there is meaning in the saying "you only live once" , i hear when you call Lassiter to be ready to enjoy a long conversation. Sounds like a great way to start a Monday morning ! (sarcasm added by the author for humor...except I'm calling Lassiter tomorrow after the weekly staff meeting at work.)
  7. Don't jump to unhappy conclusions, Maybe the people or place storing them is closing, or over-charging, and the situation may not be financially advantageous to maintain / move/ keep them. He didn't say he was getting out of the game, just not going to keep owning a few sets of guns. If they were quitting the game, that would be a big loss for the Game. Or maybe he just signed a Top Dollar firearms sponsorship deal, and needs to get rid of these brands. Or he signed a 20 year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs......
  8. sorry, it has adjustable sight, I need one with fixed sight.
  9. The U.S. Government is well known for how poorly they run the post office - and they want to take over the healthcare system next ! "yikes" (exclamation of panic) Not everything is well over here - but we are trying to make America Great Again !
  10. Hope to see Ron at the GEORGIA State match !
  11. Captain,

    could you give us your recommendation for the best cap and ball pistol? I would like to avoid the common mistake of buying a set of guns that will just sit in my safe because of my imcopetence.

  12. SASS alias: T-Square SASS No. 105817 where am I from: Johns Creek Georgia how long have I been shooting: 1 year
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