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  1. recently someone posted this unofficial matrix. I find it helpful. SASS Category Matrix v2.5.pdf
  2. Eagle Grips is working again, and they sent me two new sets - that I ordered before CV-19. One set is for October, and breast cancer awareness month. The other set... well .... they are freaking awesome. (more blue than my poor photography reveals) PLEASE...... let's get shooting again !!
  3. Dawg, yes sir, I read the first article this afternoon. i was kidding a little, because while the thread has great information, it's a compilation of many partial thoughts, and incomplete explainations. im going to have to study all this information. My frame of reference has been that capt Bailey swears by Treso nipples and Rem no. 10s. But Mako says the Treso is for the no 11. ive been shooting Treso and number tens, with 17 lbs hammer springs, with great pleasure and success. i just bought two sets of Slix nipples, and if we ever get to shoot again, I'm going to try them. and then I'm going to try lighter 15 lbs hammer springs plenty of combinations and plenty of reasons to shoot more often ! what say the group? Who is shooting what combo? nipple? cap? hammer spring tension? just curious.......asking for a friend...... LOL
  4. I've tried to read this thread, and I think my head exploded like a poorly fitted cap on a cross-drilled nipple, with magnum blow-back !
  5. Well there is no point selling them one piece at a time, now is there?
  6. How much for the rest of the gun(s) ? smile
  7. My inexperience shows. Forgive me. yes, I want to shoot Frontiersmen - because it cap n ball ( required). I actually thought I could only do Frontiersmen with cap n ball - until I read the chart above. yes, I think frontiersmen should be allowed to shoot gunfighter - it's so freaking fun. and I agree, the fun never ends, regardless of which catagory - but a cap n ball shooter may never beat a smokeless gunfighter, so if I shoot gunfighter I may have to settle for second place, but no smokeless shooter can have more fun than a Ruger Old Army with 30g of Holy Black powder !
  8. Mud - What was John Ford like? Where you young enough to be in the Great Train Robbery? You certainly look good for your age ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Train_Robbery_(1903_film) What did you do during prohibition?
  9. One of those store bought fancy saloon girls dresses and tights ?! Is pregnant Soiled Dove a category? Duelist or gunfighter?
  10. Rules ? Who needs stinking Rules!?! Maybe we can't Frontiersmen Gunfighter at a major match, but come shoot at our club match - it will be fun, and smokey and fiery ! LOL We may never get back to major matches given the current chaos !
  11. Hey OLG, What caliber do you recommend, and why? i think I may buy one too, now that my ROA collection is complete. what other features do you recommend?
  12. Five year wait !!??!! For a Shiloh Sharps ?? As I sit here, I think I could never wait 5 years for anything. i hope the Lord keeps me here at least five more years but..... hell, in 1981 I could have put my name on the waiting list for Masters Tickets, but the wait was five years. I could have had tickets for the past 33 years. well, this year of the pandemic is the only year that the masters ticket bet paid off. i better go place my gun order ! LOL
  13. Yes, it would be awesome for someone to declare the first match, then "everyone" can come and shoot. We could turn a 50 person club match into a 300 person celebration ! we are going to need some notice, because most of us will be driving ! im hearing Nevada. I'm going. Who needs a ride ?
  14. Or one of the 30 MILLION (updated from 25 million - 29 April ) who are unemployed and are losing their home and their way of life.
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