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  1. Hope to see Ron at the GEORGIA State match !
  2. Tubby, l have been shooting for two seasons now. listen and read all the advice you get from the wire. then call Jimmy Spurs (Cowboy Gun Works) and order your Ruger Vaquero in 38, your Winchester 73, also in 38, and your SBS coach gun. he will trick them out - and these are the best guns shot by the world champions. i studied for six months, befriended two world champs, and I shoot Jimmy Spurs guns now too. you might "prefer" your Kia (figuratively) but if you want the best you need the Lamborghini.. Both do the job, but oh what fun it is to drive in a Lambo ! then if you want to shoot a specialty category, then you can add to your arms cache - and with the comfort that you don't have safe queens that limit your performance. i just bought some Ruger Old Armys (also tricked) and plan to add frontiersmen to my repertoire. dont buy cheap guns, that you keep replacing / upgrading, it's cheaper to bite the bullet (like that pun ?)
  3. Wanted to buy: Dick Dastardly's Tower of Power cylinder loading stand. Additionally, I'm new to black power percussion pistols, so I'm interested in buying the necessary paraphernalia. if you have the good stuff taking up room in your closet or safe, please let me know what you have and at what price. i could buy the good stuff new, Capt. Baylor's articles are very helpful, but it seems more authentic to re-use gear that is gathering dust. i may be slow to reply to the wire, but message me and I will respond within a day or two. thanks, T-square
  4. Catlow - that was a great story about your adventure at WR. My condolences to your Visa card and credit score. T-square
  5. Dennis, I'm interested in these ROAs. I'm a new shooter ((2 years) and these would be my first adventure into BP. Have these guns been tuned by anyone or are they straight from the box? Who would tune these types of guns ?
  6. Sir, these would be my first adventure into BP. Are there any additional modifications you would suggest, and who could I get to complete those modifications? T-square
  7. Captain,

    could you give us your recommendation for the best cap and ball pistol? I would like to avoid the common mistake of buying a set of guns that will just sit in my safe because of my imcopetence.

  8. Palewolf, You asked - how did they get to the ULT : my question is about what happens before your trip to the ULT. While the cowboy was on the clock, they shot the pistols, laid them on the table, picked up the shotgun and finished the stage. then they gathered their firearms (pistols, rifle and shotgun) so after the timer stopped then they re-holstered and headed to the ULT. setting the pistols on the table was not written as part of the stage design. i can not find the part of the handbook that allows you to not re-holster when it's not a written part of the stage. ( sorry for the triple negative) where is it written that you can finish the pistol string of fire, put your pistols on a table (or prop) and carry on? not re-holstering after shooting the pistol string of fire could save time and the challenge of getting those pesky irons back in the leather - but it seems real "un-cowboy" to me. thanks.
  9. Can you give me a citation in the handbook? Where does it say that?
  10. Someone said "Cowboy Barbies" ! Can I be on that posse next time ? LOL i wanted to add to my reply above; i checked the posse list from today's shoot. we have lots of Cowboy Ken's and many Cowboy Bad Grandpa, but very few of the Cowboy Barbies. So, in the spirt of inclusion and diversity, as we work to grow our Club membership, I am placing a "Shooters Needed -Cowboy Barbies" classified ad on the SASS Wire.....Until Allie Mo or Misty expel me. (JOKE)
  11. At today's match, there was a question about holstering your revolver. some say you don't have to re-holster your pistols, if the revolvers are the last firearms used. some say there was a rule change and you don't have to re-holster the revolvers regardless of shooting sequence. the handbook says: Revolvers are returned to leather (re-holstered in a safe condition) at the conclusion of the shooting string, unless the stage description specifically directs otherwise (e.g., “move to the next position and set gun on table or prop”). A shooting string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged. I'm very new to the sport and want to know the rules, so can someone point me to the handbook section that allows you to "not" re-holster your revolvers? or is it some trick to claim the weapon "dead" or "broken"? thank you in advance,
  12. The RO 1 manual has a "test" on page 73 - can we get the test? And the Answers? Looks like Georgia has been left of these lists ?!?
  13. SASS alias: T-Square SASS No. 105817 where am I from: Johns Creek Georgia how long have I been shooting: 1 year
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