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  1. Mud ? Do you plan on attending ? this will be my first year shooting the State match in Frontiersmen, can we shoot both the BP and the main? or do I shoot Frontiersmen in the BP and 49r in the main? im confused !?
  2. Are we posting pictures of our Babies ??! SURE, I'll join the fun!!! This is my first pair, and I shoot these now. I've bought two more SS pairs, but it will be a while until they are ready to shoot and show.
  3. I will try and make the next night shoot. I tried to get the wife to join me for a date night and chilli.........but she wanted to stay home and make love all night long. maybe I'll have better luck next time! (sarcasm added by the author for humor)
  4. A clean shop is a happy shop !
  5. I will leave it to counsel to describe what MUST be disclosed. You don't need me to tell ya how to run the association (I have some experience). Dave Ramsey says " if you want to be married 50 years, do what married for 50 year people do" and "if you want to be wealthy, then do what wealthy people do". Find out what successful associations do - and do it. Based on the current membership trends, it doesn't seem to be working now. The website says we have 90k active members, the thread above says 16k. Just to stir the pot, one round of golf will buy me three years of membership. Good luck,
  6. I might add "Everyone's glass is at least half full" Sarcasm added by the author for humor.
  7. If you read the thread, it's not really about the dollar value, it's about the lack of communication, information sharing, and accountability from the Association.. Everyone want to be heard. Everyone wants to help grow the Association. Everyone would pay more if they just would be heard, acknowledged, and informed.
  8. Sorry Gateway. I was looking at this through the general lense of the Stock Market. silly me, the freaking stock market is just a ponzie scheme anyway. No reason to care about other transactions at all (sarcasm ) in most cases, I think the asking price is a close enough measure net present value without the spreadsheet detail described. ....and has been pointed out, when it listed for a long time without sale - buyer beware - the seller is just looking for lottery money.
  9. Yul, Yes it works, but could be better. Don't you see all the listing that never sell? ever wonder why? Apologies if I sound like a capitalist or free market enthusiast - but the first thing that comes to mind is "Price". thanks for all the wisdom that you share on the wire with us newbies.
  10. I may be stiring the pot...... so here goes; 1. After an item is posted for sale on the wire, and you make a deal, DO NOT DELETE the original asking price. i would also suggest that you update your posts and reveal the final terms, in the interest of transparency and "market making". I'm sure this will get plenty of criticism, on the grounds of privacy concerns and the constant political attack on 2nd amendment. I wouldn't reveal the final terms, but I would leave the original ask. This would give people a better understanding of the market prices. 2. Add a suffix indicating your timeline for sale. when you offer an item for sale, under the current guidelines you MUST list the asking price. I suggest that you add a new suffix that helps explain your asking price; (G) for sale - at a reasonable price with the intent to sell soon. I've done my research and a similar item recently sold commensurate with my asking price. Let's do this deal! (U) for sale - but I'm looking to get a price that far exceeds the current value (I consider this Lottery Money), and I have no intent to sell this item until some idiot comes along within the next few years. Please note that I've even had these for sale on other gun websites for a year with no-replies or offers. I don't need to sell and my desire to sell is very low. (N) for sale, but I'm only listing this item to make my spouse happy, but please don't reply to my advertisement, because I won't answer. can anyone on the wire think of anything else we can do to make the market more efficient, and to get some good cowboy guns into the hands of people who will use them and out of their gun safes? Statement on political correctness by the author; nothing in this message was intended to offend any Safe Queens, or to violate their safe space. If it does, I'm sorry but IMPEACH ME !
  11. I am looking for a TTN Hammered Double in excellent condition, so I can join the Classic Cowboy category. Not interested in the Turkish models, just looking for first-rate Chinese TTN copy of the 1878 Colt shotgun. Please respond with availability, and all advice is welcome. thanks, T square
  12. is ceramic media better than stainless? I'm about to buy the rebel 17 - do I get ss or ceramic media? what about media separators ? no, im not building one, midway USA has several that fit in a bucket.
  13. And maybe misty moonshine can take a resolution to a vote; State championship match must be held in the State territorial boundaries, as defined and described by the U.S State Boundries office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, for the sole purpose of declaring the official SASS state championship shooter, as defined by SASS Catagories, as promlogated in the SASS handbook as of the date of the said State championship match. All State Champions must be bona fide residents, on the date of the match, of said State, to be declared "State Champion". Wherein if a State championship match is held outside said State borders, said match will be declared "a club match", and all participants will be given a "P". do I have a motion? a second ? call for discussion, hearing none, all in favor vote by saying "Eye" all opposed, like sign.... hearing no opposition the "Eyes" carry - motion approved.
  14. Sorry to see you leave the game.
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