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  1. This is why we count on you 45 Dragoon !
  2. same guy. Great leather man !
  3. I'd email Dan. Who knows, his website may be blocked by the NSA.......
  4. Old Dan River (Dan Parmenter) is my go-to for leather. He has made holsters for both my 38s and ROAs. (a pair each for the 5 1/2 and 7 1/2) olddanriver@twc and www.customgunleather.com
  5. That outfit has not been approved for those classified as male at birth........
  6. Pair of Ruger Old Army’s - The Lamborghini's of Black Powder Pistols 5 ½” Stainless Steel barrels, fixed-sights, Boomstick lowered-hammers, faux ivory grips, new Slixprings SliXshot black powder nipple, made Race-Ready by Goon Gunworks. Outlaw Mule includes; bolt block, action stop, coil spring upgrade, trigger “re-spring” and relocate, main spring reduced for 4 lbs hammer draw, action shield, interference pins and hammer shims. These guns are smoother than silk and run as fast as you can make them go ! Pawl Spring; hand spring upgrade to a larger dia. push rod and spring; Cylinder La
  7. After much angst and deliberation, I'm going to sell one (1) pair of 5 1/2 SS ROA's over the Fourth of July Weekend. I'm feeling "saddened" to have collected so many, and it seems that we can grow the Frontiersmen category - if we add to the supply (like the monetary policy in the USA). I'm going to sell them as a pair, and I'll let them go for for $2k each. Those whom bought at $700 will enjoy the bump. Those who bought at $2795, you can consider this a Sale. (LOL). Watch the Wire on Friday July 2nd at 6:00 PM. I'll provide pictures and a description of condition. DM me if you want a
  8. I'm in the same line as you Abilene Slim. Hope I get it in time for 2022 - I want to upgrade my rifle from 38 to 44-40. I shoot BP and it's a better caliber.
  9. Other sports, and the Exhibits / Associations world is well versed in this rotation. The statics will show, (1) a small core of people come no matter where (assuming it's a qualified destination location), (2) the majority of the attendees will be from the region in which the event is held. Hold the event in the West - the majority of attendees are from the West. Same for the East. "Rare" to "Never" will you get all of the people to attend all of the time. You will always have those outliers "I went because it's in MONTANA - and we LOVE Montana" or "I went because it was convenie
  10. Make BOOM and SMOKE ..........not oatmeal .............- just saying for a friend.
  11. Maybe the new Wild Bunch will improve the Wire with easy video hosting - so we can all boycott FakeBook and ScrewTube. It's in our national interests.
  12. I've seen the 5 1/2 SS with fixed sights go for $2,750 on Gun Broker. Then, once you get them race-ready by slicking-them-up, with lowered hammers, lighten the springs, put in new Slick nipples, and maybe add some engraving, you will have the Lamborghini of Cowboy Guns ......and the price keeps climbing. These may not be for everyone, except everyone on the Dark side, , and I acknowledge that I have an interest in their value rising.
  13. What are y'all worried about?! The FBI just 'revealed" that they can trace back the Bit-Coin. Got the money back for Colonial - they will be taking your money next.
  14. Larsen, I met a guy at the South Carolina match, he has an awesome umbrella set-up, he said he knows a guy in North Carolina who made / sells them. That got me to ask the question "Who else"? The umbrellas at Rugged Gear umbrella seem puny compared to other.
  15. I want to get everyone's opinion on the variety of Rugged Gear accessories - made by others. Who makes the best "must have" accessories? I've seen plenty of options at different State and Regional matches - but is there a compiled list? I've seen Umbrella's and coolers - what else? And please leave some kind of contact info for the various vendors - so we can order them. Thanks !
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