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  1. The website has a tab of who is attending, but the web page hasn't been populated yet. http://www.srscowboy.com/events.html looking forward to see friends and making new acquaintances.
  2. Everyone loves a 20% rebate. midway has 20% Bullet Bargains: 20% Rebate up to $100 on Federal & Speer Bullets with $100 min Purchase https://www.midwayusa.com/general/rebate/bullet-bargains-federal-and-speer-bullets-rebate Time to load up on small pistol primers and .457 lead balls 'round here !
  3. I have several pairs of ROAs, and the pair that I'm shooting now are named "Crystal" and "Tiffany" - named after my two favorite dancers.
  4. $25 new on track of the wolf, but I guess you have to consider shipping. Tyrel, got any ROAs you want to sell cheap?
  5. Yul, the bluntline is 14" long, right? Im just learning all the available variations of the ROA. That is much too big for a little ol'man like me to carry, let alone shoot in a match. i should measure my safe to see if it would fit !! LOL but I'm sure you have some nice 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 SS that you need to sell me ! Please ? T square
  6. Throw-in a few complete ROAs and I'll take it ! JOKE
  7. They send the package via international mail. It only took about three weeks for delivery. And considering how much time it takes to collect all your other equipment - 3 weeks isn't too bad. My Polish-capper is for the ROA - so I can't speak to the Colt - but I love mine ! The question was about Pay-pal - I'm pretty sure that is how I paid for mine. Now I just need the 5 1/2" SS ROAs - and I will be a true competitor !
  8. I have one for my ROAs - its the best ever !! Good Luck in this work of digital surveillance capitalism !
  9. graf & sons $9.49 per 100 https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/81059
  10. Matthew Duncan, we still have room for a few good people down here in Atlanta. come move down, be close to your family, and shoot with us - and bring HD. the weather is great, the taxes are low, and the gun smoke is AWESOME !
  11. I'm looking for some additional ROAs (fixed sights) to marry with some single ROAs I've recently bought. I'm trying to match two guns, one 5 1/2 SS and one 5 1/2 SS with a 45 LC cylinder, and make two new pairs - one for BP and one with 45 LC. I think every ROA should have a mate - don't you ? and if you have any other ROAs (fixed sights) to offer, please let me know. Get them out of your gun safe and let me shoot them ! T square.
  12. Does MR. BOWIE have a specialty ? Or does he work with expertise on all cowboy guns? cap and ball? Hammer doubles? and those damn guns that keep missing at least one target per match ?
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