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  1. What bullet to use?? I used 105 grain tapered flat point for the pistols loaded with 3.0 grains of Trailboss and 125 grain tapered flat point loaded with 3.6 grains of Trailboss.. I did this from about 2004 through about 6 years ago.. Duece Stevens came out with 110 grain tapered flat point .. I switched to those for both rifle and pistol and haven't looked back.. I urge you to watch the "Wire Classifieds " you'll find about anything ya want there.. Shotgun?? I shoot a SxS 12 ga. My wife was told to start with a 97 pump.. 12 ga. I got her one..She would not manhandle it (run it hard) and was getting shells stuck, slam firing and jamming.. She was frustrated and ready to quit SASS until I said " here use my SxS".. She took ownership of my shotgun and I got to buy another one.. I cut the stock to fit her.. and yes.. She loads 2 in the SxS quite efficiently.. Just sayin..
  2. I've used Flitz since 2004 for exterior ( taken out of rifle)cleaning of my brass carrier..
  3. Still looking for paint ideas LongFingers?? Thread kinda got off topic huh? Maybe an Appaloosa horse?
  4. In my younger years just starting SASS shooting.. I was getting faster and faster.. (and yeah.. I've slowed back down now) I was finally jacking out live rounds.. A very experienced shooter (Spur) told me I am probably out running the hammer fall.. I tighten up the hammer spring.. problem was gone.. just sayin'
  5. Last night we lost a great friend and retired lady shooter.. Uh Oh.. (Linda McCoy) She spent her life with Spur.. please keep Uh Oh's and Spur's family in your thoughts and prayers.. and Lord.. open your arms.. you have a good lady coming your way..
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