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  1. I've been cowboy shooting with glasses since 2003.. I've been wearing progressive lineless since I started.. I haven't had any problems.. Rance Thinkin' that's just the way I do it..
  2. I know I've got 2 of 'em.. They running articles in those editions of how to swap the triggers on a Stoeger SxS.. I read them but I never swapped the triggers.. But who knows.. after 10 years it still might come to be Rance Thinkin' it ain't gonna happen
  3. This is the most logical and straight forward answer I've seen on this topic since TrailBoss was introduced.. Rance Thinkin' thanks High Spade!!
  4. With a SASS # of 13621??? You deserve to keep it.. You've honored it for a good many years.. Rance Thinkin' you've earned the right..
  5. I try to watch a stage being shot for a while..(I try not to be the first shooter).. Being a spotter helps with that.. The other shooters can show you what to do or what not to do shooting the stage.. Once at the loading table.. load yer guns.. DO NOT visit with the shooters before ya or behind ya.. Or the LT officer.. I go over and over how "I" want to shoot the stage and not watch the previous shooters.. Rance Thinkin' there'll be better tips than this from better shooters..
  6. I had this problem years ago.. I had been backing off the hammer spring to make it easier levering.. I also was practicing to try to go faster.. I started jacking out rounds which I had never done before.. A friend told me I was out running the hammer.. I didn't figure I could out run the hammer.. I tightened the hammer spring back down.. Problem went away.. Rance Thinkin' maybe just another answer to yer problem..
  7. Don't think so in this scenario.. If the shooter had shot first sequence as he did... first pistol 1-2-3-4 and with second pistol shot 5-1-2-3-4.. it would be a miss only.. No P.. For missing #5 on last sequence.. He might even had been able to also pull his first pistol back out and shoot target #5 to complete his last sequence and been clean if he had realized he had left an unfired round in his first pistol.. Rance Just my Thinkin mind ya..
  8. 1) I have never seen/ heard of a jacked out rifle round called as "engaging the target"?? It was Shooter error.. To me.. Shooter should have finished 1-2-3-4-5- sequence and then second sweep 1-2-3-4-reload or take the miss.. Rance
  9. Ok.. I must be wrong in my thinkin' but.. Why is there not a "P" called on all three scenarios for not following the 1-2-3-4-5 for the first sequence?? and yes.. I see a miss for only shooting 9 rounds.. but the miss didn't cause the P?? Each shooter shot it out of sequence?? Rance Thinkin' I must be Thinkin' wrong
  10. I got this!! 4 MISSES!! Rance Thinkin' everybody else did too
  11. The task your taking on makes me very proud of you.. Your shooting might suffer but the swelling of your chest with pride will greatly overcome that.. Rance Thinkin' ya done good
  12. If you get the Grabber..( I have one) one pull.. one shell done.. Make sure you have a couple of dedicated hulls (I have different colored ones from what I reload to distinguish them) to place under the powder and shot drops as you start your reloads.. They dump powder and shot on every pull.. Might save you a mess Rance Thinkin' don't ask how I know
  13. Just my thoughts.. and I haven't seen a picture of one mounted to the cart.. but I would fear all that extra weight (me) on the wheels and axles.. would cause problems.. Unless it has legs to the ground for support.. I carry a folding stool.. Rance again.. just my thinkin..
  14. Again.. WOW!! Nice job Matt! Thanks for posting Colt!!
  15. I shoot a SxS.. Shotgun belt with 12 ga. loops for double shells.. Approximately 8 double loops.. and 5 38 special shell loops on the side for rifle reloads.. Rance Thinkin' that's just me tho..
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