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  1. First scenario.. I'm in the no call camp.. Shooter just lost himself some time.. If he'd hit the 11th. Target.. I see a Procedural for not following stage instructions .. Rance Just my thinkin
  2. I think only 1 miss also.. and I'm also thinkin' he engaged all shotgun targets and they are all down.. Rance That's my thinkin'
  3. I've shot some stages that you got a bonus per target for shooting your pistol at all the rifle targets.. A miss is still a miss.. But a hit gotcha a 5 second bonus each The rifle targets were set at about 25 yds. If I remember right.. Rance Thinkin' most tried to hit rifle targets with their pistols..
  4. I'm still in this camp.. It says to engage the 6 targets on rifle rack.. it doesn't state in original OP that they were knockdowns.. or if they were?? they had to be knocked down.. He engaged them all with 7 rounds (hit them all finally) not having a miss.. but.. He only had 3 rounds left to alternate on the buffaloes.. Still just 1 miss.. Rance
  5. The original OP and secondary rules displayed seem to contradict each other.. Which are we making a WTC on?? Original OP never mentioned a bell??
  6. Might be able to go along with this.. One miss.. Doesn't say Buffalo targets can be made up.. I'm Thinkin it's written with confusion built in.. Rance
  7. No call.. Shooter engaged and hit all rifle targets in correct order.. then shooter alternated his last 3 rifle shots on the buffaloes.. He then used his shotgun to shoot his 4th round on the buffalo.. OP says misses can be made with shotgun.. Doesn't say "must be".. "misses on the plate rack can be made up on SHOTGUN TARGET" he had no misses on the plate rack.. and he made up his 4th. alternating round with his shotgun.. Rance Just my thinkin
  8. What!! There's guns involved in this sport?? Who da thunk?? Rance Reckon I didn't thunk..
  9. I was Cowboy Rance for many years because Rance wasn't available.. my Dads name was Rance and my Grandpa picked his name out from an old western comic book.. I checked on the one name alias quite often.. On one call it was available.. I got it about 3-4 years ago.. Rance
  10. I already have a brand new bolt as a backup.. and Garrison Joe helped me in timing my rifle.. I was just asking about material usage only for repairing the tab.. It was just me thinkin.. Thanks again GJ for your input.. Rance Reckon I shouldn't have been thinkin..
  11. I know of the timing issue.. i was main curious about the use of spring steel for the tab.. Rance
  12. I don't have a broken tab right now.. but I've had a few.. It's been said that some think it's soft metal .. And of course rifle timing.. I'm not here to say yeah or neigh on this.. Gunsmiths out there that repair these broken bolt tabs are now making there tabs of harder steel and slots to make them replaceable.. My question?? Could the replacement tab be made out of "Spring Steel" like extractors are.. Extractors never seem to break?? Rance Just Thinkin' but that can be dangerous.
  13. ^^^^ this too.. but I had been shooting a straight stock '66 and I couldn't plant my cheek down on it to find sights.. Had to hold my chin against the stock My pistol grip '73 I can plant my cheek and I'm lined up with my sights.. Rance That's just my thinkin
  14. I got my last one from Taylor's Arms.. VTI was out at that time.. Rance
  15. Uuuhhhh.. Is this horse dead yet?? Rance Just sayin'
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