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  1. Thank goodness Driftwood Dan.. Another problem solved on this ol "SASS Wire"
  2. Assassin.. I've done the same.. Gotta wooden tray with wooden sides .. But when you tip those bottles backward.. The mess misses the cookie sheet..
  3. This was my thinking also Yusta B. but.. I had already dumped the spent primer tray 3 times and I wasn't going through my garbage can that's probably has 299 spent primers in it (and probably one good primer) in there along with hulls I didn't like.. And a lot of the shot and powder mixed together when I tipped the bottles.. At least I had a large cloth on my bench to catch that mess.. Rance Thinkin "I give"
  4. Another good thought.. I always check to see they are all in the tray.. not there?? and not in the plastic primer sleeve?? i also have a shell stacker that makes it easier to load into the boxes.. One spot left empty in shell stacker??
  5. Uuuhhh.. Good thought... But no.. I was reloading red AA's and I have two green cutoff hulls for checking under the drops.. Primers have never been removed.. That's why the plugs were out of the tops of the shot and powder bottles.. So I can easily dump them.. Rance Still Thinkin..
  6. Gonna reload some shotgun shells on my Mec Grabber this afternoon.. I fill the powder bottle.. I fill the shot bottle.. I count out 100 gray Wadcutter wads.. I count out 100 empty shells.. I put my sleeve of 100 primers on the tray.. I run the mechanism a couple times (with empties below the drops) to make sure they drop the correct amount needed.. I start reloading.. I get down to the last one.. No primer I still have one empty shell and one wad left.. I've inspected each one before boxing them.. Why am I short one primer?? I inspected the 100 count sleeve before they were put in the tray.. They were all there?? I look all around the floor and loading area.. No primer.. Oh well.. I grabbed a shell from a partial box to fill this box.. So... I'm Done.. I flip the bottles back to empty them.. Oh crap!! I didn't have the stoppers in the top of the bottles.. Powder and shot all over.. Rance Thinkin' "Where'd that primer go?" Edit: Slow day on the ol' wire..
  7. Ya gotta freebie with the no call in the first match.. Ya didn't in the second match.. Ya gotta accept it and go on.. "Walkin rule book" comment?? With your low SASS number you should have known the rule "Always return to leather unless otherwise stated" As somone else stated.. A "No procedural stage" does not give you a "Get out of Jail Free" card.. Rance Thinkin' you knew you done it wrong They just caught the second time
  8. Me.. Myself.. Lightened Brass carrier.. (Had the aluminum carrier.. Replaced it) 3rd. Generation short stroke I'm currently running Super Short Stroke in my '73... But I enjoyed and had better stage times with a C&I 3rd. Gen. In my '66 Yellowboy.. Smaller (in diameter) magazine tube liner with stainless steel spring.. (it keeps the smaller 38's aligned in the magazine..) Rance Thinkin' I left the springs out of the equation.. Even tho ya need them
  9. Not correctly understanding.. It says nowhere that the said shooter laid the shotgun down to show his rifle is clear at the unloading table.. So.. Still No call.. As long as he removed the empty shotgun shell BEFORE turning loose of it at the ULT.. Rance Thinkin' SxS shooters would have to retrain an awful lot of muscle memory to decide to leave empty hulls in to save a fraction of a second.. We have it TOO ingrained in our head to flick that SxS and get rid of those empties as soon as we pull the trigger on that last target.. Just sayin..
  10. I, also have used improved cylinder chokes in both barrels of my Stoeger since 2004.. Rance Thinkin' I even had a gun shop open up the chokes on my original plain jane Stoeger
  11. Well.. I'm in the camp of "two misses" next shooter.. 2 spotters called it that way.. Tryin' not to take a harda$$ attitude but.. There wasn't any "if you thinks" 2 spotters called what they saw, heard etc.. The RO and shooter disputed the calls.. Fine.. Their prerogative.. Next shooter.. Me.. I don't mind spotting.. Many a time I've put a finger out to count for a miss.. and many times I've pulled it back in because I had to instantly rethink about it.. If I have to rethink it.. It goes to the benefit of the shooter.. I always hold my counting hand behind my back so other spotters (hopefully) can't see my count.. I, also, hate for others spotters to wait for other spotters count before displaying theirs.. Rance Thinkin' I've had misses called on me when I thought I was clean?? Hey.. Life goes on.. I took my misses and went on..
  12. Uuuhhhh... Has this horse died yet?? I saw it gasping a couple posts up?? And it neighed?? Was that it's last neigh?? Rance Thinkin' it oughta be dead by now?? Edit: Please
  13. Irish Ike.. So glad you clarified this.. You only took the "minor safety" away.. Not the "P".. Your original example on this you just said you corrected the shooters score... I, myself, was wondering how he got out of shooting the pistols out of order.. See how communications can help?? "P" only.. no MSV.. Got it now.. Rance Thinkin ya done good then..
  14. DDD.. The reason you never saw any rules violations might be because the moderator might have already removed them.. l was reading that post/topic and read it.. Read all the arguments.. I feel it also ended in cowpokes arguing their points and NOT wanting to see anyone else's.. Rance Thinkin' I was kinda glad it got locked before anyone got kicked off
  15. I shoot Stoegers First purchase was in 2003.. The basic cheapest Stoeger.. 12 ga. SxS Double trigger.. All blued.. I put a recoil pad on it.. Disabled the auto safety.. Chamfered and polished the chambers.. I also had a local gun shop open both barrel chokes up on it to improved cylinders.. My wife took it away from me late 2004.. To replace it I purchased a Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme.. 12 ga. SxS Double trigger.. Blued barrels.. Polished receiver.. I Put improved cylinder chokes in both barrels.. Disabled auto safety.. Chamfered and polished the chambers.. 2019.. Both still running strong.. Rance Thinkin that's just me
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