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  1. I also start at the loading table.. I load all my firearms.. I do not talk to the shooters in front of me.. I feel they are trying to get the stage, as they want it, in their mind.. I hope the shooters behind me give me the same respect.. I go over the stage and transitions as I want to shoot it If I know there is a good smooth shooter in front of me I might watch them.. Sante Fe River Stan has given his mental and physical advice here before.. Great advice.. I've purty much have all his advice down pat.. except fer the mental and physical thingy.. still werkin' on those two.. Rance Thinkin I then go to the line and hope and pray I'm ready
  2. Do it!! Go!! Have fun!! At one of my State shoots I shot against a young feller that was just starting.. Hadn't shot many matches but was shooting with his parents on the same posse I was on and this was his first big match.. I complimented him on about every stage about how well he was doing... Well.. that young feller was "Missouri Lefty" and the following year?? He left me in his dust.. But.. He had fun!! Rance Thinkin' ya just never know who yer shootin with..
  3. Uuuhhhh... I've never bought or owned a gun.. Rance Thinkin' there ain't no sense attracting trolls..
  4. Our very first Illinois State Match back in maybe 2005?? Side matches.. You got ONE chance ONLY to shoot it.. That was yer time.. If you won it great... You won a trophy for that side Match.. But.. After that one chance was over?? You could shoot it as many times as you wanted.. If you had the BESTEST FASTEST time for that side match?? They awarded you an "I BOUGHT IT" trophy for that side match.. Rance Thinkin I gotta " I Bought It" for a team event..
  5. Onlyest thing I've heard tell of.. Winchesters.. Short stroke kits are kinda hard to get.. Seems I hear they are always changing the spec's on the Winchesters.. Also heard aftermarket parts are harder to get on the Winchesters.. But.. Seems everybody likes the Winchesters stock out of the box much better.. Rance Just sayin'
  6. This is exactly what I was thinkin'.. Go ahead.. Sell one of 'em.. Then on stage 2 at a big match.. watch one of yer main match guns say to itself.. "I don't think I'll werk right today.." Rance Just sayin'
  7. I was caught in this dilemma once also.. I was spotting for a gunfighter and only heard 9 shots.. He was putting his pistols away when I said one more.. Another spotter said "No.. He shot 2 pistols at the same time." When the stage was done.. I held up one finger for one miss.. because I only heard 9 shots.. I also was overruled.. Rance Thinkin' that doesn't seem right on my call or is OP's call?? The "P" I agree with.. The no call.. I don't.. Freshly painted targets and first shooter maybe different cup of tea.. I still need 10 sounds..
  8. Flitz also works great and is easy to use.. I bought a large tube from Brownells about 12-14 years back.. Still using it.. Rance Thinkin a little goes a long way..
  9. A big CONGRATULATIONS to ya Deuce!! Rance n' Lacey
  10. Wasn't Jacob McCandles John Wayne name in "Big Jake"? Rance Just sayin' Keepin' yer old alias and still honoring one grandfather
  11. I'm in the "Leave it as it is" camp.. Rance Thinkin' Yep.. it's been called on me... But only once.. I kinda learned something
  12. If ya can't recall the specific instructions?? It may not be ok.. Ask the question.. May I do this?? Widder has a great response for ya.. Rance Just sayin'.. ask the question..
  13. What Shooting Bull said was exactly what I was thinkin'.. You still need to create muscle memory for safety.. You said you don't much care about yer placement or times.. So just do it and continue having fun!! Rance Thinkin' yer gonna be ok..
  14. I have loaded 38 specials with the 105 TC and 3.0 TrailBoss for a good many years.. (I switched to Deuces 110 gr. TC 3-5 years ago) I crimp them in the crimp groove.. I had them chrono'd a few years back at our Illinois State match and they were deemed ok for FPS.. Sorry but I don't remember the numbers.. I've never had a problem with cold weather but then again I stop shooting around the 40 degree mark.. I do find there are STILL misses in them tho.. Rance Thinkin' it might be the shooter on the misses tho.. Just sayin'
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