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  1. My wife Lacey Corsette has quit shooting.. She has some riding skirts and complete outfits.. She needs time to get them together from her closet.. Also.. I've never been good at posting pictures here but she is excellent with messaging pictures.. The things she has will always be quality stuff.. Rance
  2. When I made glitter shells for my shooting partner Lacey.. I put the glitter in after lead was dropped.. I put it in with a very small measuring spoon.. I then put that shell on the lid of my vibrating brass cleaner.. It sifted down through the shot and then I did the crimp stations.. Rance Thinkin' I don't remember a whole bunch of glitter all over but there had to be some
  3. Just got back from a little practice with S&W 38 special w/3" barrel Ruger 22 auto and Ruger LCP 380.. I shoot at target that are on 8"X11" paper.. Targets might be 7" circle.. The other day at 20' two handed.. The 38 special was all on target in the circle.. The ruger 22 auto was all on target in the circle.. The LCP was all low and all over the paper and some not on the paper.. Today I shot all of them ONE handed at 12'.. The 38 special were all near center on paper.. Even shot 2 at 20' and hit within 2" circle.. Sweet little shooter.. The 22 auto.. Was all within a 4" circle.. The LCP were all on paper but all on the lower half.. No sight adjustment.. Thanks for all the feedback and info.. Rance Thinkin I'm going with accuracy and speed right now.. I shoot each gun til empty with multiple shots.. Not singles and re aiming every shot.. I will still need practice on offhand and different positions..
  4. Thanks for all your advise and input.. I always know I will get the straight honest scoop from fellow SASS pards.. Rance Thanks
  5. Marshall Hangtree.. Good point shooting one handed practice.. I also thought shooting from the hip practice?? Rance
  6. Went out last week.. Was practicing at 30' for concealed carry.. when I got home I googled it.. Mosts Google posts said 6' to 10'.. What do you all think.. Rance
  7. Rye.. Picked up one.. I got an "Uncle Mikes" and the 3" barrel works with the same one you got.. Thanks a lot.. Rance Thinkin' my local gun dealer had 'em
  8. Rye.. I also have that pistol.. just wondering if it will accommodate a 3" barrel? Rance Thanks for your reply.. the rest of it looks good..
  9. I just got a S&W J model 36 in 38 special with a 3" barrel.. I think I'd like a cross draw (right hand dominant) inside the waist band.. Any suggestions?? Rance
  10. Just have it cut down, recrowned, front sight reinstalled and short stroked by 1 reliable gunsmith.. Rance Thinkin' easy peasy
  11. Central Illinois.. No!! still waiting for July .. maybe..
  12. Well.. I reckon I would agree with PaleWolfs call.. Rance Thinkin' he got it right!!
  13. No resemblance of a shooting order and you have 10 people in line to shoot and 3 people and the RO working the stage.. Rance Thinkin hey.. you asked
  14. As many have already said.. My first rig had maybe 20 cartridge loops.. I kept them full and showy fer about 3 matches.. Then I took them all out.. I already had 5 loops on each side of my shotgun belt.. I use them for my rifle reloads.. (Nickel plated cartridges so they don't mold) When I had a new rig made.. NO cartridge loops on the belt at all.. I Still use my same old shotgun belt for rifle reloads.. Rance Thinkin I had enough weight to carry around me
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