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  1. Like others have recommended.. Impact screw driver.. Since you are going to replace them with hardened screws.. I had a little luck of using a small pin punch and putting it on the side of the screw head slot and tap it to relieve the initial torque.. Rance Thinkin I have used this method
  2. Ok.. I shot it in a match and it got sticky levering.. Chamber area clean.. I have filed the carrier timing ledge down a little further for greater separation from the carrier rising to miss the bolt upon levering.. The cartridge tab has been replaced but it seems to have been bent down ever so slightly and hangs up the levering.. Sticky.. I was able to straighten the tab.. That got rid of the sticky.. it cycles 10 dummy rounds through it beautifully.. Haven't shot a match with it since this tweeking.. Question: Is it the carrier raising too quickly that bends the tab? Thanks for any help..
  3. As they've all said.. No problems.. Rance Thinkin I've used 'em since 2003
  4. I've ran (cycled) about 5 dummy rounds through it twice.. They cycled and ejected just fine.. Misses the lower tab.. but just barely..
  5. I've watched Pioneer Gunworks and many others on the timing of a '73 rifle.. In setting up my rifle the carrier when rising just "barely" clears the firing pin assembly It doesn't touch it and seems to eject my dummy rounds fine but.. Just wondering if it should be a little more or leave it.. Rance Thinkin it's close enough that it bothers me but.. I also don't want to go too far.. Advise welcome
  6. Done.. I'll wait for the results..
  7. By golly I made the list!! Rance Thinkin I better get the rust cleaned off my guns
  8. Prayers up for Noz and his family.. From Rance n' Lacey
  9. Hadn't read this thread all day.. finally clicked on it thinkin there must be a lot of disagreement since it's on its 3rd. Page.. And yep.. Some want popcorn..some want peanuts.. Reckon I'll just say "Total Time.." Rance also thinkin "Double Butter Popcorn "
  10. The original OP never said anything about the rifle being shot from the wrong position.. Hence they earned their "P" from the pistol sequence before the rifle.. Rance Just sayin'
  11. From the picture displayed I agree with Creeker.. Poor shooter placement not target.. If shooter took a step to the right.. it looks like ample room for a clean miss.. All in all.. Shooters error.. If ya want to call and accidental discharge.. The shooter did that.. Not target placement.. From the original OP?? The shooter shot too quick.. Shooter wasn't on correct target when they inadvertently pulled the trigger.. But the shooter earned themselves a "P"
  12. I only load 38's and only use one powder on my Dillon 550.. I usually reload 400 rounds at a sitting.. Even if I'm gonna reload again the next day... The powder gets put back in its original container after every reloading session.. Really doesn't take that much time.. I heard a long while back about powder caking and not metering correctly.. Some folks tape fish tank pumps to solve that problem.. To me?? Why take a chance fer a problem to pop up.. But... That's just me.. Rance Thinkin I ain't had no problems and I ain't lookin fer any..
  13. Yep.. I look'em into the holsters But I don't pulling them from leather Rance Thinkin it's like they said.. Yer gonna do what ya practice
  14. I've read this WTC many times.. Scenario one.. I have a hard time with.. They messed up the pistol sequence.. Yeah.. They bailed themselves out but, to me, not in a respectable way.. Yeah.. They took a miss when they would of had a P but?? I guess smart thinking on their part of getting out of the mess they got into by knowing the rules.. With tongue in cheek and a smile.. I'd be Thinkin cheater.. Rance Thinkin I probably should of just stayed off this thread.. Sorry
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