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  1. Kinda sounds like a gamer gone wrong Atta boy Matthew fer Gavin’ it a try anyway
  2. I’ve been shooting a Stoeger Coach gun fer 20 years.. My wife Lacey has one too.. They are both double triggers.. and I also have replaced the firing pins.. never had a misfire with them but was just upgrading instead of worrying.. My recommendation.. Stoeger..
  3. Reading the original scenario.. They should have both (A&B) received a Spirit of the Game penalty.. Shooter A admitted to what he had done.. Shooter B explained that on a previous match he lost count and the TO said it didn’t matter at that point.. he already had a P.. so he jut dumped it.. That can now be his excuse forever?? He should of found out the correct way to handle a brain fade by his next match.. Just my thinkin’
  4. I have been shootin’ my old models since I started in ‘03.. 357cal. models but all they’ve ever seen were 38’s..
  5. If you’re just trying out and she felt the 20 ga. had more kick.. it does.. She’s kinda saying 12 ga… I think.. it will have less recoil than a 20 ga. my wife is small and she shoots a 12ga.. We both shoot.. SxS’s.. with Winchester AA low noise low recoil.. there is also a lot more recipes for reloading light loads in a 12ga.. Cut the stock down to suit her.. you want to keep her a happy camper.. If ya need to buy another shotgun to suit you.. so be it.. just sayin’.. if the wife ain’t happy.. you ain’t happy
  6. Thanks folks.. sounds like the alcohol and shellac combo is the best.. Sure appreciate yer help.. Rance
  7. I’ve had this ol’ felt hat fer about 20 years.. It’s a light gray.. Sangelli? I try to clean it and reshape it about every 8 years or so.. It gets black marks from ejected ammo casings.. been through lots of rain.. and of course hand stains.. Anyhow.. Do any of you cowpokes know what I could use for homemade hat stiffener? Thanks
  8. I needed the same help HR.. Thanks also wonder about posting pictures on IPads..
  9. Longer would make shorter lever travel..
  10. You’ll be surprised by how much your muscle memory will take back over.. have fun..
  11. Kinda like horseshoes.. close but no cigar just not quite
  12. When my AA’s show any kind of a burnt/scorched mark around the crimp area they get thrown in the trash.. l have found the crimp will weaken after they are scorched.. Even after going through a shell checker..
  13. They are talking about the lever spring.. make the spring stronger.. it’s popping open so slightly you don’t notice it.. just sayin
  14. I not a fast rifle shooter.. anymore.. age has caught me.. But 15 or so years ago.. I watched a very fast cowpoke’s technique many times.. His shots were sometimes on the leading edge of the target.. some were dead center.. some on the last part of the target.. some high.. some low.. I mentioned that to him.. His question.. did I have a miss? I said no. His reply was “when I see steel.. I pull the trigger and go on..” I have used that technique since.. mostly successfully..
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