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  1. I've skipped over this thread since it was posted.. First time I've opened it was this evening... what can I say... WOW!!! THANKYOU McCandless.. THANKYOU!!
  2. Onliest picture I can find.. Sorry I can't even figure out how to make to make it biggerer.. SASS alias' Rance SASS # 54090L and Lacey Corsette SASS # 54091L.. We live in central Illinois.. Around Peoria area.. Seems Lacey and I joined around the fall of 2003.. Rance Thinkin I need ta find a betterer picture
  3. Good morning Bailey Creek..

    Are you saying you want to buy my Stoeger?

    I'm not going to Fall Roundup..

    but.. Dahoney.. (Tom Hynes) is buying the set of Bisleys I 

    had for sale.. 

    He also is going to Fall Roundup..

    When he gets back in the area we were going to meet

    halfway and exchange the guns and the gold..

    If you want to buy the Stoeger I'd just make the trip

    up to Fall Roundup and deliver yer Stoeger and his Bisleys 

    without the travel for you guys..

    If you want (buy) the Stoeger the price for you 

    would drop to $425 for a face to face.. No FFL fees..


    let me know..


  4. Thanks Kit.. I also found I can just type their Alias in the little envelope window thingy after you click on it.. Kinda does an auto fill (elimination) as you type in alias.. Thanks, Rance
  5. Got it!! Thanks.. My email notifications are shut off but I got the little icon in the top right hand corner.. By the way ... In searching for members.. I found out in messaging that when you click on the little envelope to private message.. A blank window shows up to receive the message.. As you type in their alias.. It goes through (alphabetically) all the members eliminating them as you type their alias.. NEAT!! Rance Thinkin Thanks!!
  6. Personal messages to other cowpokes.. Old wire.. I did it quite regularly.. Never seemed to have any problems.. New wire.. I get notifications of "likes" on my posts.. I get notifications of "someone quoted you" but I'm having a hard time messaging another wire contributor.. Finding them, if they haven't posted for a while.. (is there an easier way to find a fellow cowpoke?) I have tried putting "members list" in search window to no avail.. But then, after fiinally finding one of their posts.. Going to their letter icon... Posting
  7. Good afternoon Marlin..

    At our cowboy shoot this morning I mentioned to Cripple Creek Kory that I had a pair of Ruger 32's I'd sell.. Partners Partner mentioned that you had a new shooter that needed/wanted a set.

           I've got a set/pair of Ruger 32's H&R Magnums, blued Birdheads with Elpaso Saddlery holsters for them.. Also have some Starline Brass (new) and some that's been reloaded a couple times.. I have some loaded ammo and I might have some lead??

         I bought these for Lacey back quite a few years and she shot them for maybe 4-6 matches.. And went back to her 38's..


    Let me know..

    I also have a set of  Ruger Bisleys New Vaquero SS 357 cal. with 5 1/2" 

    barrels with Kirkpatrick tooled leather holster set..



    1. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Good Morning Rance,

      The person looking for 32s is looking for 1 Stainless Steel with a plow handle grip. They already have one but need a second.

      Great to hear from you and good to hear you were at a Cowboy shoot. I had heard rumors that your Cowboy shooting was restricted to Pasture Pool these days.:rolleyes: Hope to see you and Lacey on the range somewhere this year.


      Take care my friend,


    2. Rance - SASS # 54090

      Rance - SASS # 54090

      Dang Marlin.. Finally found yer message..


      Good ta hear from ya..

      We haven't quit shootin' but we are kinda limiting our shootin' to

      just local clubs.. Kinda givin' up the big matches..

      Blind Hog and I went to OUR state match in Indiana last

      year and that was a mighty long drive..

      Well.. I'll let you go.. I've got a couple sets of shootin' irons

      with leather if ya hear of somebody..

      See ya on the range..

      Rance ;):)

    3. Rance - SASS # 54090

      Rance - SASS # 54090

      Oh yeah... I had to go to your site to find this message..

      It doesn't show up as a reply on mine.. :unsure:

  8. Or know their fer real name...
  9. Thought they looked familiar.. Dan made my second set.. He pays attention to what a shooter needs.. He had me try on a lot of different holsters.. He asked me a lot of questions and showed me the features of different models he makes.. He finally said here try these.. They were his own personal set.. I tried 'em.. Liked 'em.. Had him make a set like his for me.. Rance Thinkin he's hard to beat.
  10. Rusty.. In yer last post you mentioned taking your holsters off between stages.. A lot of folks take their guns out only.. between stages and place them in their gun carts.. They usually leave their holsters on.. It lightens the load a lot when doing posse duty.. On my second set.. I did not want bullet loops around the back.. If they ain't filled with bullets they don't look quite right.. And.. If they are full of bullets they look good.. But Again.. Packing around a lot of extra weight .. A couple of well placed cartridge loops for a fast reload (like replacing a jacked out rif
  11. I started SASS shooting with a set like the first picture... After a few years.. Found the disadvantages with the first picture set. I now have the second picture set.. Bettererer.... Ya might make sure the area of the belt in front is wide enough to supporters the holsters.. My first set I could not move the holsters to the front as much as I would have liked them because the tapering of the belt around buckle area.. Rance Thinkin ya done good by askin'.
  12. Don't know the name of the episode but... It's the one where Matt sends Festus out to arrest this young man.. The young man is married with a new baby.. The young man has the drop on Festus with a rifle but gives himself up.. Then the young man's wife gets the drop on Festus but her husband talks her into giving up.. The baby is crying from the house and Festus kinda tells them they need to get out of Kansas.. Matt rides up.. and asks Festus "You couldn't find them ?" Festus.. "No I never could catch them Mathew.." In the background you see the young couple riding off with their
  13. i purchased the Competition Pro.. The gray one.. It might be the pocket Pro 2?? It's not in front of me so can't quite remember the total name.. It will time a stage.. If you want to take off the last shot.. (Maybe error was made on the stage) You can see the last shot and every shot.. If you position the timer correctly.. It will show split times on a string of shots.. It has "Par timing " for dry fire practice.. Me?? Myself?? I like the buzzer to go off on " button push" instead of "button release".. Rance Thinkin everybody has their favorite features..
  14. Yer Rossi?? Yes... Nate Kiowa comes to mind.. Yer Henry?? I'm thinkin kinda unlikely.. Rance Thinkin that's about the most I know on the yer subject..
  15. I would say get a Bond for competition... But they are More expensive.. For concealed carry.. Cobra maybe.. I have 2 Cobra's in 38 special.. For competition.. They won't hold up.. They do have a lifetime guarantee and they will fix them free.. But.. I had to pay postage and FFL fee's.. I still have the Cobras but.. I bought a Bond for competition.. Again 38 special.. Rance Thinkin by the many times ya pay for postage and inconvenience... Get a Bond..
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