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    1 Henry 1 Spencer 1 '66 1 '73 5 Lightnings including 1 .22 4 '92's Plus 1 '86 2 '94's 1 '95 Is that enough variety for ya?
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    The Outlaw Travis James and Blue Wolf just signed up.
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    History: back about 1995 Old Scout, Joy Belle, and I went to lunch one Wednesday about noon at the Iron Skillet in Ontario, CA. Cliff Hanger joined us for the second or third one and then we added others over time. Someone (Lefty?) suggested a name, The Grumpy Lunch Bunch) and a mascot was chosen. Eventually we changed the times to every other Thursday at 11:00 (to beat the lunch crowds) and we decided to never go to the same place twice in a row. It worked for a long time and still does. The GLB still lives on. Now, I've been gone from California coming on 5 1/2 years now and I think about that group often. Some have died, some have moved away, some have quit, and a few have just plain disappeared. It's one of a very few, maybe a half dozen, things I miss about California. Anyhow, I have a group of four people put together here, again by happenstance not deliberate, and have decided to resurrect the GLB here in central Arizona in the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, Mayer area and am inviting anyone interested to get in touch with me and see what we can get moving. The originals were all CAS shooters, but we gathered in a few others as well. Women have always been welcome but have never been plentiful amongst or ranks and I'd like to see that change, too. They tend to be calming addition and they sure pretty up the gatherings. Non shooters are also welcome, but anti-gunners are not. No use poisoning the thing before it gets started. Let me know. And check out cliffhangershideout.com to see how the word is passed down there. Hope to see some of you at lunch soon. Forty Rod PS: feel free to start a similar group anywhere you are. I can see a rousing bunch in every state and country where there are like-minded folks. I will be willing to lend suggestions and good wishes wherever you all are.
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    You-all do know he's handicapped 'rite'? He has "Tumbles Syndrome". Just look at how many times he has thumbed off his bike. OLG
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    Fuzz Balls . . . I do believe I . . . well they are fuzzy . . . am I supposed to be insulted? J. Mark "Fuzzy Balls" Flint . . . has a sorta ring to it. . . don't cha think?
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    My favorite out of the bunch
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    Well, I went and saw the movie......but I didn't go to critique it or give a fact vs fiction assessment. I liked the movie. The ending was the best part when they showed REAL pictures of certain American service men and also gave credit to them by listing the medals and honors bestowed up them either because of Midway or their service during WWII. ..........Widder
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    Perhaps as an entertainment snack.
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    I was at the last one and it was a bust. SASS may be too far gone for a successful event until something changes. Catering to the retired is not growing the game.
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    Are you suggesting 4t rod had mushrooms for dinner
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    A few years back I learned of the Museum of the Republic of Vietnam being opened in California. I recalled I had a flag somewhere that I hade brought back in ‘70. I eventually got in contact with the folks in charge, (one is a retired Viet-American US Navy Captain) and they were thrilled that I wanted to donate it. I guess seeing as how things ended, the bulk of the war artifacts are in GI hands seeing as how most Vietnamese got out with only the clothes on their backs. They wanted to fly me out for the ceremony and banquet but I politely declined. Didn’t want a fuss made. A Facebook friend sent me these pics this morning. I had seen pics of the flag raising ceremony and opening of the museum but not the display itself. I guess they got the pics from my FB page. Glad the banner finally found a good home. Maybe I’ll get out there some day.
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    There may be something to the fact that it is called a HANDgun and not a HANDSgun. Sorry. Couldn’t hep myself. I shoot one handed 90% of the time, but have been known to steady for a long range shot with the other hand(usually with a long barreled gun).
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    I had nothing but problems with a Commanchero, I sent it back and it was the same, jamming all the time. I ended up getting a 3rd gen short stroke kit from C&I and a new lever. A good friend and gunsmith here did it, works great! I suggest getting one stock and doing the SS.
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    Now if we didn't pick on ya, you'd think we didn't like ya
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    https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/lest-forget-campaign-honours-eight-million-horses-killed-first-world-war-637304 One hundred years after the First World War, charity Brooke has launched a campaign called Every Horse Remembered to commemorate the eight million equines killed in the conflict. In Britain, one million equines were conscripted — including donkeys and mules — and only 62,000 returned after the armistice.
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    For what it's worth here are some pics of a Cody Conagher short stroke. I'm pretty sure he goes with cutting and welding.
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    From my perspective the half cock on my Rugers isn't a safety feature, it's a feature that's required so I can load the guns given they don't have transfer bars. Since they're purely competition guns and I don't put my booger picker on the bang stick at the LT they're safe enough for me.
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    Our first Missouri gun(s) will be two gen5 Glock 19's, with night sights and 15rnd mags. One each for Ima and I. Her's will become her fulltime CCW gun. Mine will rotate with my Colt LW Commander. 45acp. She already has her Missouri 'real-ID', DL. Get mine Thursday..... The gun store just called today and said both Glocks are in. We'll have'em both home tomorrow, before noon. OLG
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    OP said vendor he tried is Pretty sure that is what he wants - the Southwestern legume tree Olneya tesota (Desert ironwood, Arizona or Sonora Ironwood, Mexican ironwood) Good luck, GJ
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    Stone Mountain, GA
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    Mtsbauer, I have a wooden gun cart in new condition I can donate to you if you need one, as well as some other SASS gear. I'd be honored to help a member of our military get started. MH
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    Or those mushrooms...
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    Nice list Sam!! I grew up around old airplanes myself. we had a HOCKER-DENIEN SPARROW-HAWK, Cubs Champs, 1928 WACO straightwing a Fairchild 24....flew and flew in many more. Yeap, got too expensive in more than one way. I do fly a 185 for a living now This is what I got done to the P-6E Hawk when I sold it.
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    Didn’t see it up here. But you’re closer to Roswell than me.
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    Bore plugged with a cleaning patch or two immediately in front of chamber, then fill chamber and first half-inch of barrel with cerrosafe alloy (melts over boiling water). Let cool and pound out the plug from muzzle end with a 3/8" brass rod. Cerrosafe can be obtained from Brownells or Midway or Rotometals (where it's "sale priced" today). Good luck, GJ
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    Using a brass rod or hardwood dowel, tap a lead bullet through the barrel from the muzzle end.
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    The SASS discount at the Comfort Inn in Edgewood, N.M. saved me a few hundred dollars at EOT last year and will do so again in 2020.
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    I use a Paasche H for model building. Mine is siphon feed, single trigger. It does everything I want it to do, because I am far from being an advanced modeler. It is also easier to take apart and clean than some of the better ones that have the needles in them. You will also want to look at a decent compressor with a moisture trap. Just remember, if there is a Hobby Lobby nearby, you can print out a coupon good for 40% off any one item.
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    Hi Arkie! Back "in the day" the Ds were different. IMO, Moonbeam's first term and his appointment of Rose Bird started the change here. We currently live in the Mother load region of CA, east of HWY 49, near Jackson and Sutter Creek. It is very pretty. Regards, Allie
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    And, here is what was recently sent to the TgGs VOTING ITEM INFORMATIONProposed rule change:Eliminate the automatic Stage DQ penalty for leaving the loading table with a cocked rifle.In such instances, the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to full cock if it is in the half-cock/safety position, then pull the trigger.If no round is fired, the shooter will be directed to finish staging firearms in order to start the stage (No Call).If a round fires when the shooter pulls the trigger, the shooter will be assessed a Stage DQ and directed to proceed to the unloading table Current rules/penalties:Movement is not allowed with a loaded round under the hammer of any firearm. Movement is defined by the basketball “traveling” rule. Whenever a shooter has a loaded round under the hammer of a firearm in hand, at least one foot must remain in place on the ground. The first violation will result in a Stage Disqualification penalty. The second violation will result in a Match Disqualification penalty assessment. It is also not allowed to leave the loading table with a cocked, loaded firearm.SHB p.12 – Participant Conduct - Safety- Rifles may be staged with the magazine loaded, action closed, hammer fully down on the empty chamber (NOT the safety notch), with the muzzle pointing in a safe direction (adheres to the 170° rule).SHB p.15 – Safety and Handling Conventions - Rifles- Changing location/moving with a live round under a cocked hammer or firearm with the hammer down on a live round.- Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked.SHB p.23 – Stage Disqualification Penalty (SDQ) Definitions:Cocked – hammer not fully down (full, half-cock or safety notch).SHB P.43 – Glossary of TermsHammer down – hammer fully down at its final resting position.Loaded Firearm – Any firearm with unfired round(s) in the action/chamber/magazine.SHB p.44 – Glossary of Terms
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    IRAQ—Archaeologists working near the ancient Fertile Crescent made a stunning discovery Friday morning: the AR-15 Cain used to kill Abel as recorded in the Bible.
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    I like it. Thanks Amigo, and thanks to all of my brothers and sisters. I ain't sure if I can find my boot pic, and I just joined, so the only pic of me so far is of my South side while shooting. Though there's many an argument as to which side is least offensive.
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