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  1. Seems to me this is a good reason not to install a lighter firing pin spring.
  2. I have them in 3 rifles, all were easy to set up and I haven't had any problems at all. I always swore I wouldn't do it but after running a rifle with a SS kit for a few years it feels funny to shoot any without. As for waiting for smoke to clear, I am not one of those guys who has 4 pieces of brass in the air at any one time. I run full cases of fg in 44-40. I mostly like the SS as I have less motion going on with the shorter stroke so it is easier to keep on target. I suppose I could go a bit faster, but mostly I like shooting with my wife and 2 kids, and am there to have fun. I am thinking my daughter is ready for a SS kit, but then maybe she will beat my times, so maybe not She shoots the same ammo I do, a little girl making lots of smoke and noise, just like she likes it. She is the reason I switched to fg, as it tends to make more sparks, and maybe more smoke.
  3. That makes the handle 6" long. Seems a bit long and almost twice as long as the blade. I have big hands but not that big.
  4. I just ordered one and got it back in 8 days, just last week. I am slowly replacing all my higher volume LEE 6 cav's with Accurate Molds.
  5. I have had good luck with the Pioneer Gunworks standard short stroke kit. I tried the super SS but it just wasn't necessary for shooting BP and added effort to working the lever with no advantage in speed, due to waiting for smoke to clear anyway.
  6. Except the 205c has a shorter nose, which means toggle action rifles will have to push the cartridge back into the tube when levering a new round. So, IMHO, the 205m or the 210g would be a smoother feeding round, with the 205m holding more lube, better in some longer rifles. The 215c would work fine also, but it is heavier, making it a better choice for longer range shooting. I see no advantage with a larger flat point for SASS shooting, maybe for hunting it would be better. Accurate Molds has many choices for you, and are one of the best quality mold makers out there. There is no one perfect bullet, you just need to decide on your needs and choose accordingly.
  7. Like this, but for .357 cartridges? Why would you need so many?
  8. I could drive to San Diego in a weekend, but not Louisiana. So I'm in for a few tickets.
  9. For things like that it is sometimes just necessary to find a friend who has a lathe and have them make one for you. I have made many parts for some of my topbreaks, just takes a lot of hand work. Do you have the old part?
  10. Weighing cartridges that have only 3.2 grains of powder is mostly a waste of time. Bullets and brass can vary that much, especially if you use mixed brands of brass. As for not doing it in his wife's rifle, all guns are different. He didn't even say if he and his wife have the exact same rifle, so it may not be a valid comparison anyway. I think the low loads are making these rounds a bit borderline and slight differences in the guns specs are enough to cause the difference in performance. You CAN go too low on bullet weight and powder. I like Trailboss myself for smokeless loads, but I load on the higher end of published cowboy loads, which are already much lower than standard loads. No need to go even lower.
  11. 68" long from where to where? Do you mean to fit a 68" waist?
  12. And the Big lube website says "out of stock", not "no longer available".
  13. The 43-205M holds more lube. It's what my daughter and I use. FWIW the bullet you show hasn't been available for a while, the last MAV mould I bought had a smaller lube groove.
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