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  1. Not a good idea, IMHO, as someone who casts quite a bit. Lino can bring 2.00/lb, but regular lead(if there is such a thing) is more like 1.00/lb. So by mixing it you are making it less valuable to most casters, plus it is now it is an unknown entity. If it is all done selling here you might try www.castboolits.gunloads.com
  2. I cast my own, so that helps. I reload for 4 shooters, and 2 of us shoot BP, which is especially expensive if bought commercially. And as I am basically a stay at home Dad, I have more time than money, although both can be in short supply sometimes. As for shotgun reloading being worth it, besides the fact than my daughter and I shoot BP, some times you just fall into deals. I picked up about 4,000 empty hulls on Craigslist for free from a guy who was moving. And a friend of mine gave me 40,000 shotgun primers that he got from an old guy he knew that was getting out of shooting. And I stocked up on shot years ago at 15.00/bag, and I still have 20 bags left. So a no brainer on doing shotgun shells. My 2 Dillons paid for themselves years ago.
  3. Fig Newtons went from 16oz package to 12 oz a few years ago, so it isn't anything new, just getting more rampant.
  4. Single Sixes are smaller than Uberti SAA's so your larger guns will not fit those holsters. My kids had to get new holsters when they graduated from Buckaroo.
  5. The hammer notch isn't that bad but the trigger is completely rounded off and is unsafe. I'm surprised it holds the hammer back at all. If it was mine I would re-cut the trigger and try hardening it, but that is me. If you don't have some sort of sear cutting fixture it can be very problematic getting the right angle on the sear.
  6. Actually they aren't that hard to clean as the brass is very thin and seals the chamber well. At least on mine it does.
  7. I do knife sheaths that look more cowboy than what most come with nowadays. You can see some of my work at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks, Springfield Slim

    1. Cibola Al

      Cibola Al

      Thanks, I'll take a look! 

  8. A Lee Enfield .303 rifle, in 1973. That got me started in reloading, with a LEE reloader, the Whack a Mole type.
  9. It's worth it to have that stupid looking stock on, so you can have a real mag button again.
  10. Do snow mobiles throw tracks often? Seems like they are a proven item.
  11. I'm sure they would make the mold for you, if you were willing to pay all the set-up fees and development time. I have a few NOE molds, and they are a great quality mold. Have they ever made the mold you are wanting? I did not see one in their catalog. If not, then is sounds like you are asking them to make you a one-off custom mold. Kinda like asking Uberti to make you a revolver but flute the barrel and use a different shape front sight. Sure, they could do it but it would be very expensive, and even then they probably have enough other regular work to do.
  12. Funny how things change. Back in the early 90's when I bought my wife a Ranch rifle they were considerably less than an AR. Now the prices have reversed!
  13. If you need the original safety version I have a couple I don't use anymore.
  14. What is this "stores nice on the shelf" you speak about? If I didn't have a dedicated metal bench to cast from I'd be taking my pot down a couple of times a week or more. I'm too lazy for that. Same reason I have 2-Dillon 550's, one for BP loads for my daughter and I and one for smokeless loads for my wife and son. I can't fit my car in the garage, though, due to all my stuff in the way.
  15. I'd like this, please. 1 Pioneer short stroke kit with lifter 73/66 - 100.00
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