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  1. I pour my hot water and Murphy's down both barrels of my shotgun and use my fingers for plugs. A count of 100 and then a spiral cleaning brush, followed by an oiled bore snake.
  2. Not being legal and not being allowed are 2 very different things. I talked my wife out of using a shoulder holster because i knew they were a different animal and she would have to be extra careful, and I didn't feel it was worth the effort .But is she has insisted I would have made one for her and let her use it.
  3. I have made a few shoulder holsters and no one has ever complained of their gun falling out. As long as it is designed to hold the gun decently and not some sort of gamer holster with half the gun sticking out there should be little problem with retention. I carried a small semi-auto as an off duty weapon when I was Deputy Sheriff for awhile and I had no problem with that one either, and I never used an retention straps. But none of them were horizontal hold either, which makes retention worse.
  4. Raylan: All normal Ar's and AK's are semi-automatic. A rifle doesn't need to have 3 shot burst or full auto capability to be considered semi-automatic.
  5. This is the 180th Anniversary knife and badge, with the tin box with the pic of the Rangers on it, in the original plastic packaging. Been hanging on my wall for a while but figured somebody from Texas might appreciate it more than I, having barely ever been to Texas. How about 50.00 plus 15.00 Priority shipping.
  6. Remember, most of us wear out gunbelts lower than our waist ,and for most their rear end is larger than their waist. Shotgun belt size can be even more different as on most of us our belly is even larger. Measure twice, buy once.
  7. Waist size has nothing to do with it, how many of us wear their belt actually on their waist? And even if you do you will be wearing it over your pants and maybe another belt. Take a cloth tailors tape and measure where you will actually wear the belt and use that as your middle hole. Saves lots of grief buying the wrong size belt if you measure.
  8. 4.09 at the expensive Chevron station down the road. 3.79 at one Valero and 3.09 at the cheaper one. Glad I bought that 1977 Kawasaki for the kids to learn on, it might turn into my main transportation. I had already transitioned to my BMW with a sidecar instead of the Silverado, may have to downsize again.
  9. True Grit was a book but I'm willing to bet you saw at least one of the movies anyway.
  10. 15.00/25 lb bag. But I am cheap and buy most of mine from old guys getting out of the hobby/scrap lead sellers. I only have 12 bags now, might have to look for some more.
  11. I feel better now, I thought I had hit some button by mistake.
  12. Happens all the time to me. I have guys talk to me on line using their alias, then call me and give me their real name, and then use the wife's Paypal account to pay and they don't have the same last name! It can get a bit confusing out there sometimes. Just post his name here and he will probably get back to you.
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