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  1. I assume you really want to re-size the cartridge, not the bullet. If you are having problems with them chambering, it is probably a crimp issue. Be nice to know what cartridge you are referring to also. TFJ; I used to sometimes have a problem with my 44-40's but after switching to a Redding Profile crimp die the problems all went away. It just doesn't tend to bulge the brass like most other crimp dies.
  2. Actually I could us one also. Doesn't have to have a good extractor, I have a new one.
  3. I shoot all '66's and haven't had a problem with it yet. But on my son and daughter's '73's I replaced the spring with a lighter one, helped quite a bit.
  4. Minimal belt slide, full size hunting, shoulder holster, military with flap?
  5. If you are buying components during normal times and the word "hundred" is anywhere in your sentence, then you are destined to run out in lean times. IMHO I load for 4 shooters in my family so the word "thousands" is normal for me. But I have 6 cats and 2- month old kittens, so "overdoing it" is normal for me!
  6. If you dry tumble wet shells you will sometimes get clumps of media stuck in the bottom of the shells. Not a good idea. I just put mine on a towel out in the sun for a few hours, then dry tumble.
  7. This is not the best place to get legal advice, you really need to go to an expert, as you have already stated "facts" that are not true. For example, you CAN ship C&B pistols unless the local rules forbid it, and anybody can ship long guns out of state as long as they are going to an FFL. At least from my state, I don't know the rules for every state, and I doubt many here do. Never seen a C&B long gun, though.
  8. I'd like #20, please. How about adding #19 also. Shipped to 95124. Pretty sure it will all fit in a USPS SFRB.
  9. I cooked 4 soft fried eggs yesterday. The eggs came from 4 different chickens. They were all cooked in the same frying pan, and I tried my best to drop them all from the same distance, but they all came out looking similar but different. Why do you think this is?
  10. I have found that after 10 or so loadings I start to get build-up in the primer holes and it makes for more difficult insertion of the primers, so now I just remove them before cleaning every 5 loadings or so and eliminate one more aggravation. With the LEE APP press it is very fast and simple, which is the main reason I got it.
  11. Not sure how your presses work, but even when I de-prime and then tumble, when sizing the depriming pin still pokes through the primer hole, knocking out any media.
  12. They only need the latch cut-out if you get holsters that drop the pistols WAY down in there. Much more than a normal SASS holster would do.
  13. "BTW All the current vaccines are 100% effective in eliminating hospitalization and 99.9% effective against have serious symptoms. " Good. Then you go get your shot and leave the rest of us alone, as you now have nothing to worry about. I swear, all these pro-vaccine people are starting to sound exactly like the anti-gun people. "Do it for the children, and the old folks, and those at risk" . "It is for the greater good, even if you have to give up some personal rights". " We are the government and know what is good for you".
  14. Why get the vaccine if you still have to quarantine yourself every time someone near you tests positive? You could end up in quarantine more often than not, as this isn't going away anytime soon.
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