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  1. That I have no idea where to eat down there, but if you ever get up into the San Jose area I would be glad to help out with a place. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere to me, but I didn't get to look around at all. Not sure if there are any SASS clubs in the area.
  2. I made this for my wife to use, better than have them rattling around in the gun cart.
  3. I've only been to Victorville once. I bought a sidecar for my motorcycle off E-Bay, and that's where it was. So I drove the 7 hours there, loaded it up, and drove home.
  4. I showed this to my 16 year old son, and we are both thinking hard about why we need this! Just too cool.
  5. Always wanted a P-38. Already have a P-08 and an 1896 Mauser in the safe.
  6. I was glad to find a Valero that had dropped it's price to 3.45 yesterday, about .20 cheaper than anyone else near me.
  7. If you aren't loading at the top of the pressure scale they should work fine, they will just size down when fired. That's assuming they will chamber, so you might want to load a couple first for a chamber fit test.
  8. True, but my point was that his crimper was not really doing the job, and was only discovered after switching powder. I personally made my own larger expander plug as I like to use .429 cast bullets, using only Starline brass for consistent length.
  9. I think that just shows that the LCD was not holding the bullet in place, it was the BP powder. +4 on the Redding crimp die. You do have to make sure all the brass is very close to the same length with the Redding, though. I load BP for my daughter and I and smokeless for my son, and all I do is change the powder settings. And as a plus I found the rounded edge of the brass eliminated a few hang-ups in my daughter's rifle when the front edge of teh brass would catch on the sharp rear edge of the chamber compared to my previous crimper.
  10. We're having a Potluck Thanksgiving dinner after the shoot this Sunday, I'll think I'll try this out on the club.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Compatible-Samsung-Controller-Android/dp/B07MV46G9V/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=android+phone+usb+adapter&qid=1574370200&sr=8-6
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