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  1. That about says it all. Can trade for custom leather goods or cast BP bullets if that helps any. Or just cash.
  2. That's a pivot pin. If you use some really strong Loctite, your link won't move and you gun could possibly locked up. Plus how is oil going to lube the pin?
  3. You can always go up a size, just tougher to insert the ball, but you can't go down a size and be sure of sealing the cylinder.
  4. Major; If you need it you can have it. After posting I took a look and I actually have enough for my needs right now, just going to do some testing. Sucks to have so many calibers that you lose track of your brass... said no one, ever!
  5. Are you just looking for a box to ship pistols in?
  6. Yul: 7.5". Nickel; there is no follower tab on transitionals.
  7. Here are some pics of my forearm. Haven't finished converting the rifle yet.
  8. If you were closer i would just give you a half dozen empty powder plastic bottles. A bit too expensive to ship, as they are bulky. Coming down toe the SF Bay area in the near future? Ever shoot with Tully Mars, he could bring them to you, I bet.
  9. Take off the ring and put the u- shaped holder back on. No holes, no rattle.
  10. What does "liberate the case" mean? I just load a full case with ffg and use a bullet that holds lots of lube. I have a hollow base mould also but haven't tried any of the bullets yet to see if they work better.
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