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  1. Ramblin: I shoot BP in my old Colt 1911. Even shot a couple of WB matches that way. It helps if it is an old rattler though, with a light spring and heavy bullets.
  2. An hour or overtime isn't going to be enough to pay for a match worth of shooting, not if you load for a wife and two kids like I do! After you go to the practice match in Richmond you can come on down to Morgan Hill and shoot with us on the 23rd at Coyote Valley Cowboys. Look on the Coyote Valley Sporting Clays website for info. Don't know if El Hombre will be there, might be his weekend to watch the kids, but I should be there, and you can check out shooting Blackpowder guns, as that is all I do.
  3. I personally like my L.C Smiths, even if they are beaters. My kids both have Stoegers, haven't had any problems with tehm yet, one being used for 3 years and teh other maybe half that. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but if a gun is defective and the maker sends you a new one, do you have to go through all the FFL stuff again? Never sent a gun in for repairs myself, nor had one replaced.
  4. I have a brown one piece belt with 20 44/45 bullet loop,s 49" to the middle hole, that should work for you. It is not lined on the back but made from thick leather. 65.00 plus shipping
  5. DAP Contact cement is much less messy than Barges and available at most any hardware store. Dries faster and holds very well. I use it for most of my leather work.
  6. They are still listed on the Uberti website, for quite a bit more than this one.
  7. Sounds like you don't really need either one of them. Maybe spend your money on something you might use more? AR's and Mini's are readily available if you need one later.
  8. I honestly don't know. I do have enough for the 4 in my family to shoot a match without sharing, though.
  9. I have reloaded all my ammo for over 15 years, so I haven't run into this. But maybe I should try just to see what happens. Funny thing is, we don't legally have to register all of our firearms so where so they get off saying which ammo we can and can't buy? Pre-1993 we actually could buy person to person and not go through an FFL, so they don't know all we have. Really, it wasn't all that long ago we still had some rights in California.
  10. I believe that is standard size, as I measured one of my spares and it was the same. If it was 44-40 I would be a lot more interested.
  11. You measured it out to the 10/1000ths? Or did you mean 1.625?
  12. Mec 600's also have a sizing ring. Pretty sure the Mec 650 progressives don't.
  13. So if India prohibits export, we will prohibit import from everywhere? Or just India? I have 3 pairs of grips from Mr. Grashorn, and they all look great.
  14. If you think you have a slow primer, aim the opening away from you as you open the gun. Keeps you from getting brass in your face. Seems simple, but most people tend to look inside when opening their rifle.
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