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  1. I guess there's no way to know for sure. But I can tell you for sure that there are pounds of it coming over the border every single day in body cavities.
  2. I'm pretty sure the majority of the heroin in this country has been transported in a body orifice.
  3. I'm pretty sure the guy who told me that just wanted me to buy a new motorcycle, but I'm perfectly content with the ones I have. I've never owned one older than an Evo though.
  4. I don't think there's a Harley-Davidson on earth that you can't get parts for. I'm sure it gets much harder as you go back in generation, but there is an abundant aftermarket for pretty much all of the bikes that have been made in my father's lifetime. That said, just like driving a 50 year old car, there's a certain masochistic tendency you have to have to drive an old car/bike. It's not like getting in your new car and hitting the key...these ancient clunkers remind you of old times every time you get in them.
  5. I would love to have any antique American motorcycle someday. I enjoy them from a distance. Perhaps when I retire.
  6. That's a really nice looking ride. Is the joke about Shovelheads true, about be worried if they're not leaking, because they're out of oil?
  7. You might--if it belongs to the therapist!
  8. Yes. It looks nice if you are in a place where aggressive makeup is appropriate for the occasion. It isn't something I'd want to see at work or at the store shopping for groceries. Perhaps the people you saw it over did it.
  9. It might be stupid, but it is part of the genius of our founders that the states are foreign to each other. The United States was founded on this idea, that we are a limited federation of independent, separate, sovereign states that gave very limited power to one national government only for issues of national importance. Other than that, the States govern themselves separately. You can save me the speech about where you're "from." Both of my parents are from Chicago and I will always regard Illinois as my home state. I voted with my feet and left, much for the concerns underlying your complaint. Virtually all of my friends and family live there. But I am not a citizen of Illinois and it is a feature, not a bug, that I have a 0% say in how they govern themselves. Illinois is as foreign to my state as Mexico is. The rot in cities where I have zero role or influence in changing them is not something I spend time worrying about. It is a local issue for their citizens to handle. Just as I am not going to be nosying into Ohio politics, you have no business nosying yourself into Illinois politics. Our system is set up for them to rise or fail on their own. It looks to me, and you likely agree, that they have continued down the degenerative path that they were on ~14 years ago when I left. The genius of federalism is that while I have zero say in fixing it, I also can choose not to go there and not suffer the consequences. The genius of our founders' idea, this federalism, is that the citizens of Illinois can decide to use their state for a little laboratory for stupid policies. We all know how well that is working for them. But their experiment also stops at their borders. Federalism was the alternative to an absolute sovereign monarch that we had before the American revolution, one where a single man, the King, ruled over our entire country. The radical left wants to make America into one "country" so they can undermine our ability to have local control over how we live. They want to move all the power to Washington so you can't hold your politicians accountable. If that were to happen, it would be the worst thing that ever happened to this country. Federalism is why our constitution has survived for over 200 years--because the powers of our national government are limited, and power is separated and kept local where governments are more accountable. You can think it's "stupid" if you want. I think it's genius. And I'm quite confident that when we're both dead and gone, federalism will continue to be an important part of how we, as sovereign people, govern ourselves and hold our public officials accountable.
  10. The alternative is the genius of our founders--federalism. You live in Ohio. You get zero say and have no reason to be concerned about how people choose to live in Chicago, which is in a state foreign to yours.
  11. The solution to this in our republican tradition is to run candidates who can actually beat these people. Thus far, it looks like that is the greatest difficulty as the "other side" empowers these lawless degenerates by running people against them (predictably I might add) who cannot win.
  12. My argument is for decent people to stay out of places like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, among other places. Don't go there, don't give them your money, and keep your family away from places like that.
  13. I don't consider those places all that civilized, but you can I guess.
  14. A civilized society has none of those things. What you describe are how animals live.
  15. I have had an email notification into various websites for this shell for a very long time and have not seen any for sale.
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