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  1. I have to admit that I have a bit of sympathy for this poor Captain who just wanted to crank off a few rounds into the ocean.
  2. The due process clause that applies to the states is found in the 14th Amendment. For most of his life, there was no second amendment to teach, because from 1939 until 2008, there really wasn't anything to teach. Nobody really knew for sure what the Supreme Court would say it meant or if it'd even ever take a case until a few smart people got together and forced their hand.
  3. Federal excise tax levied on all firearms and ammunition is available for the states to seek grants and use it to build shooting ranges. Indiana has beautiful public shooting ranges supported by this money. I'm sure others do, too. The law has been on the books for a very very long time.
  4. In this context, any penetration is overpenetration.
  5. I saw a headline that said they're juveniles, which suggests that nothing that matters is going to happen to them.
  6. Congress passed a law about 15 years ago that allows veterans to hand salute in civvies. I can't imagine having to remove one's hat is required in such a scenario, especially in light of the history behind the salute. https://news.va.gov/press-room/new-law-authorizes-veterans-salutes-during-national-anthem/ https://www.legion.org/flag/questions-answers/91119/can-members-armed-forces-and-veterans-who-are-present-not-uniform https://www.military.com/flag-day/rules-for-saluting-us-flag.html
  7. How would they do that? There are no records for buying ammunition. You can just pay cash for it and leave with it.
  8. You do realize that you can sign up for a garbage email address in less than 5 minutes at dozens or maybe even hundreds of places online, right? There's no reason you have to give an email address that you ever use or check.
  9. I have seen one pound containers, but never in the shape seen on the left.
  10. I have never seen anything like what is on the left in that picture, and I have lived in a lot of places in the USA, from Philadelphia and D.C. to where I live now, New Mexico.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Chicago police department as an institution is very familiar with what can happen if protests get out of control and I'm not surprised one bit. From a legal perspective there is little difference between a custodial arrest and a citation/summons, either way you have to come before the court to answer for the behavior or the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.
  12. The internet is awash with people who hate the ATF and just want to make them out to be the enemy. The administrative side of the ATF are not gun-toting door kickers and they are really just expecting people to do their paperwork and comply with the rules. They are not looking to shut down gun retailers for minor discrepancies.
  13. I think the most my wife said she pronounced dead in a 12 hour shift was 11 people. The look on her face said it all.
  14. I got knee surgery a week ago today. I'm not sure it's the absolute worst pain I've ever felt, but it sure is persistently painful. I don't think I'm going to make it out to see my cowboy friends tomorrow morning.
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