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  1. Any part of round in chamber is easy to spot WHEN SOMEONE LOOKS. If no one looks at the line, and the first examination is at the unloading table, THEN YOU CALL WHAT IS SEEN THERE. It's really bad form to speculate on what could have happened at the line. Leads to all sorts of arguments and "confusion". Call what is seen, when it is seen. good luck, GJ
  2. Captain - I'd think Ahlman's Guns would be a great place to start. Coyote Cap's family shop. AHLMAN'S GUNS 9525 W 230TH ST • MORRISTOWN, MN 55052 507-685-4243 good luck, GJ
  3. By the time an open action long gun is carried to the unloading table, with muzzles held upwards, it's going to be a real rare situation that any part of round is in chamber. This then almost always gets called a Minor Safety penalty. Shooter can then just move on. If shooter has trained themselves to glance at the action of the gun as it is lowered and restaged, even that MSV can be avoided. The decisions about what the rules need to be to 1 - protect safety of shooter and posse 2 - make it easy to call from just a split second of observation were d
  4. Once again, a strong reason to buy from Taylor's when getting a Uberti-made firearm. I know, doesn't help now. Press Uberti as hard as you can for a new cylinder. GJ
  5. If magnet sticks to the sight, it's steel. Sure looks like MIM (sintered) steel, and not completely sintered by the factory. good luck, GJ
  6. Shall we now all gather under the big tent of SASS and vote to toss out the words that doth offend someone? .... Whaddya mean there's no words left that we can use? GJ
  7. Well, aluminum has an EXTREMELY low solubility in lead alloys at normal casting temperatures. And, I just reread all chapters of Robert Block's mini-book on metallurgy of lead alloys in Lyman Cast Bullet 5th edition, and he never even mentions aluminum in lead alloys other than showing the minuscule solubility level in a chart. Oh, I see you have been reading Lyman's 3rd edition from your latest post. I think some of the knowledge from the 1970's may have been replaced by a better solubility figures on aluminum now available. Anyway, the formation and collection of
  8. Yep, the setup I was talking about was figuring out a solid thermocouple holder that can be removed quickly to clean the pot, and the programming of the PID controller. Overriding the RCBS pot temp control, as you state, is just a matter of turning it's factory thermostat dial to full-burn. GJ
  9. Well, gotta disagree with you there, KR. Dendrites are simply the tree-shaped structure formed as regions of lead alloys that cool at the same time within a solidified bullet. Above the melting point of a lead melt, there are no dendrites. Dendrites in lead alloys are like icy slush in very cold water. Part of the liquid has crystalized into solid (ice) while cooling right at the freezing point, but some of the liquid has not yet frozen. I've never found anyone claim dendrites form in the pour spout of a lead furnace when it is being run warm enough to cast a completely melted
  10. Sure looks like a MIM (sintered metal) base AND sight insert. I'd replace at least that broken insert with something more solid, like a short dovetailed bar stock sight from Marbles that should last (until the base breaks). Dovetail sights are "sized" by the length of the base flat of the dovetail, and the total height from the flat of the dovetail up to top of sight. So, if you can pull a pair of calipers or a micrometer out, and find those two dimensions, you can look for just the sight insert and replace it for maybe $15 or so. Brownells or Midway would be where I'd look
  11. Those kind of leaks made me toss my Lee production pot and go to the RCBS ProMelt. Absolutely no regrets, and closer temperature control too. But if you want to stay with the Lee, use Jackalope's method above. That would hold mine drip free for perhaps 5 loads. Then, it would get a little debris in the spout and start dripping again. Good luck, GJ
  12. Ponsness Warren. Great shotshell loaders, but expensive. I would not be interested in their cartridge loaders, when there are Dillons or Hornadys out there. good luck, GJ
  13. I find that Pietta makes a better C&B and a better SAA currently than does Uberti. Closer to original designs. Better attention to oiling up guns before putting them on a boat to come to USA. Uberti should warranty-service that rusted cylinder on the Walker and replace it. Be aware if you are buying from Uberti USA or from a distributor (Taylors, Cimarron, etc). Warranty service needs to go through the distributor if that is where you/your gun store got the gun. Only recently has Uberti even had an official presence in the US, and I was not aware they had any ability other tha
  14. Haven't seen anyone who has figured that out yet, and that includes a gunsmith or two who have done the conversions.
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