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  2. Or standing at a window pointing a gun at someone out side the window.
  3. YuM yUm YUM!! DONUTS!! and BACON!! :-)
  4. Just gather up and reuse the plastic ones. A guy I know did this when he was stationed somewhere reloading supplies were hard to come by. Put them in a mesh bag and tumbled them in a dryer. Said it did OK.
  5. Not to hijack this thread...but speaking of making your own paper cartridges.... I read somewhere that the stuff to use was magician's flash paper. Anyone have any experience with that?
  6. I recall some of these from years ago, classic stuff.
  7. @Smokey Dave Thanks, just PM me with the details whenever you have them.
  8. So. . . if using gunbelt suspenders, how do you hold up your pants? 2nd pair of suspenders? Belt? Lacking a protruding posterior can make it important to consider these issues.
  9. Could you take the time to reply to my PM. Thanks, Rico
  10. Should a TO assume all responsibility for a rifle falling of the table unless it doesn't break the 170? Should you declare the Rattlesnake Wrangler before or after the first stage?
  11. Or playing video games with your 8 year-old nephew late at night.
  12. PLUS ONE too LOU GRAHAM. You betcha. And, I'll offer this for all you stick-in-the-Mudds. SASS/CAS ain't growing. Just take a peek at your loading table line. The only resource you have for more fun with Planesman are the ladies. The ladies we ALREADY have. And OLD guys. Some really OLD guys. Think about it. Make it harder??? Atz Stupid.
  13. Moving EOT to a new location Endless nitpicking of the meaning of the rules vs the ROC Genuine black powder vs the subs Why can't we shoot 19th century, double action revolvers?
  14. So and so builds the best Pistols/Rifle/etc. That Alias is offensive Smokestack speeds up all his videos online (maybe not a wire feud, but fun to read elsewhere) A personal favorite is: Adults can't shoot Buckaroo category. Totes
  15. Today
  16. Nice. I like the layout for make-up. Only negative in make-ups of stationary targets is a good set of spotters to agree on make-ups needed in plenty of time. Of course, good spotters are needed on all the targets. Good shotgun shooter could easily appreciate this stage. Shoot at more difficult targets with minimal concern and if miss on both then get two extra shotguns in less than three seconds. Net not as clean as fast, hit-em-all run, but pleasing. If only one make-up, the fast 97 shooter might look pretty sharp.
  17. Hell, in Texas you could be shot just for eating ice cream and watching TV!
  18. Many videos on YouTube where citizens flip cops off, call them pigs or outright cuss at them. Supreme Court ruled its part of the 1st Amendment as in freedom of speech/expression. So while legal to do so it still doesn't mean you're not going to get hassled, pulled over, arrested etc. Ike
  19. And it’s harassment on the part of the unmarked police car’s occupants. Crawling right back up his butt would shut him down pretty quickly, I’m thinking. If not, who cares? There’s always a way to get back at people like that. And, they know it. Could he be arrested for that? You could be arrested walking down the street minding your own business. As I said, there’s always a way of getting back at people like that if you’re dead-on set to do it.
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