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  1. With my luck, I would forget the list. regards Gateway Kid
  2. just curious, how could you tell it never had a spring? When the firing pin is removed my return springs generally come with it, if they don't they are usually stuck inside the bolt and if they do not fall out easily that is when you know you have problems. If the spring was not in the bolt, as the gun was fired the base (larger back portion) of the firing pin would be slamming into the bolt recess, possibly deforming it and definitely not returning the firing pin extension to the fully extended position. This would most likely leave the firing pin point extended past the bolt face. I do not know how many cycles it would take but I have broken a couple OEM firing pins at the point where the pin extends from the base and those had their spring in there. After a relatively low round count (maybe 2 or 3 hundred) the pin would break because of the extra stress due to an improperly fitted firing pin This is part of the reason many smiths replace the OEM pin with a more performance oriented pin to reduce breakage under our heavy usage. I am uncertain how a gun with no spring at all would function for any length of time if at all. (Don't know about some of the one piece designs currently available as I do not use that type) Not arguing with you just hoping to understand the physics of your situation for future reference All the best Gateway Kid
  3. Another proud papa here. At the back of our property we have a mated pair that have had chicks for the last three years, usually one but this year two. My wife takes pics on her evening walk and if I can figure out how to get them from her camera to here will post them. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Have an big return irrigation ditch next to the house. Beavers like our globe willows and swim up from the river and chew away on the base of the trees. If they make it all the way around the tree will die fairly quickly. Tried a 22 pistol (or rifle) at about 50 feet and worked ok on the small ones. Used the CCI segmented rounds. Bigger ones (adults) get the 22 magnum rifle with a 36 grain HP once I found that if you don't hit them in the head (with a regular 22) they will jump right back into the water and swim away. 22 magnum stops them in their tracks. Side note -- my neighbor found I was removing the rodents and now demands their bodies (he is from Tennessee somewhere) and he eats them. He thinks they are a delicacy and I find them (especially the tail) to be pretty gross. Any one else eat these things? Regards Gateway Kid
  5. This If he shot the gun and it worked (why else clean it?) it had the firing pin return spring in there. As said sometimes they stick in the back of the bolt where the diameter goes from fairly large to just big enough to for the firing pin itself. The spring can be hard to see in there. I have had success using a dental pick with a hook in it to tease the spring back out. They will usually work for a while before the spring binds and does not retract the pin back into the bolt and then you risk having an essentially rigid firing pin protruding from the face of the bolt. Most of the ones I have seen were a situation where the OEM spring was cut and the coil of the spring worked its way forward until it wedged into the firing pin channel. Good luck Gateway Kid
  6. How can a proud father letting others watch an exceptional shooter/young man doing his thing be any kind of mistake? Love seeing what is possible and would be very interested in what he is doing these days as far as training/practicing to stay in the upper reaches of the stratosphere. Regards Gateway Kid
  7. I tried a straight stock on both a BSS and a stoeger. liked them but with the arthritis in my wrists the pistol grip style and lighter weight of the SKB seem to give me a better grip to pick up and less weight to move around. guessing just a personal preference. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. This is how I see it as well. When I started it was rare to not carry the gold/chicken or have a bed spring mattress to stand on and shoot off of. Hauled the dummy from shooting position to shooting position, knife/hatchet throwing, lasso a calf for a bonus, shoot a bow or draw a card for starting target or position. Got a little old with some match directors setting stages to "slow down the fast guys" (did not work) or a left handed stage writer making all stages and sweeps right to left only (or a righty going vice versa to mess with the lefties) (also did not work). A heart attack, a knee replacement, arthritis in both wrists and some extra mass to tote around have all combined to make getting onto a barrel suspended by springs or into a pint sized stage coach or out of a bathtub a lot less fun than they used to be. Now days my home club very rarely has stand and deliver, and while movement is not as far as it used to be there is almost always movement, targets are typically sass minimum at 7-8 for pistol, 8-9 for shotgun and 13-14 for rifle on 16" square or diamond targets. Shooters choice as to direction of sweep or which gun to begin with are very appealing to me these days and while 10-10-4 is most common we will split 6-8 shotgun occasionally from multiple positions or 2 shotgun with a pistol/rifle reload or whatever strikes the stage writers fancy. No matter what though the real fun (to me) is hanging with my pards/pardettes, telling relatively true stories lies to each other and offering pearls of wisdom as to how well the previous shooter shot the stage and what they should do next time. Shooting is always good and SASS shooters are the best. Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Praying you heal up quick and completely. Not a stroke but heart attack in 2011 with the two vessels entering the heart from the back side being blocked, one 100% blocked the other about 90% blocked. Doc said another 20 minutes and I would be shooting up in heaven instead of my home club. Two stints and $90K later they told me the blockages were from a truck accident in the 70's and there was one more vessel that was so calcified their advice was if I ever needed bypass surgery to have that one repaired at that time as they would have to "gut me like a pig" to get at it. Weight restriction of 1/2 gallon of milk max for two months to let the femoral artery they had run the stints through completely heal. out of work for about the same amount of time. No eye problems but had to change how I sleep as pressure on my chest caused numbness in the extremities for about a year. Now regular check ups with the cardiologist (EKG mostly) and optometrist (to look for clots in the eye ball and signs of high BP), diet change to lower blood pressure and of course lose weight. Never said anything about shooting but a friend had to give up trap/skeet/clays for a while to avoid prolonged recoil sessions after his HA. After that first year they pronounced me healed and said take better care of my self and that was about it. Biggest change was in club policy as mine occurred at the range and (like an idiot) I took myself to the hospital instead of letting any number of volunteers do the driving. That is no longer allowed of course. All the best Gateway Kid
  10. Was the youngest of the son in laws in my wife’s family, so been the kid for 36 years. They were mostly from the Uravan, Nucla, Naturita, Gateway area in western Colorado or Moab in Utah and I liked the sound of “Gateway” better than Nucla or Naturita Kid. regards Gateway Kid
  11. Howdy and welcome! in pistol calibers (45,38/357,32) your Henry would be legal in the age based categories. While I do not own one (other than 22 version) I have shot them in the past and found them to be well made and very accurate. I also found other rifles better suited to the CAS game. If you are happy running relatively slow by all means go for another gun that you personally like, just know that other types of rifle are more popular for a lot of reasons. To echo OLG go to a few local matches and see what fits you, you may even luck into a good deal before you exhaust your budget on something you may need to change out quickly. regards Gateway Kid
  12. So it is ok for the sponsors of this bill to declare that a city can become a "sanctuary" for those who are clearly breaking the law (illegal immigrants, a significant problem here in Colorado) and the police cannot enforce laws previously written into statute...... but for law enforcement officials to say they will not enforce a law that stomps "innocent until proven guilty" into the dirt and seizure of private property without due process is "contempt of court" ? Maybe our legislators need to actually read the Federal and State Constitutions as well as the myriad thousands of laws currently on the books BEFORE tearing apart the judicial system for their own purposes and FOLLOW the laws that have helped build the USA over the years. Angrily Gateway Kid (probably headed for a timeout)
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