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  1. No worries Been shooting my SKB's for years but your BSS is looking so good.... Sort of a seven year itch!!! Will look for you in october Gateway
  2. The bits just fit in the hex thing (I know a really technical description ) and have a spring clip that gives a tiny bit of pressure. Gateway
  3. Brownells offers (or used to) a stubby non-magnetic screwdriver for their magnatip sets. I think it is called the armorers holder. I have one, it does not hold bits in the handle but it solved the problems you described for me. It is longer than your stubby and shorter than the standard magnetic.
  4. Were you planning on coming to match this weekend? Gateway Kid
  5. Really hard for me to boycott something I haven't paid attention to in 5 years. Once upon a time I followed most of the pro sports. NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. First choice was the NFL. Started watching the Denver Broncos in 1973, stuck with them through a lot of bad teams, coaches and players, saw them win a few Super Bowls and break my heart in a few as well. Could tell you the roster from memory, knew the starters by heart and could give you more trivia than was probably necessary. In the fall of 2016 came to the conclusion (when they forced me to notice) that they were just a bunch of (wealthy) low life thugs who supported other (sometimes wealthy sometimes not) low life thugs who were participating in low life thuggery, and making no bones about their disrespect for their fans and this country. Had to call it quits. Funny thing is I had never really noticed that there were a ton of more interesting things to do on a Sunday afternoon, Monday night and Thursday evening before. Much more relaxed and happy now that they are out of my house and my life. Couldn't tell you one player on the roster today and really don't care. Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Article says not required to wear a uniform. Her not carrying a firearm is mentioned elsewhere? curious Gateway Kid
  7. If still available I will take #26 Sierra 52 gr hpbt 500 / $50 sealed box # 28 b 6 mm 87 gr bthp x 2 boxes 100 /$10 each # 29 c 6 mm 80 gr Spitzer 84 / $ 8 total $78 plus shipping let me know where to send funds regards Gateway Kid
  8. I think my horses are working to up the average! Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Have no idea where the story came from. But our pastor used that very same one as an opener to a sermon about a month ago. Maybe he hangs out here on the Wire sometimes? Regards Gateway Kid
  10. Thank you all didn’t think he was right but didn’t know either. now I do. Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Went to Sportsmans Warehouse to see about wads for shotgun. The brand/type I like was in stock and the same price as last January or so. Got to talking with the sales staff about how things were going and told him I was thinking about loading up some BP that I have had for about 5-6 years. Swiss 1 1/2 and Goex Cartridge. Stored indoors in the closet and never really paid much attention to it. I was informed that I should toss it as real black powder only lasts perhaps 3-5 years and subs last about 8 years. Really? What I know about BP is that it is black. I have a mentor to teach me in the next few weeks but don't want to load up some duds if the powder is no good. Anyone have an opinion? Was his info correct or am I being misinformed? Regards Gateway Kid
  12. Bought some of his Barnstormer bullets for my wife to use in a C45S load. She likes them. By their design a little slower to load than my 38's but well worth the time and money. Count me as a continuing customer. Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Used to do that to AARP all the time. Fill up the envelope with all the junk mail it would hold (mattress ads, underwear, grocery store ads, clearance sales at odd ball shops etc.) and send it to them in their post paid envelope. Stopped getting their crap for several years. Just started getting it again but no pre paid envelopes. Straight to the trash now. Regards Gateway Kid
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