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  1. My brother in law has often said after he dies he wants to come back as one of our dogs!! regards Gateway Kid
  2. Kimber Target II 45 Kimber Target II 40 Kimber Pro Carry 45 love them all. Reliable, smooth functioning, eat any ammo I have fed them. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. As an outside observer I would say not callous, simply astute enough to recognize that life is to short to waste time on those who would bring discord and drama to a relationship rather than love and mutual respect. I have a few in my life that I deal with in a similar manner and am very comfortable without their presence disrupting my thoughts and lifestyle. Not gonna be intimidated into swallowing their viewpoints when they have no intention of even listening to mine. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. so three questions: how long to grow a cat tree to maturity? Once fully grown what techniques are used to harvest the cats? Do all the cats mature at the same time or is it always a mix of adults and kittens? Just wondering (channeling my inner Alpo) Gateway Kid
  5. Just bought the UFO lights for the 650 & the 550 I use. Only question I had is why didn’t I get these years ago? Ten minutes each to install and these tired old eyes are really, really happy!! No strain no glare. Order to delivery three days. Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Now we’re talking!!! regards Gateway Kid
  7. Not a real pirate!!! Doesn’t have an eye patch regards Gateway Kid
  8. Verified by “google fu” using my admittedly weak (less than 80%) internet skills. Everybody knows that the internet is 100% (or more) accurate with the only errors (85%) being due to mistakes made by the user (over 60%) rather than the source (<=1%). Meaning ultimately functional invention accounts for 65% of statistics with speculation accounting for the remaining 35%, possibly the other way around. I can state with +\- 77% certainty that the forgoing statistics are solid and definitely repeatable using any form of government analysis you choose. regards Gat
  9. And I am 100% certain that someone told me (or maybe I read it on the internet) that over 95% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Regards Gateway Kid
  10. And how many tax dollars, government scientists, and federal statisticians did it take to do that research? Because you know private investors probably just aren't interested Regards Gateway Kid
  11. And in a nutshell, this is the problem with many (especially younger) people today. They have been protected from criticism, potentially harmful actions and consequences for poor decisions. STUPID is supposed to hurt, that way you don’t do something STUPID more than once. Regards Gateway Kid
  12. In these days of shortages, crummy mail service, weather delays, inflated prices/scalpers etc. etc. etc... Just wanted to let you know that some people are still doing everything they can to take care of our shooting needs. I ordered 2000 38's and 1000 45's from Cheycast bullets in Wyoming on Tuesday the 29th (am). Over 2000 gets free shipping and compared to my last order (last spring) the price was the same. That afternoon I received notification they had shipped and on December 31 my mail person delivered them to my home in Grand Junction. (She had a small whine because they
  13. We had our Christmas toy shoot a few weeks ago. Entry fee is an unwrapped present or a $10 donation to support Shriners hospital in Salt Lake City. I had some excess Winchester SPPM and some LPP. I donated 1k of each to be sold at $5 per hundred with a 2 pack limit to stretch them out, all proceeds to go to the kids. Sold out in less than 10 minutes but did raise $100. I had been concerned that the price was to high but I was wrong Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Anyone ever tell you that you have a mean streak? I like that in a pard!! Regards Gateway Kid
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