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  1. What a coincidence. I just threw out a stack from 2007 to whenever they stopped printing them with last weeks trash. Had not touched them in years and needed the space. Did not know anyone was still reading them. Oh well. regards Gateway Kid
  2. Well I typed up a long point by point answer to your original post. thought better of it and deleted it all. Summarized as follows... A free market capitalist should be capable of recognizing that asking price, expenses, profit and selling price are all highly fluid and in the end only relevant between the buyer and seller. The market will determine whether the price is too high (or too low) and the matching of needs between the buyer and seller will determine whether a transaction occurs or not. A third persons interest or concern is meaningless since they were not party to the original transaction and while it may be helpful to gather information for a future transaction of their own that transaction has its own variables such as dissimilar condition or shipping costs, FFL fees, insurance, buyer/seller motivation, discounts based on relationship or region etc. that could be considerably different. As pointed out by MCM above an item is worth what someone will pay for it. Without demanding that every sale reveal every aspect and every detail of the transaction you would be constantly comparing apples to grapefruit. More importantly you would be forcing yourself into another's business dealings which quite frankly are none of your concern regardless of your motivations. Near as I can tell, even with some glitches, the Classified works well enough as is Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Around here we have been shooting Mild Bunch for about 8 or 9 years. .22 pistols and rifle, (including semi automatics) run what ya brung (SASS legal any category) for a shotgun. Seems to work for us. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Around here we would describe this author as a “special “ kind of stupid. His statement that the 2nd does not prohibit government regulation of the type of firearms one may have indicates a reading disability that is rather severe. (Typical of left wing Demonrats) As far as allowing only certain calibers (he says sizes) of ammo , well look at Mexico where basically anything over .22 is reserved for military use and guess how many cartel members have turned in their full auto AK’s or AR’s. If you guessed “0” —- winner. Just another poorly researched article and uninformed moron running their mouth. Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Guess I am the odd one in this. 125 gr. TC over 3.2 gr. of Titegroup, Federal SPM either gold medal or standard, crimped into the crimp groove (about 1.445 IIRC, haven’t checked in years). 147 gr. TC over 3.2 gr. of Titegroup, Federal SPM either gold medal or standard crimped to an OAL of 1.51, which runs nicely in both my ‘73 or Marlin CBC. I use my rifle rounds as my knockdown loads in the pistols, plenty of oomph in both and while my ‘73 runs the 125’s well enough, the marlin does not seem to like the shorter rounds. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  6. The one I have went directly in front of the axle. It is spring loaded so rides above the ground when moving and sits firmly on the ground when sitting. As far as folding my cart folds exactly the same as without it, but I pull the seat off the bar (it slides in and out easily) to keep things balanced when loading or unloading. I also left the bar a touch loose and move it a little so it goes through doors at the house easier. Only caution I could give is be sure to set/unset your wheel locks or it will move on uneven ground. regards Gateway Kid
  7. Personally my first choice is to use the GM 200's, next the 200's then the 100's. never noticed any difference in performance. Started using the GM 200's and 200's under the previous administration when primers of any type were tough to get and that was all that was available. Have not found any good reason to change back to anything else. Regards Gateway Kid BTW got your notice. getting excited to try em out. second BTW A BIG THANKS for working so hard to get things out so fast - your extra effort is VERY VERY much appreciated!!!
  8. You coming to TMS the 19th? have someone interested but wants to see pistols and talk to you Gateway Kid
  9. Shoutout to Boomstick Bruce Knives showed up today and are even better looking in person! Thanks for a smooth and easy transaction. Regards Gateway Kid
  10. No the swelling is within an eyelash of the base. In practice they work nearly as well as my case gauged shells as the extractor lifts them high enough to shuck cleanly. I simply choose to not use a marginal shell. As far as crimp I use a traditional type depth where the folds are slightly recessed below the outer edges. I typically get about 4-5 reloads out of the STS and 6-7 out of the Nitro. I suspect the swelling has more to do with a weakening of the bond between base and hull but have no idea how to prove that. I get rid of the hulls when they “crystallize” from heat near the mouth or if they develop any burn through or pinholes in the creases of the folds. I have not used AA (red) hulls in many years for most of the reasons on other threads. Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Ok another curiosity question. Why do you let them sit for a week? I have found that in really hot weather (think New Mexico or Arizona July) the shells will expand to where they no longer fit the case gauge above the base of the shell even though just a few days earlier they fit just fine. Back to the supersizer when I get home. Have you found that time is more a factor than the heat? Or is there something else I have missed? regards Gateway Kid
  12. Been reading replies to some other threads about a bunch of different subjects, mostly about shotgun, such as stuck hulls, resizing the bases after finishing the reloading of the hulls, how much to hone the chambers to ensure easy extraction/shucking of expended ammo, etc. One thing that jumped out at me was how many actually put One Shot, or silicone spray or some other favorite lubricant on their shells. I am not a top gun with the shotgun but a decent shotgun run for me is about 3.9 - 4.1 for four shots. I run Johnny Meadows SKB's and he does an excellent job of honing the mouths and polishing the chambers to minimize sticking. I just keep them clean and run them. I only use STS or Nitro 27 hulls in my guns. I do not use lubricants of any kind on the shells themselves because it makes the shells harder for my old hands to grip properly to load. I will run a silicone rag into the chambers maybe every third stage using one of the Pro Shot handles with a bore mop on it to push the rag around and that will suffice for lubricant and cleaning. Sometimes I just use the bore mop without the silicone rag. I do run all of my shells through a MEC Supersizer prior to loading on a MEC 9000GN to reduce the bases to minimum size and lower the lever pressure on my shoulders as I typically load about 500-700 or so at a time. (yes I know the press has a collet to resize the base but the "pre" sizing seems to make my arms ache less at the end of a session). I will use a case gauge on every shell and any that do not enter and fall freely are sized yet again on the Supersizer. Any that fail a second case gauge go into the practice only box. I then box up my shells and case gauge them again at the range before they go into the belt. BTW I have 3 case gauges that are all slightly different from one another as far as their internal dimensions, two that I got from C&I one from an estate sale with no identifier on it. I use the tightest C&I at home the other C&I (next tightest goes to the range) and the other (loosest) stays in the extra parts box. It has been several years (2-3 at least) since I had a stuck hull. So what do you do? Regards Gateway Kid
  13. I got it but...... If you had ever watched me attempt to make gravy "50 Shades" is just a start. My gravies range from pure white to black (and taste we won't talk about) If I want biscuits and gravy I defer to SWMBO. Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Sounds like the twin to mine. Took it to the range in 1978, shot one and one half boxes of ammo to test it, took it hunting twice, shot two deer, cleaned it and have never shot it again. still have the remaining eight rounds. regards Gateway Kid
  15. Just a question, not really trying to pick a fight... DDD you stated your lead levels were very low (4.4) Have you been reloading shotgun shells in the past/recently? for a long period of time? Have you been reloading cartridges in the past/recently? for a long period of time? If so you have answered your question, your lead abatement procedures from the past have been perfectly adequate in terms of keeping your blood lead level in an acceptable range. Unless you just began reloading or plan on increasing your reloading #'s by quite a bit I don't see any benefit to dramatically changing how you take care of yourself as far as exposure to lead "I've not measured it quantitatively, but it's obvious from watching carefully that shotshell loading ought to have a much higher lead inhalation risk than brass cartridge reloading. From my research, the lead exposure through skin, from handling raw lead bullets, is pretty negligible. But not so for ingesting or breathing lead dust particles. I just wanted to share these thoughts with others who might be loading SG in closed spaces, unprotected, and possibly without having ever checked their lead levels. Lead dust is serious stuff. I'm going to set up my shotshell loading outside, and probably use a cross draft from a fan." As others have stated most of the dust you are observing is the graphite commonly used on commercial and previously cleaned reclaimed lead. I recently bought some commercial shot that had a plastic liner inside the bag and there was virtually no debris in it upon filling my loading bottles. If there were significant deformation of pellets and thus microscopic lead dust released through abrasive processes I would have expected considerably more debris. And I personally do not know anyone who deliberately eats lead pellets All the best, keep your levels low, see ya on the range Gateway Kid
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