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  1. Just ordered some 62 gr. 224 Bullets from midway that I use for 3 gun. $115 per 1100 which is only $4.80 more than last year, in stock and expected to be here on Friday Regards Gateway Kid
  2. We “shoot” them almost every night. We have a den with two adults and two kits across the irrigation ditch from where we enjoy our evenings. Quite pleasant temperatures, mild breeze and the foxes playing with each other makes for a nice way to spend a couple hours. If I knew how to get the pictures onto the forum we must have close to 100. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Praying for your beloved to beat this. She needs your strength to support her so praying for you as well. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  4. I have several Uberti '73's. All of them are marked "357 magnum" or "cal 357 mag" None of them have ever had anything but 38's run through them. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Didn’t think so just offering help if possible. I love this game and am heartbroken when I hear of issues that could derail everyone’s enjoyment regards Gateway
  6. I have been on and off following this. In Colorado for at least the last nine years the practice has been to alternate state championships from the front range to the west slope each year. This was started because some of the eastern clubs (for whatever reason) didn’t want to put on a larger match and there was a possibility of not having a state match at all. The TMS TG worked with others to spread the workload into an every other year format thus encouraging participation on both sides of the mountains as far as hosting and competing at different venues. Don’t know if that is no longer a via
  7. When we had the pop up we loved it. Easy pull soft on gas set up in about 15 minutes. Until ..... we got back to camp after a day hike and someone had taken a knife to it (cuz we had locked the door) and took off with the cooking stuff a lantern and miscellaneous other stuff. Our valuables were in the truck (which was with us) so not a huge loss but went with a hard side camper on return home regards Gateway Kid
  8. Don’t know if the sizing is now correct but my first couple were almost two sizes to small in my football players shoulders. (Ended up with 3X instead of XL) Which left them pretty baggy in the waist. However I corrected the waist issue by diligently following the TW school of nanner split body sculpting YMMV Gateway Kid
  9. This is my load. Remington STS hull Remington STS primer Pink claybuster wad. As a relatively sloppy shotgun shooter even a marginal hit on a KD will take it down and a center hit is authoritive. Regards Gateway Kid
  10. The underlying problem you are facing is an assumption that the socialist Democratic Party can actually read and would be potentially interested in anything relating to any reality other than their own twisted version. Their actions over the last ohhhh...... 50 years or so seem to indicate that their priorities are more in line with crushing the Constitution, promoting pedophilia and perverting the moral fabric of the USA while spending the entire net worth of our great, great, great grandchildren on programs intended to keep their kind in power forever. Disgusted Gateway Kid
  11. Prime rib done on the grill. Ear corn also on the grill. Deviled eggs from our chickens, fruit salad and homemade bread, cherry pie for dessert. Kick it all off with a prayer of remembrance and thanks for those who gave their all so we could sleep in peace and live our lives in a free country. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  12. Holy cow!!!! What a manipulation of statistics to support an indefensible position all while purporting to report facts. One in one thousand black men die at the hands of cops, who killed the other 999? With a majority of crime against blacks being perpetrated by other blacks it would seem they are in considerably more danger from their fellows than any encounter with a LEO. One in 5 will be unarmed, does that mean the other 4 are armed? It would be an incredibly foolish strategy as an LEO if I knew that 80% of those I am involved with are armed, for me to believe the best cours
  13. Have been involved with 4H Western Heritage (their version of CAS) for several years. Policy has always been (as far as I know) chamber flags (usually some commercial version but sometimes heavy gauge weed wacker line run down the bore and out the ejection port). These kids don't use holsters, everything staged on the props and help from adult volunteers to get the guns from the loading table to the stage to the unloading tables. Hand guns are left in cases or in boxes at gun carts. Rifles/shotguns are left in racks with the aforementioned indicators. System works well. Regards
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