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  1. Howdy Boomstick what is the overall length of your gorgeous knives? If they are about or longer than 8 inches I will take the second and third knives. I have large hands and smaller knives just don't fit me well. Regards Gateway Kid
  2. I have been a Western Heritage leader for three years now. A good program it definitely has some differences from SASS. Some are due to politics such as those we would call Buckaroo’s cannot use handguns, rather a second rifle is typically part of the scenario. The scoring has three parts, shooting, persona (including costuming) and presentation (a combination written and oral test). For liability reasons only factory ammo is allowed during competition although many parents reload for practice. There are other differences as well but if you are interested I would be glad to help. Those who participate in WH sometimes shoot CAS as well but it has not produced the numbers we would have liked as of yet. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Yes sir I am a terrorist. But ..... I am toilet trained In fact I know which bathroom to use based on my gender I have no debt I have never threatened anyone or any business in order to promote a social agenda My garbage goes into cans that are placed by the curb to be picked up by other hardworking terrorists, not dumped on the streets There are no needles, contaminated by drugs, diseased blood or other nastiness in my trash cans or on my property My home is modest and yet not some tent or cardboard structure. because I have worked all my life to reach this position instead of waiting for someone to take care of me I LOVE my country, and do not need some worthless Demonrat to tell me how much better socialism is. Regards (and tired of the idiots) Gateway Kid
  4. Good looking fish! Not near enough to give it a try but it looks like you’re good enough for the both of us. (I am not much of a fisherman any more, but love the time spent along the bank). Let us know how things work out Monday. Regards Gateway Kid
  5. And this is what will happen more and more (PLUS confiscation of his firearms) when some whiney liberal decides that he is offended/traumatized/threatened by a constitutionally protected right once the red flag thing goes full throttle. No presumption of innocence, no finding of any lawbreaking necessary, no act of violence or even depiction of a violent act just an accusation is enough to trample an other wise law abiding citizens rights and infringe on his life. Further the accusers names will be most likely be held anonymous so as not to invite someone to give them a stern talking to that is righteously deserved. Regards Gateway Kid Probably should not post my American Flags lest they offend some snowflake
  6. Hey Grizz what is starting time, 9:30? if so sign me up on your Posse regards Gateway
  7. Here on the western slope of Colorado quite a few stations have ethanol free gas, designated by a blue price sign. Have not seen any on the commiefornia east slope centered around Denver. My wife uses the ethanol free in her 2018 Fourrunner and gets about 2.5 mpg better than adulterated gas. Price per mpg ($2.46 ethanol @ 19.5 mpg = 12.6 cents per mile and $2.65 @ 22 mpg = 12 cents per mile is roughly equal so hard to tell a financial benefit. In my 2012 Kia Sorento I get a little over 1 mpg better with ethanol free so not really a savings for me. A mechanic friend told us the percentage of ethanol varies by the station selling it as Colorado only specifies "up to 10% ethanol". Most of my small engine power tools like chain saws, generators and leaf blowers specify to not use ethanol gas as it can possibly damage the engine. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. Try giving a pm to doc Nelson he ran several that I attended and they were a hoot regards Gateway Kid IJAFG
  9. Sorry for the long post but most of what you have brought up has been discussed many times. The general solution proposed is to make sure your writers KNOW what stage/club they are writing for so as to best take advantage of available bays/props/targets/viewing positions. Make sure your spotters are at least familiar with the mantra of If you think it hit it is a hit, if you know it hit it is a hit, if you think it is a miss it is a hit. The only time they should call a miss is if they are absolutely positively certain it was a miss. Don't be afraid to fire the spotters if they are having a bad day, are unfamiliar with the venue, have repeated obvious errors etc.(of course be respectful and tactful) So go forth and enjoy the amateur game we have knowing that sometimes things happen. And if you think professional referee's/game officials/announcers always get it right you should probably go see a professional football, basketball, hockey, baseball game sometime. Respectfully Gateway Kid IJAFG
  10. Sorry to hear of your medical issues. My prayers and condolences to you. Don't want to stomp on any deals you may have pending but if your asking is $3500 for 6, why would you be willing to short sell at $3000 ($500 each x 6) if sold individually. Singles take more effort/time/shipping/FFL etc usually. Just watching out for ya and hoping you get a fair price/deal. Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Johnny, So glad that you finally get to spend more family time with the little ones So sad that my go - to SKB guy is not around anymore, gonna miss our conversations Great shotguns (3 of them) no troubles in 7+ years and I think the longest I ever waited for anything was a couple weeks In my book you're still the man Respectfully Gateway Kid
  12. My club shoots 6 stages on Saturday, different 6 on Sunday. Sometimes 6 different bays, sometimes 3 bays shot with 2 scenarios each. Depends on the stage writer for each day Each day is a separate match so shooter can shoot either day or both as they choose. Works for us Regards Gateway Kid
  13. A friend of my fathers, who was a small town marshal, many years ago would often use the following quote after a particularly difficult arrest or intervention. Don't remember who first said it but certainly applies: "If a man chooses to show you the darkness and evil in his heart, you should believe him" Regards Gateway Kid
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