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  1. Have these dies already so will try my hand at C45S. Planning to size with the 45 colt die, Dillon 45 colt expander in my Dillon powder measure and set the seater die to both seat and crimp Thinking the 45 colt shell plate and pins will work on my Dillon 550 to hold the cases securely? Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Might want to get a hold of Dr Death (formerly Battle Mountain Bandit) about gypsum. He is their TG and was at the TMS march yesterday and was telling us about the gypsum match last week. Small match for sure but still there Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Wife and I had a similar idea. While in office a politician and their immediate family may only earn or accumulate whatever the salary is for their position. Any other income would be seized and deposited in the general fund of the level of government they were SERVING at .... city, state, federal. Those who would use the office for personal gain would leave quickly as they recognized that others could see what they were doing and prosecute them for being the criminals they are.The filings at income tax time would clearly show who was cheating and stealing from the public trough. Some side benefits would be a rapid turnover in the political representatives (who are NOT our leaders) as they would be the first to recognize that the big bucks would come from non-governmental jobs. Part two would be the keeping of leftover "campaign funds" would not be allowed and the large dollars left over must be turned over to the appropriate general fund. This would be a boon towards reducing the governmental deficits that affect donors and regular citizens alike while at the same time reducing the role of "big bucks" donors and their control of governmental employees. Lastly while in office all income tax returns would be subject to open records and FOIA laws so strict oversight and transparency of what these public servants are doing would be confirmed. Once they leave office do what they want as a normal citizen but enough with the rip offs, under the table contracts and closed door deals that only benefit themselves. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. So where can I get one? regards Gateway Kid
  5. Wow, now I am feeling alone ALL my cowboy guns have names. I do my best to be sure none are used more/less than the others (they might get jealous) so I rotate my use of them throughout the year for each match. Justice, Redemption, Shine, Truth, Light, Grace, Gramps and Two Dot are some of them. Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Good stuff and fairly explained for all. Now we just need Buck D. Law to come up with a “certified time shaver” document to go along with my “bonafide gamer” card. regards Gateway Kid
  7. pretty much all I use in my guns and the few that I have setup for others don't want to say how long between breaking one (afraid of jinxing myself) but last one I bought for me was in 2015 for several years was running about 17-20 thousand rounds a year YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  8. that is a very good question Bgavin is the third one I have heard of that failed on the first or second outing to the range. I wonder how many others have gone down in that time frame (or just a little longer) that have not been reported on this forum or others. The one I had that broke the stock did so about six or seven months after I got it. A pard had a stock from one that had a broken lug and we worked out a deal. My cousin had one that was basically unused but about 2 years old and the first time he restaged it on a table the forearm split in two. Lastly a local pard had the barrels opening up a little between shots and not firing the second barrel consistently after lightening up his spring. That was his fault and an easy fix with a stronger spring but he still got rid of it asap. Lastly the single trigger I had began doubling (my light reloads) right out of the box. Another shooter knew someone who knew how to correct that so I sold it at a discount and bought my first SKB. They have had no problems that I know of after that so they can be made to run correctly just expected better for a new gun. Haven't looked back since I got into SKB's. Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Starting out the Stoeger was all I could afford. Talked to many about slicking them up before trying my hand. First two lasted about 1 1/2 years, third about 2 years. Broke 2 lugs then the stock on another, kept mix and matching to keep one running. Stoeger refused all warranty work, painted one barrel as "unsafe" no love at all. Had a single trigger for a little bit that would occasionally double (pretty good otherwise) but ended up selling all of them (mostly as parts guns and really cheap) after disclosing my problems to the new owners. Was introduced to Johnny Meadows and his SKB's about 9 years ago and have never had a problem with any of those. They have run like rugers, bullet proof, reliable and consistent. Tried the BSS shotguns but at the time they did not really fit me as far as weight or balance. Nothing wrong with them just not my cup of tea. YMMV May try again someday but currently just running my SKB's. As far as shotguns go you definitely get what you pay for. Regards Gateway Kid
  10. The OP stated “shot dribbling out of the barrel” Shotguns are exempt from power factor other than the prohibition of magnum/high velocity rounds. If he had said squib in pistol or rifle AND you had a chronograph available to measure the average velocity of the next rounds loaded in the firearm following the procedure on page 26 of the SHB and the ammo failed then you could penalize for illegal ammo, otherwise I would ask where would I find the rule you are following and it’s associated penalties? Just Curious Gateway Kid
  11. Around here we see "multiple" as more than one and will ask for an ammo change for the safety of the shooter, TO, spotters and others. If the shooter chooses not to comply I do not know of any penalty but have seen a TO decline to time them. Regards Gateway Kid
  12. Just watched this! Yehaaaa! Way to go Jewel! outstanding!!! Regards Gateway Kid
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