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  1. I bought my Wranglers in spring 2019. Ordered slim grips from Altamont that June. Got two pair of regular thickness ones 8 weeks later. Called about incorrect thickness and they had me send them back (their dime). Seven weeks later got (you guessed it) two more pair of regular thickness. Called again, spoke with a very nice, very professional man who apologized profusely, had me return them again. Six weeks later to the day got another two sets of regular thickness panels. Called and told them I would be keeping them and thinned them as best I could. What was really weird was the packing list showed the correct part number and description but the number on the actual packaging was different. Oh well made a nice early Christmas present. Customer service - excellent Product quality - excellent Correct part sent - Still wondering Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Interesting that the primers/hull combination would be so consistent in terms of issues/non issues. Thank you for your information/experience. I use the gold Nitro 27 or green STS hulls exclusively with Remington STS primers as that is what was recommended to me when I bought my first SKB. When I first started in CAS I did not (and had never) reloaded a shotgun shell. I shot Estate target loads or Winchester LNLR (known as featherlites back then) in one of several Stoegers. After being a bit rough on them (ok I broke them regularly) I upgraded to SKB and started to roll my own. I had a ton of the red 1 piece hulls and a comfortable to make load (on a Sizemaster) but would have issues with the Federal 209 primers occasionally failing to fire until I ran into a deal on 6000 mixed Nitro and STS hulls at the trap club. Long story short guy I bought them from threw in 2000 Remington STS primers and have had zero issues since. Now reloading on a MEC 9000 GN. Gave away the red hulls bought a few cases of Remington primers, typically get 4-6 reloads, have bought a few hulls in the interim but see no reason to change a good thing. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  3. And you as well. May you find favor from our Heavenly Father. May His Blessings pour over you and fill you. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. I want to thank all you experienced "retiree's" for your insight and wisdom. My last official day of work was August 27 and I am still contemplating whether to take a part time job or just call it good as is. I will be 65 in December but we have done a decent job of prep work for this (my wife has been retired 2 1/2 years) and finances are ok. In fact she is headed to Morocco on November 1 for a couple weeks on photo safari while I will be doing a little hunting with some friends. (plus taking care of the horses, dogs, chickens, a few honey do's etc.) So far sleeping in past 6 is a challenge because that has been wake up for most of my life and I have completed most of the small stuff fixing with only a few bigger things remaining. So now what? Regards Gateway Kid
  5. If you are referring to "the chocolate of meats" you would be correct!!! Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Could you please explain this "whatever you don't eat" phrase. Have never encountered that situation. Regards Gateway Kid
  7. Hang em over the coat hanger bar in the closet in the man cave, fasten the buckle and done. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. OK then, Why does everyone ignore Remington STS primers? Depending on which reloading manual you use they are generally either the lowest pressure generating primer (or pretty close), I have never heard of them deforming the primer pockets on your hulls like some of the European versions have been known to do and to date I have never had a "dud" primer that did not go off. I used to use Federal primers in Stoegers but when I switched to SKB's, I noticed the Federals were domed and would give light strikes and failure to fires regularly. Moved on to Remingtons which are flat where the firing pin hits and problems went away and have never come back in any of my SKB's. I realize the Remingtons are more expensive, but with a SxS (I always load two) so if a problem occurs with a round it is a pretty severe penalty in your stage time so spending the extra money is well worth it for the confidence factor alone. I am certainly not the fastest with a shotgun but typically run 4.5-5 seconds for 4 and a bad round is at least a 2 second or more add to my time. Regards Gateway Kid
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