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  1. Maybe the worst western movie I have ever seen...I have have seen my share. The only redeeming quality to this movie is Stacy Dash.
  2. Mae U. Luze M. Akin-Betz Howie Wynn
  3. Helen Jesus Helen Brimstone Helda Paye Helza Cummin Heaven N. Helle Ionna Junker Lucy Goosie Ima Spectre Ima Hunter Ima Proe
  4. Jack L. Ketchum Wilma Ketchum Dewey Ketchum
  5. Will Hangem Izzie Dunn-Bleedin I . Ketchum Don T. Ketchum Ike N. Ketchum Willy Ketchum
  6. They do this on private land as well if it has a road or trial.
  7. I don't like those people either......We always referred to them as Scavengers.
  8. What is the worst sound you have ever heard? The one that keeps me up at night is .... Teeth Grinding
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