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  1. If you watch this on a big enough screen, the good Sergeant has several notches on his gun grip. Approx. 41:31 into the film.
  2. Yes, wheelies' can be done at most speeds up to at least 90.....variables depending. I have seen done many times. Generally the dumb enough to not be wearing any safety gear short of a helmet. I have seen it it t-shirts , shorts and sandals in noon hour traffic.
  3. Do take note of the adjustable rear sight. Did 1911's even have adjustable sights in his day?
  4. Given the parameters of your question......44 WCF.
  5. Levi's were originally designed for miners. Personally I never cared for Levi's or Wranglers ...... Lee's for me.
  6. I have always been quite smitten with the Great Westerns from The Shootist.
  7. Absolutely nothing wrong with a 94 Winchester. If hammer control is a concern, they do make horizontal thumb studs for the hammer. I recommend one, works great with winter gloves. Put the stud on the dominate hand side for best control. I have had one on mine for 34 years. https://www.amazon.com/Uncle-Mikes-Hammer-Extension-Winchester/dp/B0010KPA7W
  8. Are you looking for natural materials or synthetic?
  9. The aftermarket has the parts covered and there are enough Hot Rodders still in the game to cover the required work load.
  10. Pearl is a great look for guns silver in color, Not so much for guns blue/black in color. Go for it.
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