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  1. I have thinned out 2 pair. All I did was use a small detail sander, frequently checking the fit to see if it was where I wanted it to be.
  2. After watching this idiot, My IQ fell several points.....which I cannot spare.
  3. The Free alias thread a side, Yes...there used to 3 threads running. 1) How far do You go? 2) Where'd you get your alias? 3) Alias and More
  4. Along with Appaloosa, he was in Young Guns 2 as well.
  5. Butterfly's are a lot fun, but not my first choice for self defense. Butterfly's fall in the same category as switchblades ........ check your local laws regarding them. A good folding knife with a thumb stud is as fast as anything and perfectly legal everywhere.
  6. Generally speaking.....Yes, it would be stupid. Still, it is better than nothing....improved version, cylinder conversion. Is there a Poker table involved?
  7. Checkered grips are never a bad choice.
  8. Depends on where you live. Most likely candidates: - City: Pistol - Open Country: Rifle - Wooded Country: Shotgun For me, a rifle of some kind.
  9. I'll step and be the crazy one, I still call this weather "Nice".
  10. Have you ever noticed that seems to be a two movie minimum for actors in western movies? Rarely do they only do one.
  11. I spoke to the people at Cimarron, They told me to scour their wholesalers to see if anyone still had anything that I was looking for. I would think it is the same for EMF/Pietta.
  12. I should think most of us are dumb enough to try this once.
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