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  1. The fitment of this type of buttplate isn't for everyone. Do try out many rifle models before you settle. Things like length, weight and general configuration should be considered.
  2. It was once described as a tank with wings. It could get shot to pieces and still fly home.
  3. Made it up when I was kid. My grandparents had a saddle on a sawhorse in the back of the garage. I would frequently sit on it and play cowboy.
  4. Yep, your not the first and wont be the last. I too have had a card canceled all because I didn't activate it.......for 4 years.
  5. I call them "something I do not own".
  6. As I understand it, Arizona does not have a "Do Not Call List". I never answer my phone either. There are days where I receive up to 15 calls a day, All robots, Caller ID shows names and numbers Local and nationwide. Almost all of them leave the same message....Thank You Federal Marketplace.
  7. Yes, The results were very much different than what I grew up knowing. Native American % was lots lower than I was led to believe and hoped for.
  8. Kartchner Caverns : https://azstateparks.com/kartchner/ Tombstone Old Tucson Studios
  9. The Great Garbage Can Race https://youtu.be/ANzFQtt8FcA
  10. Well, sometimes Frosty has it coming. Every now and then he gets the upper hand.
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