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  1. I am sure they would have a quite the reaction to Freddie Mercury as well.
  2. Saw one a year or so back, it was listed for $ 800.00
  3. That does not include the sub species for each group. Depending on where you get your information, there are between 13-18 varieties of rattlesnake in Arizona alone.
  4. Walk in like you own the place. How you exit on the other hand, is entirely another question.
  5. Don't the reason behind them, but they look factory. Likely an after market knock off, their were many in that era.
  6. If you count off screen, The man who shot Liberty Valance
  7. I have no complaints in my dealings with them.
  8. The trunk is not considered to be in your physical control, so it should be fine.
  9. I have tried a lot and like a lot, but sooner or later I always circle back to Jack. Jack Daniels was the first liquor that said 'this is the drink for me'.
  10. If said statement is true, I should think Galco could fill in the blank for you
  11. The rest of his video series is not any better.
  12. Another vote for a hard side case, Rifle or Handgun. I use Both/Either-Or depending what and how much I am transporting. Handgun: Rifle/Shotgun/Handgun:
  13. Don't forget the Matell Shootin .45
  14. By concept, open carry is a entertaining notion, but a short lived one. There is no reason to bring unnecessary attention to oneself. - walk down the street, cops see you, your not breaking the law but they take note. - nosey old lady down the street sees you, calls the cops, now they are obligated to pull you over to verify everything is on the up and up. - thug at the end of the block needs a gun and now he now where to get one.
  15. Assuming the Ammo business is only supplying the highest sellers for the time. I still find it hard to believe that .38/.357 didn't make the grade. They are as common and popular as 9mm. Side Note: .40 cal popularity, I had a firearms instructor state that if you ever had to purchase you own duty weapon, Purchase a .40 cal - because is bigger that a 9mm and holds more bullets than a .45
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