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  1. Law state 18 without Parent/Guardian approval. Local shop back home would tattoo as young as 16, with Parent/Guardian approval.
  2. Yes, At this point of my life I have given up just about everything that is no longer within my financial grasp.
  3. Kill someone ? .......... I have know idea what you are talking about.
  4. It is hard to get rid of that peety taste after your done with it. Not much of a fan of Scotch......that being said, try Glenlivet 20.
  5. Magtech - Yes Small Store - Yes
  6. I was at my local toy store today just to see how bad the ammo shortage really was. I had no intentions of getting any, just curious. They had some 45lc at $50.00 a box. Is this pandemic pricing or has ammo really gotten that expensive since I purchased last?
  7. It certainly is coming......it is only 94* today.
  8. A.H. Helle O. Helle G. Wiliker Dan D. Fied
  9. Don's sister ..... Donna Distruction
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