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  1. The Sisters Brothers https://tubitv.com/movies/663814/the-sisters-brothers Red Headed Stranger https://tubitv.com/movies/595009/red-headed-stranger
  2. What is to say that the broken part had not already been replaced in the lifetime of the gun. As to the original question, I would buy the new part.
  3. Chop the barrel down to 2 inches and it would a nice little pocket pistol.
  4. Apparently they are hell bent on being your dogs. Do you like dogs? If so, consult your neighbor about keeping them.
  5. I have had a Taurus Tracker 627 since the early 2000's .... no issues of any kind. My friend had 2 Taurus P92's, both from the late 90's .... no issues of any kind. These also served as his Service weapons.
  6. Depends on the neighborhood. In my neighborhood it is $4.09, in my friends neighborhood 15 miles away it is $3.89.
  7. Aside from adding some degree of physical damage...it is just color work. I have used a mixture of Fiebings Pro Dye and rubbing alcohol followed up by some automotive wax. Find a method of application to fit your needs, I used a Q-Tip. How porous the grip material is or isn't makes a difference.
  8. So basically by modern standards, the Long Colt moniker is just used to differentiate from ACP.
  9. Since they are friendly to you, take them for a car ride to the local pound. Their owner can collect them there.
  10. They are even uglier in person.
  11. Never understood the brand new ripped up jeans thing either. Nothing says " Attractive to Women" like a pee stain on your pants.
  12. All stamping on the gun states it made in Italy.
  13. I was wondering where my horses went.
  14. Honestly, when I open this this thread .... I thought this.
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