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  1. Not Fluer De Lys.....but Buffalo Brother has aged checkered grips for Rugers. http://buffalobrothers.net/epages/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461/Products/RUG-004 http://buffalobrothers.net/epages/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461/Products/RUG-008
  2. https://classicsingleaction.com/rare-woods American Holly
  3. The '66 was also a Hollywood Henry.
  4. Only know of 7. The Shootist The Cowboys The Alamo Sands of Iwo Jima Wake of the Red Witch The Fighting Seabees Reap the Wild Wind
  5. Forsaken (2015): Donald and Kiefer Sutherland
  6. Holster Toes: Open, Closed, Just Don't Care Do you have a preference? Any particular reason? I for one prefer Open Toe, as I was taught to for reason.
  7. Unfortunate as it is, Look at the irony: A person that dress's up as a 19th century cowboy is mad that someone is not part of the electronic age.
  8. Like any gun, Accuracy is in the hands of the shooter.
  9. Effects of a various shotgun rounds.
  10. Yes, they will work. From Howell Arms: "*If you have an 1851 Navy .44, you will need to order the 1860 conversion cylinder. They are the same frame." https://www.howellarms.com/1860-army/ Some fitting may be required, depending on date of manufacture.
  11. I am going to go with Traffic Control. (sorry, clip is in spanish)
  12. E models had an internal 20mm vulcan cannon
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