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  1. I see Blue .... Is this serious? Should I be concerned?
  2. So, your saying that there is still time for the " South to Rise Again " ?
  3. I was watching the searchers tonight. Until now, I had never notice John Wayne trying to keep a straight face when Patrick Wayne's character was getting scolded by Ward Bond. Yesterday, I was watching The Three Amigos. Again, until now I had never noticed the bartender had a ponytail.
  4. Your lying to yourself about lying.
  5. Death Threats? : She knows the law and how to use a gun ...... Genius, Pure Genius.
  6. For us ignorant folk: What causes brass to go forward versus another direction? What exactly does this mod change?
  7. I think it closer to 38 and counting.
  8. El Dorado: Charlie Hagen ( the man " Mississippi " James Caan killed with a knife )
  9. Cimarron was hoping to get a small shipment this month.
  10. Arizona has them and as I hear it .... Texas.
  11. Consider a Clayton, Homburg or Derby.
  12. Isn't that a Daisy?
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