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  1. Magtech - Yes Small Store - Yes
  2. I was at my local toy store today just to see how bad the ammo shortage really was. I had no intentions of getting any, just curious. They had some 45lc at $50.00 a box. Is this pandemic pricing or has ammo really gotten that expensive since I purchased last?
  3. It certainly is coming......it is only 94* today.
  4. Engine is up and running. Found that the accelerator pump diaphragm had dried up and the power valve diaphragm was not far behind.
  5. All passages appear to be clear, I will check the power valve. Only now the o-rings in the transfer tube are leaking and the throttle body is still dry. Looks like a rebuild may be coming in the future. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I too have always had good customer service with Cimarron.
  7. I have a Holley 4160 causing a No Start. The carb ran just fine before sitting for too long. The fuel bowl is getting fuel but does not appear to be getting to the throttle body. I took the primary bowl apart and flushed carb cleaner thru it, All passages appear to be clear. What am I missing?
  8. 1. Security door 2. Reinforced walls 3. Temperature control 4. Workbench
  9. Mustang & Camaro are not Muscle cars.....They are Pony cars. Anything less than a V8 is a waste of time and money. Mustang: 2010 - 2014 is the best body style of the current generation. I have heard that current Camaro's have visibility issues. Im my opinion, Consider going Vintage ...... 1967 - 1970.
  10. I see Blue .... Is this serious? Should I be concerned?
  11. So, your saying that there is still time for the " South to Rise Again " ?
  12. I was watching the searchers tonight. Until now, I had never notice John Wayne trying to keep a straight face when Patrick Wayne's character was getting scolded by Ward Bond. Yesterday, I was watching The Three Amigos. Again, until now I had never noticed the bartender had a ponytail.
  13. Your lying to yourself about lying.
  14. Death Threats? : She knows the law and how to use a gun ...... Genius, Pure Genius.
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